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  118. It Is Now Cheaper To Rent A Dry Bulk Tanker Than A Ferrari!!: debt, property - Economics
  119. You know things are getting bad when the talking heads tell you not to panic.: credit, debt - Economics
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  137. Where would America's economy be right now without all the free trade bills?: union, buy - Economics
  138. Does America really need a rapidly increasing population to prosper?: percentage, debt - Economics
  139. We may get a bost in the market via oil EXPORTING: bankrupt, 2015 - Economics
  140. Common Sense Federal Income Tax Reform: accountant, deduction, credit, debt - Economics
  141. why don't economists talk about Hitler's economic miracle?: limitations, credit, borrow - Economics
  142. The World Debt/Death Spiral: bankruptcy, insurance, credit, borrow - Economics
  143. What happens to a bank's debt assets, if it fails and goes belly up: bankruptcy, loans - Economics
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  145. What percent of working age American adults have a regular paycheck?: insurance, 2015 - Economics
  146. What would happen to the economy if...........: calculate, company, tax - Economics
  147. The real unemployment rate is 26%: 2015, calculate, wage, corporation - Economics
  148. US pay gap widens, poor get poorer: 2015, contractor, debt - Economics
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  152. how bad are things looking: bankrupt, credit, debt, mortgage - Economics
  153. Changing cost for Americans from 2005 to 2014: student loan, union, expenses, purchase - Economics
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  180. All this talk about High Rents & Affordable housing sounds like major Entitlement: mortgage, buy - Economics
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  187. I hope you bears are right about a real estate bubble: buy, companies - Economics
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  189. BOJ not the only one with neg interest rates: student loan, 2015, debt - Economics
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  191. It's The CEOs gluttony that's caused Millennials to be Generation *****: company, taxes - Economics
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  197. For the non-bank, non-investment people on ...: amount - Economics
  198. Jack Lew slams EU tax probes into US companies: job, invest, government - Economics
  199. Who has the least number of denominations of coins: collection, Euro, considered - Economics
  200. Brics? - Economics