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  34. Lakeland or Orange City: 55, spouse, communities, state - Retirement
  35. For who have 40+ years: What are things you wish someone would have told you when you were 20?: marriage, adults - Retirement
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  48. Do you all think Retirement is really a reality?: 55, social security, federal
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  50. STD rates skyrocket seniors.: 55, grandparents, teenagers, grandpa - Retirement
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  58. Retirees buying retirement house with cash assets before selling main home: divorce, moving
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  62. Yoga vs. Tai Chi for Retirees: community, friends, years, benefit - Retirement
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  65. Health issues as you get older***: moving, years, drugs, pills - Retirement
  66. s hours turn upside down with retirement?: relative, retired, movies
  67. Retirement regrets! have 'em?: pension, relocate, state, relative
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  69. After retirement how long: alcohol, retired, engage, friends
  70. Contrast and Compare the Carolina Coastal Communities: beach, weather, moving - Retirement
  71. Medicare and SS---: supplement, social security, crying, states - Retirement
  72. Let's exercise our old brains; it beats exercising anything: separate, kiss - Retirement
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  81. Do you consider yourself a Boomer?: divorce, divorced, federal, retired - Retirement
  82. offshore retirement: weather, move, community, retirees
  83. Boomers:houseplants,VWbugs,macrame,70's decor: move, marriage, community, married - Retirement
  84. Why do old people (as in baby boomers) still not get the basics of the Internet?: relative, blogs - Retirement
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  88. Does really know what is happening?: moving, state, years - Retirement
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  90. To who like cruises...: 2014, retired, years, travel - Retirement
  91. News, Son sues to evict 98-year-old mom: He says she needs help; she says no: supplement, move - Retirement
  92. Cities borrowing from their own pension funds, where is this leading: pensions, social security - Retirement
  93. Forbes Magazine Article: pensions, community, state, retired - Retirement
  94. To give you an idea..: move, friendly, social security, federal - Retirement
  95. Introducing myself and saying Hello: years, best, place, Reno - Retirement
  96. Planning to retire at age 40-60, then work part time after 60+: pension, physically - Retirement
  97. Made Arrangements of Pets to be Cared For After Your Passing?: relocate, dumped - Retirement
  98. If you moved when retiring, how long did you research?: pension, moving - Retirement
  99. Introverted/Lonely/Retirement: A Case Study: conversation, relative, blogging, retired
  100. How have you blossomed in retirement?: grandparents, moving, community
  101. USA TODAY REPORT on retirement savings/investments: 55, pensions, social security
  102. Government benefit spending per county in USA per share of all personal income: relocating, social security - Retirement
  103. What do you like most (and least) about retirement?: 55, state, retired
  104. Who did not move upon retirement, and are you pleased with that decision?: physically, weather
  105. I don't move twice! ...or, How do/did you plan for retirement?: beach, weather
  106. Learning a foreign language in retirement: Canada, conversation, friends, adult
  107. Long term retirement home planning: weather, move, communities, state
  108. What do you guys make of this quote?: psycho, friend, BF - Retirement
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  115. Grocery Store Green bags: grandparents, friendly, depression, state - Retirement
  116. How Old Are You?: 55, pensions, divorce, marriage - Retirement
  117. The retirement nightmare: divorce, move, child support, infant
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  119. Cost of living index for 353 U.S. cities: social security, states, housing - Retirement
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  123. Is this just my problem?: conversation, marriage, community, state - Retirement
  124. Who Worry about Their Pensions? Not High School Teachers.: 55, social security, inherit - Retirement
  125. Social Security Trust Fund...: move, federal, separate, years - Retirement
  126. Never Say Never....One More Move?: weather, community, state, relative - Retirement
  127. Did you get your social security 'raise'??: medicare, income, San Francisco - Retirement
  128. Kind Of Music You Listen To (Then & Now)?: beach, alcohol, crying - Retirement
  129. Framed photos: not my thing: beach, conversation, cousin, friend - Retirement
  130. Maine seeks to exempt retiree pension income: 55, pension plan, move - Retirement
  131. Destitute Parent laws - justified or not?: physically, social security, states - Retirement
  132. Eating habits and weight - Have they changed in retirement?: move, marriage
  133. For unable to retire, do you own or rent?: community, retired - Retirement
  134. 80 is the new 65: 55, physically, community, retired - Retirement
  135. Do Retirees Have Access to the Vintage Clothing of Our Youth?: friends, children - Retirement
  136. How long did it take you to recive your first social security retiernment check?: pension, 2013 - Retirement
  137. Is this crazy? More education?: pensions, depression, orphan, years - Retirement
  138. Why don't people write WILLS?: 55, state, friend, years - Retirement
  139. Economy causing Boomers not to move at retirement: pensions, moving, state
  140. Retirees/Old Folks Outpacing the Young: pensions, supplement, social security, inherit - Retirement
  141. early SS and income: pensions, social security, retired, payments - Retirement
  142. Boomer Anxiety About Retirement: pensions, milk, years, benefits
  143. On the lighter side, Baby Boomers...: milk, years, drug, older - Retirement
  144. Inherited father's coin collection. What do I do with it?: states, cousin - Retirement
  145. At What Age Did you stop looking for a Mate?: 55, divorce - Retirement
  146. How is the failure of the SUPER COMMITTEE going to affect seniors?: community, social security - Retirement
  147. How will poor seniors live when they can no longer work?: pension, communities - Retirement
  148. For retiring (-ed) on a shoestring, do you own or rent?: moving, inherit - Retirement
  149. Do you still exchange Christmas Presents with family?: grandparents, spouses, marriage - Retirement
  150. Design Considerations for Aging in Place: 80+, move, friendly, state - Retirement
  151. New Visions for Nursing Homes . . .: screaming, respect, movies, friends - Retirement
  152. Early Retirement and S.S.: 55, emotionally, move, social security
  153. What Has Changed Since Retirement: retired, respect, years, dating
  154. Senior ~ Single ~ Socializing ~: alcohol, move, acquaintance, marriage - Retirement
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  156. Achievement in retirement: 55, beach, move, retired
  157. Finding a Place to Hang Out With Friends: 55, beach - Retirement
  158. Retirees Putting Parent into a facility? How was it?: physically, long-term, moving - Retirement
  159. To all of my retired friends on CD, I have a .......: weather, move - Retirement
  160. Do You Enjoy Being With Other People?: 55, acquaintance, conversation - Retirement
  161. Santorum & Social Security: 55, pensions, state, retirees - Retirement
  162. Early Retirement Tipping Point: 55, pension plan, grandparent, beach
  163. Questions for retirees!!!!!: pension, move, retired, friends - Retirement
  164. Estimating SS: pension, social security, federal, relative - Retirement
  165. What is the anthem of your courtship?: marriage, long distance, cartoon - Retirement
  166. How long will you live (confronting yourm mortality): grandparents, celebrate, relatives - Retirement
  167. in what ways would you have changed your chilhood..: grandparents, beach, moving - Retirement
  168. Retiree/senior safety & precautions—services & tips: moving, community, federal - Retirement
  169. Leisureville and other books about retirement communities: 55, beach, moving
  170. What's the meaning of it all?: spouse, marriage, relative, parenthood - Retirement
  171. Proper withdrawal rate in retirement: pension, move, retired, years
  172. Retirement routines: pension, state, retired, psycho
  173. Will Query: 55, marriage, inherit, states - Retirement
  174. AARP good? Thinking about this for my Mom.: benefits, best, travel - Retirement
  175. Volunteer time: grandparents, community, dump, retired - Retirement
  176. How 401(k)s Make Many Americans Poorer: 55, pensions, move - Retirement
  177. Short-term car leasing?: states, retirees, vacation, friends - Retirement
  178. How many of you are working part time in your retirement?: supplement, weather
  179. Social Security Robbery: pension plan, federal, 2013, coverage - Retirement
  180. Seniors bravely following their dreams: move, crying, state, friends - Retirement
  181. So, How Was Your Christmas.......: move, conversation, gorgeous, friendly - Retirement
  182. SS checks & direct deposit:: social security, years, payments, hubby - Retirement
  183. If not childless (by choice or otherwise), how many grandchildren?: divorce, long-term - Retirement
  184. Social Security: Grace Year Rule for Part-Time Work: state, retired - Retirement
  185. Sobering but Realistic Checklist: pension, spouse, marriage, social security - Retirement
  186. If you celebrate Christmas, do you....: gifts, years, adult, husband - Retirement
  187. My boyfriend is retired, I'm much younger, I have a suppertime: meal, friends - Retirement
  188. Happy Holidays to Everyone!: vacations, celebrate, retirees, vacation - Retirement
  189. Does it bother you that AARP endorses so many products?: drug, support - Retirement
  190. Better to apply for social security after divorce is final?: 55, move - Retirement
  191. The 62-70 retirement plan or retire at 66? I am torn on this one.: 55, pension
  192. Why Don't Retired People Entertain?: alcohol, friends, years, married - Retirement
  193. California Insurance Agent Found Guilty: friendly, states, separate, friend - Retirement
  194. Collards and Hoppin' John - New Year's Day in the South: 55, fighting - Retirement
  195. AARP Discounts- Do you really see advantage?: state, years, support - Retirement
  196. This isn't a retirement just a: moving, dumped, respect
  197. Retirees: How did the advice, Save/plan for retrement work-out for you?: pension plan, marriage - Retirement
  198. put all your belongings in storage and travel for a year at retirement?: moving, Canada
  199. SS Widow/Widower Benefits: 55, divorce, divorced, spouse - Retirement
  200. Mar Vista - Retirement