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  55. Does live in an Epcon COURTYARD community?: move, gorgeous, communities - Retirement
  56. 83% of people nearing or in retirement DO NOT want to relocate in retirement: beach, weather
  57. Revocable Living Trust: federal, inherit, states, years - Retirement
  58. Where to live in retirement: Why not live close to the family?: weather, move
  59. Retirement Logistics and timing of Leaving Job, Selling House, Moving: pension, vacations
  60. 55 Facts and Figures About Retirement You'll Want to Know: supplement, spouses, social security
  61. AGE MILESTONES: 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's: 55, pension, state, retired - Retirement
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  63. Miles apart on retirement: 55, divorce, long-term, moving
  64. $20 a week for food: 50+, pension, social security, retired - Retirement
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  66. If I buy a house for a cash for my parents will they lose their benefits?: states, gifted - Retirement
  67. You Should Just Never Retire, NY Magazine article: 55, 2014, states - Retirement
  68. Would you take a 7% distribution from your retirement accounts to wait until you are 70 to collect Social Security?: federal, state
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  70. Got joie de vivre?: pensions, emotionally, move, relative - Retirement
  71. can we afford to retire in Washington state?: pensions, weather, federal - Retirement
  72. is social s?curity in advance or in the rears.: social security, date - Retirement
  73. Almost 750,000 California seniors still working after age 65: 55, pension plan, relocating - Retirement
  74. In my retirement years: 55, state, coverage, family
  75. Hip Replacement: community, retired, graduated, friends - Retirement
  76. I am living vicariously through the retirees on this Sub-forum.: divorce, alcohol - Retirement
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  80. Counter to retirement wisdom-: 55, weather, moving, community
  81. Disadvantages of using 2-family house as a retirement income supplement: grandparents, beach
  82. How did you get over financial hurdles to retirement?: pension, moving
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  85. $2 trillion tax bill is coming due for baby boomers: pensions, social security, 2015 - Retirement
  86. an Expat retiree on: moving, community, social security, retired - Retirement
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  89. urban or rural?: 55, beach, communities, relatives - Retirement
  90. My family keeps surprising me...: divorce, moving, friends, support - Retirement
  91. What is your ideal climate for your final home?: weather, acquaintance, spouse - Retirement
  92. Six Months into Retirement and: divorce, community, retired, gift
  93. How long did it take for you to stop missing your job?: 50+, pension - Retirement
  94. not OJT but ORT: weather, relocate, Canada, retired - Retirement
  95. When to collect SS based on Life Spans...Interesting article: 55, pension - Retirement
  96. 50,000 golf carts for transportation & fastest growing community in U.S.: 55, beach - Retirement
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  98. Finding the retirement house you think you need/want, too soon: move, community
  99. Snowbird Southeast USA: 55, beach, weather, relocating - Retirement
  100. Retirement Activities Depress Me: 55, friend, grow up, older
  101. Did you ever check the final return box on the income tax by accident?: states, salary - Retirement
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  103. When Do You Think A Senior Is Spending Too Much On Animals?: 55, states - Retirement
  104. Thinking of buying a mobile home and staying in Minnesota: weather, federal - Retirement
  105. Another factor is retirement spending...: 55, retired, diabetes, vacation
  106. men on this board who dye their hair black or brown?: inherit, fighting - Retirement
  107. Active Adult (55+) Apartment: divorce, divorced, conversation, community - Retirement
  108. Overwhelmed by memories...: grandparents, dump, inheritance, depression - Retirement
  109. How Does One Dispose of Possessions Most Will Pawn?: divorce, divorced, state - Retirement
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  111. how's Nevada for retirement?: pensions, weather, moving, community
  112. Ever considered retirement to a hotel?: alcoholism, moving, friend, years
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  115. Enough to Retire?: pension, emotionally, social security, retired - Retirement
  116. other over 70's who still have a mortgage?: 50+, pensions - Retirement
  117. retirement to cold country??: pensions, weather, move, states
  118. Need Mountains in my life: divorce, moving, divorced, community - Retirement
  119. What are your favorite simple pleasures: beach, meal, movies, friends - Retirement
  120. Best way to fund cash bucket of retirement funds: financial advisor, relative
  121. How Much Does Full Dentures Cost?: 55, years, father, taxes - Retirement
  122. Opinion of Manufactured houses?: 55, beach, communities, retired - Retirement
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  124. Getting over illness and injury as you age.: 55, weather, conversation - Retirement
  125. How did your housekeeping habits change in retirement?: weather, moving, conversation
  126. What Are Senior Injuries Worth?: friends, accident, years, payment - Retirement
  127. Inertia over Retirement Planning: 55, supplement, weather, moving
  128. Social Secruity Means Testing: 55, pensions, social security, state - Retirement
  129. Paying for Survivor's Benefits on Your Pension?: pension plan, retired, vacation - Retirement
  130. Early Retirement / Workforce Reduction Deals: Various Examples, Yours or You Know Of: 55, pension
  131. Another people aren't prepared article - this time about knowledge: pension plan, beach - Retirement
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  133. Not counting financial, what keeps you from living your dream?: moving, spouses - Retirement
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  135. What I did today: friendly, celebration, retiree, separate - Retirement
  136. Tellico Village Tennessee visit: 55, physically, weather, moving - Retirement
  137. Deciding on real estate options: 55, emotionally, moving, spouse - Retirement
  138. Finding Spirituality In Retirement: 55, state, retired, respect
  139. The closer I get, the confuseder I am...: weather, moving, spouse - Retirement
  140. What to do with myself all day: 55, weather, vacations - Retirement
  141. Will my credit card be cancelled because I retired?: pension, moving, social security - Retirement
  142. New Mexico retirement questions: 55, pension, supplement, move
  143. Last Call- single, married folks, For File and Suspend!: pension, divorce, divorced - Retirement
  144. Do you ever feel sorry for people who keep working after retirement age: 55, physically
  145. Could you live on 1K a month if you were alone and house was paid off?: coverage, years - Retirement
  146. Budget: vacations, 2013, relative, retired - Retirement
  147. What makes you feel 'young', full of vitality in your old age?: weather, 2015 - Retirement
  148. Have you changed your eating habits, specially Steak Tartare: 55, friend, years - Retirement
  149. May 2016 Happy Older Americans Month, everyone!: celebration, 2014, friends, milk - Retirement
  150. Most of us are very fortunate and I would like to encourage you all to give just a little: supplement, community - Retirement
  151. Retirement really COULD kill you: Researchers find who work past 65 live longer: 55, alcohol
  152. Best little thing about retirement: retired, opinions, city
  153. Your health in retirement: relative, retired, years, cancer
  154. Retired experts in fields: beach, years, best, school - Retirement
  155. How much we need to retire on may be less than we need down the road.: financial advisor, long-term - Retirement
  156. Snowbirds, how does that work?: beach, move, separate, friends - Retirement
  157. Baby Boomers look to be the new enterprise: beach, vacations, moving - Retirement
  158. SS re Widow's benefit: pension, marriage, retired, friend - Retirement
  159. Retired on a shoe string before I can access my retirement accounts and Social Security: 55, pensions
  160. Georgia vs Florida/ best for retirement: 55, pension, beach, weather
  161. Do you know of retirement age that has no retirement?: pension, social security
  162. Choosing What to Buy -- Where: pension, beach, supplement, financial advisor - Retirement
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  164. Pension benefit options?: pension plan, spouse, inheritance, coverage - Retirement
  165. Big Burst in Retirement Bubble: move, acquaintance, states, friends
  166. US Health Insurance for Retirees Abroad: friendly, infant, coverage, friend - Retirement
  167. Did you actually feel better/healthier when you retired?: years, best, wife - Retirement
  168. To Rent or Buy in Retirement if you have no heirs: move, spouse
  169. about RMD Timing: 2015, retired, years, allowance - Retirement
  170. Where to live in retirement???: 55, weather, Canada, gorgeous
  171. Retirement Life Expectancy Calculator: spouse, state, years, date
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  173. Filial laws --- w/them? Better read up...: financial advisor, long-term - Retirement
  174. Optimal SS strategy for looming divorce: pension, supplement, divorced, marriage - Retirement
  175. Other than US, which country are you looking in to retire to?: move, Canada - Retirement
  176. Tax Planning For Seniors/Retirement: 55, pension, moving, Canada
  177. Getting older, becoming invisible is actually fun: 55, conversation, friends - Retirement
  178. What to do - pension possibly freezing - 10-15 years from retirement: pension plan, state
  179. To Move (now) or Not to Move -- That is the: pension, social security - Retirement
  180. Fitness - interval training: 55, beach, depression, 2015 - Retirement
  181. Withdrawing from Retirement for a House: divorce, moving, state, gift
  182. Your dream house.: 55, weather, move, states - Retirement
  183. is (mid-40s) freaking out about retirement planning?: 65+, spouse
  184. live in an all-inclusive retirement place?: 55, physically, move
  185. Housing and Medical Are Top Two Retirement Expenses: 55, pensions, supplement
  186. Advisor went from 4 % to 2.5 % retirement withdrawal rule of thumb: 55, dump, retiree
  187. Is it sane to buy annuity with still time to retire: 55, pension plan - Retirement
  188. SS benefits when divorced and then widowed: spouse, marriage, social security - Retirement
  189. Retirement calculators that don't base expenses on current income: 55, beach, vacations
  190. Need PA Replacement SS Card: 55, social security, states, support - Retirement
  191. Who will do for you if you don't have children or are estranged from your children.: moving, friends - Retirement
  192. Divorced at age 65. What do you miss and what you don't: pension, emotionally - Retirement
  193. How big a risk taker are you?: state, retired, engage - Retirement
  194. Burning SSA application: pension, supplement, divorce, divorced - Retirement
  195. Culling the wardrobe?: weather, moving, state, single - Retirement
  196. Only have $50,000 in the bank: 55, pension, moving, community - Retirement
  197. A good way to look at life expectancy: 55, pension, beach - Retirement
  198. verifiable income and renting: move, state, payment, support - Retirement
  199. Don't Take the Money and Run (Another Pre-FRA Commentary): pension, places, Madison - Retirement
  200. Central States Pension Fund is insolvent, could default on 407,000 pensioners: 55, pension plan - Retirement