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  3. Letting Go of a Home Contract: recommendation, appraisal, negotiations, mortgage - Real Estate
  4. Seller Disclosure: documents, lawsuit, property, attorneys - Real Estate
  5. Spring season starting late in NE cause of weather?: properties, value, seller - Real Estate
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  13. Things to look for in dual agency: negotiating, broker, contract - Real Estate
  14. Pests and pest control products: venting, garage, house, basement - Real Estate
  15. Can dry rot be fixed permanently?: property, inspector, repair, disclose - Real Estate
  16. home owners insurance in TN: agreement, escrow, state, company - Real Estate
  17. Quit claim deed for land: insurance, property, lawyer, state - Real Estate
  18. No competing homes on market, 2 go up and people swarming: square foot, agent - Real Estate
  19. If you plan on selling, ideas what to do.: agents, state, furniture - Real Estate
  20. Listing Agent Commission based on sales price: 5%, house, 3% - Real Estate
  21. HOA - New Owner CC&Rs Violations (CA): stucco, conversion, 2013 - Real Estate
  22. How does a leaseback for 2 weeks work?: feedback, 2014, appraisal - Real Estate
  23. How do you get a gauge of offers on multiple offer situation?: contingencies, appraisal - Real Estate
  24. Assume FHA Loan: appraisal, mortgage, mortgage, PMI - Real Estate
  25. Building custom house and doing your own work..: plumber, countertop, prices - Real Estate
  26. new condo developed major construction issues: stucco, appraised, auction, mortgage - Real Estate
  27. California Escrow, Contract, & Title search/policy customaries: agent, sales, fees - Real Estate
  28. Recourse for non-disclosed structural damage (NH): disclosure, attorney, inspector, claim - Real Estate
  29. foundation problem found during option period time: appraisal, insurance, price - Real Estate
  30. GA disclosure: plumber, foreclosure, agent, fees - Real Estate
  31. ASSUMING distressed owners' existing MORTGAGES?!: documents, preforeclosure, 6%, mortgage - Real Estate
  32. Planning to buy a home this year. Tips?: agent, prices, inspector - Real Estate
  33. Has Used foreclosures, properties, rent, claim - Real Estate
  34. Do you want to know the house's history before buying? Would a dark past deter you?: disclosure, property - Real Estate
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  36. Property purchase...: appraisal, price, value, offer - Real Estate
  37. Under Contract with house in Probate.: 2014, appraisal, agent, property - Real Estate
  38. Real Estate Legal Support: contingency, fee, construction, property
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  41. Lender - new builds: incentive, lenders, builder, cheap - Real Estate
  42. I'm so bummed that my offer was not accepted...oof: contingencies, price - Real Estate
  43. Fraud lawsuit with two different company defendents: settlement, agreement, lawyer - Real Estate
  44. termination request of purchase agreement beteewn an individula homeowner and a developer: contingency, 2014 - Real Estate
  45. Purchasing Duplex from other tenant in common: contingent, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  46. Viewing all property value forecasts and market conditions for a specific city/county by neighborhood?: sales, percentage - Real Estate
  47. Same agent for selling and buying?: 2%, commission, percentage, advantage - Real Estate
  48. Selling willing to fill in inground pool -- issues?: agent, property, inspection - Real Estate
  49. Soundproofing: ceiling dry wall costs: condo, price, contractor, state - Real Estate
  50. Getting into property management?: tenants, agent, sales, realty - Real Estate
  51. Construction Loans and Acreage?: square footage, appraisal, foreclose, mortgage - Real Estate
  52. questions: agent, commission, agreement, price - Real Estate
  53. risks to purchasing a home that had fire damage in the past?: documentation, price - Real Estate
  54. What is the qualification for second home mortgage rate?: tenants, investment, mortgages - Real Estate
  55. What is the 2nd-best time to list?: agents, sales, condos - Real Estate
  56. Repairs in order to close: agents, states, loan - Real Estate
  57. Experiences with out of state investments - SFR or Income properties: cheaper, investing - Real Estate
  58. about cancelling real estate listing: new agent, commission, agreement, property
  59. Allowable use of surplus seller subsidy: price, escrow, inspection, contractor - Real Estate
  60. I made an offer through Redfin, but made an informal offer with the sellers agent too... Is this ok?: negotiating, agreement - Real Estate
  61. Should I be concerned about a creek?: mortgage, mortgage, room - Real Estate
  62. What to expect from a buyer's agent?: new agent, prices, properties - Real Estate
  63. What is the process when it comes to subdivision names?: claim, developer - Real Estate
  64. FSBO Chicago - First Offer Questions: contingency, appraisal, 3%, clause - Real Estate
  65. Seller refused to sign mutual release -- we are concerned with structure: contingency, agent - Real Estate
  66. Financing without Septic and Water Well Certifications: contingency, feedback, disclosure - Real Estate
  67. remove snow by landloard: tenants, fee, landlords, renter - Real Estate
  68. Just bought retail center and one tenant refuses to pay me and continues to pay old seller.: tenants, negotiations - Real Estate
  69. Property was on the market for a year. I went to see it. The next day, it was delisted!: new agent, commission - Real Estate
  70. Hardwood or New Carpet?: agent, price, expensive, offer - Real Estate
  71. Undisclosed Broker Processing Fee - Should I complain?: documents, appraisal, clause - Real Estate
  72. Suspicious? Listing co-agent hasn't presented offer (CA): disclosure, dual agency, commissions - Real Estate
  73. Someone stole meds while looking at our house!: agent, insurance, lawsuit - Real Estate
  74. Housemate asks me to be more quiet in the morning: tenants, renter - Real Estate
  75. Activity and positive feedback...but no offers: contingent, square foot, agent - Real Estate
  76. Condo with unhealthy HOA situation. What to do?: 2014, agent, monthly fee - Real Estate
  77. Sellers and sellers' attorney want to do closing thru FedEx: documents, mortgage - Real Estate
  78. Disclosure dishonesty -- how common?: contingency, disclosures, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  79. Detroit: Home of $250 houses and $549,000 condos?: sale, insurance, price, property tax - Real Estate
  80. What does a Assistant To A Realtor Make: RE agent, 6%, agent - Real Estate
  81. to rent or buy - new college grad in Milwaukee 'burbs: 2014, 6% - Real Estate
  82. Tax Implications of a quit claim deed: appraisal, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  83. Bidding war: disclosure, 2014, auctions, agent - Real Estate
  84. Provide buyer with a house manual ?: property, contractors, kitchen - Real Estate
  85. What recourse do I have with a Condo Board?: contingency, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  86. Communication plan to inform buyers about leaking pool: disclosures, agent, fee - Real Estate
  87. Your opinion-Can this house sell?: foreclosures, second mortgage, mortgage, fees - Real Estate
  88. What's Central A/C worth?: price, property, contractor, value - Real Estate
  89. dropping price on home, domino effect?: agents, sales, comparables, prices - Real Estate
  90. What's .5 bathroom worth?: appraisal, agent, percentage, price - Real Estate
  91. Home needs work, ask for allowance?: contingency, appraisal, foreclosure, negotiating - Real Estate
  92. To Realtors---If you disliked a realtor, would you still take clients to see his/her listings?: tenants, feedback - Real Estate
  93. The Housing Market May Be Starting To Crash!!!: 2014, foreclosures, sales - Real Estate
  94. buying home in Dallas - how to include appraisal value in contingency?: contingencies, disclosure - Real Estate
  95. No pizzazz. Too many shades of neutral!: feedback, offer, kitchen - Real Estate
  96. Need help deciphering 1880s deeds: documentation, foreclosed, investments, commission - Real Estate
  97. Buy a Condo, a Multi-Family House or keep Renting???: tenants, feedback, 5% - Real Estate
  98. Negotiated 14 day appraisal contingency instead of the recommended 21 day turnaround.: agent, sales - Real Estate
  99. Oil heat: property, inspected, more expensive, default - Real Estate
  100. Can I sue the builder, Milpitas, CA: 2014, sales, condominium - Real Estate
  101. buying land up for auction due to taxes: foreclosed, investment, sale - Real Estate
  102. Modifying New (Tract Builder) Contract?: clause, fees, accept, agreement - Real Estate
  103. seller lied: disclosure, property, lawyer, inspector - Real Estate
  104. other suggestions for not having to pay Realtors?: disclosure, plumber, agent - Real Estate
  105. Need advice, house listed for 20 days..: feedback, conversion, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  106. Average Length of Protected Period after Agmt Expires: clause, new agent - Real Estate
  107. Are Apartments Too Much Like Offices & Cubicles?: square foot, condos, renting - Real Estate
  108. Need help or advice: counter offer from seller. I am new home buyer.: contingencies, disclosure - Real Estate
  109. help me choose 2 different listing agents -- what to look for?: contingency, agent - Real Estate
  110. for realtors about ethics .: appraisal, clause, agent - Real Estate
  111. Accurate Square Footage of House?: appraisal, agents, price, offers - Real Estate
  112. Prelisting showings - good or bad?: agent, accept, price, property - Real Estate
  113. How do I find a good realtor willing to offer a commission rebate?: recommendation, negotiating - Real Estate
  114. Balconies on Garden Condominiums and Apartments: rent, room, building, house - Real Estate
  115. How Much Home Can I Afford???: mortgage, mortgage, housing, condo - Real Estate
  116. 4,000 sq ft home - master bath too small - need options/opinions: agent, investment - Real Estate
  117. Insurance company canceling on house we just bought!: clause, agent, commission - Real Estate
  118. Buyer not attending real estate closing on house: dual agency, sale, agreement
  119. Am I alone in the universe: tenant, countertop, foreclosed, mortgage - Real Estate
  120. Etiquette: Informing agent that you decided to work with someone: tenants, new agent - Real Estate
  121. have home depot do renovations? Experience?: countertop, housing, percentage - Real Estate
  122. Inspections Negotiations HELP: appraisal, 5%, agent, price - Real Estate
  123. Would you rent to a family member or relative?: tenants, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  124. Should the Realtor still get 3%?: documents, appraiser, negotiating, agent - Real Estate
  125. I could afford to buy my dream house if financed over 60 years: agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  126. Buying New vs slightly old home: appraiser, agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  127. Title insurance, necessary?: foreclosed, mortgage, mortgages, fee - Real Estate
  128. Buying a home with cash-But do not want to disclose SSN: disclosing, documents - Real Estate
  129. Which type of property has the least waste of money?: cheapest, negotiation - Real Estate
  130. Where do you find a good contractor for a renovation?: fees, lawsuits - Real Estate
  131. Do sellers agents get upset if you are a buyer, don't have an agent and decide not to use them as your buyers broker?: new agent, commissions - Real Estate
  132. How to distinguish a high voltage power line from low voltage power line: prices, company - Real Estate
  133. Resale - 2 bedroom home: appraisal, agent, sale, property tax - Real Estate
  134. Escalator clause questions: feedback, negotiating, agent, accept - Real Estate
  135. Request for Repairs - Using a specific contractor: negotiating, mortgage, price - Real Estate
  136. Pet Odor compaints? We don't have pets!: tenant, feedback, agent - Real Estate
  137. i do not trust my agents knowledge or advice ---: RE agent, new - Real Estate
  138. Kitchen remodel prior to resale - bare walls, or put stuff back?: state, room - Real Estate
  139. Buyers, range of $$ parameters on RE sites: agent, prices, points - Real Estate
  140. What's the biggest difference between appraisal and purchase price seen?: auction, mortgage - Real Estate
  141. share your experience/opinions of Relocation Company Home Sale . Should I use it or do it myself? Thanks: RE agent, contingencies - Real Estate
  142. What is the best approach on negotiating on price when it's overpriced?: square footage, appraisal - Real Estate
  143. Ethics when selling through Realtor: appraisal, negotiations, agent, sale - Real Estate
  144. Gift Tax: attorney, rent, claim, state - Real Estate
  145. Making positive changes to an HOA: 2014, foreclosures, 3%, commission - Real Estate
  146. Buyers experiencing problems after closing: contingencies, feedback, 2014, appraisal - Real Estate
  147. Low Appraisal as a Buyer: investments, mortgage, mortgage, sale - Real Estate
  148. Down payments: I need help understanding a concept.: appraisal, 1%, negotiation - Real Estate
  149. Contingencies while waiting for repairs: 2013, appraisal, agent, settlement - Real Estate
  150. Tenant trashed house, didn't pay rent...what recourse do I have?: landlord, agreement - Real Estate
  151. How to get an address on land?: contingency, property, legal - Real Estate
  152. Should I sell my house and rent? questions about water damage...: feedback, disclosures - Real Estate
  153. Multiple offer situation: as a buyer, how do you get an advantage over other buyers?: contingency, appraisal - Real Estate
  154. Need Help..Inputs...Selling my (first) house: RE agent, tenant, feedback - Real Estate
  155. House v. High Rise Living: sales, fees, condo, landlord - Real Estate
  156. House next door on mkt for a year - impact on us?: sales, comparable - Real Estate
  157. Price reduction for a house adjacent to high school?: negotiating, sale, accept - Real Estate
  158. Can a landowner post pictures to sell the house without permission?: tenants, landlord - Real Estate
  159. Why might a seller prohibit photos?: agent, Realtors, state, repair - Real Estate
  160. about comps: square footage, appraiser, agent, sales - Real Estate
  161. Which inspection more important at which to be present: agent, construction, property - Real Estate
  162. EMF (electromagnetic fields) and house location: price, construction, claim, house hunting - Real Estate
  163. Why do single people (or couples) without kids think they need a ton of space?: square foot, condo - Real Estate
  164. How to make an offer when there are no comps in the area?: contingent, appraisal - Real Estate
  165. Should I hire a property management company?: tenants, incentive, plumber - Real Estate
  166. Houses priced way over market: appraisal, foreclosed, agent, sale - Real Estate
  167. Former buyer using our address: negotiations, agent, sale, insurance - Real Estate
  168. Foreclosure “Victims”: You Got What You Deserved: 2013, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  169. Average Commons Charges in Manhattan (NY-CONDO): square footage, agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  170. I was rejected by Condo Board to buy a condo: documents, sale - Real Estate
  171. Buying new... didn't think it'd be this big of a hassle...: contingencies, negotiating - Real Estate
  172. What factors dictate Comps and pricing?: square footage, 2013, appraisal - Real Estate
  173. What would you do? Sell, Rent, or other?: tenants, appraised, 6% - Real Estate
  174. Is this property considered inside flooding zone or not?: agent, mortgage, mortgage company - Real Estate
  175. Period of when quality homes was the norm: recommendation, plumber, 2013 - Real Estate
  176. Being Sued for Broker Commission: contingency, documents, agent, commissions - Real Estate
  177. Tree falls on neighbor's fence during ice storm. I know what's legal. But, what is ethical?: agent, insurance - Real Estate
  178. Texas Real Estate Concern. Live in DFW or Move Decision. Help!!!: feedback, disclosures
  179. Will the market be much better next year?: RE market, 2014, appraisal - Real Estate
  180. Sell my house as a tear down?: mortgages, sale, price - Real Estate
  181. Realtor of the two divorced sellers favoring lower counter and not acknowledging other sellers counter: agent, commission - Real Estate
  182. How fast does a loan usually take to go through?: contingencies, documents - Real Estate
  183. Why are sellers so stubborn?: appraisal, investments, mortgage, sale - Real Estate
  184. Home owners insurance - recourse?: documentation, 2014, new agent, commission - Real Estate
  185. Selling house inspected and report says we need kickout flashing on roof: inspectors, not expensive - Real Estate
  186. Kids at Closing: agent, sale, settlements, Realtor - Real Estate
  187. Do you only have one shot in making an offer if there's no counter?: negotiations, prices - Real Estate
  188. Seller backing out a week before closing: contingencies, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  189. Thoughts on this home plan/layout?: price, inexpensive, furniture, kitchen - Real Estate
  190. I Would Like to Know: square footage, duplex, appraisal, agents - Real Estate
  191. Replace carpet before selling??: agents, price, offer, advantage - Real Estate
  192. Move and NAR File Suit Against Zillow: 2014, agents, sales - Real Estate
  193. FSBO / Buyer's Agent: 3%, commissions, sale, agreement - Real Estate
  194. Agent asks us to contact her before we list: RE agent, recommendation, documents - Real Estate
  195. Friend wants to buy my house. He has buyers agent. What to do about commission?: appraisal, 3% - Real Estate
  196. Co-op vs Condo in NJ???: fee, comparable, property tax, renting - Real Estate
  197. I really need help figuring this out. leave me your thoughts: 6%, agents - Real Estate
  198. Help with Appraisal: sale, price, properties, value - Real Estate
  199. landlord society in boston: area, information - Real Estate
  200. How should I counter (2 choices, which would you choose)?: appraisal, sale, price - Real Estate