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  94. Japan's population problems, Thailand making disk drives: contractor, debt, borrowing - Economics
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  102. Phil Mickelson Says Im Out!! Enjoy Your Tax Increases Cali!: 2013, union - Economics
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  106. Collection Agency / Hospice ?: bankrupt, insurance, real estate, debt - Economics
  107. Which big stores sell nothing but American made ?: buy, China, Australia - Economics
  108. What is or should be the Base Form, forms of Employment: buy, company - Economics
  109. Cutting cable to save $$$. Are you sure???: tier, companies, money - Economics
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  117. Is $60,000 a year for one person decent in the U.S: student loan, insurance - Economics
  118. I think the Government should stop student loans, or severely limit them: bankruptcy, insurance - Economics
  119. Consequences of repealing minimum wage rates.: expenses, financial, salary, cost - Economics
  120. Reduce the trade deficit; increase GDP & median wage: expenses, paychecks, purchase - Economics
  121. BOA (Bank of America ) pending layoffs: student loan, insurance, contractor, debt - Economics
  122. Los Angeles Times: Family Debts Fall to Pre-2007 Levels: bankruptcy, student loan - Economics
  123. Cutting Taxes: bankruptcy, calculate, union, deduction - Economics
  124. Predictions of the next auto industry collapse( I say it starts in 2013): percentage, union - Economics
  125. Was the USA economic disaster caused by a lack of education in our schools?: loans, wholesale - Economics
  126. List Of Post-Election Firings And Layoffs......: IRA, company, interest, tax - Economics
  127. Means testing for Social Security benefits: insurance, calculate, millionaires, credit - Economics
  128. Hostess closing becuase of union strike in seattle: bankruptcy, pension, buy - Economics
  129. failure to launch for younger generation in big cities?: accounting, real estate, status - Economics
  130. Business is really bad in America! Really????: percentage, free market, companies - Economics
  131. Two things to think about...: insurance, credit card, buy, companies - Economics
  132. Offshoring - what can be done about it?: accountant, complaint, free market - Economics
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  134. The curious doctine of economics: credit, tax, property, wage
  135. Unsustainable: 2014, debt, buy, interest - Economics
  136. US economics going back to the 30's and 40's with high unemployment and lower living condition: 2013, small business
  137. Think about this, all this effects you too!: bankruptcy, buy, taxes - Economics
  138. Is the Goal of a Highly-Skilled Workforce Realistic?: company, interest, money - Economics
  139. When will the Dow go back down to about 6,000??: buy, sell, companies - Economics
  140. A REAL American company!: buy, sell, companies, tax - Economics
  141. Tax Cuts for the Rich Don't Spur Growth: loans, small business, borrow - Economics
  142. Black Swan Predictions...: status, companies, interest, taxes - Economics
  143. RN Salaries are the main driver of high healthcare costs.: bankrupt, insurance - Economics
  144. Could Mortgage Rates Rise Despite QE3?: loans, credit, debt, buy - Economics
  145. Sold my property, but tenant owes me money: expenses, wages, lawyer - Economics
  146. What was life like before the recession?: loan, insurance, union - Economics
  147. QEInfinity Sounded the Death Knell For Savings Interest Rates: loan, real estate, debt - Economics
  148. Economist LaurenceKotlikoff: The United States has 202 Trillion in debt!: bankruptcy, loans, retail business - Economics
  149. Has there been a sea change in consumption?: loans, credit card, debt - Economics
  150. Only now, in the end, do you understand.: bankruptcy, union, limitations - Economics
  151. Era of free checking accounts is over: loans, union, credit - Economics
  152. World Health Organization mulling global cigarette tax: insurance, money, costs - Economics
  153. General Motors Is Headed For Bankruptcy -- Again: accountant, purchase, company - Economics
  154. Home buying in such an unstable economy: loan, insurance, transaction - Economics
  155. The pride of the American worker: buy, sell, companies, cost - Economics
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  157. Keynesian economics: loans, free market, debt, borrow
  158. Why is the hatred of the big banks so extreme?: loans, union - Economics
  159. 12 cities in China have subways, 16 cities under construction: money, cost, government - Economics
  160. The End of Middle Class Growth: transaction, complaint, free market, credit - Economics
  161. Tax the Rich: An animated fairy tale: percentage, accountant, agent - Economics
  162. Apparently China has its own debt crisis, so where does the US factor in this equation?: loans, percentage - Economics
  163. Bank of America and their evilness: union, credit, borrow, company - Economics
  164. For of you that feel poor people are the scum of the earth..: percentage, paycheck - Economics
  165. What's the endgame for the US economy?: deduction, debt, borrow - Economics
  166. Going 100% in precious metals and dropping out of the system.: debt, buy - Economics
  167. AMT train wreck coming?: 2013, deduction, property tax, money - Economics
  168. Financial Tyranny on a Global scale about to be exposed?: purchase, interest - Economics
  169. Beware! Safeway charging full price, not card price sometimes!: transaction, accounting - Economics
  170. 2013 Gas Prices: judgment, buy, money, cost - Economics
  171. YOUTH or WEALTH: millionaire, money, bill - Economics
  172. Is Rent-A-Car the Best Way to Go for Sure?: loan, insurance, union - Economics
  173. Jobs that left America and aren't coming back: tier, debt, status - Economics
  174. Which system is better? the Soviet Union (Stalin) or Western (American): buy, economy - Economics
  175. Hostess Raided Employee Pensions: bankruptcy, union, real estate, paycheck - Economics
  176. companies cutting hours or days?: insurance, percentage, contractor, union - Economics
  177. Ideas on what to do about my car (looking to sell/lower payments): loan, insurance - Economics
  178. Why You Shouldn’t Shop at Walmart on Friday: union, buying, wages - Economics
  179. Buy Nothing (or Buy Less) Christmas/Holiday Season: 2013, small business, debt - Economics
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  183. Twinkee Twinkee little star wonder where you are.........: bankruptcy, union, debt - Economics
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  185. My economic predictions for this time in 2016...: 2015, credit, investing - Economics
  186. Calculating Risk: analysis, stock market, number, market - Economics
  187. Unjustified capital gains tax discount and our prior tax averaging regulations.: retirement plan, deduction - Economics
  188. When The Dollar Dies...........: borrowing, companies, interest, money - Economics
  189. Hunger in America?? Why?: buy, money, income, costs - Economics
  190. pics of Nanchong, China: tier, real estate, debt, cost - Economics
  191. The dollar bill coin: companies, money, government, San Jose - Economics
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  193. Trade deficits are ALWAYS an detriment to their nations’ GDPs.: transaction, interest - Economics
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  197. Quebec gold project presents big opportunity for Aurvista Gold: money, dollars - Economics
  198. Fake Gold Hits NYC: costs, dealers, New York - Economics
  199. Global Haves and Have Nots in Moderation: average, economic, rich - Economics
  200. School bids to be disclosed: government - Economics