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  127. How much of your education have you retained?: college, medical school, mathematics
  128. find it annoying how if you don't have a degree, people assume you're uneducated?: community college, county - Education
  129. What grades did you get at school?: community college, degree, high school - Education
  130. Math for teaching English?: college, degree, middle school, grade - Education
  131. one with school board experience can explain this to me.: high school, costs - Education
  132. Well, what do you know.. US wins International Math Olympiad: college, elementary school - Education
  133. Racially segregating schools - against racism: university, elementary school, grades, history - Education
  134. Basic History You Are SHOCKED People Don't Know: university, high school, geography - Education
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  136. Are there paperbacks for who like reading textbooks for fun?: university, computer science - Education
  137. can GPA reflect a student's academic performance?: college, degree, high school - Education
  138. Teacher sex scandal at my old high school: exam, teachers, district - Education
  139. Taking notes by hand yields better test results than computer: SAT, college - Education
  140. If College Isn't For Everyone.....................: university, degree, public schools, pay - Education
  141. Average Teacher Pay: salary, master's, PhD, bachelors - Education
  142. How many hours per year should teachers give away for free?: degrees, public school - Education
  143. Boycott School on Memorial Day: county, high school, exam, course - Education
  144. Sending my kids to a low performance school: college, elementary school, grades - Education
  145. MY SAT Scores xc: college board, high school, GPA, grades - Education
  146. What is the most useful (profitable) certification that can reasonably be attained in 6 months or less?: college, course - Education
  147. Is it the place of teachers to proselytize politics to their students?: college, public school - Education
  148. Verbal Abuse in Emotional Support Classroom: IEP, private schools, literacy, pay - Education
  149. School boundaries: county, public school, pay, exam - Education
  150. Your 13 years of education was wasted: college, school, mathematics, techniques
  151. What's the Point of Education?: degree, school, pay, history
  152. What teachers liked/didnt like you in school?: college, elementary school, maths - Education
  153. DD misses admission cuttoff date. What to do?: college, kindergarten, public school - Education
  154. Having small class sizes is overrated: college, middle school, bullying, grade - Education
  155. The end of public schooling as we know it may start in Nevada: tuition, public schools - Education
  156. for that graduated high school in the 80s/90s.: IEP, college - Education
  157. Is it normal nowadays to expect kindergartners to read short sentences and poems?: kindergarten, public school - Education
  158. Plight of Social Studies Education: degree, elementary school, assessment, placement
  159. Public School Students Are the New Inmates in the American Police State: bullying, graduates - Education
  160. Homeschool: college, degree, public schools, pay - Education
  161. Mum’s anger as school confiscates 14-year-old son’s e-cig: placement, cost - Education
  162. new pronouns for new identities: universities, school, logic, exam - Education
  163. Is it to learn everything on the Internet?: universities, degree, school - Education
  164. Canada is lenient compared to the US in terms of education: accreditation, universities
  165. Grade skipping: why are parents so reluctant?: college, kindergarten, elementary school - Education
  166. Kid bored to death in K - help!: college, kindergarten, public school - Education
  167. A, An: university, high school, history, exam - Education
  168. Should I sue my childs NYC DOE school for compensation?: IEP, degree - Education
  169. Singapore has the smartest kids. What about US?: college, degree, high school - Education
  170. How do foreign languages work for you?: college, high school, Russia - Education
  171. What's the point of detention...: high school, classroom, science, teachers - Education
  172. An education experiment: an interesting way to test your wits: high school, teachers
  173. Great article about the real motives for charter schools: school, salary, insurance - Education
  174. Phonics at home, Sight words at school: college, punctuation, kindergarten - Education
  175. New York gov. Cuomo declared Common Core failure.: universities, degrees, elementary school - Education
  176. if you were the chance to go back in time and revisit your school days , would you?: college, high school - Education
  177. Would you like to see this become policy in your district?: SAT, elementary school - Education
  178. Washington State, charter schools - unconstitutional: public schools, pay, course, systems - Education
  179. Why is the Education system so dumbed down?: SAT, college, public school
  180. School bus transportation - why isn't it provided in most big cities?: county, private school - Education
  181. which feeder would you rather send your children to?: universities, county, high school - Education
  182. English as a Second Language in USA: college, tuition, school - Education
  183. Is Algebra 2 a freshman course or a sophomore course?: university, middle school, mathematics - Education
  184. Famous People who went to the same school as you?: SAT, colleges - Education
  185. Free Job Training Instead of K-12?: IEP, colleges, county, high school - Education
  186. Kid Assigned Worst Teacher: counselor, kindergarten, elementary school, cafeteria - Education
  187. My daughter's school is enrolling all students grades K-2 in Title-1 remedial programs. Unethical?: kindergarten, pay - Education
  188. Is it LEGAL for a big city to operate on a 4 day school week, though most of them don't?: public school, principal - Education
  189. Trying to understand why I've always been a terrible student...: community college, school - Education
  190. Is this way to run a school district?: accreditation, tuition, public schools - Education
  191. High school prom: calendars, juniors, and other requirements: college, county, scholarship - Education
  192. What are good schools ?: colleges, private schools, wage, scores - Education
  193. Want NOTHING to do with former high school: football, profession, teachers - Education
  194. The meaning of grade school: kindergarten, elementary school, principal - Education
  195. How to Motivate the Kid who Hates School ?: catholic school, bullying - Education
  196. Duke freshmen refuse to read assigned book: university, textbooks, history - Education
  197. Enjoy Life after Graduation, wisely: college, high school, graduates, exams - Education
  198. Investment Banking, tech incubators and the art of making money - Education
  199. Score from PARCC in NJ: grade, scores, difference, test - Education
  200. Management Science major: good major?: CPA, accreditation, school, masters - Education