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  89. What tips can you share for living abundantly on a budget during retirement?: 55, weather
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  101. Food after retirement: beach, crying, years, restaurant
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  103. Worth $16 a year? Benefits?: 55, retired, gift, movies - Retirement
  104. Insurance Agent Took a Photo of Our Kitchen!: 55, community, state - Retirement
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  122. look good on mature women: 55, moving, best, older - Retirement
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  125. Is happy with Reverse Mortgage vs. Refinance?: pension, move, social security - Retirement
  126. In this crazy, fast paced world, does remember dance cards?: movies, boys - Retirement
  127. clarify for me remarks made about stocks: pensions, long-term, social security - Retirement
  128. pre-retirement: I feel like I'm serving a prison sentence.: pension, move, community
  129. Funny retirement: weather, moving, state, retired
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  135. retirement planning help: pensions, divorce, divorced, social security
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  137. Defining yourself: community, 2015, state, retired - Retirement
  138. Volunteers should get credit toward social security and/ or taxes..: federal, state - Retirement
  139. Non Mormon retire in Salt Lake City?: weather, friendly, 2013 - Retirement
  140. Social Security Administration - efficient and well run or not?: accident, years - Retirement
  141. Big differences in the 10 years from 55 to 65: physically, 2015, diabetes - Retirement
  142. Retirement Home Purchase - Cash or Mortgage: pension, relocate, social security
  143. Sometimes, you forget just how old you really are: retired, friends, years - Retirement
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  145. Mountain Town Retirement...???: weather, moving, community, states
  146. Are you a do it now or do it later type?: relocate, fighting - Retirement
  147. Low mortgage interest rates--good or bad for you?: 55, relocate, state - Retirement
  148. Am I looking at things the right way?: 55, pension, moving - Retirement
  149. Retired, forcing myself to go to a gym: spouse, friendly, fighting - Retirement
  150. Retired but I like to walk around business areas and see workers: 55, vacation - Retirement
  151. Retirement income/expenses: more or less than your working income/expenses?: pensions, moving
  152. Federal income tax on social security (Can show me where I am wrong?): 55, pensions - Retirement
  153. Acknowledging how we age and die can help us live longer: grandparents, infant - Retirement
  154. How much do you really need to retire comfortably?: pensions, vacations, divorce - Retirement
  155. Retiree homeowner wild cards: property tax, housing: 55, long-term, moving - Retirement
  156. Have retired co-workers/friends/relatives asked you for loans?: years, payments, mother - Retirement
  157. When is it time to give up driving?: emotionally, weather, move - Retirement
  158. Over 55: Exercise - eating habits: weather, alcohol, long-term, conversation - Retirement
  159. 55+: beach, moving, communities, state - Retirement
  160. Best time to turn-on income stream? OR Do something: spouses, social security - Retirement
  161. when your spouse ages much quicker than you?: pension, moving, conversation - Retirement
  162. How Many Retirees Still have Dreams About Being at Work?: move, retired - Retirement
  163. Treatment of short-timers, how much notice? strategies for max final payouts?: pension, move - Retirement
  164. SSI and turning 62: supplement, social security, 2014, years - Retirement
  165. Aging concerns and education: 55, moving, community, state - Retirement
  166. (Article) Retirement age at 100?: pensions, physically, social security, federal
  167. How did you keep your head in the game?: pension, moving, state - Retirement
  168. How hard to get a part-time job?: physically, relocate, state - Retirement
  169. retire to upstate NY?: 55, pension, weather, vacations - Retirement
  170. Headlines?: supplement, social security, state, retired - Retirement
  171. What did you write as the reason for your retirement?: retired, years
  172. So Who Saw Single Digit Temperatures This Morning and Said, So Glad I Retired?: 55, moving - Retirement
  173. Where does the fear of ladders come from?: move, retiree, years - Retirement
  174. check the latest worst and best states for retirement.: weather, friend, years
  175. leaving NC - But to where? (Not up North): beach, physically - Retirement
  176. Ss ?: 55, spouses, social security, friend - Retirement
  177. Reading about deaths of former coworkers: 45+, physically, move, relatives - Retirement
  178. Mortgage during retirement: 55, move, community, social security
  179. Exploring new areas: weather, moving, community, state - Retirement
  180. Boutique style retirement communities: weather, move, conversation, father-in-law
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  182. Lots of people 55-65 years old forced to retire early (you?): state, relative - Retirement
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  184. Retired: How Do I Make My Money Last The Rest Of My Life?: move, social security - Retirement
  185. Retirement plan if I move?: 55, pensions, moving, states
  186. Month to begin benefits: social security, 2014, payments, security - Retirement
  187. I would like to hear from retired people who are happy where they are living....moved or not after retirement: 55, weather
  188. What stereotypes about retirees and seniors do you think are true/false?: 55, community - Retirement
  189. about file and suspend: spouse, years, payment, single - Retirement
  190. Retiring, when too young for Medicare: move, 2014, state, coverage - Retirement
  191. Life insurance over 60?: 55, pension, supplement, spouse - Retirement
  192. When does SSA update your earnings record?: 55, social security, 2015 - Retirement
  193. When to take my own SS: pension, financial advisor, social security, retired - Retirement
  194. Hello/Heredity Hearing Loss: inherit, 2013, movies, years - Retirement
  195. Wintertime energy depletion?: supplement, gifts, friends, drug - Retirement
  196. Retirement location: Equal to climate, easy access to everything: 55, moving, community
  197. How to find temporary rentals as home-away from home: beach, vacations, friendly - Retirement
  198. Retired folks: How many miles do you log in a year: vacations, long distance - Retirement
  199. How much should your grown children know about your finances?: divorce, long-term - Retirement
  200. Working with goals toward our future: 55, beach, moving, husband - Retirement