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  48. With No objects in the way, What you like to be?: 2013, years - Retirement
  49. Pssst......Y2K was twenty years ago: support, smart, school - Retirement
  50. If you could, which past or future time would you go visit?: grandparents, states - Retirement
  51. public drinking?: beach, alcohol, legal, students - Retirement
  52. Looking for answers from who know the answer.: weather, move - Retirement
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  55. Donate body or donate organs: physically, friend, years, benefit - Retirement
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  69. Seniors: did you build your retirement home?: 55, moving, community
  70. How many of you are doing your best to ignore politics/social issues in retirement?: conversation, community
  71. I just love Mondays: depression, retired, years, restaurant - Retirement
  72. what do you call spouse or friends: separate, husband, family - Retirement
  73. Countdown Clock! Getting Close: 55, retired, years, married - Retirement
  74. According to this article...we should all work forever.: conversation, social security, relative - Retirement
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  78. Do you store your batteries in the freezer, the frig, or just on a shelf?: move, years - Retirement
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  83. Seniors are to blame for housing shortage, study finds: 55, relocating, 2015 - Retirement
  84. The light at the end of the tunnel: 55, move, spouses - Retirement
  85. Celebrex vs mobic... what do the rest of you oldies but goodies think: supplement, weather - Retirement
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  87. What was your favorite thing about working?: move, community, celebrate - Retirement
  88. What aspect of working do you miss the least?: vacation, accidents, years - Retirement
  89. Will execution, probate: spouse, 2015, states, relatives - Retirement
  90. Movies that Celebrate the Senior Years: beach, spouses, community, celebration - Retirement
  91. Looking for advice from other SENIORS dental treatment for seniors: retired, vacation - Retirement
  92. For retirement is data driven for others it isn't.: 55, conversation
  93. Enjoying being an older woman: states, psycho, friends, years - Retirement
  94. New 1040 form for 2018 has an error??!?: spouse, social security, states, retirees - Retirement
  95. regret NOT spending more money in your younger days?: vacations, divorce - Retirement
  96. What positive surprises have you found in retirement: 55, pension, moving
  97. Would you like to go back to the good old days ?: grandparents, depression - Retirement
  98. for that got the Shingrix vaccine?: gift, years, wife - Retirement
  99. A Different International Retirement: 55, beach, relocating, Canada
  100. video, Police officer films 3 young men helping elderly woman: 'She could have been my grandmother': beach, weather - Retirement
  101. Lifestyle changes and when you made them: 55, beach, move - Retirement
  102. Saying Hello!: move, retired, friends, single - Retirement
  103. problems with online social security acct: marriage, state, coverage, retirees - Retirement
  104. Social Security disability site: move, federal, depression, 2014 - Retirement
  105. Smacked with a serious medical issue before retirement - how do you adjust plans?: beach, physically
  106. Seniors: what is your favorite thing to do while retired?: vacations, vacation - Retirement
  107. What Narrow Escapes Can Still Leave You In A Sweat Today?: weather, crying - Retirement
  108. Best invention in your lifetime?: travel, Tennessee - Retirement
  109. Songs for a retirement party: vacation, friend, years, best
  110. Seniors: how has autocorrect changed what you wrote?: pension, retired, accident - Retirement
  111. Should I renew my AARP membership?: 55, supplement, retired, years - Retirement
  112. Where was the first WalMart you ever shopped at?: retired, boy, place - Retirement
  113. retired folks that have no relatives for Christmas gifts and socializing?: spouse, celebrate - Retirement
  114. Buy-in to Medicare before age 65: 50+, coverage, retired, years - Retirement
  115. Taking SS at FRA and working. Consequences: pensions, social security, federal - Retirement
  116. Baby Boomer Gamers: movies, years, generations, place - Retirement
  117. IRA to Roth: move, social security, years, benefit - Retirement
  118. Job Offer with State Retirement Benefits: 55, pensions, beach, move
  119. How can I increase my income if I'm retired?: supplement, social security - Retirement
  120. Were you pushed out of your job before you were ready to retire?: 55, pension - Retirement
  121. a minimal SS raise starting Jan 1, 2019: social security, celebration, 2015 - Retirement
  122. New Years Eve traditions: state, relatives, retired, meal - Retirement
  123. So, how were your holidays?: weather, relatives, cousins, movies - Retirement
  124. What do you remember from years ago?: teenager, accident, grown up - Retirement
  125. Has gotten calls from Indian scammers? have started being arrested: friend, years - Retirement
  126. Remember April Parks and the Nevada Senior Guardianship Case?: relocate, Canada, crying - Retirement
  127. What if my retirement plan is I don't want to retire?: emotionally, financial advisor
  128. Your favorite job during your working years?: move, marriage, gorgeous - Retirement
  129. old enough to remember the stone age?: grandma, raising, wife - Retirement
  130. Word for simplifying life..: conversation, retired, friends, years - Retirement
  131. SS Retirement Benfit vs. SS Spouse Benefit: 55, 2015, years
  132. Husbands hip of femor bone deteriated...: 2015, vacation, friend - Retirement
  133. Biggest problem in retirement?: retired, family, best, seniors
  134. What Do You Do With.....: years, single, best, school - Retirement
  135. How On Earth Did I Survive It?: 60+, physically, weather - Retirement
  136. What's with the orange at the bottom of the stocking?: inherit, depression - Retirement
  137. Collection agency: states, years, payment, dates - Retirement
  138. Help me understand retirement withdrawals in a bear stock market: pension, long-term
  139. For who celebrate: Merry Christmas!!!: gift, best, call, receive - Retirement
  140. Government shutdown?: pensions, separate, employees, receive - Retirement
  141. Almost Christmas: gifts, friend, grandmother, husband - Retirement
  142. Are you a bad friend: move, conversation, retired, gifts - Retirement
  143. Best Financial decision of your life: pension, state, retired, years - Retirement
  144. 4 days until Retirement: beach, celebrate, state, retired
  145. If You Want to Retire Comfortably, It Isn't All About Investing: pensions, social security - Retirement
  146. Do you miss the people you worked with before retiring?: retired, separate - Retirement
  147. need opinions to move closer to hospital or away from snow: moving, state - Retirement
  148. Another Depressing Article of Pension Theft!: pensions, community, 2013, state - Retirement
  149. Have you started playing games now that retired?: husband, senior, pet - Retirement
  150. Robot vacuum cleaners for retirees: years, place, problem, love - Retirement
  151. Your actual retirement life vs. How you imagined it: pension, beach, move
  152. RMDs--sell and take cash or move to taxable account?: pension, moving, retired - Retirement
  153. changing attitude towards winter: weather, move, depression, retired - Retirement
  154. This is a serious Are there 55+ widows/single women communes in the US?: physically, communities - Retirement
  155. Things your parents taught you when you were a child: vacations, stepfather - Retirement
  156. Retirement has changed over the years: vacations, move, communities, state
  157. Posting vacation pics on Facebook: vacations, community, state, retired - Retirement
  158. Senior fitness .....: weather, relative, gift, movies - Retirement
  159. Proof of single status to get pension...: spouse, marriage, state - Retirement
  160. Best smell for older men?: years, husband, love, year - Retirement
  161. Moving from Oahu to mainland for retirement: physically, weather, friendly
  162. Did you reach an age where you knew that no employers would take your employment application seriously?: relocate, retired - Retirement
  163. Thinking of a year long international RTW trip before moving to a new retirement home: 80+, community
  164. Your personality now vs. your personality 'back then': community, years, dating - Retirement
  165. Dreaming about retirement: pension, state, retired, years
  166. Idyllic weekend getaway spot may not be idyllic retirement location: beach, weather
  167. I like to shower every day at 4 pm, how about you?: teenager, years - Retirement
  168. Underestimating what you need for retirement: pensions, moving, social security, state
  169. I like high population areas: beach, moving, community, state - Retirement
  170. Why Forgetfulness Might Actually Help You: conversation, psycho, movies, friends - Retirement
  171. One Year in Retirement: pension, supplement, physically, moving
  172. Thoughts on best clothing stores for men over 60?: 60+, husband, older - Retirement
  173. The Debit card from SS--Don't use it!!!!!!: years, relationship, places - Retirement
  174. What has been your experience as a retiree living in a rural tourist town or area?: beach, weather - Retirement
  175. LTC - Which benefit of 2 would you take?: spouse, 2014, state - Retirement
  176. Mid-50's living in a Del Webb community?: 55, moving, communities - Retirement
  177. Which awards from the office were worth keeping?: pension, moving, federal - Retirement
  178. Where were you on your decade birthdays?: move, state, friend - Retirement
  179. How Many Of You Married Your Mother Or Father In Ways?: physically, emotionally - Retirement
  180. Went to the movies to see The Mule: years, Madison - Retirement
  181. Do you buy Christmas gifts for nieces, nephews spouses?: grandparents, conversation, states - Retirement
  182. Did Social Security estimated payments accurately....: states, retired, years, salary - Retirement
  183. Past Forum Contributers: 55, gift, respect, friends - Retirement
  184. Downsizing Washer and Dryer: spouse, 2013, separate, years - Retirement
  185. How much did you turn into your mother or father??: emotionally, divorce - Retirement
  186. Your mom's go-to dinners: acquaintance, depression, retired, years - Retirement
  187. Curmudgeon has passed away: family, wife, city, year - Retirement
  188. you guys would get a laugh out of this: conversation, teenagers - Retirement
  189. s upon getting old: physically, crying, family, senior - Retirement
  190. Am I the only one not using debit cards?: retired, years, payments - Retirement
  191. Another Retirement Conumdrum - Health Insurance linked to Pension Choices: pension plan, supplement
  192. How Much Information Do You Really Have to Give the Census takers?: 55, federal - Retirement
  193. Who lives on social security alone & how are you making ends meet?: pensions, beach - Retirement
  194. How often do you bathe each week?: beach, senior, problems - Retirement
  195. 55 plus communities with fenced yards?: housing, pet, city, call - Retirement
  196. like casinos?: marriage, community, depression, retired - Retirement
  197. Another when to take social security, Morgan Stanley says 62: pensions, supplement, divorce - Retirement
  198. have a I'm-not-dead uot; estate sale - of their own belongings?: grandparents, moving - Retirement
  199. I like learning things...: conversation, community, relative, retired - Retirement
  200. Thank You For Being A Friend....: travel - Retirement