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  91. All Over the Map with Retirement Location: beach, weather, move
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  96. is an all bond portfolio using etf's -no stocks: long-term, years - Retirement
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  98. Part time retirement jobs: love, San Diego, North Carolina, social
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  103. Places to retire in the Northeast?: weather, moving, Canada, state - Retirement
  104. Location where you are presently retired: beach, weather, moving, state - Retirement
  105. How is living aboard a sailboat cheap living?: beach, physically, relative - Retirement
  106. Have you taken up new hobbies or new interests in retirement? Or continued previous hobbies and interests?: gorgeous, depression
  107. Aging—physical limitations and where you live: weather, move, acquaintance - Retirement
  108. Are your retirement savings safe from Uncle Sam?: 55, federal, retirees
  109. single woman moving to rural area: pension, physically, weather - Retirement
  110. Think back in the day.: 55, grandparents, beach, states - Retirement
  111. If you're looking for a coastal town to retire to, which communities have you considered?: beach, weather - Retirement
  112. Our jobs gave us a certain status. Who misses this?: community, state - Retirement
  113. News: One in seven elders with dementia/Alzheimer's lives alone: beach, physically - Retirement
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  115. Transfer Of Wealth From Old To Young.......: 55, vacations, move - Retirement
  116. $50K more a year for longer hours or flexible job?: 55, pension - Retirement
  117. Who decides when a senior-elder can no longer be issued (and keep) their driver's license?: physically, move - Retirement
  118. AARP Wanting Cut in Social Security Benefits: 55, betray, years - Retirement
  119. Seniors, do you think we can speak things into existence?: family, best - Retirement
  120. Secrets of Healthy Seniors: 55, beach, supplement, weather - Retirement
  121. What Are YOU Looking Forward To?: state, retired, years, best - Retirement
  122. As You Have Aged, Have You a Definite Trend Towards Optimism or Pessimism?: depression, fighting - Retirement
  123. When Does the Quest for Longevity for It's Own Sake Go Too Far?: 55, physically - Retirement
  124. PDF for state-by-state Social Security and pension taxation: 55, pensions, move - Retirement
  125. Best retirement plan is don't.: 55, vacations, moving, conversation
  126. Well, I am posting this because.....: move, gifts, psycho - Retirement
  127. How many of you have been on Jury duty: federal, friends, years - Retirement
  128. Do your kids or grandkids ever view you as old-fashioned? (At least in areas?): grandparents, marriage - Retirement
  129. Dream it and Build it: pension, beach, vacations, marriage - Retirement
  130. Do You Ever Just Turn Off the Phone??: years, travel, place - Retirement
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  133. age 55 and over have a problem with finger nails?: beach, supplement - Retirement
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  135. News, Senior citizens continue to bear burden of student loans.: pension, social security - Retirement
  136. Roth IRA vs Regular IRA: Age 60: weather, move, social security, inherit - Retirement
  137. Seniors did you ever have that one over dramatic relative?: bi-polar, friend - Retirement
  138. Voluntary Simplicity in Retirement: physically, spouse, anniversary, celebrate
  139. Family life in the 50's and 60' did we manage?: beach, alcoholism - Retirement
  140. State-by-state electricity rates: 55, moving, Canada, states - Retirement
  141. live in Nevada?: 55, weather, move, communities - Retirement
  142. Advice for 40 year olds just starting to save for retirement: pension, social security
  143. Williamsburg/Coastal VA for Retirees: 55, beach, move, communities - Retirement
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  146. totally unsure of my direction: 55, beach, vacations, move - Retirement
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  148. Is Retiring comfortably in the US becoming a lost dream?: 70+, pension - Retirement
  149. Prep-retirement syndrome?: retired, engage, years, opinion
  150. Florida Communities for Retirement: 55, pensions, beach, weather
  151. SS disability ?: social security, federal, states, coverage - Retirement
  152. Soc security - almost there: supplement, spouses, social security, federal - Retirement
  153. Another resource map for consideration: 55, moving, friendly, states - Retirement
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  156. Practiciing Dying: wife, seniors, teach, difference - Retirement
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  159. Dick Clark...: friendly, celebrate, retired, friend - Retirement
  160. How do you dress after retiring?: beach, depression, relatives, retired - Retirement
  161. ...And we all remember Levon Helm: moving, wife, older, music - Retirement
  162. Retirees and others on S.S.D.I. got a COA in 2012. How do things stand for 2013 and 2014?: 55, pension - Retirement
  163. What is your biggest regret in life: alcohol, spouse, marriage - Retirement
  164. How Many Hours a Day Do you Sit on your Bum?: move, crying - Retirement
  165. Retired and need a list of fresh new movie titles: movies, single - Retirement
  166. Memoirs: grandparents, beach, spouse, marriage - Retirement
  167. feel guilty about retiring very young?: move, conversation, retired - Retirement
  168. IF You Believe A Person's Life Has a Purpose, Do You Believe You Have Fulfilled Your Purpose: state, respect - Retirement
  169. Getting it right for now and later..: moving, spouse, state - Retirement
  170. True or False ~ Life is too short to live with toxic people whether or not they're related!: physically, emotionally - Retirement
  171. Went back to See my old office buddies today !: acquaintance, state, retired - Retirement
  172. News, Social Security heading for insolvency faster.: retired, years, support - Retirement
  173. Feds eying tax on 401K and IRA contributions and replace with a credit: social security, retiree - Retirement
  174. Why are Seniors Only apartments so hard to locate?: 55, federal, states - Retirement
  175. How is living in mfg 55+ housing FULL-TIME in Florida?: weather, communities, states - Retirement
  176. How many places do you think you will live after retiring?: moving, community - Retirement
  177. 55+ discounts: 50+, beach, dump, state - Retirement
  178. Til Death Do Us Part: Then What?: pensions, spouses, social security - Retirement
  179. TSP Withdrawals: pension, social security, federal, retirees - Retirement
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  181. Lessons You Have Learned in Life: taught, Wyoming, financial - Retirement
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  185. Pre-retirement feel this way?: 55, pensions, conversation, social security
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  188. Future Retirement : When do you plan to retire and with how much?: 55, pensions
  189. When you transplant will you be able to get property insurance?: weather, federal - Retirement
  190. baby boomers selling stock: pensions, moving, inherit, state - Retirement
  191. Is your net worth increasing in retirement?: pensions, retired, years
  192. A pox on Social Security's automated phones...: friend, medicare, place - Retirement
  193. OK... What's wrong with living in Florida other than bugs, humidity, hurricanes, heat, insurance , . ...: weather, vacations - Retirement
  194. Bought Retirement Home Early: 55, spouse, 2013, state
  195. how do you envision your life in 5 years? 10 years?: pensions, move, federal - Retirement
  196. When to Apply for SS vs. When Delayed Payments start: spouses, benefits - Retirement
  197. time based planning vs conventional planning for retirees.: years, support, benefits - Retirement
  198. Del Webb Communities in Fredericksburg, VA: friendly, friend, town - Retirement
  199. 1940 Census Coming: Miami - Retirement
  200. Good Samaritan Society residences - Retirement