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  20. The Hartford Home Insurance: raise, place, deal, year - Retirement
  21. 72t2: pension, coverage, retired, years - Retirement
  22. have on a Cobra Conversion Plan?: state, coverage, payment - Retirement
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  24. Is investing in stock/bond funds in retirement too risky?: retired, friends
  25. indexed universal life: insurance - Retirement
  26. what are the benefits of being 55+ and up?: communities, social security, years - Retirement
  27. Roth IRA and Vanguard target funds: dump, 2015, separate, years - Retirement
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  33. Retirees around Wilmington, NC to SC border.: 55, beach, communities - Retirement
  34. Re balancing Portfolio?: 55, long-term, moving, conversation - Retirement
  35. Are you slowly disappearing?: moving, state, relative, retired - Retirement
  36. Extra SS Benefits for active military service between 1957 to 2001?: pension, social security, 2013 - Retirement
  37. I pay very little taxes in retirement, do you?: pension, long-term, social security
  38. Most people retire earlier than expected- I sure did.: social security, retired, respect - Retirement
  39. 51 year old needs your advice on retirement (Its Bad): beach, depression, years
  40. Where to retire - which state, city, no city...: weather, relocate, community - Retirement
  41. Would you rather....: years, investments, place, love - Retirement
  42. How do you NOT envy younger people?: retired, friends, years - Retirement
  43. Help me retire early (for the second time): 55, pensions, move - Retirement
  44. FDA's Crackdown on Seniors Living With Pain: long-term, relocate, community - Retirement
  45. News, Nursing homes continue to be just the worst: Study: 2015, retired - Retirement
  46. for future California retirees: pension, moving, spouse, state - Retirement
  47. Trying to develop a 5 - 7 year plan prior to retirement: pensions, grandparent
  48. Is it common for kids to subsidize their retired parents financially $ in retirement?: pensions, supplement
  49. Investing AFTER you retire: pension, social security, fighting, retired - Retirement
  50. I can afford to retire - but the job and money is everything I dreamed of.: pensions, supplement - Retirement
  51. checking in on elderly person: move, community, daycare, state - Retirement
  52. What is your typical daily schedule?: beach, state, retired, gifts - Retirement
  53. Getting out of the rat race--does this sound crazy?: pensions, social security, federal - Retirement
  54. At your death bed will you wish you did not play it so safe with your savings and investments?: state, relatives - Retirement
  55. Did you feel welcome at work in the years just before retirement?: retired, respect
  56. Reverse Mortgage for Mother: moving, state, friend, years - Retirement
  57. smartest thing and dumbest thing ever done: pension, federal, state - Retirement
  58. AP: Retirement is a dream for many ex-convicts: 55, conversation, spouse
  59. SS benefits letter?: pension, federal, friend, payments - Retirement
  60. Did you keep your licenses, credentials, active after you retired?: conversation, 2015 - Retirement
  61. Hard decisions. going through something similar?: weather, moving, spouse - Retirement
  62. Bucket Lists: grandparents, beach, weather, moving - Retirement
  63. Budgeting for Retirement.: pensions, financial advisor, vacations, relocate
  64. Why This Elderly Gentleman Misses the Old Days: 2015, retired, respects - Retirement
  65. How to handle retirement with age differences?: 55, vacations, spouses
  66. One problem with delayed Social Security: higher Medicare costs: payments, trouble, income - Retirement
  67. Older folks: Would you agree with this sentiment?: moving, conversation, state - Retirement
  68. How did you get your kids to save and prepare for retirement?: pensions, divorce
  69. How much do you have in your budget for food, entertainment, hobbies, clothes, beauty shops and emergencies?: pension, beach - Retirement
  70. Creating a scholarship fund.: community, relative, gifted, graduate - Retirement
  71. Inheritance Generation Skipping: grandparents, divorce, divorced, conversation - Retirement
  72. Collecting unemployment benefits just before retirement is wrong?: friendly, state, relatives
  73. In retirement, I liked moving to a new city because I did not want to drive by places I failed at anymore: beach, friendly
  74. Told you so!: state, graduate, respect, adult - Retirement
  75. What percent of your retirement assets would you go through so you could delay Social Security?: pensions, spouse
  76. How far in advance to notify work of retirement?: 55, pension, move
  77. What are your best Ideas to put on a Will?: spouses, state - Retirement
  78. Your opinions on this financial situation: pension, relocate, social security, state - Retirement
  79. Dream house or dream location?: beach, move, states, years - Retirement
  80. What Do Retirees Do with Dogs and Cats that Pass Away?: beach, move - Retirement
  81. how many of you no longer want pets after you retire ?: vacations, divorce - Retirement
  82. New retirement communities don't serve their customers: 55, moving, relatives
  83. Buyout at Work?: pension, coverage, retired, vacation - Retirement
  84. Did your employer beg you to not retire because they needed you?: pension, moving - Retirement
  85. Fixed incomes, rising real estate values, and property taxes.: pension, move, conversation - Retirement
  86. Real estate vs Stocks early retirment: pension, social security, 2014, coverage - Retirement
  87. Where did most of your assets in retirement come from?: pension, inheritance
  88. Mortgage in retirement?: pension, weather, state, retired
  89. Renting Overseas As Travel Base: pension, beach, vacations, move - Retirement
  90. SS income only How much before SS is taxed?: pension, social security, federal - Retirement
  91. It's been awhile since I posted but...: move, marriage, retirees - Retirement
  92. 4 Smart Tips for a Happy Retirement - From Someone Who’s Been There: state, retired
  93. Are you comfortable in your own skin? (POLL): acquaintance, spouse, husband - Retirement
  94. Dual US/CDN Citizen returning/retiring to Canada after decades in USA...: 55, pension - Retirement
  95. Retired: Has told you that you are slipping in your old age?: physically, conversation - Retirement
  96. it will never fail me why older folks: spouses, social security, years - Retirement
  97. understanding spousal benefits: financial advisor, divorce, divorced, spouse - Retirement
  98. Did You Plan Your Retirement Finances Without Soc. Sec Being a Factor?: 55, pensions
  99. How Millions of Aging Baby Boomers Could Bust the Economy: pensions, vacations - Retirement
  100. Would you delay your retirement if there was a major bear market the year before?: pension, move
  101. How do you feel most days?: beach, physically, move, retired - Retirement
  102. IRS Came a Calling: federal, 2015, state, friends - Retirement
  103. In hindsight, are you seething about your early life?: move, acquaintance, conversation - Retirement
  104. Did You Retire with More or Less Assets Than Anticipated?: 55, pensions - Retirement
  105. When Did you Retire? Earlier or Later than Anticipated??: pension, physically, emotionally - Retirement
  106. get negative feedback upon retirement?: pensions, physically, moving, acquaintance
  107. How much is your personal Social Security Check?: benefit, cancer, wife - Retirement
  108. Do you have a Mortgage in Retirement?: pensions, supplement, moving
  109. It happens more and more, and always makes me re-evaluate: pension, celebrate - Retirement
  110. Ah Ha Moment Moving to AZ or FL, or (?) After Retiring: 55, Canada - Retirement
  111. You Can Regain Muscle Strength After 60: 55, 2014, relative, blogs - Retirement
  112. How Much Is A Defined Benefit Pension Worth??: pensions, emotionally, conversation - Retirement
  113. Retirement fun --- are you a planner or spontaneous?: moving, state, friend
  114. The next financial crisis that rocks America will be driven by pension funds that cannot pay: 55, pension plan - Retirement
  115. Retiring at 70?: pensions, moving, social security, 2015 - Retirement
  116. A cup of coffee....: state, years, relationship, restaurant - Retirement
  117. Social Security / Pensions / 401(k): pension plan, federal, crying, states - Retirement
  118. New data shows that 73% of American consumers die in debt: inheritance, states - Retirement
  119. older friends dying on you...the nerve...: moving, acquaintance, conversation - Retirement
  120. Husband and Wife Disagree on When to Retire: vacations, relatives, retired - Retirement
  121. Coast or Gulf?: beach, move, community, vacation - Retirement
  122. Did You Become A One-Car Couple After Retirement??: vacations, marriage, 2014
  123. Do you have asking how you are? How they can help?: moving, communities - Retirement
  124. Borrowing against 401K: 55, state, payment, legal - Retirement
  125. LTCi company fails - NYT article: pension, long-term, spouses, 2015 - Retirement
  126. Think Outside the Box....Best Places to Retire in the World: beach, weather - Retirement
  127. Aging out: 55, move, community, retirees - Retirement
  128. What have you completely lost patience with as aged?: 55, retired - Retirement
  129. How to Apply for Affordable Senior Housing: move, community, federal - Retirement
  130. SS website experts?: physically, social security, state, years - Retirement
  131. News, 5 Best and Worst States for Retirees: pensions, weather, moving - Retirement
  132. Retirement Florida vs South Carolina: 55, beach, weather, move
  133. Ask Jane in AARP magazine: pensions, divorce, divorced, spouse - Retirement
  134. Filing for SS on line: social security, federal, states, separate - Retirement
  135. 6 months a year in Caribbean / 6 months at home in US: beach, vacations - Retirement
  136. $1000 off a new Mini for AARP members: 2014, years, wife - Retirement
  137. So, I did the calculation for retirement at 62......: pension, spouse, coverage
  138. Adult Daughter Wants to Live at Home: What To Do?: divorce, moving - Retirement
  139. federal employee working after retirement for same agency: pension, supplement, state
  140. Florida over 55 communities: beach, moving, retired, vacation - Retirement
  141. Where do you put Life Insurance Proceeds that you need to live on?: supplement, spouse - Retirement
  142. Retirement RV: 55, move, Canada, spouse
  143. What do Older (retiring/ed,single) Men Want??: divorce, divorced, marriage - Retirement
  144. Rent or Buy in retirement? (useful CR and NYT decision tools): pensions, moving
  145. Ever moved and Upsized your retirement home instead of Downsized: moving, 2015
  146. Way more years retired than worked ?: 55, pensions, depression, state - Retirement
  147. Do You Like Your Frameless Prescription Eyeglasses?: relative, years, drug - Retirement
  148. SSA and death: 55, social security, years, payment - Retirement
  149. Meals on Wheels that provide food and comfort for destitute seniors to see large cuts: beach, conversation - Retirement
  150. News, For many older Americans, costs rise under GOP health plan.: coverage, out of control - Retirement
  151. Choosing a Pension Plan: spouse, federal, coverage, psycho - Retirement
  152. Are events in DC causing to reconsider when to take Social Security?: moving, spouse - Retirement
  153. DW can draw SS Full Retirement Age next year - I am still working: 55, divorce
  154. about Medicare deduction from Social Security payment.: payments, wife, insurance - Retirement
  155. Carrying Two Homes: weather, moving, long distance, state - Retirement
  156. Investing as retirement nears: pensions, move, community, friend
  157. What to use if you can't do a Roth?: 55, moving, state - Retirement
  158. When you were younger , when did you plan to retire when you got older?: 55, pension plan - Retirement
  159. Pension choice opinions: pension plan, spouse, social security, years - Retirement
  160. early retirees, did you use 72t to withdraw from 401k: 55, pension - Retirement
  161. Financial attitude/feeling changes in retirement poll: pensions, moving, marriage
  162. Did you ever get tired of hosting family holidays?: 55, grandparents, retired - Retirement
  163. Typical Financial Scenario: pensions, supplement, social security, state - Retirement
  164. Are you exercising more and in better health/shape?: 70+, retired, years - Retirement
  165. Purchasing small duplex for retirement?: 50+, community, state, retired
  166. Spousal Benefits After FRA: 55, spouses, social security, state - Retirement
  167. Humor and fun name one unexpected something that's come from retirement: moving, blogs
  168. Thinking of Living in a 55+ Apartment?: moving, community, retired, friend - Retirement
  169. Most Impulsive Relocation?: 70+, beach, moving, federal - Retirement
  170. Old Dreams: 55, alcohol, gay, marriage - Retirement
  171. worked at Amazons Fulfillment Center (Warehouse) in Nevada?: move, state, retirees - Retirement
  172. What does early retirement mean to you?: 55, pensions, social security
  173. On the hook! Taking on significant debt going into the retirement years.: divorce, move
  174. Knee pain. How do you cope?: 55, supplement, move, accident - Retirement
  175. For Who Retired Early -- Why?: 55, pensions, divorce - Retirement
  176. Were you frugal in the years before you retired so you would have a nice retirement?: pensions, social security
  177. Scared of retirement: emotionally, social security, retired, ADHD
  178. Having a Boss: respect, ignorant, years, older - Retirement
  179. The Recent about Nursing Home Costs....: long-term, moving, mother-in-law - Retirement
  180. Not sure where we want to retire: Fl or NC: beach, weather - Retirement
  181. Lifestyle retirement v not working retirement: beach, spouses, retired, friends
  182. States Ranked By Pension Fund Liability - US News & World Report: pension plan, beach - Retirement
  183. How do you use technology in your life?: moving, mother-in-law, states - Retirement
  184. I've got a huge mess on my hands. Aging parents, long distance, broke: 55, pensions - Retirement
  185. Adult children in crisis - did they alter your retirement plans?: lesbian, move
  186. in Philosophy: At what age do you become old?: 55, physically - Retirement
  187. Seeking Wisdom From More Experienced Users + Retirees: pension plan, social security, federal - Retirement
  188. Buy a Replacement Vehicle Before (or After) Retiring?: 55, pension, relative - Retirement
  189. Losing it all: divorce, move, spouse, states - Retirement
  190. Are IRA's really worth having?: pensions, social security, inherit, state - Retirement
  191. Staying busy or not?: beach, physically, vacations, retired - Retirement
  192. Putting a healthy 66 year old man on statins -- is this a thing now?: 60+, moving - Retirement
  193. Future taxes on RMDs, IRAs, SS: pension, moving, social security, federal - Retirement
  194. Condo`s In Over 55 Communities: physically, move, retirees, vacation - Retirement
  195. Something for Retirees Contemplating a Move to Rural Areas to Consider: 55, moving - Retirement
  196. Feeling Like a Lucky Wife: retired, friend, years, husband - Retirement
  197. I semi retired today at age 47...: 55, pension, beach, friend - Retirement
  198. Monthly Medical Budget (incl. Medicare) for Retired Couple?: 55, pension, supplement - Retirement
  199. Where are your will, POA, banking papers, passwords, ? Who has them?: spouse, states - Retirement
  200. Senior discounts -- there's an app for that: seniors - Retirement