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  1. have AARP Insurance?: alcohol, moving, coverage, retired - Retirement
  2. Taxing SS Benefits Brings In Big Money: social security, states, retirees - Retirement
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  8. employer based plan: retired, years, married, date - Retirement
  9. Tucson area: weather, state, friend, university - Retirement
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  13. Welcome to AUTUMN!: weather, move, engaged, years - Retirement
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  15. Retirement savings - inflation calculations: pensions, social security, retirees, years
  16. A timing on Survivor Benefits....: pensions, long-term, spouse, social security - Retirement
  17. FERS federal employee retirement supplement and SS at 62: social security, retired, payment
  18. Avoiding 7 Deadly Estate Planning Mistakes: problems - Retirement
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  20. Spouse child care benefits from SS: moving, social security, state, years - Retirement
  21. Cities with the highest and lowest mortgage payments in the U.S.: federal, costs - Retirement
  22. Glad that I lived long enough to see this: dump, 2015, state - Retirement
  23. Dangerous Driving where I live. Young People running red lights.: respect, years - Retirement
  24. 25 Safe & Beautiful Countries Where $150k Is Enough to Retire: coverage, vacation - Retirement
  25. Lady says she never accessed her 401k so no RMD's. She's 85. What next?: move, federal - Retirement
  26. Relocated in Retirement? Did you feel a sense of relief and renewal?: beach, moving
  27. What Did You Do For A Living and Smart Alec Replies: 50+, beach - Retirement
  28. Boomer Benefits Medicare Consulting company: supplement, federal, coverage, retirees - Retirement
  29. Evaluate your retirement to date, what grade would you give yourself—and why?: 55, move
  30. RMDs -- can I withdraw my total RMD from just one account?: move, separate - Retirement
  31. OLLI in you city?: community, state, retirees, friends - Retirement
  32. Restricted Application on Ex Spouse: divorce, divorced, social security, 2015 - Retirement
  33. professional executor for will and cost range: spouse, father-in-law, states - Retirement
  34. Once Retired, Did you spend less or more $ in retirement? Were you surprised?: pension, supplement
  35. 14 places you can retire in the US where the typical home value is less than the cost of a new car: weather, state - Retirement
  36. At what age can you no longer contribute to an IRA? (I think I know the answer just double checking): 55, inheritance - Retirement
  37. Has found their spouse having a midlife crisis in retirement?: conversation, marriage
  38. To which state did you retire?: weather, move, friendly, communities - Retirement
  39. Social Security - Initial Filing: relocate, conversation, spouse, payment - Retirement
  40. Who sold their house then rented in retirement?: move, friend, years
  41. Did you decide to cut your income in retirement so you could retire early? Why or Why Not?: 55, pension
  42. Moving advice: physically, psycho, years, husband - Retirement
  43. Widow's Benefits: supplement, divorce, divorced, spouses - Retirement
  44. Has heard that Ted Turner has Lewy body dementia?: friends, years - Retirement
  45. strategies for finding snow bird rentals: states, retirees, separate, vacation - Retirement
  46. Moving to a new city in Retirement - buy or rent?: beach, state
  47. At what age did you really start counting down time to retirement?: 55, divorce
  48. Women - long hair? Yes or No?: community, friends, years - Retirement
  49. Where Can I Go Get a Brain Zap???: years, deal, year - Retirement
  50. How many businesses you worked for went belly up?: pension, moving, marriage - Retirement
  51. How much is enough???: pensions, emotionally, spouse, social security - Retirement
  52. Eliminate negative people in your life including family members?: emotionally, alcohol, marriage - Retirement
  53. My free dinner at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse last night !!: years, best, wife - Retirement
  54. Just 19 percent of current retired folks stayed on the job 65 or later: 55, years - Retirement
  55. How many properties do you own in retirement?: emotionally, move, inherit
  56. My Problem With Retirement Calculators: pensions, supplement, vacations, social security
  57. How many houses lived in have since been demolished?: state, years - Retirement
  58. What is the best thing for you in retirement?: moving, retired, years
  59. FIRECALC -- Data Sources and Methods: pension, social security, relative, retired - Retirement
  60. Folks give me help ....: 55, pensions, beach, financial advisor - Retirement
  61. There won't be a retirement party: 55, relocate, celebration, retired
  62. For in retirement communities with Cluster Mailboxes.: 55, states, years
  63. I want to retire NOW...but healthcare: 55, vacations, move - Retirement
  64. MarketWatch's 4 gorgeous beach towns where you can retire on $40,000 a year: 55, state - Retirement
  65. Look before you leap.: 55, weather, moving, spouse - Retirement
  66. with TIAA annuities?: 55, pensions, financial advisor, move - Retirement
  67. Are you a curmudgeon or are you in the process of becoming one?: 55, conversation - Retirement
  68. Old people mail: 55, supplement, gorgeous, community - Retirement
  69. One positive to being retired: 55, pension, weather, moving - Retirement
  70. The Best City To Retire Using Only Social Security: 55, weather, states - Retirement
  71. Do I need to work ??: 55, social security, years, smart - Retirement
  72. I save over 2k in my 401k and my Daughter is subjected to losing her SSI?: 55, welfare - Retirement
  73. Maintaining contacts as we age: 55, physically, acquaintance, conversation - Retirement
  74. A Social Security on income...: 55, welfare, years, payment - Retirement
  75. Not retiring to SoCal - but for a surprising reason: 55, weather - Retirement
  76. Should I get a roomba?: 55, moving, retired, years - Retirement
  77. Same hobbies pre and post retirement?: 55, physically, move, relative
  78. More and more seniors competing in things like Ironman: 55, conversation, fighting - Retirement
  79. Health Care Getting From 62-65: 55, dump, inherit, state - Retirement
  80. about Medicare when claiming off ex-spouse's record, then you remarry: 55, supplement - Retirement
  81. Inherited timeshares: 55, mother-in-law, inheritance, state - Retirement
  82. Can you retire on a cruise ship?: 55, beach, community - Retirement
  83. Favorite TV Show from your Childhood: 55, cartoons, years, college - Retirement
  84. Memories of Earth Day through the years: 55, beach, conversation - Retirement
  85. Living Overseas for 4 Months/Year In Retirement: 55, community, retired
  86. News, Social Security won't be able to pay full benefits by 2035: 55, federal - Retirement
  87. Received a compliment over the weekend: 55, physically, move, friends - Retirement
  88. When did you retire?: pension plan, beach, moving, depression - Retirement
  89. So I Am Retiring Early, Let's Discuss The Exit Interview: move, years - Retirement
  90. Best Retirement Cities for late stage Boomers/early Gen X retirees: 55, weather
  91. A cleaner, safer world..: long distance, retirees, graduated, respect - Retirement
  92. About How Old Are You and How is Your Health?: physically, emotionally - Retirement
  93. Women and hair loss: acquaintance, friend, grandmother, mother - Retirement
  94. When did you take over or give up family dinner duties?: 55, grandparents - Retirement
  95. Have you Unretired?: 55, pension, divorce, Canada - Retirement
  96. seniors started over from broke?: 55, pension, physically, weather - Retirement
  97. Regret Moving to a 55+ Community?: weather, conversation, communities, state - Retirement
  98. Still Saving for Retirement [while in retirement]?: community, social security, retired
  99. Would you go back and fix history?: 55, conversation, vacation - Retirement
  100. Retiring near big city vs. a small town: 55, beach, weather - Retirement
  101. Ideal Retirement State: 55, pensions, beach, moving
  102. Adult children are costing many parents their retirement savings: 55, grandparents, community
  103. Will or living trust?: 55, move, states, separate - Retirement
  104. One of my favorite forums on the site: 55, pension plan, vacations - Retirement
  105. Today is a holiday: pension, friendly, celebrate, retired - Retirement
  106. Vaginal atrophy - affects 60-70% of older women...: alcohol, years, drug - Retirement
  107. How Have Your Transferred Money into Your Roth? All at Once or Over the years?: pension, move - Retirement
  108. Life secrets - to the grave or no?: grandparents, years, married - Retirement
  109. Disappointed in Online Social Security Account: states, friend, payment, place - Retirement
  110. Identified my retirement date: financial advisor, weather, moving, vacation
  111. seniors regret how much time they spent at work?: conversation, retired - Retirement
  112. Our parents Health and Their Longevity: 55, grandparents, celebrate, state - Retirement
  113. Age proofing your home: 55, moving, community, accidents - Retirement
  114. Empty Nesters: moving, states, retired, graduating - Retirement
  115. Senior comedian looking for his first big break: movies, friend, years - Retirement
  116. How many retirees are ex-pats?: beach, 2013, states, retired - Retirement
  117. Is there anything you wish you would have asked people before they died?: grandparents, alcohol - Retirement
  118. Time Management Skills: 55, weather, retired, chores - Retirement
  119. We were all kids/children once upon a time: grandparents, grandma, raise - Retirement
  120. Reflections of Life: 50+, emotionally, moving, conversation - Retirement
  121. Who should you leave your money to?: grandparents, spouse, state - Retirement
  122. Songs of the Past: beach, gorgeous, yelling, best - Retirement
  123. Solo travel in retirement?: supplement, friendly, relative, retired
  124. Have you known who had a stroke?: move, respects, friend - Retirement
  125. CBD oil for old-age problems: supplement, relative, support, benefits - Retirement
  126. Women and shoes for the aging foot: 55, 2014, retired - Retirement
  127. Flexible fabric shoes for the retired feet....: friendly, friend, support - Retirement
  128. What happen if file tax return for social security benefit income?: federal, states - Retirement
  129. My lab results revealed low iron: 55, supplement, relation - Retirement
  130. Tomorrow is my last day at work :): physically, years, retiring - Retirement
  131. Can't recommend Arizona for retirement.: beach, weather, move, states
  132. Latest Prudential Retirement Ad - WTH?: beach, alcohol, moving, infant
  133. Old girl/boy friends: graduated, separate, kiss, years - Retirement
  134. Roku or Amzon Fire TV for senior: smart, mother, city - Retirement
  135. Where to 'snowbird'?: beach, weather, vacation, wife - Retirement
  136. who has backpain experience good results with mattress: move, 2013, separate - Retirement
  137. Is Mom eligible for of Dad’s retirement?: pension, divorce, divorced
  138. Have you ever the world was going to end?: moving, movies - Retirement
  139. regret NOT sleeping with more people when you were younger?: divorce, years - Retirement
  140. Can interpret S.S. Language?: divorce, divorced, spouses, 2015 - Retirement
  141. Would you do it all again if you could?: years, relationship, benefit - Retirement
  142. new scam on older folks: states, retired, separate, respect - Retirement
  143. Lost My Tolerance and It is Hurting Me!: state, retired, years - Retirement
  144. For who moved to be close to your kids/grandkids: grandparents, moving - Retirement
  145. Tax on Social Security if you have other income: 55, federal, married - Retirement
  146. Single retirees relocating with pets, emergency pet care?: 55, friendly, friends - Retirement
  147. For of you who retired, or are planning to retire, to another state -- WHY?: 55, grandparents - Retirement
  148. wait so long to retire that you were in bad health?: pension, grandparents - Retirement
  149. Retirement in Scottsdale all-ages community versus Sun Cities: 55, supplement, physically
  150. Nonenal - Aging Odor: cousin, years, school, generation - Retirement
  151. Holiday Inn over nursing home: fighting, blog, years, benefit - Retirement
  152. Would you find it difficult navigating today's world if you woke up tomorrow and were 18 again?: 55, friends - Retirement
  153. What to do with downsized stuff: alcohol, moving, community - Retirement
  154. Need advice on adjustable beds.: spouse, 2015, friend, years - Retirement
  155. Start a band in retirement: community, anniversary, retired, separate
  156. More than 1m childless people over 65 are 'dangerously unsupported': 55, spouses, communities - Retirement
  157. Where did Mathjak go?: 55, anniversary, state, vacation - Retirement
  158. She's 89 And Can't Stay Out Of The Pool: 55, beach, moving - Retirement
  159. But if I retire, what will I do?: moving, spouse - Retirement
  160. Did you need time to decompress after retirement?: pension, financial advisor, moving
  161. Audio production jobs for men in their '70s???: spouse, fighting, state - Retirement
  162. Old and Confused in Texas.: pension plan, beach, supplement, financial advisor - Retirement
  163. Does regret working until 70?: 55, pension, state, relatives - Retirement
  164. Working for the Census: physically, moving, spouse, social security - Retirement
  165. As older relatives died, did you get more stuff?: grandparents, friends - Retirement
  166. Who was an entrepreneur?: pensions, move, state, retired - Retirement
  167. Noticing Weird Familial Mannerism in Myself & It's Freaking Me Out: 55, dump - Retirement
  168. How many of you don't care whether or not you leave an inheritance for: supplement, state - Retirement
  169. Marijuana May Boost, Rather than Dull, The Elderly Brain: 55, weather, retired - Retirement
  170. But wait, there’s more!: retired, girl, parent, spend - Retirement
  171. Useful Website?: relocate, federal, relatives, retired - Retirement
  172. This decade is the most depressing: physically, weather, state, cousin - Retirement
  173. How Well Do You Cope With Life Now That You're Old Different Than When Young?): spouse, separate - Retirement
  174. Fallacy of Self-Determination Philosophy: physically, move, conversation, fighting - Retirement
  175. Late RMD penalty...: pension, moving, years, grandfather - Retirement
  176. Retirement Reward: moving, state, gift, vacation
  177. Now I am going to have Umbilical Hernia Surgery: vacation, years, husband - Retirement
  178. Dilemma to Retire, Relocate or Postpone: pension, emotionally, weather, moving - Retirement
  179. low-income housing, maintenance/clerical, and mgmt.: 55, move, federal - Retirement
  180. going in for angioplasty wish me luck: years, best, university - Retirement
  181. Tucson Az: restaurant, best, university, Mexico - Retirement
  182. Wife's SS: spouses, social security, years, married - Retirement
  183. North, South, East or West? Where are your roots?: moving, cousins, grandmother - Retirement
  184. Exercising the mind...what do you do?: marriage, years, husband - Retirement
  185. Things from your childhood that would baffle younger people of today: 55, allowance - Retirement
  186. Where are New Yorkers going?: 55, weather, moving, states - Retirement
  187. How Many Times Have You Changed Your Will Over The Years?: 55, move - Retirement
  188. Welcome to SPRING!!!: weather, dumped, retired, years - Retirement
  189. 401K withdrawal: retirees, friend, years, married - Retirement
  190. investing in stocks: pension, beach, long-term, move - Retirement
  191. Ever hear of a Nine Month Rule for Pension validity?: pensions, long-term - Retirement
  192. Can we talk about hearing aids?: conversation, state, friend, years - Retirement
  193. When were the good old days in your life?: moving, retired, vacation - Retirement
  194. As I Near Retirement...: 55, weather, state, retired
  195. pulling money out of the stock market?: 55, move, retirees - Retirement
  196. Sick and looking out the window: move, retired, years, older - Retirement
  197. Social Security about Spousal Benefits: 55, spouse, marriage, years - Retirement
  198. Defined Benefits pension retirees Danger!!! Danger!!!: 2015, state, retired, years - Retirement
  199. Nevada or Arizona?: 55, physically, weather, vacations - Retirement
  200. Politics and Civic Engagement during retirement: plans