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  131. Great Books and liberal education: universities, degree, school, psychology
  132. Why having your kid skip a grade is a bad idea.: university, degree - Education
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  137. Political Science Majors: college, degree, county, high school - Education
  138. Educators disregard for non Educators: SAT, universities, degree, public school - Education
  139. Pro-Human Curriculum: colleges, high school, architecture, textbooks - Education
  140. What extra-curricular activities were you involved in your school days?: university, high school - Education
  141. Principal in NYC tries to End School One Week Early: cost, profession - Education
  142. When you were a kid was 93% an A grade, A-, or a B grade?: SAT, university - Education
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  144. what should be a child's first musical instrument?: college, school, courses - Education
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  149. used paper cutters school or business?: placement, cost, grammar - Education
  150. more need for bound encyclopedia?: school, history, cost, science - Education
  151. Oregon Governor Drops Reading, Writing, Math Standards For HS Graduation, Says it will Help People of Color: university, high school - Education
  152. The Kindergarten Exodus; Blue State Lockdowns Worsen Gap Between Poor and Well-to-Do: public schools, grades - Education
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  160. School Is for Wasting Time and Money: university, degree, elementary school - Education
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  171. Poll for current and former teachers and educators: pay, insurance, principal - Education
  172. If I were king of education...: county, kindergarten, public school, literacy
  173. Teaching environmentalism & the cost of life: the car wash fund raiser: costs, girls - Education
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  178. for English teachers: colleges, high school, grammatical, grade - Education
  179. I was asked to girls and STEM education from a previous: college, degree
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  181. Accused of Cheating by an Algorithm: SAT, community college, school, logic - Education
  182. Tennessee Annual Assessment Scores -- Big Fanfare for Poor Results: GRE, colleges - Education
  183. Mandatory School Uniforms: catholic school, uniform, cost, require - Education
  184. Report: At least 135 teachers, aides charged with sex crimes so far in 2022: public schools, classroom - Education
  185. News, Georgia school logo resembling a Nazi symbol sparks outrage: public school, principal - Education
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  188. Schools, parents. government - and story: universities, tuition, elementary school - Education
  189. Member Education: university, degree, profession, highest
  190. Is it normal for a girl to read at age 4 on a long texts, without teaching her to read?: kindergarten, elementary school - Education
  191. Singapore math vs Beestar math, which one is better?: teacher, students, good - Education
  192. Is doing Science Olympiad (high school or middle school)?: course, systems - Education
  193. oseley Real Estate school (earnings, requirements, money, require): Virginia - Education
  194. Medical Boards - Education
  195. Research in Tracking: university, school, students, international - Education
  196. Bullying is simply bigotry against the weak, timid, strange, stupid,: best, program - Education
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