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  10. refi my adjustable mortgage?: years, payments, raise, best - Retirement
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  15. Retirement Saverís Credit: trouble, taxable, IRA, contribution
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  18. Hurricane-Friendly Retirement Property: beach, weather, communities, relatives
  19. Seasonal Residences in Retirement: pension, community, friends, years
  20. At what age do stairs become dangerous?: 55, physically, move - Retirement
  21. Did you retire earlier than planned due to downsizing? This may be happening to me -- share your stories: 55, pension - Retirement
  22. 4% SWR is has been too conservative in a BULL market: relative, retired - Retirement
  23. Do you feel guilty about wanting to do nothing for a day?: vacations, vacation - Retirement
  24. Have your musical tastes changed in your older years?: anniversary, cousins, movies - Retirement
  25. 5 Things A Retired Person Learns About LIfe After Work: moving, dump, relatives - Retirement
  26. IRA funding - annual lump sum or monthly deposits?: 55, pension plan, spouse - Retirement
  27. Poll: How Much Money Do You Have Saved for Retirement?: pension, conversation
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  32. Complaint volunteering hierarchy: long-term, conversation, retired, kiss - Retirement
  33. News, Richard Gere Having a Baby at 69: inherit, twins, raising - Retirement
  34. When you're expecting a package, how frequently do you check the tracking?: travel, city - Retirement
  35. Changing one's diet in retirement: beach, retired, diabetes, meal
  36. limit sequence risk during first 10 years of retirement by using CD's alone (no stocks)?: 55, pension
  37. Free retirement planning dinners at nice mid level restaurants?: financial advisor, social security, friends
  38. Investing in Bonds or Bond Funds: move, years, date, benefit - Retirement
  39. Inheriting 30K. How much will I have in 20 yrs?: dump, states, years - Retirement
  40. At This Point in Your Life How Many TRUE Friends Do You Have?: acquaintance, friendly - Retirement
  41. Looking back, would you trade career progression for thing uot; at an older age?: 55, pension - Retirement
  42. Not moving when retiring.: community, celebration, states, retired - Retirement
  43. remember Sister Mary Elephant? - Retirement
  44. Life Insurance After Retirement: pension, spouse, marriage, social security
  45. Anniversary 50th: weather, celebrate, retired, engaged - Retirement
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  47. Another Dec versus Jan SS: beach, social security, states, retired - Retirement
  48. Stressing about retirement. My situation: 55, pension, financial advisor, divorce
  49. What's Missing in Your Life, and What Can Be Done About It?: 55, move - Retirement
  50. Starting over?: divorce, moving, spouses, marriage - Retirement
  51. Old People: How Much Do You Drink?: alcohol, spouse, marriage - Retirement
  52. The Reason I Use Old People In Titles: 60+, state - Retirement
  53. Have You had more stress in life than of your friends?: 55, pension - Retirement
  54. Age of Death by Location: alcohol, conversation, communities, social security - Retirement
  55. What Time Do You Usually Get Into Your Bed: years, average, year - Retirement
  56. What Time Do You Usually Eat Dinner: retired, meal, years - Retirement
  57. 5 Things You Must Do Before You Retire: 55, supplement, relocate - Retirement
  58. Planning a party: alcohol, moving, community, retired - Retirement
  59. photos used in obits: psycho, teenager, years, adult - Retirement
  60. Medicare basing insurance costs on pre-retirement income?: supplement, social security, 2015
  61. Keys to a Successful and Lasting Marriage: beach, divorce, moving - Retirement
  62. Important: when to file for Delayed Retirement Credits: relative, years, benefits
  63. How Many Big Lottery Winners?: relative, retired, engaged, friend - Retirement
  64. 100-year-olds who are still working: 55, physically, conversation, retired - Retirement
  65. 5 year plan and contingencies: 55, move, Canada, community - Retirement
  66. be aware of catfish schemes: divorce, move, divorced - Retirement
  67. From working full time to retired full time?: pension, social security, benefits - Retirement
  68. Don't Let a 'Gray Divorce' Keep You From Your Retirement Dreams: 55, beach
  69. News, Man Holding Yard Sales to Finance His Own Funeral: state, years - Retirement
  70. Starting to get bored: move, retired, friends, chores - Retirement
  71. chronic fatigue: 55, move, conversation, retired - Retirement
  72. Do You Find Digital Technology Scary?: conversation, gift, loyalty - Retirement
  73. elect not to take Medicare D?: 55, supplement, alcohol - Retirement
  74. What did you do for a health care BRIDGE between early retirement and Medicare??: moving, spouse
  75. Over 55/Over 60 plus - Hair Today - ? tomorrow: years, husband, family - Retirement
  76. Places retirees rent for a month in the summer you'd recommend?: 55, beach - Retirement
  77. Classic TV music and dance (for the seniors): beach, teenager, restaurant - Retirement
  78. How many gallons of Fuel do you consume a week in your car?: beach, weather - Retirement
  79. Class Warfare in 55+ Retirement Communities: supplement, move, state, relatives
  80. Chattanooga TN vs Boise ID vs St.George/SLC Utah: 55, weather - Retirement
  81. Can't part with...: 55, moving, state, gifts - Retirement
  82. have pretty strong health anxiety?: state, retirees, friends - Retirement
  83. Where to vacay in the Winter!: beach, weather, vacations, 2013 - Retirement
  84. Broke Father: pension, emotionally, divorce, alcohol - Retirement
  85. Will and Trust: move, states, adult, support - Retirement
  86. Are YOU an old hippie??: depression, retired, cartoon, respects - Retirement
  87. FIRECalc in Bull vs. Bear Market: retirees, years, forecast, best - Retirement
  88. Life radar app? Would you use it?: weather, divorce, years - Retirement
  89. Update on Retirement: physically, weather, moving, conversation
  90. Too many have a poor understanding of pension amounts: 55, pensions, social security - Retirement
  91. Paying closer to where we live in retirement: 55, beach, weather
  92. Smith and Wesson Retirement Plan (warning- discussion of suicide): insurance, child, place
  93. Job becoming obsolete: pension, move, coverage, retired - Retirement
  94. 15 In-Demand Jobs for Seniors s where retirees can find new jobs at age 62 or older.: grandparents, retired - Retirement
  95. Federal retiree health insurance premiums to rise 1.5% in 2019; smallest increase since 1995: 55, coverage - Retirement
  96. Arnold Schwarzenegger at 71 years old: beach, movies, best, school - Retirement
  97. Going to 1 car in retirement?: retired, years, support, legal
  98. The light at the end of the tunnel just got a lot closer: pension, moving - Retirement
  99. Careful About a New Home for Retirement: move, retired, friend
  100. Places retirees rent for a month in the WINTER you'd recommend?: move, gorgeous - Retirement
  101. Receiving Retirement funds once moving back to Europe: social security, state, respect
  102. Waiting on inheritance as a retirement plan.: pension, acquaintance, spouse
  103. Do you know that is 58 and do the skateboard thing?: friend, years - Retirement
  104. Can I afford to be in the stock market in my situation?: pensions, supplement - Retirement
  105. Best places for short term summer heat relief: moving, vacation, children - Retirement
  106. How do i find discussions on Social Security?: years, married, husband - Retirement
  107. At This Point in Time How Much Are You Resting During the Day?: weather, state - Retirement
  108. Fear of running out of money in retirement is overblown.: beach, inheritance
  109. Dealing with cancer in older age....: 55, 2014, state, relative - Retirement
  110. The first people you meet in a retirement community, senior center, gym, church, may not be good: 55, conversation
  111. have a personal alert device?: community, relatives, retired, friend - Retirement
  112. 65 years old and homeless... this broke my heart but at the end a smile....: pension, friendly - Retirement
  113. If I wait to 70 to collect Social Security........: pensions, financial advisor, move - Retirement
  114. Pension questions not retirement age: pension plan, financial advisor, move, state
  115. Were you at Woodstock?: beach, acquaintance, celebration, state - Retirement
  116. Guessing his retirement is $10,000 a month: pension plan, grandparents, inheritance, retired
  117. Ever wonder why coated nylon and screwdriver handles stink...: alcohol, father-in-law, years - Retirement
  118. A Big Friday Night Grin: movies, place, love, receive - Retirement
  119. How much information is too much to be posted?: conversation, states, relation - Retirement
  120. First great grandchild!: grandparent, years, married, grandmother - Retirement
  121. I Just Had You In My Hands, Come Out From Hiding!: screaming, where to - Retirement
  122. Safe deposit box or safe: moving, community, state, relative - Retirement
  123. Arthritis / knee replacement / physical therapy: 2014, years, husband, trouble - Retirement
  124. My Paisley Past: divorce, alcohol, divorced, marriage - Retirement
  125. Rating post for other retired person's: child, parent, receive - Retirement
  126. 403(b) Woes: pension, financial advisor, state, retired - Retirement
  127. Retirement communities....: 55, moving, relatives, friends
  128. A controversial book: 55, pensions, social security, inheritance - Retirement
  129. Ageing In Place: moving, 2015, state, retired - Retirement
  130. RMD -- Required Minimum Distributions: pension, inherit, relative, retirees - Retirement
  131. After 6 years of Retirement-I've got a hankering for Another Mini-van: move, long distance
  132. How do you fill your day/week?: beach, physically, weather - Retirement
  133. News, Men Flee Nursing Home to Attend Heavy Metal Festival: 55, retirees - Retirement
  134. How many of you have a Trust?: child support, states, gift - Retirement
  135. For all you dinosaur drivers out there --: friend, years - Retirement
  136. ssdi claim first try: 55, acquaintance, social security, friend - Retirement
  137. Car for Seniors: Buy or Lease?: moving, retired, respect - Retirement
  138. Article about rising bankruptcy seniors: pensions, social security, coverage, retirees - Retirement
  139. When did you start less sleep?: states, years, older - Retirement
  140. The High Price People Pay for Retiring Earlier Than They Expect: pension, spouse - Retirement
  141. Long distance travel - do you fly or drive?: 80+, move, states - Retirement
  142. What did you get for your 16th, 18th, or 21st birthday?: alcohol, dumped - Retirement
  143. SENIOR MEN: When it comes to senior women, what type do you find most visually appealing?: physically, conversation - Retirement
  144. SENIOR WOMEN: When it comes to senior men, what type do you find most appealing?: beach, divorce - Retirement
  145. Single supplement: state, relative, gift, cousin - Retirement
  146. Accepting Who You Are Now: grandparents, gifts, kiss, engage - Retirement
  147. Best part of being retired: pension, community, state, friends - Retirement
  148. VA Benefits - Meds: supplement, state, coverage, retired - Retirement
  149. VA Help - Aid & Attendance: pension, divorce, divorced, spouses - Retirement
  150. Not finishing what i started and: conversation, relatives, friend, years - Retirement
  151. Single Guy Approaching Retirement--Owning v Renting: pension, emotionally, moving, spouse
  152. risky activities up?: beach, moving, community, 2014 - Retirement
  153. Dilemma With A Parent As I Approach Retirement: beach, emotionally, moving
  154. Mortgage in Retirement: pensions, move, acquaintance, social security
  155. i'm getting prescription glasses 1st time: years, adult, hubby, single - Retirement
  156. Musings on upcoming retirement: 55, financial advisor, vacations, move
  157. What to expect from a condo management company ~: 55, move, community - Retirement
  158. Air Conditioner on car went out. What would you do?: weather, retired - Retirement
  159. Federal Taxes in Retirement are so low that I almost feel guilty!: 55, pension
  160. Cashing out insurance: move, years, payments, family - Retirement
  161. Mobile Home or Condo?: beach, long-term, move, community - Retirement
  162. Am I the strange one - hhmmmm?: alcohol, retired, graduated - Retirement
  163. Kid's College Education: states, graduated, years, benefit - Retirement
  164. Were you to have had all the tech we do today in your teens/20s how would you have used it?: communities, animation - Retirement
  165. Abandoned Senior - who's in charge?: pension, physically, spouse - Retirement
  166. Could you have waited until 70 to retire?: 60+, pension, community - Retirement
  167. We met with our Financial Planner tonight: Good, Bad, Good, Decisions....: retirees, years - Retirement
  168. Living with an elderly parent?: long-term, moving, spouse, mother-in-law - Retirement
  169. Annuity retirement fund questions: 55, pension, spouse, years
  170. How much is your auto insurance?: 2014, state, coverage, retired - Retirement
  171. Turn 62 this month: physically, emotionally, inherit, years - Retirement
  172. Paying for a Wedding in Retirement!: retired, years, married, date
  173. Relatives retired before they were financially ready- did you?: pension, supplement, emotionally - Retirement
  174. Retiring in place: weather, moving, friendly, community - Retirement
  175. Investment Recommendations in your mid-60s: 55, pension, inheritance, retired - Retirement
  176. Have your reading habits changed?: vacations, move, conversation, friendly - Retirement
  177. What's it like being older in a big city?: moving, retired, movies - Retirement
  178. Old people, 1970 vs. 2018: infant, state, relative, retired - Retirement
  179. Social Security age: 60+, pension, move, spouses - Retirement
  180. Do many retired folks collecting EARLY Social Security work part time?: relocate, friends - Retirement
  181. The worst thing about being an older man is having to go 3-4 times at night: 55, pension - Retirement
  182. Retirees' Baseball Road Trip: friendly, state, friend, raise - Retirement
  183. Having trouble waiting for spouse to retire, too: emotionally, vacations, moving - Retirement
  184. End of life planning... suggestions: 55, spouse, states, separate - Retirement
  185. Me vs. Social Security. After 30 years - I WIN.: payment, benefits, smart - Retirement
  186. RMD's - Cash-out or activate income stream: moving, separate, years - Retirement
  187. What Would You Do? 40 Year Friendship: move, long distance, states, respect - Retirement
  188. have rotator cuff problems?: physically, accident, years, husband - Retirement
  189. Communes for Retirees: 55, alcohol, moving, marriage - Retirement
  190. Bay City Rollers: physically, gift, vacation, movies - Retirement
  191. SS Disability with part time work?: 55, social security, states, coverage - Retirement
  192. Went to another funeral today, they are more and more frequent: move, crying - Retirement
  193. So Sick and tired of Car Insurance Commercials.: coverage, years, drug - Retirement
  194. Best retirement focused magazine: moving, retired, years, husband
  195. Remember serials?: 55, cartoon, movies, years - Retirement
  196. Do you have a vacation home during retirement? If so, where?: 80+, beach
  197. Can the pills possibly get smaller?: 55, retired, meal - Retirement
  198. How did you adjust when your spouse was home with you all day after retirement?: retired, vacation
  199. What was the first time you realized ďyou canít go home again?Ē: beach, relocate - Retirement
  200. 2019 medicare part d enrollment can be viewed now: problems, year - Retirement