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  102. For 40 Years, This Song Gets Me Every, Single Time: American Pie. Frozen Teen Tastes in Late Years?: 55, crying - Retirement
  103. Is your retirement what you it would be?: 50+, move, spouses
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  117. Mrs5150 bought me a clock: retired, love, small - Retirement
  118. As an older person, do you have a lot of younger friends?: 55, grandparents - Retirement
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  122. Retired in Dominica Republic: beach, weather, moving, 2015 - Retirement
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  130. Retirement Location - Beyond COL, Taxes and Weather: 50+, beach, move
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  138. motivational advice for over-60 dieters?: moving, marriage, retired, years - Retirement
  139. Keeping in touch with ex-workers..... or not.: weather, acquaintance, friendly - Retirement
  140. Just Happy and loving life and wanting to share.: beach, vacation, husband - Retirement
  141. You know when you're retired when...: chores, difference - Retirement
  142. Do you own your funeral plot: grandparents, states, years, married - Retirement
  143. Did you have a rebel phase? What do you think of it now?: 50+, conversation - Retirement
  144. LiveContent???: 2015, best, love, Colorado - Retirement
  145. New Years 2016 Resolutions: move, problems - Retirement
  146. Is this the bottom line retirement planning financial: 55, pension, spouse
  147. Planning your own memorial service...for who are interested: beach, moving - Retirement
  148. I have been told that moving close to your kids in retirement is not a good idea: community, states
  149. Do you take the stairs or elevator?: place - Retirement
  150. Are you planning on of this for Christmas 2015?: 55, friends, years - Retirement
  151. Added Washington & Indiana to research for Retirement: weather, moving, conversation
  152. Starwars???????: crying, movies, years, toy - Retirement
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  155. Grandparents: have you talked to your grandchildren about life after you?: alcohol, conversation - Retirement
  156. CCRC Rate Setting and Disclosure academic article (2008) with a case study of Vicar's Landing: 55, beach - Retirement
  157. this getting older stuff!: years, date, immature, towns - Retirement
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  159. new or established retirement community?: 55, weather, moving, friendly
  160. Helping neighbors, but too much: move, spouse, crying, state - Retirement
  161. Would you consider wintering in a different warm weather foreign destination each year?: states, vacation - Retirement
  162. Making withdrawals in retirement--: financial advisor, long-term, moving, spouse
  163. Can you buy a new car in retirement?: pensions, retired, friends
  164. Florida or Arizona?: weather, moving, spouse, states - Retirement
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  166. Social security number 1309: pensions, federal, retired, separate - Retirement
  167. Four weeks into retirement: pension, dump, 2015, retired
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  169. retirement planning crisis: retired, years, forecast, housing
  170. For Interested in Amazon Prime!: retired, years, pet, social - Retirement
  171. Do You Blame Your Age: older, behavior - Retirement
  172. Is a bathtub in your master bath a necessity?: 55, community, retirees - Retirement
  173. Is there anything better than Fidelity?: financial advisor, moving, betray, years - Retirement
  174. Do people consider inflation at Retirement?: pensions, long-term, social security, state
  175. Getting through Atlanta GA: moving, states, accident, years - Retirement
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  179. 65+ people atheists or agnostics: communities, respect, engage, welfare - Retirement
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  182. Where for poor, educated & sick: weather, moving, friendly, social security - Retirement
  183. Is keeping a sense of purpose key to a fulfilling retirement?: community, retired
  184. What is your superpower?: friendly, psycho, respect, friend - Retirement
  185. Retired with plans for summer vacation/travel: beach, weather, community - Retirement
  186. The ‘retirement crisis’ that isn’t: pension plan, vacations, social security
  187. Would you have retired from full time work earlier if Social Security paid more and was available at age 55?: pension, state - Retirement
  188. Investing in peer to peer lending for income in retirement?: vacations, moving
  189. Rentals in Retirement: 55, moving, social security, 2014
  190. Decision time this week. Have to let them know when I'm bailing.: beach, emotionally - Retirement
  191. Getting the News: supplement, state, coverage, retired - Retirement
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  197. 50yr old contemplating retirement: 55, pension, community, retired
  198. airBnB: long-term, moving, community, federal - Retirement
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