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  22. You are never too old: weather, depression, accident, years - Retirement
  23. I just found the 1976 Bob Marley issue Rolling Stone in my storage stuff: moving, years - Retirement
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  25. Are us folks in retirement nicer than people working- IN GENERAL?: 55, conversation
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  27. go broke after retirement due to high medical costs?: beach, supplement
  28. What to do with 34,125.21 in retirement plan that is frozen?: 55, pension
  29. What is your personal annual inflation rate for retirement portfolio withdrawals?: 2015, retired
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  36. Today is my first day of Retirement!: screaming, retired, vacation
  37. Social Security age comparisons: federal, 2015, retired, years - Retirement
  38. 20 years ago I never would have: infant, retired, teenager - Retirement
  39. Hiring neighbors grandchildren for chores: moving, friend, accident, years - Retirement
  40. It's Sleazy, It's Totally Illegal, And It Could Become The Future Of Retirement: 2015, respect
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  48. Where is it NOT HUMID in Summer???: beach, 2015, respect - Retirement
  49. How much to invest and how much to keep in savings?: long-term, move - Retirement
  50. Would you have honestly not done much differently?: divorce, divorced, conversation - Retirement
  51. Currently receiving SSDI but will be 62 at the end of the month: social security, federal - Retirement
  52. Sanders and Cummings Ramp Up Investigation of Staggering Drug Price Increases: federal, fighting - Retirement
  53. Retired: I see the same people every day at the Starbucks, the library, the mall and the park: years, wife - Retirement
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  56. s a for mathjak107: 55, pension, social security, relative - Retirement
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  58. A Regular Life: beach, moving, retired, teenager - Retirement
  59. For Who Used a Moving Company to Your Retirement Home: long distance, state
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  61. Can't see the forest through the trees: pension, relocate, federal - Retirement
  62. The Flip Side (of rosy retirement reports): 50+, pension, long-term
  63. If you didn't go to college do you now regret it?: 55, moving - Retirement
  64. I have been retired and living on passive income for 30 years and people are angry!: social security, inheritance - Retirement
  65. Stuff* hit the fan retirement: beach, moving, coverage, years
  66. SSA bullying: fighting, 2015, state, separate - Retirement
  67. What a waste of paper - the annual deluge is starting again!: supplement, coverage - Retirement
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  69. The Presidential Candidates on Social Security: 55, pensions, beach, supplement - Retirement
  70. Holograms and Virtual Reality for Seniors in 20 Years: beach, vacations, moving - Retirement
  71. Flu Shot For 65+: 2015, years, benefits, older - Retirement
  72. Ideal and Acceptable distance from Kids and Grandkids: grandparents, moving, gorgeous - Retirement
  73. No Social Security Increase This Year: beach, 2015, cost, mortgage - Retirement
  74. Since I retired, I can't sleep!: physically, diabetes, psycho, pills - Retirement
  75. Do people worry about political and religious vibes when relocating?: 50+, moving - Retirement
  76. Comparative costs of retirement destinations (article): pensions, moving, conversation, 2014
  77. Tell Us ABout Retiring pre-FRA, and Not Claiming Soc. Sec.: Advice, Concerns, Caveats: pensions, spouse - Retirement
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  79. Does The Conditon Of Infrastructure Worry You To Where You're Retiring?: 55, beach - Retirement
  80. Managing finances in the future: pension, move, inherit, years - Retirement
  81. How far from retirement date and on which side are you?: spouse, 2015
  82. Deflation. Impact on Retirees?: pension, state, years, single - Retirement
  83. Why are there so many media articles telling people to wait to retire until they are 70+?: grandparents, vacations - Retirement
  84. Novels told from the viewpoint of a senior or retiree: move, 2014 - Retirement
  85. Food For For Future Retirees: 55, pension, move, conversation - Retirement
  86. Coming Soon to a Reef Near You: raise, clever, pet - Retirement
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  89. Looking for pretty, affordable, safe small city to retire to: 55, move - Retirement
  90. Traveling to Branson, Missouri & then going home: moving, friendly, long distance - Retirement
  91. Retirement move: has it alleviated health challenges or created: beach, moving
  92. What is Retirement?: pension, conversation, inheritance, retired
  93. Accepting our life as it, good retirement, medium retirement, low retirement.: pension, moving
  94. Questions for the ladies [and a few good men]: weather, gifted, friend - Retirement
  95. Social Security government pension offset: spouse, states, relative, separate - Retirement
  96. State taxes and retirement important?: pensions, weather, moving
  97. When did you begin taking more notice of your own mortality and age?: grandparents, conversation - Retirement
  98. Age distributions by state in the US--interactive graphic: 55, beach, weather - Retirement
  99. Understanding taxes on IRA distributions: 55, physically, moving, federal - Retirement
  100. Sweet Spot: weather, vacations, moving, friendly - Retirement
  101. Where do you plan to die?: 55, moving, community, retirees - Retirement
  102. The pleasant aspects of retirement: pension, weather, move, conversation
  103. emigration: moving, Canada, friendly, community - Retirement
  104. Can an Irrevocable Trust be changed back to Revocable?: move, spouses, inherit - Retirement
  105. Chores - which ones have you decided to let go?: 2013, friends - Retirement
  106. Long Term Care Insurance: long-term, fighting, state, coverage - Retirement
  107. help me find my ideal retirement location!: pension, beach, friendly
  108. A cheap residence - is it key to early retirement?: moving, state
  109. Help us decide how to retire cheap: pension, beach, physically - Retirement
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  111. Problems dealing with tv remotes: physically, retired, years, family - Retirement
  112. My Disabilaty Came Through! WooHoo!: spouse, social security, 2014, states - Retirement
  113. Flip the conventional. 55+ at home with rec amenities: beach, weather, move - Retirement
  114. Not Retired but Reading the Retired Forum: pension, vacations, divorce - Retirement
  115. Where do you find retirement seminars/workshops?: communities, adult, housing
  116. What makes a man grow old?: beach, physically, friends, single - Retirement
  117. Someone explain this to me!: pension, move, ignorant, years - Retirement
  118. new stuff in retirement: moving, community, dump, 2013
  119. Impact of Children on Early Retirement Ability: pensions, divorce, move
  120. Do you know people who did a kind of reverse retirement?: 55, grandparents
  121. Our successful trip to Saddlebrooke, AZ! (Caution: a long story): move, conversation - Retirement
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  123. Called local SS office to make appointment: spouse, friend, years - Retirement
  124. Stuff you bought but never used: beach, years, smart, kids - Retirement
  125. A rich inner life: depression, relative, family, best - Retirement
  126. Where to Retire magazine?: moving, crying, state, retired - Retirement
  127. Retirees: did you feel committed to a geographic area?: long-term, moving, conversation - Retirement
  128. Index Universal Life for retirement? Yes or No?: coverage, separate, years
  129. What defines a 'successful retirement'?: 55, pension, dumped, federal
  130. What month to Retire and other questions ??: pensions, beach, social security - Retirement
  131. Retirees: Do you prefer being single or married (or involved with someone)?: 55, divorce - Retirement
  132. SS Projection: social security, 2015, state, years - Retirement
  133. What's The Number: pensions, vacations, social security, federal - Retirement
  134. Double Whamming Coming our Way: social security, retirees, gift, years - Retirement
  135. 'Facing' Facts: years, husband, girls, doctor - Retirement
  136. Can Our Grown Children Become Our Worst Enemies?: move, spouse, community - Retirement
  137. Retiring far from Family - Isn't this selfish?: beach, weather, moving - Retirement
  138. Snowbirding without buying a 2nd home....: weather, vacations, long-term, move - Retirement
  139. how long to continue working?: social security, 2013, accident, years - Retirement
  140. Snowbird information. Opinions welcome!: beach, move, friendly, states - Retirement
  141. Taxes in retirement and preparing for them: pension, spouse, social security
  142. Did your spouse retiree earlier than you? Were you angry or bitter?: relocate, fighting - Retirement
  143. Are you aging at the same pace as your SO or spouse?: 70+, physically - Retirement
  144. can you offer advice should I just be 'logical'?: 55, physically - Retirement
  145. same job 47 years. retiring: moving, community, relative, friends - Retirement
  146. My first star: retired, best, opinion - Retirement
  147. Should I stick it out the next 2-3 years or look now?: pension, beach - Retirement
  148. Retirement Stages: 55, state, relative, retired
  149. Did you work very hard for your money, live frugally all your life, and now really should spend but you just can't: states, retired - Retirement
  150. Retirees: are you or of your peers being financially taken care of by your younger relatives?: pensions, conversation - Retirement
  151. Age Is Only A Number.......Not Necessarily True!: crying, 2015, retirees - Retirement
  152. At what age does it become difficult to travel?: community, 2014, relatives - Retirement
  153. Contacting former co workers ... a mistake?: move, acquaintance, spouses, community - Retirement
  154. Retired woman in need of part time job. Suggestions?: beach, conversation, 2015 - Retirement
  155. Did you retire to a remote location?: relocate, state, retired - Retirement
  156. Has your spending gone up or down in retirement?: pension, move, state
  157. Taxes on Soc. Sec-What Would You Do: 401k vs Roth IRA: pension, spouse - Retirement
  158. Porch Sitter?: grandparents, weather, moving, community - Retirement
  159. Is it greed or fear?: pension, relative, years, best - Retirement
  160. What I Love About My Home (and why I can leave it): weather, moving - Retirement
  161. Should I live wife behind for a job or stay home close to the love of my live in a crappy job?: move, spouse - Retirement
  162. Deciding NOT to retire?: pension, grandparents, move, retired - Retirement
  163. Surprise at mixed feeling about offer to retire earlier than plan.: beach, emotionally - Retirement
  164. Retirement goals: baseball, beach, thriving downtown: friendly, community, state, retired
  165. Retirement Reality Check: 55, pension, supplement, emotionally
  166. Do you routinely get an annual physical: state, diabetes, years - Retirement
  167. Myths and Stereotypes of Aging: spouse, marriage, state, retired - Retirement
  168. Was your retirement delayed by a stock market crash or poor investment choices?: 55, pensions
  169. Do you work part time in retirement? If so, doing what?: pension, state
  170. Work 401k Profit Sharing Plan accountability: federal, states, years, benefit - Retirement
  171. work of noble note may be done: spouses, social security - Retirement
  172. Is your retirement income (or will it be) less, the same, or more?: pensions, divorce
  173. out there living on $25,000 and less in retirement? Still enjoying life: 55, pension
  174. My thoughts about nursing homes.: moving, states, relatives, respect - Retirement
  175. What you you do with $1 million: pensions, beach, supplement, vacations - Retirement
  176. As A Man Gets Older, His Female Traits Multiply?: 55, marriage, psycho - Retirement
  177. Who can explain to me 401K in simple terms?: 55, pension plan, federal - Retirement
  178. Does know about the Perfect Sleep Chairm: 55, years, pills - Retirement
  179. Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee compared for retirement: pensions, beach, weather
  180. Retirees: If the opportunity, what is the ONE thing you would like to do over?: divorce, move - Retirement
  181. snow--not too hot summers--great gardening?: weather, move, gorgeous, states - Retirement
  182. Old people don't sleep!: 65+, years, married, single - Retirement
  183. Why aren't young people taught about aging?: grandparents, social security, separate - Retirement
  184. Before you retired did your employer hire many workers in their 60s?: 55, 2015 - Retirement
  185. How do you want your grandkids to remember you?: grandparents, beach, gifts - Retirement
  186. 4% rule to high?: pension, social security, relative, retiree - Retirement
  187. Outdated BA Degree And Age Hurting Wife: move, 2013, retired - Retirement
  188. To of you that worked past 66 or plan on it. Why?: pension plan, social security - Retirement
  189. What were your parents good at?: physically, divorce, divorced, depression - Retirement
  190. When did you have the oh snap reality check?: 55, vacations, move - Retirement
  191. Rich is Best but the Poor do Better!: pension, vacations, social security - Retirement
  192. Change is good!: beach, moving, years, best - Retirement
  193. The slowest ecomonic recovery ever.: pension, relocate, spouses, states - Retirement
  194. Night Driving Problems: 55, supplement, move, community - Retirement
  195. Rolling over a pension to an IRA: to do or not to do?: federal, retired - Retirement
  196. Is hypocritical thinking common with age?: community, relative, graduate, respect - Retirement
  197. Which states are cheap low utilities ?: retirees, payment, senior, taxes - Retirement
  198. If you become retired and alone, would an artificial friend be a good enough replacement for human contact?: conversation, 2015 - Retirement
  199. Did you have a stereotypical midlife crisis?: 55, weather, divorce - Retirement
  200. In your sixties and retired? Do you think you could find a job in your old career if necessary?: community, 2013 - Retirement