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  1. Remember ads urging people to eat sugar before meals?: 2014, meal, commercial - Retirement
  2. IRA owned AXA contract with life insurance benefit: moving, spouse, inherit - Retirement
  3. The future of aging just might be in margaritaville: pension, divorce, move - Retirement
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  5. A 56 year old climbing buildings all over the U.K.: years, call - Retirement
  6. Tim Hawkins: Old Rock Star Songs: anniversary, years, single, older - Retirement
  7. 2020 COLA Watch: average, year - Retirement
  8. about pension taxes: social security, federal, state, years - Retirement
  9. The Piano Guys turn back the clock: love, St. George - Retirement
  10. SSI/SS Retirement Amount: supplement, spouse, social security, federal
  11. Singular nice customs in your retirement location: weather, retiree, friends
  12. help?: wife, return, love, receive - Retirement
  13. Social Security, Medicare Issues Moving to Another State: supplement, federal, benefit - Retirement
  14. A public service announcement for the holidays: friends, family, social - Retirement
  15. Experience with Personal Capital ?: stalking, years, relationship, support - Retirement
  16. Age 70 and when do the actual IRA contributions end?: spouse, retired, separate - Retirement
  17. News, Medicare Expands Access to In-Home Support for Seniors: states, coverage, separate - Retirement
  18. about senior facilities: state, family, city, NYC - Retirement
  19. FT - Global retirement crisis main threat to investment industry: years, taxes
  20. We Went to a Steak Dinner Annuity Pitch. The Salesman Wasn’t Pleased.: 55, years - Retirement
  21. Many of my friends and relatives in their 70s are trying to get back into the work force!: pension, supplement - Retirement
  22. Can I keep current job and get SSA retirement?: spouse, social security, retired
  23. What is or would be a happy retirement for YOU?: beach, vacations
  24. Thinking Retirement...My Options?: move, social security, state, retired
  25. Social Security: 55, pensions, benefit, raise - Retirement
  26. What New Modern Convenience would you NOT want to live without?: best, smart - Retirement
  27. Retirees: How did the internet initially affect you when it first came out?: move, community - Retirement
  28. Aiming to limit weight gain this holiday season: celebrate, family, wife - Retirement
  29. Living longer, but unemployable earlier. When does your retirement planning get blown up?: 55, grandparents
  30. Galapagos for seniors: state, graduate, friends, years - Retirement
  31. use 401k funds or take Social Security? Opinions?: 55, pensions, spouse - Retirement
  32. You personal Butterfly story......: beach, divorce, moving, divorced - Retirement
  33. Mentally ill relative on disability, need help: 55, pension, weather - Retirement
  34. Do you care if you have forever home?: pension, emotionally, moving - Retirement
  35. As gotten older, would you prefer people not give you gifts?: friend, years - Retirement
  36. Not only NO, but HE** NO!: pension plan, supplement, communities, social security - Retirement
  37. How do you get used to so much loss?: 55, divorce, moving - Retirement
  38. When did you buy a cemetery plot? What age and what made you do it?: beach, move - Retirement
  39. Money and moving in w the kids: divorce, conversation, mother-in-law - Retirement
  40. Thanksgiving Dinner update: retired, jail, tax, town - Retirement
  41. Sending holiday cards: Do you still do it?: divorce, relative, gifts - Retirement
  42. Retirement Update 7 months in- first Thanksgiving: pension, supplement, conversation, celebration
  43. Does watch 'The Cool Kids'? They live in a retirement community.: years, husband
  44. What inventions/issues have occurred since 1968 that did you not see coming?: alcohol, marriage - Retirement
  45. How about Nevada?: moving, retired, years, family - Retirement
  46. Does miss working?: relatives, retired, friends, welfare - Retirement
  47. Adult children who moved far away.: pension, moving, spouses, state - Retirement
  48. Quick Social Security: 55, Canada, relative, retired - Retirement
  49. Moved to a new town in retirement? Are the people nicer in your new town?: pension, beach
  50. Livin' or dyin': 55, physically, moving, fighting - Retirement
  51. Are you officially retired if you work for pay part time?: social security, states - Retirement
  52. If they can put a man on the moon why can't they.....?: state, years - Retirement
  53. Did moving to a new town where you knew no-one change your life in retirement?: 55, beach
  54. Logorrhea: conversation, friends, years, single - Retirement
  55. Paging Jim McKay: The agony of de feet: move, gorgeous, manufactured - Retirement
  56. Recommended Amazon Alexa Skills for Seniors?: weather, friends, support, family - Retirement
  57. 2019 COLA increase: 55, pension, supplement, social security - Retirement
  58. How'd You Make It Through All Years Hating Your Jobs?: pension, beach - Retirement
  59. What was the first Christmas present you remember?: relative, years, adult - Retirement
  60. What is the worst Christmas gift you ever got?: retired, gifted, cousin - Retirement
  61. of you with a stent or other heart trouble, how hard do you try to eat heart healthy?: social security, long distance - Retirement
  62. How to Combat Xmas Gift Thieves: retirees, gifts, separate, BF - Retirement
  63. What has it been like for you seeing technology advance so much?: retirees, movies - Retirement
  64. SS - over 70: pension, spouse, social security, retired - Retirement
  65. Are you still bicycling?: beach, move, retiree, accident - Retirement
  66. Curious, how old is everyone: retired, years, older, birthday - Retirement
  67. Know mentally sharp 90+ year olds?: conversation, community, retired, movies - Retirement
  68. Dollar Stores equals 5˘ and 10˘ Stores of yesteryear: gifts, grandmother - Retirement
  69. What are your plans for 2019?: beach, supplement, weather, vacations - Retirement
  70. Were you on top of your game just before you retired?: pension, physically - Retirement
  71. Stock market, time to panic?: years, payment, benefit, best - Retirement
  72. Canadian pharmacy/drugs: Canada, states, manufactured, years - Retirement
  73. Seniors: have you gotten to be a finicky eater as you aged???: ignorant, years - Retirement
  74. Quotes as you age: trouble, father - Retirement
  75. Does use GoodRX?: coverage, drugs, payment, wife - Retirement
  76. Charitable Giving--how much?: community, crying, state, years - Retirement
  77. Pension and Social Security- I can't believe they are going to pay me to not work!: retired, gift - Retirement
  78. Still have Wedding Presents?: move, marriage, anniversary, celebrate - Retirement
  79. Interesting artifact near Jasper, Oregon: retired, travel, generations, Springfield - Retirement
  80. The New Old People Are Going to Suck: grandparents, relatives, retirees - Retirement
  81. How Do You Plan To Die?(warning, discussion of suicide): moving, spouse - Retirement
  82. Stock Index Investing -- Advantage to ETF's ??: moving, benefit, opinion - Retirement
  83. 2019 early retiree ACA report: 55, moving, federal, 2015 - Retirement
  84. What are you less tolerant of as gotten older?: move, state - Retirement
  85. Social Security at 62: states, years, husband, benefits - Retirement
  86. Cataracts in retirement: supplement, state, friend, accident
  87. Church-run Retirement Communities-Thoughts ?: supplement, weather, friendly, state
  88. Seniors: have you got more or less polite as you aged?: loyalty, years - Retirement
  89. Life just threw my retirement planning a curve ball: pension, move, spouse
  90. Braces or Other Cosmetic Fixes at this Stage of Life: 60+, move - Retirement
  91. This thing of toting bottled water you remember doing that 30 years ago?: screaming, movies - Retirement
  92. time for the 'What are your plans for Christmas dinner'?: beach, weather - Retirement
  93. Active over-55 communities?: moving, retired, friends, years - Retirement
  94. 2019 COLA did you get your letter: pension, social security, state - Retirement
  95. A Social Security: state, retired, vacation, payment - Retirement
  96. What percentage of your income have you set aside for saving?: pensions, relative - Retirement
  97. The retirement biz - trying to cater tactfully to seniors: 55, alcohol
  98. Interesting article on not being able to retire: pensions, retirees, years - Retirement
  99. WSJ: More than ever, Americans are aging alone.: 55, divorce - Retirement
  100. Had Panic Attacks Being Retired?: 2013, psycho, years, relationship - Retirement
  101. Besides low stress, financial security, and health, what are (or will be) the focus/goals of your retirement?: supplement, spouse
  102. Who is gardening in retirement?: 55, weather, move, fighting
  103. Politeness and compassion - online? Has it gone the way of the dodo bird?: emotionally, conversation - Retirement
  104. have luck correcting a rounded back?: long distance, 2014, retired - Retirement
  105. The world of nature, then and now: weather, friendly, retired - Retirement
  106. Retirement fund: moving, state, separate, years
  107. The perils of retirement in Thailand: 55, beach, weather, alcohol
  108. Retired, but with responsibilities: grandparents, physically, spouse, state - Retirement
  109. The real cost of that free steak dinner: pension plan, financial advisor - Retirement
  110. Things Parents Did Back In The Day That Would Land Them In Hot Water Today: alcohol, moving - Retirement
  111. 10 Scams That Will Ruin Your Retirement: Canada, conversation, gift, psycho
  112. Dentures...When?: years, drug, cancer, best - Retirement
  113. Suze Orman VS Mr. Money Mustache: 55, pension, supplement, financial advisor - Retirement
  114. Moving or not moving in retirement: weather, state, retired, friends
  115. Were you ready financially to be forced to retire in your late 50s?: 55, pension - Retirement
  116. If you were a kid in today's world . . .: community, depression, ADHD - Retirement
  117. not prepared for the coming dementia crisis: supplement, physically, conversation - Retirement
  118. 55 Plus Active Communities Ideas: 50+, move, friendly, state - Retirement
  119. How much should I contribute to my 401k?: 55, years, get married - Retirement
  120. Things your parents told you as a kid that you believed at the time: weather, vacations - Retirement
  121. Should I have a Roth IRA?: move, spouse, federal, state - Retirement
  122. Adult Children relationship: moving, depression, state, retired - Retirement
  123. Silver Sneakers: supplement, friend, years, wife - Retirement
  124. EZ Retirement Jobs: weather, vacations, retired, vacation
  125. Do you buy art?: respect, years, husband, support - Retirement
  126. Retirement plans affected by dead-beat siblings?: marriage, long distance, 2015, married
  127. Life Without Driving -- in RURAL America: 55, move, community - Retirement
  128. The worst things about retirement by bob lowry: emotionally, crying, retired
  129. CCRC Costs: 55, pensions, move, communities - Retirement
  130. Hearing aid: conversation, marriage, depression, state - Retirement
  131. Did retire in an area with undesirable weather all/part of the year to save $$??: 55, beach - Retirement
  132. Employee Retirement Parties....: alcohol, celebration, retired, gift
  133. know a place where volunteer can post: communities, best, places - Retirement
  134. Eyeglasses from Costco?: physically, years, best, insurance - Retirement
  135. One time sit down with a financial planner?: social security, state, relative - Retirement
  136. Retirement might not be all it's cut out to be: 55, relations
  137. happy to report no ltc increase again: divorce, move, conversation - Retirement
  138. Pushing the family property on the younger generation.: moving, conversation - Retirement
  139. Are you retiring at 62?: social security, coverage, retired, years - Retirement
  140. Take it? Or leave it? Moving stuff to second home: 2013, respect - Retirement
  141. Handicapped Plates and/or Hang Tag....: 55, grandparents, state, friends - Retirement
  142. Do you know what your purpose is?: gifts, support, family - Retirement
  143. Every day I marvel at how happy I am now: weather, move - Retirement
  144. Apartment Renting After Retirement: move, retired, accidents, years
  145. I Need a Coach: weather, blogs, retired, benefit - Retirement
  146. Does it make sense to retire away from a big family with great grandkids?: beach, weather - Retirement
  147. Reflections, 3 Years Post- Retirement: weather, move, community, retired
  148. Can We Guess Your Age by the Foods You Hate?: grandmother, trouble - Retirement
  149. Seeking a Dental plan which doesn't cover cleanings or x rays (since that is covered): coverage, years - Retirement
  150. How to apply for SSI?: 55, social security, accidents, years - Retirement
  151. weekends--after retiring do they still mean a lot to you?: retired, psycho - Retirement
  152. Active Elderly Outdoors Safety: 55, weather, coverage, psycho - Retirement
  153. Did your job decline as you got toward retirement?: move, retired, years
  154. I guess I'm a boomerang. And you?: moving, 2013, state - Retirement
  155. Pension Lump Sum v. Monthly Single Annuity Payout: pensions, financial advisor, long-term - Retirement
  156. So who are you people?: move, marriage, friendly, federal - Retirement
  157. The #1 reason I'm glad to be retired!: weather, states, kiss - Retirement
  158. The new normal ? Crazy conditions set for renting an apartment: beach, moving - Retirement
  159. Where to Retire (US): 65+, beach, weather, moving - Retirement
  160. FMLA and Unemployment . . .: moving, friendly, federal, states - Retirement
  161. how long to get first SS check after applying??: crying, years, payments - Retirement
  162. Out of Shape: move, crying, friend, years - Retirement
  163. RV Lifestyle for retirees and others: pensions, beach, marriage, states - Retirement
  164. Social Security and Medicare Lifetime Benefits and Taxes: spouses, federal, state - Retirement
  165. Will Millennials Get Social Security?: 55, states, relative, retirees - Retirement
  166. Retirees and Trick or Treat: alcohol, moving, communities, retired - Retirement
  167. AARP Membership - $20/2 years: supplement, friendly, dumped, state - Retirement
  168. First weeks of retirement I grew philosophical about my childhood: grandparents, moving
  169. Do you still put up a Christmas tree and decorate since gotten older or retired?: gifts, movies - Retirement
  170. The Kominsky Method on Netflix: beach, accidents, drugs, single - Retirement
  171. Is Depression a Stage of Retirement?: grandparents, emotionally, anniversary, crying
  172. Just curious... How many of you that retired will have Thanksgiving alone or just with spouse?: celebrate, fighting - Retirement
  173. 1 Health issues: move, acquaintance, relative, retired - Retirement
  174. What the oldest household pet ever had?: conversation, crying, friend - Retirement
  175. Not giving up on happiness?: divorce, spouse, marriage, retirees - Retirement
  176. OK Snowbirds, I need advice: inherit, state, security, city - Retirement
  177. poll for who are certain they are going to work in retirement. Why? How often?: move, years
  178. Did you name your car(s)?: community, friend, years, wife - Retirement
  179. Poor senior citizens.: pensions, divorce, social security, coverage - Retirement
  180. $1200.00 cost for two mirror wills for DH and me.: name change, state - Retirement
  181. lose their company pension or have it reduced?: pension plan, spouse - Retirement
  182. What indulgences do you buy at least once a month?: husband, single - Retirement
  183. Long term care insurance rate increase.: 55, long-term, states - Retirement
  184. are Gems -- too cute.: 55, senior, kids - Retirement
  185. Unwanted mail: 55, move, community, 2013 - Retirement
  186. Seniors Replacing Teens at Fast Food and Casual Dining Eateries: 55, supplement - Retirement
  187. News, Taco Bell throws birthday party for 106-year-old regular: friends, restaurant, family - Retirement
  188. Trepidation toward retirement: 2015, retired, friends, years
  189. Is 50K year life insurance for $12 a GOOD deal for a 50 year old?: beach, spouse - Retirement
  190. Your health in general.....a: physically, alcohol, moving, acquaintance - Retirement
  191. Retirement at 62---Healthcare: 55, social security, dumped, state
  192. Older Persons - Ever been a contestant on a game show?: 2013, gift - Retirement
  193. USAtoday: Social Security will never run out of cash: 65+, federal, retired - Retirement
  194. What a difference 37 years make: 55, move, gorgeous, fighting - Retirement
  195. Dutchman, 69, brings lawsuit to lower his age 20 years: conversation, social security, state - Retirement
  196. IRA before passing: 55, spouse, state, husband - Retirement
  197. Yesterday: 55, marriage, anniversary, years - Retirement
  198. Gifts of Experience For Christmas and Other Gift Giving Days: Tulsa - Retirement
  199. Care Matters Long-Term Care: insurance - Retirement
  200. 8 Myths About Aging and Long-Term Care The author of 'Navigating Your Later Years for Dummies' busts them - Retirement