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  115. Sunny (not too humid), liberal to moderate, non-earthquake prone place for retirement?: single, Mexico
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  137. s for safe investments for 401K other than cash?: grandparents, long-term - Retirement
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  140. Plan retirement early: 55, pension, social security, federal
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  153. Fixodent/Zinc Poisoning: supplement, years, legal, school - Retirement
  154. What do you feel are the friendliest small cities/towns in the south?: weather, move - Retirement
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  156. Cell phone service for older folks: friend, years, husband, single - Retirement
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  167. Rolling a 401(k): 55, moving, taxes, 401k - Retirement
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  172. Thrown into Retirement: social security, state, retired, years
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  189. Good senior citizen magazines: gift, years, adults, support - Retirement
  190. People who have jobs that do/did not pay into social security-retirement is affected adversely? Single? How can we live?: 55, pension
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  194. My Mother: beach, divorce, divorced, marriage - Retirement
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  199. Song for Retirement: love
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