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  1. Since you have more time, are you more concentrated on health/fitness than while working?: weather, retired - Retirement
  2. early pension payout?: social security, state, years, payments - Retirement
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  9. Son captures spirit of 93 year old Mom: mother-in-law, years, grandmother - Retirement
  10. Playing Poker Can Be Hazardous To Seniors' Health: 55, community, screaming - Retirement
  11. SS Experts (Mathjak?) Widow Benefits W/Minor Kids and Again at Age 60: divorce, divorced - Retirement
  12. Quick SS: spouse, social security, retired, ignorant - Retirement
  13. Best source of funds to buy new house before selling the old?: 55, pension - Retirement
  14. social security benefits...the more I read the more confused I am: years, married - Retirement
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  16. Father Moving to a Continuing Care Community in a Different State, Appropriate Gift?: weather, stepmother - Retirement
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  19. IRS 60-Day Rollover Waiver: friend, years, family, taxable - Retirement
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  21. Can I get spousal retirement Social Security benefits?: divorce, divorced, spouse
  22. Spousal benefit: 55, social security, years, married - Retirement
  23. How does an ESOP figure into retirement risk factors?: pension, supplement, moving
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  25. Older Ladies: years, girls, love, year - Retirement
  26. I was born in 43 but always kind of considered myself a Babe Boomer: drugs, generation - Retirement
  27. Which 55+ Communities are Best For Arts & Crafts?: Canada, states, years - Retirement
  28. Over-55 Communities in California- Have Reviews?: beach, moving, friends, years - Retirement
  29. Vistancia Trilogy: 55, husband, love, affordable - Retirement
  30. RE listing suspension on husband's SS pension??: pensions, supplement, moving - Retirement
  31. Summer Camp in Logan UT for retirees: 55, weather, spouse - Retirement
  32. building a retirement community: grandparents, spouses, communities, retired
  33. Saving for retirement?: 55, pensions, physically, financial advisor
  34. Is It to Save Too Much Money For Retirement?: pension, beach
  35. Do of you just feel like completely retreating from the 21st century?: gays, retired - Retirement
  36. Forms necessary for retirement: pension plan, name change, spouse, marriage
  37. Big city vs Small city vs Town for your retirement?: 55, community
  38. Is 60 too old for buying land?: physically, retired, grandfather - Retirement
  39. Uber/Lyft For Seniors: beach, relative, retired, years - Retirement
  40. Things that Bother You in Retirement: federal, states, retired, friends
  41. Retiring with an E-Bike lifestyle?: 70+, weather, moving, friendly - Retirement
  42. Average Monthly SS Income: 55, pensions, supplement, spouse - Retirement
  43. Financial Planner Advice: retirees, friends, years, dating - Retirement
  44. Reduction in Social Security Benefits: supplement, 2015, states, relative - Retirement
  45. article on retiring: pension, move, social security, state - Retirement
  46. Naps?: physically, retired, years, husband - Retirement
  47. Paying cash vs a mortgage: moving, 2015, state, years - Retirement
  48. Qualifying for rental house when you're retired?: pensions, social security, state - Retirement
  49. Pension--Taking Monthly Payment v. Lump Sum: 55, pension plan, financial advisor, weather - Retirement
  50. Kitces: Why most retirement accounts never run dry: retiree, years, benefit
  51. COSTCO - choosing a hearing aid: separate, friend, years, grandma - Retirement
  52. Sorry to bring it up but...colonoscopies: 55, state, years - Retirement
  53. South American retirement.: weather, friendly, community, father-in-law
  54. Multi-unit homes give retirees income and freedom.: pension, conversation, state - Retirement
  55. Can a single person live off $32K in retirement?: moving, state, relative
  56. Net Retirement Income vs. Net Working Income: pension plan, supplement, vacations
  57. Latest trend in the Retirement forum: retired, separate, years, adult
  58. Retirement = Getting Rid of Stuff: grandparents, emotionally, moving
  59. Stress Before Retirement: 55, beach, divorce, moving
  60. If you are retired, do you keep an emergency fund?: state, separate - Retirement
  61. Non-career, part-time, post retirement jobs: 55, alcohol, retired, friend
  62. Why I took Social Security at age 62: pension, financial advisor, spouse - Retirement
  63. Own or Rent Vacation Home?: 55, beach, friends, years - Retirement
  64. When did you start searching for your retirement area? How long before your actual retirement Date?: 55, beach
  65. 10 Variable Spending Strategies Retirees Should Consider: 55, moving, social security, respect - Retirement
  66. s Where to Support Each Other for National Novel Writing Month: 55, state - Retirement
  67. Completing SS application and get this message. lose benefits?: 55, beach, marriage - Retirement
  68. Moving after retirement? Do it while your young enough: 55, retirees, friends
  69. Last man (and woman) standing: 55, moving, relatives, retired - Retirement
  70. Retirement moves: if you're moving, list your top 5 places and why: 55, weather
  71. Describe your Dream Retirement Home: 55, retired, separate, years
  72. I am 62, should i take early Social Security?: 55, pension, years - Retirement
  73. How to save money by using your age as an asset..: 55, respect - Retirement
  74. MOre reasons to save for retirement,,,: 55, financial advisor, relocate, social security
  75. My retired father in his sixties feels terrible- is it to feel great in your sixties?: pension, beach - Retirement
  76. What Can You Do that you could always do?: weather, husband, older - Retirement
  77. Another Tax on Retirement Income: pension plan, supplement, moving, federal
  78. New study reinforces benefits of walking for seniors: physically, weather, spouse - Retirement
  79. Men of Certain Age - Finding Pleated Pants: 55, 2015, retired - Retirement
  80. channel up: 55, retired, friends, - Retirement
  81. Is Social Security pro-rated between birthdays?: 55, move, state, retired - Retirement
  82. Retirees keep the economy moving: 55, pension plan, weather, social security - Retirement
  83. Strategy about RMD Withdrawals: 55, pension, relative, retirees - Retirement
  84. A Quote That is Helping Me Through the Process: 55, moving, travel - Retirement
  85. SS Should Return To Original Incarnation: 55, beach, divorce, spouses - Retirement
  86. Little ways you save money....wash out Baggies,: pensions, depression - Retirement
  87. getting a part time job at age 65- how difficult.: conversation, federal - Retirement
  88. So many Elder Orphans in our society: 55, moving, friendly - Retirement
  89. for seniors: friendly, friend, military, calling - Retirement
  90. Well, this just got me a wee bit depressed: moving, spouse, relatives - Retirement
  91. Richard Branson says we shouldn't retire: physically, depression, best, mobile - Retirement
  92. After Knee Replacement - Getting from Car into House?: move, friend, years - Retirement
  93. Impact of Financial Life on Friendships: pension, conversation, spouses, retired - Retirement
  94. FED MRA Retirement and Health Benefits (retirement): pension, federal, 2015
  95. From full-time corporate professional to part-time professional in retirement: spouse, federal, state
  96. want to snowbird: beach, weather, Canada, states - Retirement
  97. The important stuff. Where do you keep it?: financial advisor, social security - Retirement
  98. Trying to compensate for loss: 55, physically, conversation, state - Retirement
  99. At 66 bank the SS$ and work vs waiting until 70: spouse, years, best - Retirement
  100. Retirement Advice - Seattle to Southern California: 55, beach, weather
  101. 2017 SS Raise: 55, social security, federal, state - Retirement
  102. Latest COLA number: 55, pension, 2014, retirees - Retirement
  103. Many of my friends and family report they can't afford to retire!: 55, supplement - Retirement
  104. How did you plan your exit? -- and help with mine: 55, pension - Retirement
  105. In Retirement: I am always dreaming about when I worked full time: 55, retired
  106. Rent houses or apartment complex in retirement: pension, grandparents, moving
  107. Would You Do Anything Differently?: 55, pension, supplement, long-term - Retirement
  108. Another Factor to Perhaps Consider in Retirement Relocation: moving, 2014, states
  109. Helping the Elderly Downsize: grandparents, move, depression, state - Retirement
  110. Going from self employment to semi retirement to retirement: supplement, physically, moving
  111. Bonds: long-term, retirees, years, best - Retirement
  112. is 70 too late? article: pensions, physically, moving, spouse - Retirement
  113. Getting a mortgage in retirement: pensions, financial advisor, social security, federal
  114. Inflation and retirement: 55, moving, federal, retirees
  115. L.A. Times article - Why they're still working: 55, pension - Retirement
  116. How do I recover after doing something very stupid?: community, state, retired - Retirement
  117. Pension payout: Is annuity better than lump sum?: pension plan, inheritance, state - Retirement
  118. Retiree Real Estate investors: Pros, Cons, Success, Failure, Advice: pension, physically, weather - Retirement
  119. Do retirees that served in Armed Forces get kind of insurance?: 55, pension - Retirement
  120. Peak earning years and preparing for retirement: 55, pension, physically
  121. AARP is Funding ALEC: federal, states, retirees, accident - Retirement
  122. The black swan and retirement planning.: pensions, inheritance, state
  123. 55+ Retirement Communities. Are you happy?: beach, moving, friendly, friend
  124. Family members using you and your home for a vacation: beach, moving - Retirement
  125. move to the beach and regret it?: 55, weather, moving - Retirement
  126. Logging in to Social Security Account will require text-enabled cell phone: federal, 2014 - Retirement
  127. Retirees: Dream Turned Nightmare ?: 55, pension, physically - Retirement
  128. Pension Survivor: pension plan, spouses, federal, retired - Retirement
  129. Hey, starter homes are for seniors, too!: 55, moving, communities - Retirement
  130. Retiring Overseas: weather, moving, marriage, social security - Retirement
  131. I Love TIAA: state, retired, years, payments - Retirement
  132. This Is the Retirement Regret Nobody Talks About - Time article: pensions, spouses
  133. Everyone needs a plan for how they are going to handle long-term care: 55, pension - Retirement
  134. Retirement towns along the virginia and maryland coastline: 55, pensions, beach
  135. Am I on track in my 30s?: pensions, grandparents, beach - Retirement
  136. Social security monthly check estimates: 55, 2015, state, years - Retirement
  137. Don't blame the Babyboomers!: social security, depression, states, relative - Retirement
  138. Social Security Award Letter: 55, pension, 2015, retired - Retirement
  139. How much was your private sector pension worth?: pensions, federal, relative - Retirement
  140. A Pretty place to live in retirement: beach, weather, moving
  141. How much do you REALLY need?: 55, pension, vacations, social security - Retirement
  142. Apparently it's never too late for love or dating with retirees!: divorce, conversation - Retirement
  143. How Would $15 Min Wage Impact Non Working Seniors?: pensions, spouses, social security - Retirement
  144. COLA Watch 2017: weather, social security, 2015, state - Retirement
  145. Stuck in who-gets-what Hell: beach, inherit, fighting, states - Retirement
  146. retire with all their money in the bank (collecting under 1%)?: pension, conversation - Retirement
  147. Mathjak: vacation, travel, activity, city - Retirement
  148. Retired single women and travel: 55, beach, supplement, vacations - Retirement
  149. Michigan summers, Florida winters: emotionally, moving, marriage, state - Retirement
  150. How to Generate Income: 55, long-term, social security, federal - Retirement
  151. A sure way to find out who is a well to do retiree?: state, retired - Retirement
  152. Retirees Aren't Running Out Of Money. But Why? - Forbes Article: 65+, pension - Retirement
  153. Seniors and cell phones - could you (or do you) get along without one?: vacations, long distance - Retirement
  154. Retirement, social security, W2: spouse, federal, state, coverage
  155. Boise?: beach, weather, moving, state - Retirement
  156. What have you had to give up that you used to do: pension, mildest - Retirement
  157. Quiet local parks and trails with no gunfire in the Midwest: move, states - Retirement
  158. Have you informed your beneficiary?: pension plan, state, friend, years - Retirement
  159. Does Your Parental Longevity Effect Your Retirement Plans?: 55, grandparents, physically
  160. Retirement and pals that may never get there: pension, move, acquaintance
  161. about withdrawal rates: 55, pension, social security, federal - Retirement
  162. Treadmill for retiree: weather, community, retired, engaged - Retirement
  163. Who Should Hold An Advance Directive?: spouse, mother-in-law, inherit, states - Retirement
  164. Got a pension? What is it in comparison to your last paycheck?: 55, pension plan - Retirement
  165. reminder-watch your magi this year: 2014, states, retired, years - Retirement
  166. Putting On Your Game Face: conversation, retired, school - Retirement
  167. Social Security drops requirement to use phone text: 55, years, best - Retirement
  168. Gender difference in how people their day.: weather, move, conversation - Retirement
  169. OK I Retired But Don't Feel Like I Can Spend Money: vacations, conversation - Retirement
  170. Help us find the ideal retirement location: 55, beach, weather
  171. Collecting Soc. Sec. While Still Working (after FRA): acquaintance, social security, 2015 - Retirement
  172. Did you, or will you relocate at retirement?: weather, move, friendly
  173. Giving Notice of Retirement: move, social security, federal, retired
  174. Buying your retirement home before retiring: weather, move, retired, vacation
  175. Retirement Savings and other savings: 55, dump, federal, state
  176. Why so many nasty comments in replies?: vacation, respect, adults - Retirement
  177. If you don't want folks to think you're old, stop using words like Folks: grandmother, husband - Retirement
  178. Why are there so many older retired people playing slots at casinos?: pension, social security - Retirement
  179. Retirement, life factors to be aware of: pension, weather, move
  180. of you work for money in retirement- part time- just to get out of the house?: pension, divorce
  181. Renting a year in a 55+ community: moving, communities, inherit, state - Retirement
  182. Stories on what it's like to go from age 70 to 80: physically, move - Retirement
  183. Forum for discussion on cemetery rules, cost of vaults,: 55, state - Retirement
  184. Old, retired? Do you ever sleep eight hours straight without waking up?: alcohol, spouse - Retirement
  185. Of Retirement Age, but Remaining in the Work Force: pensions, vacations, move
  186. Does SS count a state retirement as working income?: pensions, beach, social security
  187. Widows Benefits Social Security: state, husband, widow, income - Retirement
  188. Would you like to live in two homes in retirement?: 55, weather
  189. Retiring On A Beach Front: 55, move, communities, state - Retirement
  190. Buying A House Five Years from Retirement???: 55, pension, community
  191. Are you glad to be at a distance from your children?: friends, years - Retirement
  192. Did you throw away lots of things when you retired?: moving, relatives - Retirement
  193. Watching old movies and TV shows: retired, cartoons, years, drug - Retirement
  194. Going from age 60 to 70: physically, emotionally, years, married - Retirement
  195. For that live in an active 55 plus community: long-term, moving, communities - Retirement
  196. Going from 50 to 60: gorgeous, celebration, attractive, wife - Retirement
  197. Health/Attitude Wise - go back 10 years.....: 55, physically, single - Retirement
  198. Retirees Club: spend, Reno, Albany - Retirement
  199. Are you Retired New York State Employee and a Snow bird?: Sarasota, dental - Retirement
  200. don't report all general threads as off topic - Retirement