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  129. Education versus industry--Are children more like employees or raw materials?: SAT, college
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  132. which is best city for home schooling: college, degrees, public schools - Education
  133. South korea dumping paper based textbooks for digital textbooks and a tablet.: college, pay - Education
  134. WHY SHOULD THEY! What is the motivation for passing a STANDARIZED TEST?: the ACT, university - Education
  135. Who is responsible: kindergarten, school, grade, scores - Education
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  140. Blame The Parents!!!: school, literacy, scores, genetics - Education
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  145. In terms of K-12 education in the USA...when did it begin to decline?: college, interpretation
  146. is my idea!: college, school, computers, grades - Education
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  148. Ib or ap??what is the difference?: universities, public school, GPA - Education
  149. US Teachers work longest, student achievement average: degree, high school, computers - Education
  150. How to research a school racial makeup?? (K-12): county, high school, scores - Education
  151. Education Cuts..Parents!!! If they just rise up and join teachers..we could make a difference!: private schools, paying
  152. No More Free Rides!!!Parents Need to Pay For Something!!!: tuition, private schools - Education
  153. Should we learn math?: schools, educational, kids, people
  154. News 4 you--thank you matt damon!: university, public school, interpretation, profession - Education
  155. Starting K at 6y and 3mos for a girl? Would you do it or not?: SAT, college - Education
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  165. Should I be worried that my kid's school did not pass the AYP 2 years in a row?: SAT, kindergarten - Education
  166. Good Grief - Rainbows banned in Catholic School: public school, grade, geometry - Education
  167. When are we going to be courageous enough to take the next step?: accreditation, college - Education
  168. Now I understand: it's the LEASH!!: SAT, public school, paying, principal - Education
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  170. Son is lying and getting Fs: college, counselor, middle school, pay - Education
  171. Is this an accurate representation of our youngsters today?: geography, principal, grade - Education
  172. Gifted kid: IEP, county, school, grade - Education
  173. Should teachers be allowed to collect their students' cell phones,ipod ..?: high school, computers - Education
  174. Interesting Point of View: public schools, illiteracy, homeschooling, profession - Education
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  176. Way to go Texas!!: interpretation, textbooks, science, teachers - Education
  177. Can I move out at 18 and enroll myself in a high school?: county, public schools - Education
  178. What schedule do you think is best for high schoolers?: college, kindergarten - Education
  179. Should the school year be LONGER or SHORTER?: degrees, salary, costs - Education
  180. Do They Do This In Your Schools?: school, principal, grades - Education
  181. Principals are responsible for bad schools, not bad teachers...: school, placement, grade - Education
  182. Stupid in America by John Stossel: SAT, colleges, tuition, private schools - Education
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  186. is our education system setting kids up to fail?: college, degree, elementary school
  187. School Supply lists, is it really to much?: kindergarten, pay, grade - Education
  188. Finger Scanning leads to controversy in the lunch line: middle school, basketball, principal - Education
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  190. Fountas and Pinnell Reading Levels ??: school rating, kindergarten, elementary, pay - Education
  191. Putting your child in private school for elementary years only. What a stupid concept.: colleges, kindergarten - Education
  192. I guess apples are passe as gifts for teachers.: college, county, public school - Education
  193. Who is responsible to motivate american children to study?: university, high school, scholarship - Education
  194. School supply list: college, elementary school, scholarship, pay - Education
  195. A typical Kindergarten day and schedule - for Syracusa: school, textbooks, grade - Education
  196. National Student Clearinghouse: educational, free
  197. without guns Detroit schools are dangerous.: kindergarten, public school, students - Education
  198. Dutch Educational System: degree, school, students, good
  199. More out-of-control political correctness: school, logic, money, bullies - Education
  200. Do Test Scores really define how good a school district is?: elementary school, bullying - Education