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  33. PRIME going UP!: 55, gift, psycho, movies - Retirement
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  35. experienced with a ROKU Express?: move, relative, gifts, movies - Retirement
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  47. The Pressure to Have an Amazing Retirement: spouses, state, blogging
  48. Something you loved as a hobby or just loved as a child/young person that you have rediscovered after retirement: beach, retired
  49. apartment bathtub to shower conversion ~: moving, state, friend, years - Retirement
  50. Monitoring your decline: years, raise, trouble, older - Retirement
  51. I 'wish we were headed into fall instead of summer....: 55, crying - Retirement
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  53. What is the Worst Problem You're Dealing with Right Now?: fighting, state - Retirement
  54. When you know you can't do it anymore: divorce, move, depression - Retirement
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  56. Do You Have Anxiety?: weather, depression, state, years - Retirement
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  58. You sold a business before retiring. How well did you plan that out?: 55, alcohol - Retirement
  59. Do You Have Plans for Mother's Day? Or Do You Not Know What the Day Will Bring?: celebrate, mother-in-law - Retirement
  60. s the difference in SS benefits between 62 and 67 for me.: social security, state - Retirement
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  69. Strangest Lies That Your Mother Told You: years, wife, music - Retirement
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  72. Number of 401K Millionaires hits a new high: move, state, retired - Retirement
  73. SSA website - apparently designed by 1000 chimps banging on typewriters: pension, friendly - Retirement
  74. If you have anxiety, what helps alleviate it?: weather, friendly, friend - Retirement
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  79. Do You Use Form of Complimentary (i.e. Alternative Health Remedies)?: retired, respect - Retirement
  80. Does skip their annual Medicare exam?: physically, friendly, crying - Retirement
  81. I went to the funeral for a co-worker's Father: infants, diabetes, respect - Retirement
  82. from the Northeast want to retire in flyover country?: moving, friendly - Retirement
  83. Medicare Monthly Payments: social security, federal, 2015, retired - Retirement
  84. ever relocated in retirement...and regretted it?: beach, moving, spouse
  85. Whats the point for retirement?: pension, weather, relocating, gorgeous
  86. A scientist just turned 104. His birthday wish was to die.: states, relatives - Retirement
  87. Moving away from the grandkids: grandparents, beach, community, state - Retirement
  88. Does have the perfect family?: divorce, move, divorced - Retirement
  89. When you were working, how often did you weekend outside the area you worked in?: beach, vacations - Retirement
  90. Retired: Do you think much about the various trials and tribulations at your past jobs?: 55, divorce - Retirement
  91. Sometimes I think on what could have been: financial advisor, move, communities - Retirement
  92. Do you (did you) have trouble slowing down?: 60+, physically, conversation - Retirement
  93. Tell us about your decision to retire: 55, pension, physically - Retirement
  94. Ever wonder about yourself? Dementia or How Robin Williams was being torn apart and couldn't fight back: supplement, relocate - Retirement
  95. Fidelity Brokered CDs: moving, years, best, smart - Retirement
  96. If you could do it all over again....: divorce, divorced, marriage - Retirement
  97. What Kinds of Things Do You Actually ENJOY Doing?: beach, crying, retired - Retirement
  98. Not looking for old white guys: friendly, states, respect - Retirement
  99. LOL and s one reason why I can't wait for retirement.: move, vacation
  100. Is consensus on the retirement board or desirable?: state, retired, support
  101. The myth of outliving your retirement money.: vacations, move, retired
  102. More Florida Sinkholes: moving, coverage, friend, insurance - Retirement
  103. Have You Fallen?: years, older, mother, senior - Retirement
  104. Retiring with a 1/4 millon $ - opinions?: pension, conversation, spouse, social security - Retirement
  105. Are we ok?: state, friends, years, support - Retirement
  106. SS: 55, social security, years, payments - Retirement
  107. Did you look forward to getting older?: fighting, retired, years - Retirement
  108. We are aging together!: move, acquaintance, conversation, community - Retirement
  109. Escort Rider: respect, years, year - Retirement
  110. Check is in the Mail: pension, state, relative, years - Retirement
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  114. Using the internet: 55, move, retirees, separate - Retirement
  115. Your feet: beach, inherit, diabetes, gift - Retirement
  116. getting more sentimental as you get older?: relatives, friends, years - Retirement
  117. Retirement-as a Single Female: 55, beach, friendly, orphan
  118. How Do We Handle This? And Thank You!: grandparents, beach - Retirement
  119. Spousal SS filing: 55, marriage, friend, get married - Retirement
  120. Does have a hearing problem?: acquaintance, screaming, 2013, coverage - Retirement
  121. How did you know?: 55, moving, retired, years - Retirement
  122. What would you do if we went to a real War in your retirement: Canada, fighting
  123. Millennnial: 55, years, school, taught - Retirement
  124. Retirees Reshape Where Americans Live. Baby boomers fuel growth in retirement hot spots, new census figures show: pensions, moving
  125. More than three-quarters of a million elderly Californians Ďunofficiallyí poor: weather, move - Retirement
  126. Got the Social Security Appointment-FYI: marriage, date, single, benefits - Retirement
  127. Meals on Wheels discontinued in your area?: conversation, communities, federal - Retirement
  128. What Is The Best Thing To Do With A Little Money From Mom: divorce, divorced - Retirement
  129. Retirement: To mortgage or not to mortgage? That is the: pension, moving
  130. Home Improvement Advice: 55, pensions, community, federal - Retirement
  131. revert back to a minivan for retirement travels?: grandparents, vacations, relatives
  132. SS Reduction Percentage for Retiring Early: social security, years, benefits, family - Retirement
  133. Tell us about grandma's good old days ?: grandparents, depression - Retirement
  134. Were things in the past really that bad for women?: 55, divorce - Retirement
  135. For fun, on vacations are you a light or heavy packer?? tips: weather, retired - Retirement
  136. We need a new way to fully fund retirements: 55, pension plan, grandparents
  137. AARP Bulletin Article on Long Term Care Insurance: 55, move, coverage - Retirement
  138. Neighbor without internet worried about memory loss: retired, milk, grandmother - Retirement
  139. For Janet: 55, beach, weather, states - Retirement
  140. How 65 became the default retirement age: 55, 2014, states, years
  141. Pets in retirement: moving, community, dumped, state
  142. Retirees Will Soon Out-Number Kids: pensions, social security, screaming, 2015 - Retirement
  143. Why Americans arenít saving more: 55, beach, move, relatives - Retirement
  144. 55+ Apt Complexes: weather, long-term, moving, community - Retirement
  145. Full pension with life insurance VS partial pension w/lifetime beanies for spouse: supplement, social security - Retirement
  146. How Much Do you pay for Healthcare? What is your age and state?: pension, supplement - Retirement
  147. Family pictures and mementos you have kept all years: grandparents, state - Retirement
  148. Travel suggestions: beach, weather, anniversary, celebration - Retirement
  149. Retiring in Metro Atlanta: 55, moving, friendly, friend - Retirement
  150. Burial Plans: 50+, blogs, friend, years - Retirement
  151. Elder Orphan Care: 55, supplement, physically, moving - Retirement
  152. Who Goes into Nursing Homes?? data??: 65+, pensions, physically - Retirement
  153. Name a weird little miracle experienced: weather, inherit, relative - Retirement
  154. Scenario 1 vs Scenario 2: pension, beach, weather, moving - Retirement
  155. Is this really SS: pension, spouse, marriage, social security - Retirement
  156. To who have been retired at least ten yrs, what % of original criteria do you still have & would you do it again.: 55, beach - Retirement
  157. The Healthy Geezer answers questions about blood donation: 55, retired - Retirement
  158. Changing seniors' habits: moving, meal, years, payments - Retirement
  159. Today is my first retirement day!: vacations, move, depression, retired
  160. Power of Attorney: conversation, inherit, state, relatives - Retirement
  161. What's the big deal with snow?: beach, weather, community, state - Retirement
  162. Funny feeling.: friend, years, married, dating - Retirement
  163. The opposite side of the Moving for retirement coin: 55, orphan
  164. Does live in a multi generational household?: 55, grandparents, inherit - Retirement
  165. Where's my (east coast beach) paradise?: friendly, community, relative - Retirement
  166. seniors will get an extra 2600 in a deduction if married in 2018: 65+, spouse - Retirement
  167. Very Impressed with Social Security Administration: moving, friendly, friend, years - Retirement
  168. Why Take Lump Sum of Pension over Single Life Annuity: pensions, social security - Retirement
  169. Patient Bill of Rights, choosing your doctor: relocate, state, relations - Retirement
  170. The truth about being able to retire....shed light for me: pensions, supplement - Retirement
  171. need cold hard cash for temporary manner, confused about 401k withdrawal: 55, states - Retirement
  172. Not quite snow birding . . .: 55, grandparents, physically, weather - Retirement
  173. What Medical/Dental Perks do you get as a retiree?: pension, supplement - Retirement
  174. Fancy dinner offer retirement income presentations: benefit, restaurant, smart, places
  175. Just for fun -- What were your three most important criteria for choosing a retirement location?: beach, weather
  176. Senior eating habits: supplement, respect, milk, best - Retirement
  177. Retire Early ( under 40 ): 55, pension, supplement, 2013 - Retirement
  178. What income will they use to calculate my SS payment?: 55, social security - Retirement
  179. Americans Havenít Saved Enough for Retirement. What Are We Going to Do About It?: pension, social security
  180. SFH, condo, retirement community, RV, or rent?: 55, weather, moving
  181. Motley Fool members? Worth it, or not?: graduate, years, single - Retirement
  182. No help for debilitating pain - can relate?: supplement, move, community - Retirement
  183. Friends moving away, chasing their kids & grandkids: grandparents, years, adults - Retirement
  184. Leave $$ in investments or purchase condo?: friendly, friend, payment, single - Retirement
  185. Renting out a 2nd home until you occupy it - have you done this?: pensions, beach - Retirement
  186. Pre-retirement and feeling like the last of a dying breed: 55, pension
  187. where do you sunbirds go during summer?: 55, move, Canada - Retirement
  188. Uncomfortable in the Locker room?: state, friends, years, adult - Retirement
  189. Market Thoughts: Have we reached the top?: long-term, moving, out of control - Retirement
  190. 401K Withdrawel Penalty at 57: 55, years, payments, support - Retirement
  191. ideal (?) place to retire in New York State: pensions, move, social security - Retirement
  192. Where to live Sept-May? (best weather, ): beach, friendly, communities - Retirement
  193. A Hipper Replacement for Senior Living?: 55, move, communities, state - Retirement
  194. Social Security Widows Benefit: 55, spouse, state, years - Retirement
  195. Accepting Aging, Retirement Just a Marker: pension plan, moving, conversation, retired
  196. May we all have a joyous day!: spouse, state, friends - Retirement
  197. How Far Away Do you All Live from your Grandkids? Do your Grandkids play a part in your residency?: weather, moving - Retirement
  198. Mowing the Yard: divorce, move, years, wife - Retirement
  199. College friends dying between 60-65 years of age: 55, beach, community - Retirement
  200. Know a crazy story that really happened?: relatives, years, cancer - Retirement