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  40. Perfectly imperfect animals. - Pets
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  52. Compassion Fatigue: volunteering, animals, humans, how - Pets
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  55. Fantasy Pets!: breeding, african, bird, breed
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  63. A Dog Lady Helping Cats: England, red - Pets
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  69. Where to get pet oxygen box/tent supplies in Metro Atlanta area?: humans, how - Pets
  70. Lizards are smart.: variety, feeder, worms, chicken - Pets
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  74. Merry Christmas to My Fellow Dog and Cat Lovers: rescue - Pets
  75. A Humble Vet Assistants Perspective: parrot, compare, veterinarian, neutered - Pets
  76. No more gas chambers in N.C. shelters: puppy, free, food - Pets
  77. Woman gives entire $25,000 prize to animal shelter: animals, food, North Carolina - Pets
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  83. Daily Living of the Cute Little Hamster 24hrs LIVE: hamsters - Pets
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  87. Adorable Pets Reactions When Visiting The Vet: health
  88. News, Pet Massage Is Sweeping The Nation: animals, how, Phoenix - Pets
  89. News, Stop eating cats and dogs say animal rights campaigners in Switzerland: legal, pig - Pets
  90. Hens for pets?: chicken, man, best
  91. Let's get Horse action going ...and of course donkeys and mules too: horses, breeds - Pets
  92. Pitties and Kitties: dog - Pets
  93. Why Babies Need Pets: breed, puppy, man, red
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  95. No more pets checked as luggage on Delta: animals, transport, allowed
  96. Acupuncture for Pets: how
  97. No Teacup Pigs: horses, chicken, claws, animals - Pets
  98. ALWAYS have a CURRENT picture of your pets: legal, animal, puppy
  99. I need advice on what to do with my house mouse: poop, wood - Pets
  100. In Switzerland, No Lone Guinea Pigs!: legal, ferrets, animals, illegal - Pets
  101. kitty on a walkabout: hairs, fish, neutered, animals - Pets
  102. Dog/Cat love from a distance - Pets
  103. Then and Now: animals, man, cat - Pets
  104. What to do with pet mouse during a power outage?: tropical, birds - Pets
  105. Are Hartz flea drops dangerous?: legal, man, medication, red - Pets
  106. Pet Diseases: euthanize, compared, animals, lost - Pets
  107. FBI will start tracking animal cruelty in 2016: animals, man, Tennessee - Pets
  108. News, Petco has pulled all Chinese pet treats from stores: legal, store - Pets
  109. Changing Your Pets' Treats!: rabbits, rabbit, ferrets, biting
  110. Don't give money to the ASPCA. Support your local shelter.: rescues, shelters - Pets
  111. BIG Bunny needs a home: rabbit, breed, how, dwarf - Pets
  112. Adopt a Furry friend this weekend----: shelters, animals, free, Washington - Pets
  113. Cold Weather Warning!!!: shelters, animals, PetSmart, free
  114. Watch this puppy and magpie playing!: bird, animals, how - Pets
  115. I have a dwarf mouse, and I want to know what kind of cage I should get him or where can I buy a good cage?: store, hamsters - Pets
  116. Why pets cost so much: adoption, euthanize, rescues, goldfish
  117. Are micro mini pigs just a 'SCAM'?: breeder, shelters, breed - Pets
  118. Do you consider your pet a 'member of the family'?: eggs, pig - Pets
  119. People owning excessive number of pets: horses, birds, breed, fish
  120. Euthanasia takes a toll on Vets: adopt, rabbit, euthanize, cleaning - Pets
  121. Do Animals Express Feelings?: shelters, neuter, humans, puppies - Pets
  122. kinds of make me want to cry ...: bunny, ferret, animal - Pets
  123. About how much does it cost to have a dog or cat per month/year?: adoption, legal - Pets
  124. Thoughts? Shelters/Rescues article: breeders, adoption, store, breed - Pets
  125. My plea to dog owners: poop, animals, jumping, humans - Pets
  126. Do you say Goodbye to your pet when you leave the house?: rabbits, legal - Pets
  127. If you lost a pet, when were you OK with getting a new one: adoption, horses - Pets
  128. Gidget, the newest unexpected addition to the family :): horses, animals, puppies - Pets
  129. Nicknames for your pets?: compared, birds, neutered, claws
  130. How soon or will you ever adopt another pet, after your pet passes away?: horses, pig - Pets
  131. would clone your pet?: horses, rescues, breed, animals - Pets
  132. She Discovers Her Horses Sleeping In The Barn, But Never Expected Them To Do THIS!: rescues, animals - Pets
  133. I saw a cat get run over first hand. I'm honestly tormented and distraught by this ordeal.: turtle, poop - Pets
  134. Do your pets freak out at the vet?: rabbits, rabbit, poop
  135. ever own a fancy pet rat?: breeder, rabbits, store - Pets
  136. What animal would you like to be? ;-): turtle, tortoise, bird - Pets
  137. Is trendy raw diet safe for pets?: breeding, canidae, poop
  138. Providing for your pets in your Will: breeders, adopt, horses
  139. Goldfish Tank vs. Tropical Tank..........: horses, store, poop, betta - Pets
  140. s my pets list...what do you own?: turtle, pig, rabbit
  141. Snakes: breeder, spray, breed, fish - Pets
  142. Why animals are returned to shelters: breeder, rabbits, adoption, rabbit - Pets
  143. Who has dominance in your house- cats or dogs?: rabbits, rabbit, animal - Pets
  144. How to build an oxygen tank for your pet: hedgehogs, store, bird - Pets
  145. Do animals have consciousness? And if yes, which ones do and which don't?: horses, chimp - Pets
  146. How many fur babies do you have?: rabbits, turtle, pig - Pets
  147. The oldest pet that had?: parrot, lost, kittens, how - Pets
  148. Transgendered pets / animals: breeding, worms, breed, humans
  149. Can we get a horse section in the Pets?: horses, cleaning, bird
  150. Craig's list rant: food, allowed, man, apartment - Pets
  151. Female Spotted Hyenas as Pets: animals, squirrels, food, man
  152. Different Ways Your Pets Express Their Anger Towards You: transfer, ferret, scratching
  153. Vets too expensive, WJ article. Interesting points raised and not raised: compare, animals - Pets
  154. Need advice for rabbit care: healthiest, rabbits, bunny, store - Pets
  155. Someone is going to have to answer for this one day: adopt, shelters - Pets
  156. China's gruesome annual 'meat festival' that was supposed to have been banned: legal, pig - Pets
  157. Danish radio station kills live rabbit on air: breeders, rabbits, eggs - Pets
  158. News and does a Alligator make a good pet?: fish, animals, how - Pets
  159. Tennessee has become the first state in the union to legalize breaking a carís window to help an animal in distress.: poop, animals - Pets
  160. People bringing their dogs into public places: animals, aggressive, puppy - Pets
  161. Rabbits?: adopt, bunnies, bunny, poop - Pets
  162. Are you a cat or dog person?: animals, female, man - Pets
  163. What should I charge to watch ALL pets?!: horses, bunnies, feeder
  164. Do you guys think pigs are cute?: poop, animals, female - Pets
  165. Pet Food...why can't I feed my dog cat food?: rabbit, poop - Pets
  166. Peaceful sleep - Pets
  167. Pets who kiss: dog, cat
  168. New York bans Body Art on animals - Pets
  169. Koala needs a new home - Pets
  170. Facial recognition app to find lost dogs and cats - Pets
  171. Scratch from pet rat kills young boy: how, California, red - Pets
  172. Hospice Providers: vets, San Francisco, man, service - Pets
  173. Poisonous plants for dogs and cats: garden - Pets
  174. CVA in Gerbils: Mobile, food, weight, purchase - Pets
  175. Petsmart National Adoption Weekend: free, red
  176. Creepy spider - Pets
  177. Survey for smarthome dog product: how - Pets
  178. Spanish town grants cats and dogs rights as 'non-human neighbours' - Pets
  179. Mistletoe Poisoning: lost, remedy - Pets
  180. H5N1 Influenza virus in cats and dogs - Pets
  181. Max protects Ralphee: rescues, animal, rescue - Pets
  182. Do you know how to read a pet food label? - Pets
  183. Legislative Victories for Animals in 2014 - Pets
  184. pets now allowed on Amtrak: man
  185. How Katrina changed pet evacuation - Pets
  186. chimera- split faces: red - Pets
  187. Bill would protect pets of domestic violence victims: animals
  188. My tortoise was farting the other day: tortoises, red - Pets
  189. Pet Owners Need Good Information: store, veterinarians, free, food - Pets
  190. When you can't afford good veterinary care: man, dog - Pets
  191. Want an exact replica of your pet? - Pets
  192. If you see this call the vet: shelters - Pets
  193. Purina paying consumers to keep quiet: food - Pets
  194. cats are so cool - Pets
  195. Growing up with pets: best
  196. sticky this if you love animals: cruelty, free - Pets
  197. Will our pets be in heaven?: animals, man
  198. Gene-edited 'micropigs' go on sale in China: breed, animals, sold - Pets
  199. America's Pets- Health and Happiness: animals
  200. Video, Why You Should Think Twice About Having A Pet Reptile: best - Pets