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  101. moving- and tipping: 50+, communities, long distance, state - Retirement
  102. Is there an affordable golf cart community?: 55, beach, weather - Retirement
  103. I want to be the Queen: weather, divorce, Canada, divorced - Retirement
  104. yell at kids to get off their lawn?: yelling, respect - Retirement
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  118. Alzheimer's Village: 55, community, crying, orphans - Retirement
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  125. What do you want the other frequent posters to know about you?: conversation, community - Retirement
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  127. My father loves working in retirement but hated it before....: social security, retired
  128. Finding new love on dating sites?: divorce, alcohol, long-term, divorced - Retirement
  129. Why are retirees so cranky, crotchety, and negative?: weather, older, behavior - Retirement
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  133. is My Shingles Vaccine Story: husband, girls, father, childhood - Retirement
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  138. The main reason so many people don't save for retirement: 55, pension
  139. What age were you when your parents' generation started passing away?: friend, teenager - Retirement
  140. Social Security is suppose to run dry in....why dock someone for working then?: 55, pension - Retirement
  141. Pain when standing, and giving up one's seat: supplement, years, support - Retirement
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  143. Robson Ranch - Denton 55+ Community: friendly, communities, state, friend - Retirement
  144. If this was foretelling retirement, then I will NEVER retire: beach, move
  145. Heritage. How did your growing up impact you?: grandparents, emotionally, financial advisor - Retirement
  146. Remember Things: 55, beach, graduated, friends - Retirement
  147. What do retirees who have no hobby do with extra time?: move, retired - Retirement
  148. Diversity of: communities, yelling, retired, respect - Retirement
  149. When did you start feeling older/old?: 55, retired, vacation - Retirement
  150. If you could have one personís.....: moms, financial - Retirement
  151. Retire overseas?: state, coverage, retirees, years - Retirement
  152. What do you consider to be the Best money you ever spent ?: divorce, moving - Retirement
  153. A for who have gone from struggling to comfortable --: 55, pension - Retirement
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  160. Incredible activity on this forum: retired, betray, years, music - Retirement
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  162. Finances does not belong Agree?: grandparents, conversation, spouse, retired - Retirement
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  165. Super duper cheap emergency use only cell phone: dump, 2014, coverage - Retirement
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  168. Lakefront living, lessons?: weather, moving, community, state - Retirement
  169. On the You Can't Take It With You Tour: 80+, beach - Retirement
  170. Small towns, rural areas, and health care.: move, community, dump - Retirement
  171. Post retirememt housing: 55, beach, moving, communities - Retirement
  172. New phase of my life, MIL passed now I feel I'm IT: grandparents, conversation - Retirement
  173. Mondays: retired, vacation, friends, years - Retirement
  174. New Problem in Retirement: spouse, depression, retired, chores
  175. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin fighting his children over control.: state, friend, years - Retirement
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  183. Changing lifestyle in retirement?: 50+, divorce, spouse, marriage
  184. Grandma Busts Out to Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics), steals the audiences' and it goes Viral: retired, Knoxville - Retirement
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  186. $6,000 a month pension check, own home outright, opinions on retirement?: divorce, social security
  187. Le Creuset...too heavy now?: cousin, years, twins, family - Retirement
  188. What do you remember about turning 18?: emotionally, alcohol, states, graduated - Retirement
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  190. Retired Illegal Immigrants- How do they pull that off? Live off of the land?: physically, social security - Retirement
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  192. Do you have a Medicare Prescription Plan: coverage, friends, drug - Retirement
  193. Do you have a Dental Plan? If not, what do you do?: 55, insurance - Retirement
  194. What is your unique estate plan? (besides evenly split all kids): marriage, orphan - Retirement
  195. The Rise of the Robo-advisor: How Fintech Is Disrupting Retirement: financial advisor, state
  196. Do you know people who seem immune to bad diets?: diabetes, friends - Retirement
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