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  14. Mississippi woman bags deer ahead of her 100th birthday: celebrate, town, lifestyle - Retirement
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  19. Oregon's Statewide 401k: pension, beach, teach, employees - Retirement
  20. Christmas Week at MegaCorp: vacation, years, place, problems - Retirement
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  22. Happy New Year: 55 - Retirement
  23. about Beneficiaries on Roth IRA: spouse, federal, inheritance, state - Retirement
  24. CALPER retirees ?: state, coverage, years, benefits - Retirement
  25. Mort Int deductability on 2nd (retirement) home?: tax, mortgage, difference
  26. Searching retirement houses for rent: 55, communities, states, housing
  27. Sep ira vs. Roth ira: supplement, retired, years, date - Retirement
  28. Does It Ever Make Sense to Work and Collect Soc. Sec?: pension, social security - Retirement
  29. Finding your own or blossoming in retirement???: 55, supplement, moving
  30. More Dietary Secrets To A Long Life: moving, relation, cancer - Retirement
  31. New Jobs And Careers: 55, relative, retired, friend - Retirement
  32. Substitute teaching: grandparent, state, retired, respect - Retirement
  33. Move away from family in retirement?: moving, depression, state, retired
  34. What's up with retired folk asking personal questions about finances?: pension, social security - Retirement
  35. Embrace the anxiety?: weather, depression, friends, husband - Retirement
  36. Bug factor in relocation: weather, move, friend, years - Retirement
  37. Do you ever think about how much time you have left?: moving, conversation - Retirement
  38. Watching a parent pass away: state, relative, friends, years - Retirement
  39. Digital Coupons At The Grocery Stores, What Next!!!: state, meal, loyalty - Retirement
  40. Old men crying: weather, move, depression, relative - Retirement
  41. Rural area retirement - is it really a young person's game?: moving, community
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  43. Done! Retired!: pension plan, moving, gifts, years - Retirement
  44. To bring the past to the present: physically, accident, years - Retirement
  45. Mandatory Withdrawals - What to do with the money if you don't need it?: pension, gift - Retirement
  46. When did junk mail inundations start?: father-in-law, state, years, adult - Retirement
  47. Spouse retirement impact: 55, beach, retired, friend
  48. Our Exploratory Trip to Phoenix Area 55+ Communities (cross-posted in Phoenix forum): physically, gorgeous - Retirement
  49. BDL's Retirement Experience, an ongoing: physically, moving, community, celebrate
  50. Nobody wants that stuff anymore.....: 50+, Canada, spouses, community - Retirement
  51. Retired 3 or more years? How close have you been you to your target spending?: pensions, vacations - Retirement
  52. leaving for a few months a year for my classic cars: physically, weather - Retirement
  53. Collect husband's Soc Sec at 60 or wait to collect my own?: divorce, divorced - Retirement
  54. Estate Planning for Heirs who are Minors: financial advisor, divorce, moving - Retirement
  55. Seniors rent out rooms in their home/roommates for $$? How is it working out?: 50+, moving - Retirement
  56. Is paying rent considered mortgage free ?: pensions, 2013, state - Retirement
  57. Do Most People Envision What Retired Life Will Look Like?: physically, community - Retirement
  58. Shingle Bells, Shingle Bells, Shingles go away: 55, supplement, conversation - Retirement
  59. Gall Stone vs Kidney Stone: move, mother-in-law, years, drugs - Retirement
  60. The white card: move, state, friends, adult - Retirement
  61. Facing a HUGE capital gain tax and don't know what to do: conversation, federal - Retirement
  62. went to the clinic for my annual check up: supplement, weather - Retirement
  63. What kind of business should I start at retirement?: pension, supplement, state
  64. What is your retired person identity ?: grandparent, physically, conversation - Retirement
  65. Marijuana use and short term memory: alcohol, retired, friend, years - Retirement
  66. Do people think you're ditzy? :): conversation, state, retired, friends - Retirement
  67. Retirement and a health: conversation, depression, retired, accidents
  68. Property Taxes by State: pension, federal, states, years - Retirement
  69. The ol' Man plans and God laughs ploy...: spouse, retiree - Retirement
  70. Retiring to Florida in 4 years Over 55+ Community: move, communities, state - Retirement
  71. Senior Couples live on 2k or less per mo? how do you do it?: 55, infant - Retirement
  72. Letting Go: years, hubby, spend, year - Retirement
  73. Presenting the Absolute Worst Best State Ranking I've ever seen: weather, move - Retirement
  74. In the coming decades, how much of retirement income will be completely DIY?: 55, pensions
  75. I'm not sick -- I'm old!: 55, supplement, states - Retirement
  76. Suggestions for new place to live: weather, move, friendly, community - Retirement
  77. How about having your own estate sale?: moving, dumped, years - Retirement
  78. 42% of Americans at Risk of Retiring Broke: 55, move, social security - Retirement
  79. Why do retirement age women whos husband has passed leave their wedding rings on?: emotionally, divorce
  80. take a risk without firm knowledge you will come out OK?: weather, moving - Retirement
  81. I would like my own cable/internet 55+ Mobile Home Parks: moving, community - Retirement
  82. Very Funny On Aging (Fritz Coleman): mom - Retirement
  83. Have a separate account for social security Benefits?: 55, friend, years - Retirement
  84. Do VRBO??: 55, beach, communities, vacation - Retirement
  85. My Last Monday: retired, best, love - Retirement
  86. At what age did you feel most unhappy and discontented?: physically, alcoholism - Retirement
  87. Hubby got his Medicare card today!: supplement, social security, coverage, years - Retirement
  88. How exactly is SSI calculated?: pension, supplement, social security, federal - Retirement
  89. For not struggling with depression: supplement, pills, place, doctor - Retirement
  90. State-by-state tax data: pensions, moving, gorgeous, federal - Retirement
  91. Tricks for a free retirement?: retired, stalking, support
  92. Extended family wanting to move in at our retirement!: moving, dump, relatives
  93. Can DW's SS Benefits Increase When I File?: 55, spouse, retired - Retirement
  94. Filing for SS: divorce, divorced, spouse, social security - Retirement
  95. Where's my paradise?: weather, moving, 2015, states - Retirement
  96. Intriquite inquiry About Spousal Benefits: 55, social security, years, date - Retirement
  97. Recommend board games: grandparents, friends, grandpa, senior - Retirement
  98. The futility of saving for retirement: pension, long-term, state, years
  99. Advice on scouting out areas to retire: beach, weather, move - Retirement
  100. Jane Seymour poses for 'Playboy' at 67: 20 year old, New York, year - Retirement
  101. What is your definition of Americana?: grandparents, beach, weather, vacations - Retirement
  102. Age 68 ...... and Going on 90: weather, gay, community, state - Retirement
  103. have a hard time adjusting to downsizing to a smaller place?: moving, vacation - Retirement
  104. Mooching Adult Children: moving, gift, graduated, cousin - Retirement
  105. Fearful of moving away and starting over: 55, weather, vacations - Retirement
  106. Need Advice on Elder Lawyer Shopping: 55, spouse, social security, states - Retirement
  107. Daydreams/triggers from the past/brings up regrets: weather, state, psycho - Retirement
  108. Passing the torch. A story of old men, barbering, and baseball in Appalachia.: 55, conversation - Retirement
  109. CNBC reports Stanford Center on Longevity take on best retirement strategy: pension, supplement
  110. Lack of prices on Senior Housing websites: 55, divorce, move - Retirement
  111. have a term annuity?: pension, social security, retired, years - Retirement
  112. Slang words from the 70's no longer spoken today: retired, graduated, years - Retirement
  113. Strategies for handling social expenses in retirement: 55, community, vacation
  114. Questions to ask Financial Advisors we interview before retiring: move, state, separate - Retirement
  115. Opportunities to Drive Cars for Dealerships: retired, cousin, friends, years - Retirement
  116. What (if anything) do you say to friends who aren't saving for retirement?: moving, conversation
  117. Smartphone, Shingles and me or the good, the bad and the ugly: supplement, relative - Retirement
  118. 401k rollovers: move, spouse, retired, separate - Retirement
  119. Technology Rant Part II: weather, move, mother-in-law, friend - Retirement
  120. information to keep with important papers: states, friends, years, husband - Retirement
  121. Retirement Relocation Research: How Much -- or Little?: weather, move, friendly
  122. Considerations for retirement: pension, supplement, divorce, move
  123. Good news for who plan to work part-time in retirement as Walmart greeters: move, years
  124. What makes your life run effiecient and pleasant?: move, relative, vacation - Retirement
  125. Retirement rut..... having a problem with this?: physically, weather, depression
  126. A Reverse “Help me find The perfect place to retire”: 50+, beach - Retirement
  127. What would be required for you to return to work after retirement??: pension, vacations
  128. Saying Adios To Rising HOA Fees And Going HOA Free?: move, community - Retirement
  129. Anti-Snow birding (Opposite of Snow birding): beach, weather, move, anniversary - Retirement
  130. Do you budget for inflation in your retirement planning?: pension, moving, retired
  131. Another Secret To A Long Life: celebrate, ignorant, years, best - Retirement
  132. Survivor SS Benefits from Ex-Spouse??: pension, divorce, divorced, marriage - Retirement
  133. Almost one year into ER are my observations: 55, pension, beach - Retirement
  134. You laugh!: 55, weather, conversation, community - Retirement
  135. actually going out tonight- New Years Eve?: 55, celebration, crying - Retirement
  136. 2018 resolutions to report?: pension, years, adult, legal - Retirement
  137. In search of a word that won't offend old people: 55, friend - Retirement
  138. What advice would you offer 38-year-old me?: 60+, pension, move - Retirement
  139. Have of your dreams changed? Something you you really wanted, didn't get, now settle for other.: 55, divorce - Retirement
  140. old people mattresses: years, best, wife, older - Retirement
  141. paying tax on social security income in retirement: supplement, state, retired
  142. This morning I woke up, checked by bank account and surprise! I just got my first SS deposit!: pensions, spouses - Retirement
  143. The magic of music from way back when........: movies, friend, hubby - Retirement
  144. Better to draw Social Security early to avoid paying income tax on it?: retired, years - Retirement
  145. Bitter cold or...dont put away your winter jacket: supplement, weather, move - Retirement
  146. Rent v buying: 55, weather, move, community - Retirement
  147. My mom needs financial guidance: 55, moving, spouses, marriage - Retirement
  148. Planning Yearly Adventures: moving, Canada, friendly, friend - Retirement
  149. Setting Boundaries with Set-In-His-Ways Elderly, Cantankerous Father: 55, long-term, respect - Retirement
  150. Beatles music updated (for fun): years, dating, best, mother - Retirement
  151. You know what irritates me? Me.: years, wife, places, problem - Retirement
  152. The Perfect Place to Retire on No Money: pensions, community, retired - Retirement
  153. Retirees 70+, do you care about societal advances?: 60+, move, state - Retirement
  154. If You Volunteer, What Do You Actually Do?: community, retired, years - Retirement
  155. So how many of you are on the Dental Implant Road..?: years, wife - Retirement
  156. Independent 55+ Senior Housing: move, friendly, community, state - Retirement
  157. Today's Retirement Breakfast: moving, respect, friends, years
  158. Music Musings--Favorite Album?: beach, friends, years, husband - Retirement
  159. Is it normal, as retirement nears...: emotionally, moving, conversation, fighting
  160. Insomnia prior to retirement: acquaintance, retired, vacation, psycho
  161. Next Saturday is my last shift/Musings at 3a.m.: pension, state - Retirement
  162. SS benefits for homeschooler?: 55, beach, federal, retired - Retirement
  163. Ready to Retire Soon but Having Last Minute Mixed Feelings: 55, pension - Retirement
  164. Sure footing: weather, alcohol, diabetes, psycho - Retirement
  165. Winter rental in mid-South: beach, weather, community, single - Retirement
  166. Going to do it: pension, conversation, years, teach - Retirement
  167. Too old to be hired. Too young to retire. What do you in your 50s?: move, social security - Retirement
  168. SSA-1099 tax form: pension plan, social security, federal, states - Retirement
  169. Misunderstood Song Lyrics ...: beach, Canada, kiss, friends - Retirement
  170. Interesting and Memorable Experiences: communities, screaming, state, relatives - Retirement
  171. Miserable Flu: 55, drugs, hubby, best - Retirement
  172. Looking for appreciation in house bought for retirement: physically, emotionally, long distance
  173. Share your wisdom as a retiree: supplement, weather, community, coverage - Retirement
  174. One more hurdle cleared: 45+, move, community, celebrate - Retirement
  175. Tax/real estate: inherit, states, gifts, years - Retirement
  176. Looking to or are Retired in Florida, or in the Planning Stages? share: 55, beach - Retirement
  177. Looking back, how would you refer to the different time periods of your life?: divorce, alcohol - Retirement
  178. Getting FLU after retirement...: alcohol, retired, kiss, friends
  179. So I guess smoking cigars and drinking bourbon and running with fast women, that’s the secret to life.: conversation, years - Retirement
  180. how much have you lost in height as you aged?: years, adult - Retirement
  181. Is the natural setting of where you live more important in retirement than while working?: beach, weather
  182. to the ones who are retired..what advice would you give to the younger?: pension, move - Retirement
  183. Retiring on SS alone: move, social security, retired, gifts - Retirement
  184. In home care.....realistic?: beach, long-term, move, acquaintance - Retirement
  185. Can I retire ??: supplement, vacations, divorce, move - Retirement
  186. Men: what hair tonic do you use?: years, husband, mother - Retirement
  187. Being retired and in debt is fixable: weather, move, years - Retirement
  188. I need suggestions on how I can help a seriously ill friend!: marriage, crying - Retirement
  189. Many do NOT have help and do very well: supplement, divorce - Retirement
  190. How did you come back from a big setback (health, recession, divorce, disaster)?: pensions, emotionally - Retirement
  191. know where Escort Rider is?: relatives, cousins, family, travel - Retirement
  192. I like my life in Arizona: moving, retired, friend, years - Retirement
  193. Ok, possibly the stupidest list of the best and worst states to grow old.: weather, moving - Retirement
  194. No Visible SS Increase? )o:: pension, divorce, marriage, state - Retirement
  195. Do you miss working?: friends, years, love - Retirement
  196. If you are a snowbird, how much does it cost?: pension, beach - Retirement
  197. Took Job offer just because of my prior skills - big mistake: emotionally, federal - Retirement
  198. This State Is the Best to Spend Your Golden Years In: 55, weather - Retirement
  199. Need advice on how to do a low-budget move.: moving, long distance - Retirement
  200. Nursing Homes Criticized Over Use of Antipsychotics: 55, drugs - Retirement