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  12. Dogs and Mobility Carts: 55, community, long distance, retired - Retirement
  13. SS disability: supplement, spouse, state, coverage - Retirement
  14. Reasons-Factors where you retired or plan to retire.: beach, weather, moving - Retirement
  15. World's most senior flight attendant honored for 60 years of service: 55, pension - Retirement
  16. Another Step in Downsizing: move, gorgeous, inherit, friends - Retirement
  17. Clean Air Pure water: move, retired, years, cancer - Retirement
  18. To buy or rent? Age difference marriage: pension, moving, daycare - Retirement
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  21. Gift Annuity: pension, social security, support, security - Retirement
  22. Montana Residency: friendly, federal, states, retired - Retirement
  23. House Vote Takes Federal Retirement Cuts Off the Table: supplement, long-term, retirees
  24. House version of new tax bill would aid Roth Conversions: date, raise - Retirement
  25. Happy Thanksgiving to all!: love - Retirement
  26. Spain Retirement: pension, weather, relative, retired
  27. Just Found Out Husband will be eligible for medicare: supplement, physically, move - Retirement
  28. A on Medicare: 55, spouse, friend, husband - Retirement
  29. Dental Care In Knoxville: state, medicare, city, receive - Retirement
  30. Exercise After Cataract Surgery: raise, best, seniors, place - Retirement
  31. News, Elderly man jailed, his wife only cited in Christmas pot case.: gifts, friends - Retirement
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  33. The secret to downsizing: 55, state, years, husband - Retirement
  34. Is there who commutes between countries in retirement: moving, Canada, 2015
  35. 57 year old female/Moving to Jackson Hole, WY: vacations, community, state - Retirement
  36. Well if you really want 1 million dollars!!: 55, move, Canada - Retirement
  37. Seven Weeks to Go: pension, community, social security, federal - Retirement
  38. Got shafted by Riverside and PERS: social security, federal, retired, years - Retirement
  39. At 59 1/2 Withdraw from ROTH to pay off debt?: pension, emotionally, financial advisor - Retirement
  40. Relocating in retirement?: beach, moving, inheritance, state
  41. A pastor stole my business.. SO now what DOES Health Ins. cost?: alcohol, retired - Retirement
  42. Have you decided to move OUT of the US?: moving, Canada, 2014 - Retirement
  43. Downsizing, then renting---how many of you have done this?: moving, community, state - Retirement
  44. Put on your yarmulke...: 55, celebrate, friends, kid - Retirement
  45. What do you people do all day when you are retired?: 55, move - Retirement
  46. OVER-55 living, from the perspective of people in their 50s: gorgeous, communities - Retirement
  47. Where Were You When JFK Was Shot: 55, screaming, state - Retirement
  48. So you're 65 years old, what level of income and assets makes you rich?: grandparents, depression - Retirement
  49. Does the new tax bill if passed affect SS ?: long-term, social security, federal - Retirement
  50. I just quit!!!! (Or, Take This Job and Shove It): weather, social security - Retirement
  51. Is the Retirement Forum your #1 hangout on City Data?: retired, years, Florida
  52. Don't forget Vesting Requirements for late career job changers: pension plan, anniversary, federal - Retirement
  53. Dwindling Retirement Funds? Not: pensions, social security, state, relative
  54. Scams against the elderly.: move, community, state, relative - Retirement
  55. SS increase ...... or my giggle for today.: pension, beach, social security - Retirement
  56. Don't look back---you'll weep: crying, years, housing, benefit - Retirement
  57. Single Premium LTC Insurance: 55, long-term, federal, states - Retirement
  58. Not the public sector workers are immune from being fired and having the pension canceled.: 55, pensions - Retirement
  59. Has up alcohol, just because?: 55, alcoholism, celebration - Retirement
  60. Discovered a new (to me) channel: years, trouble, best, college - Retirement
  61. Parties - the senior edition.: 55, conversation, communities, relatives - Retirement
  62. Better habits in retirement for health.: 55, supplement, vacations, alcohol
  63. For the ex homeowners who now voluntarily rent !: divorce, moving, marriage - Retirement
  64. Tricks on downsizing...: states, retired, years, hubby - Retirement
  65. Income stagnation and retirement: 55, pensions, long-term, conversation
  66. Is it true that you get more conservative the older you get?: divorce, marriage - Retirement
  67. Inheritance and your children....: spouse, state, relatives, adults - Retirement
  68. ...I made it...: vacation, date, city, employment - Retirement
  69. I hope I can quit working in a few years : A Preview of the U.S. Without Pensions: 55, move - Retirement
  70. Feeling financially secure: respect, benefit, income, parents - Retirement
  71. Financial Planner told us to enroll in SS at early age: pensions, spouse - Retirement
  72. Social Security/Medicare Increase 2018: pension, conversation, coverage, kiss - Retirement
  73. How many of you have up caring about politics in your senior years?: retired, friends - Retirement
  74. Do you pick a regular or senior entree at a restaurant???: 55, wife - Retirement
  75. About Memory: long-term, community, vacation, years - Retirement
  76. The Most Sacred Day of the Calendar Year (clickbait): move, celebration, respect - Retirement
  77. about SS widows benefits: spouse, social security, husband, deceased - Retirement
  78. Medicare Supplemental Part F increase?: community, states, coverage, gift - Retirement
  79. Getting Rides After Anesthesia?: community, state, relatives, retired - Retirement
  80. Have you guys .: emotionally, financial advisor, long-term, moving - Retirement
  81. Image Makeover for Senior Women: beach, friends, years, twin - Retirement
  82. At what age not to do over-night flight?: states, best, return - Retirement
  83. Semi-retired while collecting SS: social security, state, years, support - Retirement
  84. Electronic devices start to become un-intuitive to me... Is that a sign of getting old?: grandparents, vacation - Retirement
  85. Medicare MedFlight: move, long distance, states, coverage - Retirement
  86. Merry Christmas: celebrate, gifts, friends, years - Retirement
  87. How do you deal with a racist joke?: move, conversation - Retirement
  88. What it costs to retire in comfort in each state: supplement, moving - Retirement
  89. A little lonely, bored, frustrated and worried: years, twin, best - Retirement
  90. It sure is getting harder to help my retired shut in friends/neighbors: 80+, social security - Retirement
  91. News, 93-Year-Old Woman Spends 2 Nights In Jail After Eviction From Senior Housing: community, 11 year old - Retirement
  92. Working Part time after retirement, good or bad idea?: supplement, physically, gorgeous
  93. s on getting old: 55, retired, separate, husband - Retirement
  94. Being engaged in your world: conversation, spouse, community, friends - Retirement
  95. iBonds, TIPS or a decent CD Rate ??: move, 2013, states - Retirement
  96. Are you FRUSTRATED with today's Technology??: 55, state, relative, retired - Retirement
  97. What are the seminal events in your life that you can say exactly where you were at that exact time?: alcohol, yelling - Retirement
  98. Decisions and need advice or your experience: 55, beach, divorce - Retirement
  99. Retiring (where) with Arthritis: weigh in if you are a sufferer: 70+, beach - Retirement
  100. Are you building your retirement life?: moving, community, social security, relative
  101. Airline 'seat saving' encounter: screaming, infants, retired, best - Retirement
  102. s as to why a very conservative person wouldn't like AARP?: social security, retired - Retirement
  103. Not feeling it this Christmas - how to get the magic back?: community, celebration - Retirement
  104. Medicare/SS hold-harmless provision: 2014, states, years, payment - Retirement
  105. Is there a way to prevent dementia once you are older?: supplement, friend - Retirement
  106. How did she end up like this? Heartbreaking scene this morning: alcohol, retired - Retirement
  107. Old age hath s honor and his toil.: supplement, crying - Retirement
  108. News, 15 Worst States to Live in During Retirement.: pension, supplement, moving
  109. Retirement Party: friends, years, music, travel
  110. Retiring early with massive rental property income.: move, conversation, friendly - Retirement
  111. What do you dislike about the holidays as a retired person?: marriage, gifts - Retirement
  112. Our Mind, A Beautiful Thing To Lose: supplement, physically, conversation - Retirement
  113. Throwing in the towel.....: moving, 2015, friends, years - Retirement
  114. 55+ communities with fenced yards?: move, cousin, best, seniors - Retirement
  115. Seeking Alpha - You Have 10 Years Left To Retire, How To Plan: 55, pensions - Retirement
  116. Bad Memory can have its UPSIDE: anniversary, celebrate, cousin - Retirement
  117. Roth Conversions for Retirement: move, social security, years, security
  118. How well have I lived my life?: divorce, move, conversation - Retirement
  119. My 90 y.o. neighbor: supplement, state, relatives, cousin - Retirement
  120. Why do you want to retire?: fighting, retired, vacation, engage - Retirement
  121. How do you stop yesterday, today and tomorrow all feeling the same?: retired, friends - Retirement
  122. Downsizing to One Car: 55, community, dump, 2015 - Retirement
  123. Independent living apartment complex: 50+, physically, moving, relative - Retirement
  124. Retiring Dec 31 2017 and afraid: beach, physically, moving, state - Retirement
  125. Seniors are too frugal.: pension plan, Canada, spouse, retired - Retirement
  126. Want to start planning our retirement location but wife won't discuss it: move, spouse
  127. Sometimes you just take the hit: social security, state, years - Retirement
  128. Well,the last of Indian Summer Weather ended yesterday for this area of Ravalli County.: move, retired - Retirement
  129. state variation in income and property taxes: 55, pensions, federal - Retirement
  130. Something to consider when moving far from family: spouse, states, relatives - Retirement
  131. Retired but too young for Medicare: coverage, years, support, single - Retirement
  132. Looking Back: Craziest/Whackiest Thing You Ever Did as an Adult With NO Regret: yelling, state - Retirement
  133. Put In My Papers: community, retired, friends, years - Retirement
  134. How the GOP Tax Bill Could Squeeze Your 401(k): move, social security, federal - Retirement
  135. Need help! Should I stay or should I go?: 55, supplement, moving - Retirement
  136. Does at SS read the applications??: spouses, social security, state - Retirement
  137. For with a trust, who administers it?: states, relatives, cousins - Retirement
  138. Do you remember Black Monday (Stock Market Crash 1987) 30 years ago?: vacations, alcohol - Retirement
  139. Eye Glass Recommendations: 55, vacation, movies, years - Retirement
  140. Best and Worst States to Retire Rich: moving, vacation, years - Retirement
  141. Dental predicament: expensive treatment recommended by hygienist,: retired, years, students - Retirement
  142. Confused again about delayed credits: social security, state, retired, years - Retirement
  143. Legacy. As you age, what do you think you're leaving behind? What will others see?: conversation, community - Retirement
  144. Cell Phone, Inexpensive for Emergency Use: blogs, coverage, friends, years - Retirement
  145. Americans are retiring later, dying sooner, and sicker in between: pension plan, alcohol - Retirement
  146. Artsy, liberal,: weather, communities, state, cousins - Retirement
  147. Suze Orman says this is the age you should retire.: pension, physically - Retirement
  148. One of the Greatest Threats to our Lifespans is Loneliness: 55, physically - Retirement
  149. Is This the Best Job Ever? Retirees Work as Hospital's 'Baby Cuddlers': screaming, infants - Retirement
  150. My May message from Curmudgeon: moving, conversation, retired, friends - Retirement
  151. You're up there! Relationships with at the end of the road, so slightly ahead of you.: grandparents, conversation - Retirement
  152. South Carolina Retiremant: 55, financial advisor, weather, communities - Retirement
  153. What did people hate about you when you were younger?: conversation, graduated - Retirement
  154. Property taxes in retirement: 55, moving, 2014, states
  155. ss while working at 62 .: retired, years, older, place - Retirement
  156. Learning foreign languages for retirement: state, years, employees, Mexico
  157. Always planned to collect SS benefits at 70 but now thinking getting them now at 69.: physically, relocate - Retirement
  158. CCC Buy In Fee Covers ...?: 55, pensions, physically - Retirement
  159. Giving Up Driving Long Distances for Holidays or at Night???: state, relatives - Retirement
  160. Hilarious quote from Longmire: state, betray, respect, years - Retirement
  161. Digital Over-the-Air TV Antennas: cartoons, movies, friends, years - Retirement
  162. What did (do) you ENJOY about working??: move, conversation, state - Retirement
  163. Cataract surgery: moving, movies, friends, years - Retirement
  164. Didn't really want my life to be over quite this soon...: friendly, friend - Retirement
  165. The New Tax Plan and Social Security: 2015, welfare, years - Retirement
  166. First Smartphone, I like it.: 55, years, best, older - Retirement
  167. Retired Christmases??: 55, beach, weather, moving - Retirement
  168. Anything you wish you would have done-applied for- qualified for-before you retired?: moving, dump - Retirement
  169. What Would You REALLY want for Christmas??: spouse, retired - Retirement
  170. Geographic Options For The Golden Years: move, states, retired, friends - Retirement
  171. about SSI: supplement, social security, friend, years - Retirement
  172. Is Thanksgiving a dying holiday??: 80+, conversation, state, relatives - Retirement
  173. Seniors who rented with limited income, how did you do it? tips/experiences): physically, move - Retirement
  174. If you or someone you know served in Vietnam--: 55, long-term, state - Retirement
  175. Thanksgiving 2017 is over 'whew': weather, conversation, community, orphan - Retirement
  176. Chained Consumer Price Index (C-CPI-U): pension, move, social security, federal - Retirement
  177. Retirement relocation for introverts: beach, move, spouse, friendly
  178. WOW! What a life changer!: social security, years, best, senior - Retirement
  179. Experience poorer customer service into retirement?: pensions, physically, conversation
  180. Buy grave niches now or later?: 55, conversation, spouse, dump - Retirement
  181. Has had this experience? If so, what did you do?: 55, moving - Retirement
  182. Social Security direct deposits, thinking of changing banks: state, payments, best - Retirement
  183. Last Performance Review: pension, retirees, years, raise - Retirement
  184. Keep The Car Or Not?: weather, retired, friends, years - Retirement
  185. seniors and dental expenses: moving, diabetes, meal, years - Retirement
  186. NOT leaving money to family: 50+, physically, divorce, divorced - Retirement
  187. Alone, Alone, All All Alone for the Holidays: physically, celebrate - Retirement
  188. Retirement locations - do we often misjudge it?: weather, long-term, moving
  189. Pets in retirement, pros and cons: move, community, orphan, state
  190. Senior Monday at the movies: friend, years, date, single - Retirement
  191. How much Christmas Decorating are you doing?: spouse, community, crying - Retirement
  192. Credit Karma. use it?: relative, graduated, years, college - Retirement
  193. freezing accounts: financial advisor, benefit, security, mortgage - Retirement
  194. What do you REALLY like about WINTER?: weather, retired, husband - Retirement
  195. Thanking the retired veterans.: 55, beach, states, respect - Retirement
  196. Recommendation -nursing home takes Medicaid?: pension, long-term, moving, community - Retirement
  197. Mid-Atlantic or Northeastern States with Prop. Tax Breaks to Seniors?: pensions, friendly - Retirement
  198. impact on the social security and Medicare trust funds: state, married, salary - Retirement
  199. What Month Do SSI Benefit Letters Go Out For The Next Year?: benefits, insurance - Retirement
  200. Trilogy. Do you love it?: communities - Retirement