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  86. Have of you ever gotten in hot water with your employer for asking questions on a retirement forum?: 55, years
  87. I have heard with age comes wisdom: physically, ignorant, husband - Retirement
  88. Has retirement significantly changed you, or made you rethink your sense of ''identity'' in way?: retired, cousins
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  90. When one reaches 60, things are mandatory: 60+, supplement, depression - Retirement
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  96. Travel Temptaions in Retirement: moving, conversation, community, inheritance
  97. If you played music when you were young but then life got in the way... would you like to play again?: spouse, community - Retirement
  98. When living in a retirement community... is having your own vehicle(s) still important?: 55, weather
  99. 55+ Community: communities, retired, separate, years - Retirement
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  126. excellent book on social security by mike piper now free for kindle: years, benefits - Retirement
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  137. What's on TV: 1950?: cartoons, friend, years, married - Retirement
  138. retire early pretty much due to selling a home that ran up in price?: financial advisor, moving - Retirement
  139. Pie-in-the-sky Retirement Plan?: 55, physically, moving, spouse
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  172. has the election: social security, retired, years, date - Retirement
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  182. Made Redundant: friends, welfare, older, adopted - Retirement
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  198. Retirement Home On The Range
  199. Stories of Day One: mom, widowed, year - Retirement
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