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  13. retirement: place, retiring, difference
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  36. ...stand to...: years, single, older, senior - Retirement
  37. Are you working (or are planning to work) to make $$ after SS Full Retirement Age?: physically, retired
  38. what year and make was your first car?: friends, accidents, years - Retirement
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  53. Holidays, week days vs. weekends, and time in general.: retired, psycho, friends - Retirement
  54. I know what it feels like to be 85 years old. It's me recovering from a broken left arm.: moving, retired - Retirement
  55. retired farmers/ranchers...what do you do now?: grandparents, moving, federal - Retirement
  56. The coming 2.1% COLA increase (talked about) and how it is applied: 55, social security - Retirement
  57. Who is planning on working f/t or p/t for as long as: 55, beach - Retirement
  58. haven't been around for awhile: 55, moving, community, respect - Retirement
  59. Onto The Floor It Goes!!!: 55, community, adult, support - Retirement
  60. Why I am on City Data right now: retired, friend, chores - Retirement
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  62. One place to live in retirement. Cook in fl. In summer or freeze in winter in wis?: weather, retired
  63. Would your accumulation behavior be different with added certainty?: 55, long-term, move - Retirement
  64. The telephone book: moving, conversation, long distance, states - Retirement
  65. Tax-Bracket Planning: pension, moving, federal, retired - Retirement
  66. Changes in friendships as we grow older.: 55, moving, gorgeous - Retirement
  67. Solving a problem - making and owning your decisions: long-term, move, spouse - Retirement
  68. News, Retirement Dread Is Replacing the American Dream: pensions, grandparents, social security
  69. Neighbors become enemies now: weather, friendly, community, screaming - Retirement
  70. How old were you when you lost interest in traveling to new places?: 60+, physically - Retirement
  71. 55+ community, likes? Dislikes? Location?: weather, moving, communities, friends - Retirement
  72. Smothers Brothers' syndrome: 50+, vacations, moving, inheritance - Retirement
  73. Worst Job you have had in your life?: housing, restaurant, clever - Retirement
  74. A recent experience with financial sales people: long-term, move, conversation - Retirement
  75. Big decisions you got right.: pension, moving, anniversary, celebrate - Retirement
  76. Best job you have ever had in your life?: pension, vacations, screaming - Retirement
  77. ever when asked what they do with, I'm retired, only to be met with laughter?: move, conversation - Retirement
  78. Retirement Procrastinations!: moving, retired, chores, years
  79. Was it really easy for young kids to get alcohol back in the day?: state, friends - Retirement
  80. Mail Forwarding during Snowbird time...: move, federal, 2013, state - Retirement
  81. Old Folks Having Fun: states, retired, hubby, single - Retirement
  82. The Ethics of Adjusting Your Assets to Get Medicaid: conversation, spouse, communities - Retirement
  83. volunteer programs may not be about volunteering!: state, kissing, friends - Retirement
  84. What advice would you give to your former employer?: screaming, retired, respect - Retirement
  85. Shrinking as you age or the incredible shrinking man!: best, older, mother - Retirement
  86. Favorite expressions that hit the nail on the head: place - Retirement
  87. 800% Price Increase for National Park Service Senior Pass!!!: federal, years, benefits - Retirement
  88. your words of wisdom: friend, years, employment, year - Retirement
  89. Hey, retirees: Go and spend money: retired, years, support - Retirement
  90. Exercise and Alzheimer’s Disease: moving, meal, engaged, milk - Retirement
  91. Storage ideas: move, mother-in-law, state, relative - Retirement
  92. Average Skillned Nursing Home Stay and Cost: 55, long-term, moving - Retirement
  93. Rehoming your stuff when you move: moving, state, friends, years - Retirement
  94. How Much Do you Pay for Long Term Care Insurance?: federal, state - Retirement
  95. If you work part time in retirement, what do you do?: pension, alcohol
  96. Why would you want to live to be 100?: physically, conversation, state - Retirement
  97. Pension plan—and retirement security: long-term, moving, social security, federal
  98. Estate Planning in Second Marriages: 55, divorce, move, spouses - Retirement
  99. Did Your Adult Kids Turn Out the Way you hoped they would?: 55, cousins - Retirement
  100. A 55 Plus community for her if I should die?: grandparents, beach, moving - Retirement
  101. Does hold Physical Silver ??: alcohol, state, years, best - Retirement
  102. What was considered High Tech when you started working?: graduate, years, single - Retirement
  103. Did The Emerging Dangers of Sinkholes in Florida Make You Change Your Mind About Moving There?: 2015, states - Retirement
  104. I figure out where to retire, how did you?: weather, move - Retirement
  105. Age-related alienation from the rest of the human race: friends, years, support - Retirement
  106. When did your body begin to fail?: relocate, state, accident - Retirement
  107. How many of you can Sew?: friends, years, adults, dating - Retirement
  108. Before retirement , how many jobs had you had in your lifetime?: moving, daycare
  109. The Less We Know, The Better Off We May be = Adult Children Lives: divorce, conversation - Retirement
  110. Single Retirees: What do you Cook for Dinner?: meal, years, restaurant - Retirement
  111. Less than five years till retirement: pensions, vacations, social security, coverage
  112. Who will you be most dependent on as you age if you get to where you can't take of yourself?: emotionally, conversation - Retirement
  113. The one thing that dooms a person to LTC: moving, relative, retired - Retirement
  114. Buying into early Medicare: 55, pension, supplement, state - Retirement
  115. Did affordable health insurance availability delay your retirement?: 55, pension, coverage
  116. Smaller cities to retire in Northeast?: moving, communities, states, retired - Retirement
  117. Staying fit: 55, weather, friend, years - Retirement
  118. Assisted Living - I don't want to get old!: physically, long-term, move - Retirement
  119. Now that you're retired, do you have regrets across the expanse of your life?: divorce, moving - Retirement
  120. Retiring in Costa Rica pro's / cons - moving around: 55, pension, vacations - Retirement
  121. How many family doctors have you had in your lifetime?: relocate, state - Retirement
  122. Five year cash bucket - TIPS?: pension, move, spouse, social security - Retirement
  123. Social Security Benefits for Ex?: divorce, divorced, spouses, marriage - Retirement
  124. What is the most psysically taxing project ed since retiring?: physically, weather - Retirement
  125. Are You Thankful?: gorgeous, friendly, anniversary, crying - Retirement
  126. breakout of ages-taking social security: 55, pensions, divorce, divorced - Retirement
  127. Will Comey still get his retirement benefits?.: pension, federal, 2013
  128. how i got old: respect, friend, accident, adult - Retirement
  129. Getting older scares me.: grandparents, respect, friends, years - Retirement
  130. Babysitting in retirement: grandparents, vacations, moving, spouse
  131. We Want A Tricycle: 55, beach, move, community - Retirement
  132. This is a touchy subject: moving, spouse, marriage, inheritance - Retirement
  133. at 64?: 55, move, retired, respect - Retirement
  134. Income you're living on: 55, pensions, state, relatives - Retirement
  135. Questions for retirees with adult children and second homes abroad (or not I guess): 55, beach - Retirement
  136. Cities to Retire (Funny & True): states, retiree, cousin, dating - Retirement
  137. Asset allocation: move, years, benefit, raise - Retirement
  138. I have a recurring nightmare in retirement...: retired, years, college
  139. Divorce in Retirement: divorced, marriage, state, relative
  140. So...what do YOU do to create happiness?: marriage, retired, graduate - Retirement
  141. After retirement have you ever stop by your old workplace just to see how things are going?: celebrate, state
  142. For still living with Knee pain: years, drugs, older - Retirement
  143. For Hip Replacement: 2014, friend, years, husband - Retirement
  144. retiree's in New Jersey?: 55, pensions, beach, moving - Retirement
  145. What is the oldest item you have in your possession?: marriage, retired - Retirement
  146. Cloud Estate Documents: relative, separate, friend, years - Retirement
  147. Keeping your cards close to your chest: retirees, mature, place - Retirement
  148. Retired married couples conversation: divorce, spouses, marriage, friends - Retirement
  149. Many of my retired friends really don't talk to their spouse anymore: divorce, spouses - Retirement
  150. Did your elementary teachers have an effect on your life?: move, retired - Retirement
  151. Re-thinkig my SS plan--again: 55, pension, spouse, social security - Retirement
  152. Retirement in Belize....pros/cons?: pension, beach, long-term, move
  153. Bodybuilding, significant exercise, and that lifestyle at age 60+: divorce, alcohol, moving - Retirement
  154. Working full time and drawing SS benefits: 55, social security, federal - Retirement
  155. Social Security Benefits for Dummies: pension, state, friend, years - Retirement
  156. Retired Folks Using A Computer For Recreation.: moving, spouse, blogs - Retirement
  157. Use TV Trays Instead of Having a Dining Table?: 55, moving - Retirement
  158. You know you're retired when....: vacation, friends, years, best - Retirement
  159. Too Hot to Fly! retirees in Phoenix and LasVegas: 55, cities, American - Retirement
  160. The Family Lexicon: fighting, state, retired, vacation - Retirement
  161. Retirees - Does move to cooler places during the Texas/Florida summers and vacation long term overseas?: weather, state - Retirement
  162. Why Do Retirees Go Out For Dinner On Friday and Saturday Nights?: 55, move - Retirement
  163. Vehicles - what are you most comfortable in as a senior?: pension, conversation - Retirement
  164. Your very first job: retired, graduated, friends, teenager - Retirement
  165. What is elderly ?: moving, state, adults, grow up - Retirement
  166. Do You Celebrate The Date You Retired?: anniversary, celebration, years - Retirement
  167. How much of your identity was tied to your former job?: 55, move - Retirement
  168. Pros and Cons of Paying off the Mortgage: state, relative, retiree - Retirement
  169. SS Benefits that Decrease Every Year?: state, friend, years, trouble - Retirement
  170. since retirement what gives you the most Satisfaction?: grandparents, move, conversation
  171. the answer to a popular ss: states, retired, years - Retirement
  172. Pay Off Mortgage Or Save?: beach, divorce, child support, 2014 - Retirement
  173. Did your company give you anything for your retirement?: pension, anniversary, state
  174. Has retirement met your expectations?: 55, pensions, spouse, inheritance
  175. Grocery Store Discounts: 50+, years, seniors, military - Retirement
  176. Living In An Over 55 Community???: beach, weather, vacations, moving - Retirement
  177. In my sixties, 9:00 PM is the new Midnight!: retired, years, wife - Retirement
  178. What books are you reading in retirement?: vacations, relative, vacation
  179. Do You Think You'll Live As Long As Your Parents Did?: conversation, social security - Retirement
  180. Who wants to live to 100???: physically, spouse, retired, friends - Retirement
  181. Retired folks who like to tell everyone they USED TO BE a big shot: move, conversation - Retirement
  182. Have You Considered Donating Your Body to Medicine???: spouse, states, years - Retirement
  183. About to turn 70, now I want to adopt a baby: orphaned, state - Retirement
  184. Content Staying Home A Lot?: physically, divorce, marriage, states - Retirement
  185. Manufactured Communities for low-Income Retirees?: 55, move, social security, movies - Retirement
  186. Gardening in retirement!: retirees, years, twin, raise
  187. What are your hobbies and avocations in retirement?: community, retired, friends
  188. Where We Live in Retirement: NoBe & Coconut Grove: 55, beach, gorgeous
  189. Why NOT Slow Down Aging & Reduce Health Issues? If one can.: supplement, alcohol - Retirement
  190. Moving to state that doesn't tax ss. to apply before?: 55, social security - Retirement
  191. Tax on pensions: moving, social security, state, retired - Retirement
  192. Gold IRA Taxes?: move, years, marry, payment - Retirement
  193. Let's Talk about Bond Funds....: move, years, best, place - Retirement
  194. Why people want to work into elderly years?: pensions, supplement, vacations - Retirement
  195. What Have You Lost (and cannot find) Recently?: dumped, accident, wife - Retirement
  196. Moving across country - your experiences/advice? Furniture, pets, Plane vs car vs train?: 55, communities - Retirement
  197. 58, Retired, Alone, Bored, with New Mobility Issue: weather, moving, Canada - Retirement
  198. Everyday indignities.: respect, friend, years, best - Retirement
  199. Watch Drug Expiration Dates: drugs, insurance, city - Retirement
  200. AARP Magazine June/July: pension, mortgage, income - Retirement