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  105. FERS Retirement Briefing: 55, pensions, supplement, spouses
  106. The larger federal tax deduction for ages 65 and over - justified or not?: pension, spouse - Retirement
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  108. Do you remember going to college and the first year: move, retired - Retirement
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  110. in order to buy long term health care insurance would you subject yourself to gene testing?: moving, 2013 - Retirement
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  131. Bifocal, Trifocal, Progressive,: years, single, trouble, cost - Retirement
  132. Nature vs. Nurture Does your upbringing define who you are now?: infant, states - Retirement
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  136. Sold our home and moved into an apartment- HATE IT!: moving, crying - Retirement
  137. How did you decide where to be buried and do you want open casket?: spouses, long distance - Retirement
  138. Survivor benefits vs life insurance?: pension plan, spouses, retired, years - Retirement
  139. Will you be cooking more or less when you retire?: moving, spouse - Retirement
  140. Lots of us retired folks sit at the Mall all day watching people and killing time: grandparent, moving - Retirement
  141. How many of you retirement is funding largely through a financial windfall?: social security, inheritance
  142. Places to retire on $36,000 per year -- your thoughts?: 55, beach, weather - Retirement
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  145. I have heard the phrase 'use it or lose it' many times.: physically, spouses - Retirement
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  188. Old time radio and tv: states, movies, friends, milk - Retirement
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  197. Another Retirement Calculator
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