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  81. Not funny, but.....: accident, years, wife, town - Retirement
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  93. Life After Retirement: community, retired, years, wife
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  102. Social Security and Federal Income Taxes, how can this be right?: 55, pension - Retirement
  103. Throwing Away Food: meal, husband, raising, trouble - Retirement
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  105. Which would you prefer: pension, inherit, state, years - Retirement
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  107. Sun City Peachtree: 55, friendly, communities, state - Retirement
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  128. Seniors: Would you use medical marijuana if you think it could help: 60+, state - Retirement
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  146. social security retirement: crying, years, payments, benefit
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  150. Are you on Facebook or similar website?: 65+, weather - Retirement
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  152. Computer monitors for aging eyes?: years, single, best, place - Retirement
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  169. is 3% swr the new 4% ,an interview with dr wade pfau: pensions, 2014 - Retirement
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  192. Restless Legs: alcohol, spouse, crying, friends - Retirement
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  195. Pick two places to live 6 months each per year for a great retirement: weather, best
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