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  35. Mexican earthquake: retired, family, Mexico, mom - Retirement
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  52. Yee-Haw! I'm No Longer In My Early Seventies.: state, years - Retirement
  53. How would you deal having to be a young person in today's world?: physically, state - Retirement
  54. What % of your wealth is acceptable to spend on cars in retirement?: pensions, retired
  55. Square foot real estate cost by state: communities, states, retirees - Retirement
  56. SS to dead people: moving, social security, crying, 2015 - Retirement
  57. If you work to supplement Social Security, what do you do?: 65+, physically - Retirement
  58. As you age, what are the traits you value most highly in a person?: divorce, long-term - Retirement
  59. Slaving for other people your whole life, retiring at 65 & then dying.: inherit, marry - Retirement
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  61. set up a MySocialSecurity on-line account: move, marriage, social security - Retirement
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  67. s a GOOD List!: relocating, states, retirees - Retirement
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  70. men and their lawns?: weather, depression, state, retired - Retirement
  71. News, One-third of retirees end up getting full-time jobs: community, years, smart - Retirement
  72. another LTC: pension, long-term, spouse, federal - Retirement
  73. Best Retirement State on A Budget - Lowest Cost of Living?: 55, weather
  74. Boomers worry they can't sell big suburban homes when the time comes: 55, beach - Retirement
  75. Did you have a life plan?: divorce, divorced, retired, friends - Retirement
  76. How many times would you be dead, 150 years ago?: friend, accidents, older - Retirement
  77. Do your children think you are becoming more crazy as you age?: relatives, years - Retirement
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  79. SSI claim: social security, welfare, date, security - Retirement
  80. What is the WORST thing about a hospital stay?: spouse, state, friend - Retirement
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  82. Nip 'n' Tuck in Retirement: Canada, friendly, friends, best
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  89. What era did your parents grow up in and what were they like?: grandparents, divorce - Retirement
  90. How do you celebrate birthdays now?: 55, spouse, state, gifts - Retirement
  91. Glassdoor reviews - truth or no?: state, retired, years, payment - Retirement
  92. Retired father suffering from depression: emotionally, alcoholism, conversation, friends - Retirement
  93. Come on, is happy in retirement? What's good in your life today?: 55, beach
  94. About Robyn 55's: beach, physically, moving, communities - Retirement
  95. AARP card and discount on hearing aids: 2015, friend, years - Retirement
  96. How can I learn to relax when it comes to money & retirement?: pensions, weather
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  100. Applying for SSDI after getting fired: marriage, social security, depression, retired - Retirement
  101. Spouse retiring and I'll be without Health Insurance--what did you do?: 65+, pension - Retirement
  102. The New Reality of Old Age in America: 55, pensions, social security - Retirement
  103. Big City for Retirement?: relocate, communities, state, retired
  104. Retirement Is Margaritaville: 55, beach, communities, state
  105. Social Security Benefit: 55, long-term, state, retired - Retirement
  106. What is, or was, your planned retirement age?: 55, pension, physically
  107. Is this bothering Change in right to sue nursing homes: state, relative - Retirement
  108. how long before I get put into a lower tax bracket?: 55, pensions - Retirement
  109. how many of you just about to retire have allocated your 401K to...: 55, move - Retirement
  110. Lest investors get too cocky....: move, years, forecast, taught - Retirement
  111. A little different slant on the sequence of: moving, retirement: 55, physically
  112. The spend down. Leaving the nest egg for future generations vs. meeting own needs.: pension, physically - Retirement
  113. Have you gotten lazier since you retired?: spouse, friend, benefit - Retirement
  114. The biggest regrets people have about retirement: moving, spouses, social security
  115. What was your dream career as a child?: move, teenager, adult - Retirement
  116. August 17, 1969__Where were you?: move, spouse, community, celebration - Retirement
  117. At what age....: gay, state, retired, relationship - Retirement
  118. Got Rid of more Stuff Today: moving, marriage, inherit, friend - Retirement
  119. Your retirement goals: pension plan, beach, physically, move
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  121. Has uit flying because of age-related problems?: vacations, moving, relative - Retirement
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  123. Buying Your Retirement Home: moving, community, state, relative
  124. Florida VS Carolina Taxes: pensions, beach, weather, social security - Retirement
  125. I just want to scream this!: supplement, years, drugs, support - Retirement
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  127. Feedback for the estate executor: inherit, states, years, legal - Retirement
  128. My Bishop said we should make always make a memory: grandparents, beach - Retirement
  129. The best place - where?: moving, retirees, friends, years - Retirement
  130. Retirees.... what do you do when.......: divorce, divorced, marriage, depression - Retirement
  131. Seriously thinking of dumping the suburban and getting a golf cart.: weather, community - Retirement
  132. phone usage: friend, family, kids, children - Retirement
  133. Buying Time (i.e., Labor and Services) Makes You Happier Than Buying Goods: moving, separate - Retirement
  134. Just back from Central America: gay, move, friendly, community - Retirement
  135. Describe your favorite ''retirement togs'', outfit, what you wear hanging out...: beach, weather
  136. What music do you prefer?: beach, friends, years, adult - Retirement
  137. In preparation for my retirement that is within the year i'm becoming a real miser with money. I saved $12 on gasoline: grandparents, moving
  138. What has been your your greatest 180 degree turn social or political issues?: gay, lesbian - Retirement
  139. How many of you women have up tying to obtain or maintain an attractive weight since you retired?: move, years - Retirement
  140. Most people expect to spend less money after they retire. But that might not be the case: pension, vacations - Retirement
  141. How much would you want saved to retire early?: pension, moving, spouse - Retirement
  142. Today, Gone Tomorrow and so it goes: retired, vacation, years - Retirement
  143. Your first ever job?: social security, state, years, older - Retirement
  144. Miliken Institute list of 10 best cities for successful aging: beach, weather, move - Retirement
  145. Decisions you got wrong/regret during your career?: move, state, blogs - Retirement
  146. Giving Up Driving & Car: 55, move, social security, states - Retirement
  147. Retirees who are single - what advice are you getting?: pension, divorce - Retirement
  148. Paying Off Mortgages: pensions, financial advisor, relocate, social security - Retirement
  149. And (Drum Roll) s the Forbes List: weather, moving, state - Retirement
  150. Did you relocate when you retired?: beach, weather, moving, state - Retirement
  151. Was Your Pension Free Or Did You Have to Contribute to it?: pensions, social security - Retirement
  152. So, what is wrong with this plan?: 55, pensions, supplement - Retirement
  153. Elder Orphans: Aging without Support: move, spouse, community, social security - Retirement
  154. When you can't agree on what retirement looks like as a couple: grandparent, weather
  155. How did you plan for LTC? This lady eats out of dumpsters to pay for husband's ALF.: pensions, supplement - Retirement
  156. Canine friendly 55+ Communities- living in one?: beach, weather, move, state - Retirement
  157. Pension Funds Get Worse In 43 States: pensions, communities, federal, 2015 - Retirement
  158. Was retirement different than how you it would be?: 55, pension
  159. What does it mean to have a fulfilling life?: move, retired, gift - Retirement
  160. adventurers left in this forum???: 55, moving, community, relatives - Retirement
  161. Do you have one of Sunday-Saturday pill containers?: supplement, drugs - Retirement
  162. Elder financial abuse: moving, marriage, social security, 2015 - Retirement
  163. How old were you when you started working?: friends, family, boy - Retirement
  164. And speaking on Insurance, do most folks have life insurance once they retire?: grandparents, inherit - Retirement
  165. Over 55 and Going Back To School-Necessity or Pleasure?: moving, community, state - Retirement
  166. Neighborhood Men's Clubs for retired guys only: long-term, separate, years - Retirement
  167. Woo hoo I just made it.: friend, medicare, birthday - Retirement
  168. Retirement planning - Do we need a trust?: weather, divorce, move
  169. People Over 60 More Content In Life Than All Other Adults, Survey Finds: moving, conversation - Retirement
  170. What do you look forward to in Fall?: weather, teenagers, years - Retirement
  171. Renewing auto insurance?: moving, marriage, states, coverage - Retirement
  172. Consumer Reports, Who Will Care For You?: vacations, move, spouses - Retirement
  173. What is the worst condition you have gone to work in?: weather, best - Retirement
  174. Senior moved from Florida to Michigan, Mistake?: moving, retired, separate - Retirement
  175. Spanish as a Second Language: conversation, community, retiree, friends - Retirement
  176. What did your classmates from school end up doing with their lives?: state, relative - Retirement
  177. living in one of Del Webb 55+ communities? How do you like it?: move, friendly - Retirement
  178. Relationships with the grandchildren.: grandparents, alcohol, conversation, federal - Retirement
  179. news about Robyn55: city, Jacksonville - Retirement
  180. Long term care insurance: long-term, state, coverage, engage - Retirement
  181. What is the earliest you have had to get up for work?: 55, retired - Retirement
  182. Reverse Mortgage Research: move, state, years, payment - Retirement
  183. Long term care planning: long-term, coverage, years, raise - Retirement
  184. How many life long friends have you made through work?: acquaintance, friendly - Retirement
  185. Organizing Medical bills: pension, supplement, moving, coverage - Retirement
  186. Soon to be a Snowbird...: 55, state, coverage, friends - Retirement
  187. Resources About Countries Offering a Retirement Visa: pension, moving, friendly
  188. If collecting social security at what age did you start collecting?: pension, years - Retirement
  189. bill bengen revisits his 4% rule: state, retirees, years, dates - Retirement
  190. How long a cool million would last in states: relocate, years - Retirement
  191. How many of you MEN have up tying to obtain or maintain an attractive weight since you retired?: alcohol, relative - Retirement
  192. Retirement: Do you work part-time; how long was your break between retirement and part-time work?: pension, vacations
  193. What things do you still find enjoyable?: physically, community, retired - Retirement
  194. for retirees without children (by choice): 55, physically, community - Retirement
  195. How is apartment or condo living working for you as a retiree?: moving, community - Retirement
  196. Best and Worst places to retire: weather, move, friendly, states - Retirement
  197. Friends: acquaintance, conversation, 2014, engage - Retirement
  198. If you had copied your parents life , would you have been satisfied?: divorce, alcoholism - Retirement
  199. Low Monthly Fee MH Parks Sarasota to Punta Gorda?: 55, beach, community - Retirement
  200. easy chart for calculating early survivor amounts: spouse, benefit, widow - Retirement