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  18. source for a virus free excel spreadsheet for finances?: 55, pensions, supplement - Retirement
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  25. 50+ and going back to School.: retired, graduated, friends, years - Retirement
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  27. For People with Two Homes/Places to Be: pension, weather, move - Retirement
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  32. Real total taxes in your State, after retirement.: 55, pensions, relocating
  33. Life after 70: 2015, engaged, friend, older - Retirement
  34. Retirement House: Love Her Spirit: weather, years, students, kids
  35. Buying a home in retirement: beach, relocate, 2013, retired
  36. Why are so many people puzzled as to where they want to go for retirement?: beach, weather
  37. Post retirement and dragging?: alcohol, depression, retired, vacation
  38. Do you have friends or relatives 60+ who are trying to get back in the workforce after retiring?: social security, state - Retirement
  39. Is Social Security offset by pension: pensions, retired, years, benefits - Retirement
  40. Retirees - Cost Of Car Ownership: move, federal, 2014, years - Retirement
  41. Gettin' a little bit crazy... in a good way: alcohol, states, retired - Retirement
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  43. Qualify of Job experience has gone from a 9 to a 2: pension, 2014 - Retirement
  44. Retirement and being with spouse all day: divorce, separate, friends
  45. Grace and Frankie on Netflix: 75+, 2015, state, grandma - Retirement
  46. Retirement... throwing in the towel or shifting into high gear?: physically, retired
  47. Do you feel you need, or want, a pet?: weather, divorce, move - Retirement
  48. What have you learned by reading this Retirement forum?: 55, pension, weather
  49. Vanguard Roth: 55, pension, move, state - Retirement
  50. Where are the animal-lover's 55+ communities?: physically, move, conversation, friendly - Retirement
  51. What did you add to your hoard or stash today?: stalking, cousin - Retirement
  52. Does age make us grouchy old men and crabby old ladies?: friendly, communities - Retirement
  53. Delayed SS but not working?: supplement, state, retired, years - Retirement
  54. Husbands taking care of their wives: physically, divorce, divorced, spouses - Retirement
  55. The heat. I can't take it anymore!!!!: physically, weather, depression - Retirement
  56. Cars and trucks.... are they still important in retirement?: 55, community, 2014
  57. A SS and SSDI: move, state, years, payments - Retirement
  58. Can I refuse to accept my own earned Social Security Retirement and only opt for hubbies spousal (50%) rate?: 50+, supplement
  59. Tell Me What You do For Christmas and Thanksgiving: celebration, mother-in-law, state - Retirement
  60. Daily check-in phone call service?: conversation, relative, welfare, husband - Retirement
  61. Cliques and Senior Citizens: 55, vacations, long-term, moving - Retirement
  62. Someone give me a reason to keep going. Just find me a reason.: 55, physically - Retirement
  63. Feel Like I Just Entered Pre-Retirement: pension, moving, conversation, federal
  64. Do you cook more in retirement?: friendly, retired, meal, friend
  65. A Frank Conversation About Cognitive Decline: 55, physically, moving, spouses - Retirement
  66. Talked to my boss this morning to lay out a retirement plan.: social security, state
  67. Have you become more religious in your old age?: state, retirees, separate - Retirement
  68. As you get older how many of you have found your intrest in hobbies that you were passionate about now waining?: retired, vacation - Retirement
  69. Do you get up at the same time each day?: retired, years - Retirement
  70. Applying for ss at 62...: social security, payments, date, benefits - Retirement
  71. The Danger To Social Security: beach, moving, years, support - Retirement
  72. Early Retirement at 55: pension, move, retired, friends
  73. No SS COLA for 2016: social security, state, date, travel - Retirement
  74. What are your favorite foods/recipes ? We need something fun & positive: physically, alcohol - Retirement
  75. Yes ! I made it: retired, vacation, friend, years - Retirement
  76. Retire to Central America: weather, moving, acquaintance, friendly - Retirement
  77. Seniors, what did you do before air conditioning?: beach, weather, moving - Retirement
  78. Spousal Benefit Explanation Required: divorce, divorced, spouses, marriage - Retirement
  79. Moving away from my daughter and her husband: fighting, state, blogs - Retirement
  80. Simple home remedies from the old days, for seniors: years, grandmother, older - Retirement
  81. What do retirees do with roll-overed 401k money?: pension, social security, 2015 - Retirement
  82. Do you know whose retirement was severely impacted by a natural disaster/act of God type event?: 55, weather
  83. Taking care of your partner in retirement: move, spouses, marriage
  84. Alienation at retirement: 55, divorce, move, conversation
  85. 40 Hour Work Week type retirement jobs...: 60+, pensions, moving, social security
  86. Reduction in SS check, how can we prevent this from happening?: social security, coverage - Retirement
  87. Post-Retirement Move: weather, moving, state, retired
  88. Senior survey on longevity wishes: supplement, physically, conversation, state - Retirement
  89. 30yr vs. 15yr mortgage, and the future, thoughts?: 55, move, dumped - Retirement
  90. The moment when retirement starts getting real: pension, weather, moving
  91. What all do you use the computer for in retirement?: weather, conversation
  92. News, Swindlers Target Older Women on Dating Websites.: 70+, communities, 2015 - Retirement
  93. If forced to choose, would you give up your car or your computer?: moving, conversation - Retirement
  94. The tax, estate and retirement planning ramifications of the Supreme Court's ruling on same-sex marriage: 55, gays
  95. How I screwed up before retirement...: beach, divorce, divorced, inherit
  96. Had Rotator Cuff Surgery?: move, retired, years, best - Retirement
  97. New York Times: Public pension legal issues: 55, pensions, 2015 - Retirement
  98. Space Saving Storage Bags: moving, vacation, years, best - Retirement
  99. Self Employed how do you quit/retire?: moving, state, retired - Retirement
  100. Our biggest challenge...what day is today??!!??: beach, retired, engaged - Retirement
  101. What percent of your retirement income is provided by Soc. Sec.?: pensions, divorce
  102. Seniors And Our Habits, Have You Changed Lately?: long-term, state, friends - Retirement
  103. Use Facebook? How many friends?: 50+, acquaintance, long distance, relatives - Retirement
  104. Meeting with my financial planner; more poor returns?: pensions, financial advisor, weather - Retirement
  105. Multigenerational living (family compound ): physically, moving, conversation, community - Retirement
  106. Walking shoes for the over-80 traveler: weather, states, friend, support - Retirement
  107. Signing up online for SS retirement benefits: supplement, marriage, social security
  108. Leaving a Tip: years, singles, restaurant, family - Retirement
  109. Gen X'er Retirement: pensions, social security, state, graduated
  110. what employers insurance companies do not tell you when facing life threatening illness: pension plan, financial advisor - Retirement
  111. Thinking about final arrangements---: spouses, friendly, state, gifts - Retirement
  112. What age did you start working ...: state, retired, graduated - Retirement
  113. Annual cost of doing business (living) retired: pension, beach, supplement - Retirement
  114. I propose a Senior Semi-Revolution: pension, Canada, retired, friends - Retirement
  115. Do you take a nap?: retired, benefits, wife, dad - Retirement
  116. RV retirement: 50+, move, long distance, state
  117. Socks for the elderly: trouble, older, mom, problem - Retirement
  118. Weird about assets and home health aids...: grandparents, state, retired - Retirement
  119. Do Not Call lists and scams- what a joke: beach, inherit, relatives - Retirement
  120. Is 62 too old to move and start anew?: moving, marriage, states - Retirement
  121. Have trouble finding friends b/c of religion & politics: 55, moving - Retirement
  122. It's not over until the fat lady sings: divorce, conversation - Retirement
  123. Are you fitter or fatter since retiring?: moving, retired, years - Retirement
  124. Social Security quarters vs. wages...: 55, retired, allowance, tax - Retirement
  125. Fixed Index Annuities: pension plan, spouse, anniversary, state - Retirement
  126. Collecting a Spouses's SS?: pension, divorce, divorced, social security - Retirement
  127. What is your budget for gifts?: beach, vacations, spouses, relatives - Retirement
  128. Best thing about retirement: weather, chores, years, wife
  129. Nostalgia: What do you remember about Corn on Cob?: grandparents, state, friends - Retirement
  130. How do you feel, REALLY?: 55, physically, vacations, long distance - Retirement
  131. No value for experienced, seasoned workers: pensions, relative, retired, years - Retirement
  132. Keeping up with House and Yard: 55, move, communities, state - Retirement
  133. Retirement home - backyard pool?: moving, gorgeous, community, inherit
  134. work a little on the side for cash?: friends, benefits, best - Retirement
  135. Financial Pros/Cons of this early retirement: pensions, spouse, retired
  136. Advice on how to invest for retirement for a mid age person who never have invested: retired, older
  137. Robots In Nursing Homes: conversation, 2015, blogs, friends - Retirement
  138. Ladies, let's have quadruplets! Who's with me?: crying, years, best - Retirement
  139. Retired: Five-year plan at this point,: moving, years, housing - Retirement
  140. How much traveling are you planning in retirement?: beach, Canada, states
  141. I'm glad I'm retired because...: 55, meal, grandma, wife - Retirement
  142. Mom's Survivor Annuity re Dad's Federal Retirement: 55, pension, divorce
  143. Living Wills and Children from Previous Marriages: divorce, divorced, spouse - Retirement
  144. OPM Data Breach: spouses, federal, retired, years - Retirement
  145. Getting ready for traveling on moments notice: weather, Canada, states - Retirement
  146. Social security vs disability: long-term, states, relative, coverage - Retirement
  147. Gifting To Your Children and Grandchildren: grandparent, divorce, spouse, marriage - Retirement
  148. How was your retirement financially affected when your spouse dies ?: pensions, divorce
  149. More older Americans are being buried by housing debt: pensions, beach, vacations - Retirement
  150. EARLY Retirees: what age did U retire, what did U earn? how did U save/budget?: 55, pensions - Retirement
  151. Financial Check-up / What are we screwing up?: financial advisor, move, state - Retirement
  152. Where can we find a lakefront retirement community?: 55, weather, gorgeous
  153. FICO score in retirement: retired, accident, years, payments
  154. How Little Do You Have; And Are Doing OK?: pension, supplement - Retirement
  155. about filing and suspending two or three times: supplement, spouse, social security - Retirement
  156. News, Jeb Bush: Next president should privatize Social Security.: 55, payments, support - Retirement
  157. Remarkable Discovery(ies) Made in Old Age?: move, retired, movies - Retirement
  158. Younger Folks Posting in the Retirement Forum: 55, community, inheritance
  159. tri-care health insurance: pension, moving, state, retired - Retirement
  160. My MRI scan appointment is at 11 PM ? On a Saturday night ?: move, Canada - Retirement
  161. HOA asking us to turn in our neighbors: community, ignorant, children - Retirement
  162. Trooper I was his grandpa: state, PDD, respect, friends - Retirement
  163. Rod Stewart Makes A New Music Video At 70 Years Old: 2015, retired - Retirement
  164. There is no perfect climate, but how miserable should u be to move away?: weather, moving - Retirement
  165. about SSDI and SS: pension, social security, 2015, retired - Retirement
  166. Do you ever give your spouse a chance to miss you?: spouses, retired - Retirement
  167. 32 years, today the last child moved out: friend, wife, girlfriend - Retirement
  168. Do of you actually hand write anything?: relatives, friends, adult - Retirement
  169. date back to local, dial up bbs's or run one?: friendly, long distance - Retirement
  170. I'm nearing 70.5 and Will Have to Take an MRD From a Traditional IRA. OUCH!?: 55, pension - Retirement
  171. Do you live in a 55+ neighborhood?: moving, communities, screaming, state - Retirement
  172. Epiphany - Oh Sh.=it: moving, relative, retired, movies - Retirement
  173. Did you pick up a new sport in retirement?: retired, older, activity
  174. Retirement NYC pension: 55, pensions, supplement, social security
  175. At what age did you (if ever) really say damn, I'm really old!: 55, relative - Retirement
  176. Getting my two homes ready for retirement: move, friendly, state
  177. Is it OK to talk about a financial quandry: weather, moving - Retirement
  178. Something odd on SS Earnings Record Statement: 55, pensions, social security - Retirement
  179. De-Cluttering - Time to say goodbye to my albums: moving, friends, years - Retirement
  180. Bad juju!: conversation, years, conversations, places - Retirement
  181. Real estate with cash versus mortgage in retirement: pension, spouse, community
  182. Is it better to start taking Social Security at 62, 66, or 70?: 55, long-term - Retirement
  183. Another Social Security Scenario: pension, retired, years, payments - Retirement
  184. Social Security Calculator Estimate: 55, 2015, states, retired - Retirement
  185. Is Happy Retiring in Place?: emotionally, moving, acquaintance, marriage - Retirement
  186. First day of retirement.: celebrate, years, best, wife
  187. Politely telling friends your sick of hearing...: emotionally, move, conversation - Retirement
  188. Combined Nursing Home and Preschool: communities, years, benefits, college - Retirement
  189. for solo retired travelers: states, twin, single, single mom - Retirement
  190. Pre Retirement Search-Trying to find the right place and price: 55, pension
  191. Marginilization: 55, divorce, moving, retirees - Retirement
  192. Establishing new state residency after retirement...: pension, moving, 2015, states
  193. How to handle a new friend with phone calls?: emotionally, alcohol, moving - Retirement
  194. Retirees who support themselves with mostly rental income.: pension, state, retired - Retirement
  195. No tax state residency; do people do this? is it legal?: 55, move - Retirement
  196. Gambling in retirement...: retired, wife, older, senior
  197. Shopping in the 21st century--being accosted by salespeople: moving, retired, years - Retirement
  198. Doctors and nurses involved in Medicare Fraud: supplement, long-term, 2015 - Retirement
  199. Drinking Coffee in Retirement: relocate, years, place, small
  200. FERS/CSRS Online Calculator: federal, employees, employee - Retirement