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  38. Use of Life Insurance in Retirement Planning: pensions, supplement, move
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  40. Numbeo, a tool for price comparison: relative, retirees, taxes, cost - Retirement
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  49. The Projected COLA For 2015 Will Be 1.65%: social security, blog, respects, benefit - Retirement
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  63. Where? Are you undecided? Where to retire before retirement?: beach, weather
  64. Now that you are both home, do you find you spouse telling you what to do all the time?: divorce, retired - Retirement
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  67. Ordinary life after retirement: supplement, weather, conversation, gorgeous
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  70. 31% Of Americans Have No Retirement Savings At All: 55, pension plan, retired
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  83. Coastal Georgia. have experience with retirement there?: weather, move, friendly
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  94. New Senior entitlement in NYS...does this bother you at all?: states, coverage - Retirement
  95. House vs Condo or gated community: 55, beach, communities, social security - Retirement
  96. Sometimes your adult children move back in and put a cog in retirement. of them ever leave?: relative, retired
  97. Marriage after 60?: divorce, spouse, anniversary, celebrate - Retirement
  98. How Much of Nursing Home/Assisted Living Does Medicare Cover?: move, spouses - Retirement
  99. Twice the house for half the money or half the house for twice the money?: moving, gorgeous - Retirement
  100. Where do affluent retirees get their income?: pensions, supplement, social security - Retirement
  101. Most Americans clueless about market performance: pension, depression, 2013, state - Retirement
  102. what month you take ss after fra can matter: move, social security, 2015 - Retirement
  103. Under 60 your social security benefits will be smaller than you think.: states, retired - Retirement
  104. Do you get ignored when shopping?: supplement, friendly, gifts, respect - Retirement
  105. Buying Final Home With Reverse Mortgage: years, payments, benefit, Florida - Retirement
  106. Seniors selling off homes: what overall impact on RE?: moving, state, retired - Retirement
  107. other young folks dreadfully afraid of what our retirement will be like?: pensions, move
  108. Geriatric Travel: Overlooking Your Neighborood: beach, moving, friendly, states - Retirement
  109. What if you could retire in your 30s?: retired, meal, years - Retirement
  110. Married and Living Apart in Retirement: divorce, spouse, marriage, community
  111. East Coast Seniors - Have You Made Your Plans For Hurricane Season?: 60+, beach - Retirement
  112. Are previous bad acts (decisions) affecting the quality of life in your retirement? Or loved ones?: 55, inherit
  113. Tired of this friendship: weather, conversation, years, music - Retirement
  114. Senior lifestyle choices for health and longevity: 55, grandparents, supplement - Retirement
  115. Easing the hardships in retirement: pension, emotionally, financial advisor, vacations
  116. Data shows retirees better off today than 1950: social security, 2013, friend - Retirement
  117. Household chore challenges and strategies as we age: physically, move, relative - Retirement
  118. The best job you ever had: 55, retired, graduate, friends - Retirement
  119. A Macbre: 55, state, coverage, retired - Retirement
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  123. Why Your Choice: Take Soc Sec. at 62, Full Retirement Age, or 70?: pension, spouse
  124. Witnesses of a will: 55, divorce, divorced, spouses - Retirement
  125. Roth IRA Decision: 55, pension, moving, spouse - Retirement
  126. Face it folks we just don't know.: 55, pensions, grandparents - Retirement
  127. Now that you are retired, do you look back at the good old days ?: 55, grandparents - Retirement
  128. Seniors, do you always wear sunscreen?: 50+, beach, supplement, weather - Retirement
  129. Not sure where to go!: 55, weather, moving, friendly - Retirement
  130. For Geriatrics On, or Pretending To Be On, A Figurative Shoestring: 55, weather - Retirement
  131. Did you follow your parents footsteps as regards what you chose for employment?.: 55, depression - Retirement
  132. Unsolicited calls: relatives, retired, years, seniors - Retirement
  133. Life Alert: divorce, divorced, mother-in-law, state - Retirement
  134. How are you planning for your *late* senior years?: pensions, move, state - Retirement
  135. Sex After 60: community, vacation, friend, senior - Retirement
  136. Senior Salsa: 2014, adult, wife, nursing home - Retirement
  137. Screening test for cognitive decline: depression, 2014, psycho, cancer - Retirement
  138. Do you help out your elderly neighbors? How?: 55, move, state - Retirement
  139. A new (to me) angle on when to take Social Security: pension, physically - Retirement
  140. retirees with cataract surgery -- monofocal IOLs or the advanced IOLs?: 2013, friend - Retirement
  141. Thoughts on retiring to NYC: pension, relocating, community, state - Retirement
  142. Ways for retirees to make money other than part-time jobs: 55, retired - Retirement
  143. you will never be able to save enough money to retire happily ever after: beach, state - Retirement
  144. Let's Talk About Uber For Seniors: friends, family, travel, commercial - Retirement
  145. Heading to the Phillipines to retire possibly: pensions, weather, friendly - Retirement
  146. Snowbirds and pain meds: move, 2013, state, drugs - Retirement
  147. do something dangerous?: moving, teenager, older, Mexico - Retirement
  148. The best years of your life: 2014, retired, adult, single - Retirement
  149. positive Reverse Mortgage stories?: supplement, physically, move, mother-in-law - Retirement
  150. Wild cards in the best-laid retirement plans: pension, retired, years
  151. Famous older people who were still going strong: anniversary, federal, states - Retirement
  152. TV--Last Tango in Halifax--Love in old age PBS June29: lesbian, marriage, adult - Retirement
  153. Do you believe that it's never too late ? ;-): 55, divorce - Retirement
  154. Ok, something different. How about this for a retirement hobby? (Do not call list): state, friend
  155. Seniors - If you could change one tax law ...: spouse, social security, retired - Retirement
  156. Retirement Planner: 55, conversation, state, retirees
  157. bought into or a continuing care community?: pension, moving, communities - Retirement
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  159. Best State for Retirement: 55, beach, weather, moving
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  161. Does this offend Grandparents?: long-term, social security, 2015, blog - Retirement
  162. Help with moving: 55, conversation, marriage, social security - Retirement
  163. Old(er) Eyes and Computers: movies, friends, years, drugs - Retirement
  164. What's the highlight of your day now that you're retired.: weather, best - Retirement
  165. Divorced and facing SS in same month. Enlightenment sought.: pension, financial advisor, spouse - Retirement
  166. Retiring in Canada?: moving, marriage, states, retirees - Retirement
  167. Go back to work after retirement...or just stay retired?: pension, physically
  168. Couples Happily Retired: grandparents, vacations, spouses, marriage - Retirement
  169. A nationwide program to benefit seniors: federal, states, respect, friend - Retirement
  170. Can't decide between two communities: 55, weather, move, friends - Retirement
  171. What adult trike do I buy for gravel & small hills?: move, state - Retirement
  172. Had weekend or weekday getaways lately?: beach, crying, retired - Retirement
  173. Long term care: 55, divorce, long-term, move - Retirement
  174. real benefits to AARP early?: 55, federal, state, vacation - Retirement
  175. 68 year old woman arrested for public sex in villages and it turns out.........: 55, communities - Retirement
  176. So you planned;did it all fall in place?: pensions, beach, divorce - Retirement
  177. FERS MRA Retirees ..???: pension, moving, spouse, federal - Retirement
  178. Senior brain-sharpening games and practices: friend, adults, relationship, best - Retirement
  179. How old were you when you REALLY retired?: 55, pension, move - Retirement
  180. The Calculator on the Social Security Website: state, years, benefits - Retirement
  181. Retireee Median Net Worth: pension plan, 2013, state, retired - Retirement
  182. I'm burned out and want to retire early, reality check?: pension, physically - Retirement
  183. Why do elderly people care about their credit ratings or debt?: moving, 2014 - Retirement
  184. Growing Very Old: 55, beach, physically, move - Retirement
  185. How often do you update home/furnishings: divorce, moving, 2014 - Retirement
  186. Good News for Dementia Rates: federal, relative, diabetes, engage - Retirement
  187. After retirement what did you learn about your mate?: moving, conversation, retired
  188. How do you cope with ceasing to be relevant?: grandparent, community, state - Retirement
  189. Another Day in Forced Retirement: 55, pension, move, spouse
  190. Social Security answers?: 55, spouse, retiree, separate - Retirement
  191. Gypsy Retirees - should we keep an anchor at home?: weather, move - Retirement
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  193. Being A Homebody: or Pathological?: vacations, community, long distance, vacation - Retirement
  194. Required Minimum Distributions: 55, move, respect, years - Retirement
  195. Building a retirement home?: moving, community, mother-in-law, state
  196. Is retirement planning overcomplicated by most?: pension, moving, spouse, relative
  197. Medicaid recovery—relevant to seniors: spouse, inherit, states, coverage - Retirement
  198. Trouble? Dollar-cost averaging as retirement commences?: kiss, single, security, average
  199. Ed Slott - Questions and Answers: move, 2014, accident, taxes - Retirement
  200. Seniors boost number of veterans deemed unemployable: 2014, years, benefit - Retirement