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  106. What is the purpose of this forum?: college, public school, salary - Education
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  133. Method of raising bilingual children (for knowleadgeable about the topic): university, degrees - Education
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  140. Self Education: colleges, degree, public school, GPA
  141. Do schools, especially high school, still humiliate students?: grade, teachers, girls - Education
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  143. Punishment?: high school, military, principal, grade - Education
  144. Should students with small mental disabilities get more time to take High School Tests?: IEP, college - Education
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  151. Interference with the performance of my duties.: SAT, school, basketball - Education
  152. Your answers will determine my decision: college, degree, high school, economy - Education
  153. More unfunded mandates from Feds and State: public schools, economy, pay - Education
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  155. Languages?: high school, Russia, exam, courses - Education
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  157. What did you give the graduate?: college, high school, economy, money - Education
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  198. textbooks, teacher, district, students - Education
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