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  51. Tried Medical Marijuana: alcohol, moving, Canada, federal - Retirement
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  66. cholesterol numbers: diabetes, years, drugs, older - Retirement
  67. Lots of posters like to brag they only withdraw 2% of their portfolio in retirement!: pension, social security
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  69. Federal Tax on Social Security Benefit Computation: pension plan, spouse, states - Retirement
  70. Did you do anything special in your first week of retirement?: weather, retired
  71. Confused Beachfront Retirement Destination: weather, vacations, community, retired
  72. Do you know people who lost their mental skills in their 50s and 60s?: beach, physically - Retirement
  73. Retiring Early? You Should Wait for a Health Reform Verdict: 55, move - Retirement
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  75. Being Active in Retirement: engaged, friends, years, benefit
  76. Lake retirements in the southeast: beach, move, communities, states
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  79. Spending it all now? Or maintain an estate to go to your heirs?: pension, grandparents - Retirement
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  81. statin drugs: 2014, benefits, raise, family - Retirement
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  83. Sleeping after retirement: weather, retired, vacation, years
  84. Woking Longer Conducive To Better Health: physically, state, retired, accident - Retirement
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  87. Think it makes sense to use a Geriatric Specialist: moving, relative, retired - Retirement
  88. How were your last 3 months at work?: inherit, state, years - Retirement
  89. My Cousin Loves Retirement: 55, pension, weather, community
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  93. Is that REALLY a photo of me???: psycho, years, hubby - Retirement
  94. First job? Last job? How many years? Age you started working?: pension, vacations - Retirement
  95. Deferred Compensation: move, years, 401k, investments - Retirement
  96. Filial laws and senior care: long-term, move, mother-in-law, inheritance - Retirement
  97. The financials of retirement planning after a long-term, consistent income decline.: pension, moving
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  99. Looking to retire South, want walkable, safe, affordable downtown: 55, weather, move - Retirement
  100. Am I asking the IMPOSSIBLE?: weather, moving, communities, social security - Retirement
  101. Did you have a ''defining moment'' where you just knew you were done?: alcoholism, moving - Retirement
  102. IT Moguls retirement plans:Doomsday Prep for the Super-Rich: 55, spouse, relative
  103. Epcon Communities?: 55, moving, friends, years - Retirement
  104. Get a Equity Line of Credit while still working?: state, years, payment - Retirement
  105. Sabbatical: depression, state, retired, friends - Retirement
  106. Peace and Quiet vs. Practicality: retired, separate, years, husband - Retirement
  107. Let's hear from on Social Security only: 60+, pension, divorce - Retirement
  108. Advantages of being old: dump, respect, movies, friends - Retirement
  109. This one's Morbid -- the worst way to go: move, 2015, friend - Retirement
  110. Keeping Home Insurance after retirement: weather, moving, coverage, retired
  111. Second homes in retirement: 80+, community, inherit, states
  112. Retiring to Salem or Roanoke Va: weather, divorce, moving, divorced - Retirement
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  114. How old is too old to live your dreamed-of adventure?: physically, spouse - Retirement
  115. live in a 55+ community? And are there 55 yr olds there?: pensions, moving - Retirement
  116. Have you been more busy ever since you retired?: friends, activities, place - Retirement
  117. Our Family Business & My Elderly Parents: 50+, friendly, state - Retirement
  118. Kind of ticked off at management of senior housing: moving, community, anniversary - Retirement
  119. low income all your life but still saved a lot of money for retirement?: pension, move
  120. Older Women in Swimsuits: beach, separate, vacation, years - Retirement
  121. Before retiring did you work non stop from when you got out of school?: moving, social security - Retirement
  122. What are of the biggest challenges faced in retirement?: 55, weather
  123. Can I Contribute Full 24K to My 403(b) in Last 6 Months of Work?: dumped, 2015 - Retirement
  124. Timing sale of property to avoid Medicare premium spike: 55, social security, 2015 - Retirement
  125. Best place to put a fairly large sum of money.....: inheritance, years - Retirement
  126. Who will do for you, when you no longer can: supplement, vacations - Retirement
  127. Time to start thinking about LTC insurance - Where to start: financial advisor, spouse - Retirement
  128. Retired Early? Do you use Obamacare subsidies to help pay for your health insurance?: pension, supplement - Retirement
  129. Name 5 things that are on your bucketlist: retirees, gift, graduate - Retirement
  130. If someone could create a product or service that would make them happier, as they age to 100+, what would it be?: retired, friend - Retirement
  131. How much do you seniors pay for Auto Insurance Per Month?: 2014, state - Retirement
  132. Working Class Retirement when minimum Social Security eligibility age moves to 70+: pension, inherit
  133. People are living longer, so they should work longer- right?: physically, social security - Retirement
  134. LTCi - who on has it and HAS STARTED USING IT?: physically, state - Retirement
  135. things from your childhood suddenly: friend, years, husband, trouble - Retirement
  136. The Paradox of SS Proposals and Being Able to Work Until 70: 55, physically - Retirement
  137. Why is no one talking about the future crisis of poor retirees?: pensions, conversation - Retirement
  138. Another delaying Social Security topic: spouse, years, married, singles - Retirement
  139. Retirees Do You Wear a Swimsuit?: 55, beach, state, retired - Retirement
  140. When the husband retires long before the wife . . .: divorce, moving, marriage - Retirement
  141. How you treat your body today is how you'll find it tomorrow. - for seniors, advice and regrets.: 45+, physically - Retirement
  142. How the Retirement Forum has changed over the last 11 years.: 80+, moving
  143. Now it's your turn: moving, infant, states, blog - Retirement
  144. Planning for 50+ years of forced retirement: pension, physically, move, social security
  145. Am I The Only Indecisive Will Maker?: physically, divorce, Canada - Retirement
  146. When and how to talk about inheiritance: moving, Canada, inheritance - Retirement
  147. Ira snaffu: inherit, state, years, best - Retirement
  148. Did you change the way you dress since you retired?: weather, years - Retirement
  149. If retirement was due to a layoff or firing, did you collect jobless benefits?: pension, social security
  150. Making a Trust: grandparents, divorce, move, divorced - Retirement
  151. Seniors being kicked out of retirement home during renovation: moving, fighting, states
  152. Is happiness a choice?: inherit, depression, 2015, state - Retirement
  153. appt with retirement analyst/specialist: pension plan, divorce, moving, state
  154. My emotions were on overdrive the day I got my first Social Security Check!: 55, pensions - Retirement
  155. My husband dresses like a homeless person.: divorce, divorced, fighting - Retirement
  156. Do you know your neighbors?: physically, weather, vacations, conversation - Retirement
  157. First post: sorry if this has been asked...: moving, spouses, 2015 - Retirement
  158. Surprises in retirement to KY or TN?: 55, weather, moving
  159. Best way to pay for funerals?: states, accident, years, payments - Retirement
  160. Warning to seniors: if you lose your fitness, it's a slow process to get it back!: beach, move - Retirement
  161. Do You have a Valid Passport?: Canada, states, years, older - Retirement
  162. How do I find out the amount of SS my ex-husband was receiving?: divorce, gay - Retirement
  163. retired but spouse still working - Need suggestions to keep busy going crazy: vacation, movies - Retirement
  164. Travel - How much is it a part of your overall Budget in Retirement: moving, retired
  165. Ever Done a Self Directed IRA?: state, years, benefits - Retirement
  166. Where can a US citizen retire outside the US?: weather, Canada, 2015 - Retirement
  167. 401K withdrawals: pensions, federal, father-in-law, years - Retirement
  168. This is gonna suck but it goes: 55, alcohol, friends - Retirement
  169. What happens to the survivor if the spouse dies before reaching retirement age?: moving, spouses
  170. Memories of Kitchens of Yesteryear: state, years, grandmother, raising - Retirement
  171. smart phone: weather, moving, coverage, retired - Retirement
  172. tube testers: moving, cartoons, drug, wife - Retirement
  173. Retirement fishing in Idaho: weather, retired, twin, raise
  174. Housing costs in retirement: 55, move, community, retirees
  175. To work or not at a little part-time job once SS starts...: pension, beach - Retirement
  176. Suggestions for moving, !: beach, friendly, states, friend - Retirement
  177. What have I gained in 2016 from hanging out at this forum?: divorce, move - Retirement
  178. My future estimated SS benefit dropped by 15%.. !: social security, crying, 2015 - Retirement
  179. Hierarchy of financial claims following death?: spouse, inheritance, states, relatives - Retirement
  180. TV shows. Netflix and other streaming channels: movies, seniors, commercial - Retirement
  181. Priorities for Retirees Who Work: move, conversation, community, state - Retirement
  182. travel alone over 70: cousin, friends, single, older - Retirement
  183. Obamacare for early retirees and its demise: 50+, vacations, moving - Retirement
  184. How far is too far to live from amenities?: move, relatives, retirees - Retirement
  185. Avoiding probate in Florida: 55, move, spouses, states - Retirement
  186. Is 55 years old, an elderly person?: conversation, state, relative, teenager - Retirement
  187. Belligerent old guy at Drs office.: supplement, social security, 2014, coverage - Retirement
  188. We need to watch this: federal, friend, years, drugs - Retirement
  189. Concerns of aging in small towns/rural areas - and do you feel stuck there?: 55, pensions - Retirement
  190. Retired DINKs - what's the plan?: financial advisor, move, spouse, community - Retirement
  191. FREE crabs and beer tomorrow! - Saving for Retirement.: divorce, community, relative
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  193. First retirement year tax filing - surprise tax penalty!: federal, 2014, retirees
  194. Social Security and state retirements: pensions, federal, friend, years
  195. Are your legs weak? That must be why old people fall down more.: friends, years - Retirement
  196. Ira: 55, moving, grandfather, best - Retirement
  197. Can you hear me now Scam: relatives, friends, date - Retirement
  198. Usa born citizen ,lived all my life in Canada do i get usa old age?: pensions, move - Retirement
  199. Social Security is a crock: 55, pensions, supplement, state - Retirement
  200. Thermostat Wars: divorce, divorced, relative, retired - Retirement