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  109. Many people think the cost of traveling is 5 times more than it really is: hotel, Paris
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  125. Yes, I did see it: vacation, package, trip, old - Travel
  126. tell me that the island life isn't all it's cracked up to be: cost, rentals - Travel
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  134. Best Hamburger outside North America: Colombia, airport, layover, bus - Travel
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  136. Where too? Early October: Paris, Rome, Greece, Europe - Travel
  137. How many states in the US have you been to, and which one is your favorite?: cost, hotel - Travel
  138. Help! Where can I fly to using my United points this Labor Day weekend?: cost, flights - Travel
  139. [Travel Tips] Three Ways to Avoid Forgetting Things and Travel: hotel, hotel
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  141. been to Egypt since 2011?: Jordan, trip, drivers, easy - Travel
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  152. Advantages and disadvantages of living in USA or in each important of Europe: France, best - Travel
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  168. Can a Miata (small car) take a trailer hitch?: restrictions, cost, rent - Travel
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  173. Hotels~: hotel, bridge, airport, best - Travel
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  192. News, I Slept with Lizzie Borden, AMA: 2015, Boston - Travel
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  194. What parts of the mediterranean is more luxurious and exclusive ? Menorca,Ibiza ,Monaco,Menton ,Cerdeņa,or Marbella - Travel
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