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  80. News, Elderly Man With Prostitute Under Bed Loses Housing Subsidy: physically, alcohol - Retirement
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  105. Ever notice how much your spouse of many years is just like you.: 55, gift - Retirement
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  114. Thank you, Everyone: divorce, community, social security, relatives - Retirement
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  116. How will you live when you can no longer drive: 55, pension - Retirement
  117. Income Inequality and retirement part 3: Solutions may not be as hard as: pensions, move
  118. retirement savings: 55, pension plan, social security, federal
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  131. *******Retired, trying to find small, peaceful city to retire to. help: moving, states - Retirement
  132. Retirees: During your working life (from just starting to retirement), what became easier and what became harder?: moving, retired
  133. Charitable Donations in Retirement: pension, physically, vacations, community
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  137. pre-retirement move: physically, moving, crying, gifts
  138. Is Retirement Bad for Health?: physically, divorce, divorced, 2015
  139. For of you living iin a condo I would like to hear of your experiences: 55, beach - Retirement
  140. Arthroscopic Knee Surgery: 55, supplement, moving, retired - Retirement
  141. Take vacation for earlier retirement or take the money for unused vacation?: pension, supplement
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  146. Having your drivers lisence revoked: moving, states, diabetes, accidents - Retirement
  147. 55+ Community: Benefits and Detriments? Advice?: moving, communities, 2014, state - Retirement
  148. Senior income inequality and how should society: 55, moving, social security - Retirement
  149. By what age do you need to be financially on-track for retirement?: pension, vacations
  150. Income Inequality and Senior Citizens: pension, supplement, move, conversation - Retirement
  151. If you plan on downsizing, what's the maximum distance your new home could be from your children?: grandparents, vacations - Retirement
  152. Working to 65 Just for Health Insurance: pension, spouse, federal, state - Retirement
  153. Help for Geriatrics in the Struggle Against Intellectual Titubation: 55, state, school - Retirement
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  159. How much would you tolerate: 55, weather, moving, community - Retirement
  160. taking SS early because they are afraid of means testing?: 55, pensions - Retirement
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  167. Your heirs: inheritance, fighting, state, relatives - Retirement
  168. Chris Christie proposes major SS overhaul including means testing.: alcohol, moving, social security - Retirement
  169. Wills for a second marriage: spouse, community, inherit, state - Retirement
  170. forced to retire after losing their career (job) in their late 50s or 60s?: 55, vacations - Retirement
  171. Advice needed retirement and large cash savings: pensions, social security, inheritance
  172. Would you marry again?: physically, emotionally, divorce, divorced - Retirement
  173. Difficulty in making new friends as we age: alcoholism, relocating, spouses - Retirement
  174. Total tax burdens: pensions, moving, social security, dump - Retirement
  175. RV vs. Travel Trailer vs. ???: 55, move, years, wife - Retirement
  176. What would you recommend, why: pension, weather, moving, communities - Retirement
  177. Date to apply for Social security.: spouse, state, payments, husband - Retirement
  178. for us retired people do you have flip phone or internet smart phone: Canada, social security - Retirement
  179. what has changed for you since retired or close to retirment: beach, physically - Retirement
  180. Social Security spousal benefits: pension, spouse, federal, 2015 - Retirement
  181. Which hobbies are most effective for aging brain?: friends, years, single - Retirement
  182. Military Pension Cuts: 55, pension plan, federal, 2015 - Retirement
  183. Subsidized Housing for the Elderly and the Entitlement Feeling: states, welfare, years - Retirement
  184. Unwanted phone calls to seniors: moving, community, dumped, states - Retirement
  185. What did you do to downsize today?: grandparents, moving, friendly - Retirement
  186. Retire on two Pensions: weather, community, state, married - Retirement
  187. no worries insurance ??: 55, pension, supplement, long-term - Retirement
  188. Brain Exercise Apps: moving, 2013, years, adults - Retirement
  189. What to give as gifts for retired MIL: celebration, mother-in-law, friends - Retirement
  190. Quit Work 1-2 Yrs Early and Live off Svgs. Use Real Low Income Years to Convert IRAs to ROTHs?: pension, move - Retirement
  191. File for SS spousal benefits - spouse not age eligible for SS: pension, divorce - Retirement
  192. ever over move down when retired?: moving, communities, state - Retirement
  193. if you are in retirement, what is biggest mistake you made so far?: 55, move
  194. Retirement Age: 55, relatives, retired, friends
  195. Pension state taxes withheld. But retiree permanently moves out of that state.: move, states - Retirement
  196. happy with your pension/401k, amount so far?: pensions, vacations, state - Retirement
  197. Protecting property your elderly parent lives in: physically, divorce, spouse - Retirement
  198. On Track: financial advisor, moving, marriage, community - Retirement
  199. Social security benefits: income, year - Retirement
  200. Social Security, and Medicare, For Dummies? read Reviews?: best, city - Retirement