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  11. Overall Americans spent $61.4 billion on their pets: humans, female, feathers
  12. Natural Balance sells out: eggs, store, fish, chicken - Pets
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  16. Pot for Pets?: horses, animals, free, food
  17. Pets lower heart disease risks: fish, aquarium, how, health
  18. News, Ralph, World's Largest Bunny Rabbit, Weighs 55 Pounds And Eats $90 Of Food A Week.: rabbits, bunnies - Pets
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  20. Using A Pet Transport Service to Move Long Distance?: services, how - Pets
  21. Turtle/ tortoise what kind to get: how, man, CA, red - Pets
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  24. ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center phone number: red - Pets
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  27. Two friends enjoying the fresh air - Pets
  28. Looking for informed information on hermit crabs as pets: fish, natural, best
  29. A Real Cuddle Pile: pig - Pets
  30. Naming a horse.: horses, names, female, bought - Pets
  31. .animal justice comes of age: adoption, animals, female, man - Pets
  32. Evo, Innova, California Natural, and Healthwise recall: food, man, red - Pets
  33. Wombats need tummy rubs too!: bunnies, Australia - Pets
  34. Everybody loves watermelon: ferret, how, remove, eagles - Pets
  35. Food Stamps for Pets: shelters, animal, free, Mexico
  36. DO NOT have liquid in your mouth when you watch this video: dog - Pets
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  40. Kids Growing Up with Pets: birds, animals, free, how
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  43. O. M. G. - Pets
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  52. have Hermit Crabs?: cage, bought - Pets
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  55. I'll have the fish, - Pets
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  57. More pets go missing on July 4th than other time: breed, wood
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  60. Animals fighting sleep - Pets
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  62. Abandoned Foal Gets a Teddy Bear as a Mother: how - Pets
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  64. Hamster is drinking and peeing too much. What do?: hamsters, breeds, how - Pets
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  66. GMA Pet of the Day- Screaming Dog and Stalking Cat: rescue - Pets
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  70. Where's Bea? - Pets
  71. Swimming --- just ducky!: red - Pets
  72. you'll never guess which animal will open this door: animals, how, snake - Pets
  73. Motels/hotels for traveling with pets: reviews, breed, animals, cheapest
  74. How Dogs Think vs. How Cats Think: hairs - Pets
  75. Video, Blind Dog Gets Seeing-Eye Cat: best - Pets
  76. Lock picking horse a hit online: animal, Michigan, owner - Pets
  77. You don't have to look like me to be my friend - Pets
  78. Pet Weight Loss- Before and After: animals, cruelty, cat - Pets
  79. Cavy/Guinea Pigs?: cage, Maine, CA, grooming - Pets
  80. Can we be friends?: pig, horse, dog, cat - Pets
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  83. Save Me! - Pets
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  88. News, Jacob Provo And Joshua Anderson Allegedly Kill Neighbor's Pet Turkey For Thanksgiving In Florida: bird - Pets
  89. 85 Amazing Animal Photobombs (PHOTOS) - Pets
  90. my horrible experience: animals, how, man, owner - Pets
  91. Hamster Help Needed-- Injury and Timid Behavior: hamsters, mouse, animals - Pets
  92. Charitable Organizations Rescuing Animals Affected by Hurricane Sandy: shelters, how, food - Pets
  93. This is My Carrot! My Special Favorite Carrot!: rabbits, bunny, rabbit - Pets
  94. Every Day at the Same Time....: best - Pets
  95. Take a Chance on Me: adoption, how, allowed, man - Pets
  96. how can we get rid of fleas?: spray, birds, scratching - Pets
  97. Are Photos of Abuse Motivators?: adopt, shelters, animals, wood - Pets
  98. Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! and Dogs and Cats too: rabbits, horses - Pets
  99. One difference between dogs and cats: owner, dog - Pets
  100. PETA in Kentucky: adopt, rescues, fish, animals - Pets
  101. And garter snake owners out there?: rabbits, turtle, pig, variety - Pets
  102. News, Conn. town settles dispute over girl's pet bunny: rabbits, rabbit, Connecticut - Pets
  103. Tough Guys Love Animals: owner, dog - Pets
  104. Now This is a B.I.G Horse: breeds, animals, Australia - Pets
  105. There there, It's OK.: dog - Pets
  106. Animal Abuser Database: adopt, animals, how, man - Pets
  107. Cute little animals sometimes turn into cute BIG animals: how - Pets
  108. Alabama low cost S/N clinics in jeopardy: legal, veterinarians, neuter - Pets
  109. Cutting The Nails On Sparky The Guinea Pig?: rabbits, rabbit, free - Pets
  110. Cat goes to vet for flea bath but gets euthanized: how, owner - Pets
  111. Video, Pig Saves Goat From Drowning.: rescues, how, rescue - Pets
  112. Dancing Birds (and other animals?): parrot, bird, female, monkey - Pets
  113. Like my new hat?: dog - Pets
  114. - Remind your veterinarian!: shelters, veterinarians, lost, clinic - Pets
  115. Bedtime Story - Pets
  116. Ethics of Exotic bird ownership.: breeders, legal, african, conure - Pets
  117. Chips The Baby Bobcat Rescue: humans, how, man, cat - Pets
  118. perfect pet bed: baby - Pets
  119. Kids Having Fun With Kids: man, best, baby - Pets
  120. I'll Show You Mine if You Show Me Yours: ferrets, worms, compare - Pets
  121. Teamwork at its best - Pets
  122. Barriers to pet ownership, a study by American Humane Society: euthanize, shelters - Pets
  123. Exotic Pet Documentary-- Elephant In the Living Room: snakes, animals, monkey - Pets
  124. Shelters bring in dogs from another state.: adoptions, rescues, breeds - Pets
  125. Primate Hand and Foot discovered at a Rendering Facility: canine, chicken, animals - Pets
  126. Fighting like cats and dogs!: dog, cat - Pets
  127. TSA: Stop Losing our Pets: animal, transport, man, weight
  128. Ball Python eggs! (part 4?): breeding, snakes, breed, remove - Pets
  129. Can dogs and cats really get along?: rabbits, rabbit, hamsters - Pets
  130. How's salt at getting fleas out from the carpet, really?: rabbits, eggs - Pets
  131. washers, dryers and pet hair?: shedding, free, how, man - Pets
  132. I won't hurt the mice but I need to get them out of vehicles.: store, variety - Pets
  133. for Parrot and Dog Lovers: parakeets, parrots, puppy, cage - Pets
  134. Did you cry when your pet died?: variety, snakes, fish - Pets
  135. Pet owners with pet allergies: adopt, bunny, animal, wood - Pets
  136. Antifreeze will now have a bad taste!: worms, animals, humans - Pets
  137. Who feels Sadder over the death of your pet than you did over a close relative or close friend?: humans, lost - Pets
  138. Can cats and dogs get along?: animals, puppy, training, eagle - Pets
  139. Pets in Stores - Right or Wrong?: store, animals, PetSmart
  140. Pets & kids: animals, free, how, natural
  141. Flea Bomb Help? I need a finishing move to end it.: spray, fish - Pets
  142. Pet insects?: store, hairs, canine, identify - Pets
  143. rate my hamster/10: animals, python - Pets
  144. My cat is dying and won't eat. Help, trying to make him as comfortable as: euthanize, chicken - Pets
  145. help... need NATURAL remedies for flees on dog cats and now in house: eggs, snakes - Pets
  146. Ferret stink: breeder, rabbits, store, pig - Pets
  147. Federal Pet Legislation Group: rabbits, adopt, legal, pig - Pets
  148. Vets Getting Up In Cost: pig, rescues, veterinarians, neuter - Pets
  149. If shelters stop killing...: breeders, adoption, euthanize, breed - Pets
  150. Baby Ball Pythons (pt 3)!: breeders, eggs, snakes, cleaning - Pets
  151. Pets in the wedding pictures ?: sugar glider, rabbits, rabbit, food
  152. Chinese products killing our pets again: wood, humans, food, man
  153. do animals laugh?: african, parrot, bird, humans - Pets
  154. dog rescues not looking for previous owners: legal, shelters, breed - Pets
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  156. my none traditional pets... *picture heavy*: rabbits, bunnies, rabbit
  157. My Dogs & Cats and Hurricane Sandy: poop, birds, fish - Pets
  158. PETA protesting Ringling bros circus in Hartford: euthanize, shelters, neuter - Pets
  159. Dog Cat Relationships: animals, PetSmart, puppy, kittens
  160. Purina Pet Foods: store, pig, reviews, pigs - Pets
  161. about Air fresheners: animals, how, food, man - Pets
  162. know about Ferrets?: sugar glider, store, snakes, poop - Pets
  163. high debt and falling demand trap new vets: veterinarians, jumping, puppy - Pets
  164. Big Bunny: rabbit, breed, how, food - Pets
  165. Shaving, local anesthesia and sugical glue for microchipping. experienced this?: store, breeds - Pets
  166. This guy thinks it's 'wasteful' to feed good food to your pet: chicken, animals - Pets
  167. know of a *horse* forum?: horses, animal, how - Pets
  168. Helping lost/injured pets in the Moore, OK tornado area: horses, rescues
  169. Dogs are smarter than cats??: horses, pig, compare, pigs - Pets
  170. rescues do take them all: adoption, transfer, euthanize, shelters - Pets
  171. Beyonce Knowles Angers Animal Rights Activists: animals, wood, free, how - Pets
  172. Vacuum cleaner for a long haired pet: reviews, animals, floor - Pets
  173. Partners in Crime - Pets
  174. The squirrel who know too much: best - Pets
  175. Honey and Lemon- The Best of Friends- video: dog - Pets
  176. I am an Animal Rescuer-Video - Pets
  177. Acquiring a Dog or Cat - Pets
  178. Animals on trampolines - Pets
  180. Petfood at Increased Aflatoxin Risk from Us Drought - Pets
  181. Limited recall on Bravo frozen raw pet food and Steve's turducken for dogs: Minnesota - Pets
  182. Happy to Oblige - Pets
  183. Savor Every Moment - Pets
  184. News, Pet pig Nemo's lymphoma treatment makes research history: pigs, animals, Washington - Pets
  185. Good news for goats! - Pets
  186. Therapy pig can stay - Pets
  187. Rescue || Russian soldiers Rescued Fox - Pets
  188. Christmas Hazards - Pets
  189. When Animals Mourn: man - Pets
  190. missing horse rescued through telepathy.: Seattle, owner, red - Pets
  191. Dr. Pol = and his behind the times methods........: veterinarian, animals, food - Pets
  192. SAFEWAY will no longer be purchasing Milo's Kitchen Chicken jerky treats for retail.: San Francisco, CA - Pets
  193. Where does your state rank?: owner, red, business - Pets
  194. proof that adorable animal photos are good for us!: cat - Pets
  195. Video News, Animal shelter takes in pot-bellied pig.: man - Pets
  196. Happy Christmas to all from all our pets!: animals
  197. Merry Christmas to all pets everywhere, especially to shelter pets awaiting forever homes.
  198. The Contest: Cat vs. Dog - Pets
  199. Nine myths about your pet DEBUNKED: garden - Pets
  200. Cute squirrel! Taxi driver's not bad: rescue - Pets