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  1. The Popularity of Manny Pacquiao: house, bars, title - Hawaii (HI)
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  5. Kanaha park campground - is it safe?: camping, homeless - Hawaii (HI)
  6. Great White Shark spotted yesterday off Kaena Point: safe, boat - Hawaii (HI)
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  8. Hawaii Housing Data for 2011: rental, mortgages, how much (HI)
  9. willing to set up a poll? I don't know how.: house, to live in - Hawaii (HI)
  10. germans hier??: hotels, activities, island - Hawaii (HI)
  11. Is it easier to meet people on Oahu or Maui?: Honolulu: transplants, neighborhoods - Hawaii (HI)
  12. good business attorney?: lawyer, law, legal - Hawaii (HI)
  13. work for the state of hawaii [state employee]: layoffs, living in - Hawaii (HI)
  14. Local Boy Wants A Travel Nurse Assigment: Honolulu: office, health - Hawaii (HI)
  15. Hawaii’s first ever civil unions will take place January 1 (2012): weddings, purchasing (HI)
  16. Utilities: Honolulu: sales, renters, condo - Hawaii (HI)
  17. Senate Race: moving, residential, office - Hawaii (HI)
  18. Mele Kalikimaka: living, move to, work - Hawaii (HI)
  19. Salad Dressing from Hawaii: to buy, triathlon, stores (HI)
  20. Most interesting employment had in Hawaii?: Captain Cook, Hana: to rent, house (HI)
  21. California to Hawaii via Boat: Honolulu: price, airport, move to (HI)
  22. Honeymoon in Hawaii ?: home, live in, costs (HI)
  23. Business too good-no responses: rentals, attorney, garden - Hawaii (HI)
  24. NH to Hawaii with a family: homes, employment, transfer to (HI)
  25. CDL jobs?: employment, to live, bus - Hawaii (HI)
  26. Does the military housing let retirees live on base?: rent, contractor - Hawaii (HI)
  27. Good news for the local economy: 2013, how much, earthquake - Hawaii (HI)
  28. Home Schooling or K-12: homes, elementary school, live in - Hawaii (HI)
  29. Long-term view for buying in Hawaii - visiting in March: Honolulu: middle-class, real estate (HI)
  30. My relocation has been postponed :(: office, company, island - Hawaii (HI)
  31. Car registration renewal! had this problem?: Honolulu: moving to, island - Hawaii (HI)
  32. Newer/Nice Looking Apartments Near Geicos Call Center???????: buses, distance - Hawaii (HI)
  33. super PACs in Hawaii - Illegal? Most likely: felony, attorney (HI)
  34. Looking for a song played a lot on the Radio in 2003; a long shot I know!: home - Hawaii (HI)
  35. Prospective College Transfer Student: Kaneohe: apartment, for rent, insurance - Hawaii (HI)
  36. Registering a car in Hawaii: Haleiwa: vehicle registration, car insurance, home (HI)
  37. Massage school in Hawaii: neighborhoods, schools, organic (HI)
  38. Hilo or Kahului: Kihei, Wailuku, Lahaina: credit, school, university - Hawaii (HI)
  39. POOF! All gone. Isn't it weird when.....: registering, service - Hawaii (HI)
  40. Container Cost from Hawaii to Mainland: sales, how much, buying (HI)
  41. laid back places in hawaii: Honolulu, Hilo: rent, crime, living - Hawaii (HI)
  42. Visiting Maui and Kauai: Hilo, Kapaa: to rent, condo, hotels - Hawaii (HI)
  43. Hey It's Phanos!!! Loving it and have an odd: Honolulu: university, clubs - Hawaii (HI)
  44. A couple of questions about the North Shores of Kauai / Oahu: Kilauea: rentals, condos - Hawaii (HI)
  45. It's not the island air...: Hilo: rental, cost, retired - Hawaii (HI)
  46. Step by step on line Hawaii moving guide ?: apartment, leases (HI)
  47. How to move w/o moving to see if you really want to do it: lease - Hawaii (HI)
  48. Hawaii housing least-affordable: Honolulu, Kailua: spring break, hotel, school (HI)
  49. Happy Lunar New Year everyone!: Honolulu: rated, Chinese, water - Hawaii (HI)
  50. Ants: Hilo: buy, live in, stores - Hawaii (HI)
  51. Which island is friendliest?: Honolulu: fit in, HOA fees, condo - Hawaii (HI)
  52. Get a teacher's certficate before relocating?: Honolulu, Hilo: schools, salary, to move - Hawaii (HI)
  53. Visiting Kalaupapa: living, law, airport - Hawaii (HI)
  54. Follow up ~ Hawaii so far: Hilo: schools, living in, safe (HI)
  55. $4.66 and climbing in Hilo: home, neighborhood, luxury - Hawaii (HI)
  56. Best way to move Personal Items: sales, mover, price - Hawaii (HI)
  57. Help!! visiting Hawaii: Hilo, Volcano, Kilauea: 2013, how much, hotels (HI)
  58. Oklahoma to Hawaii in February: Ewa Beach, Lahaina: renting, mortgage, loans (HI)
  59. Just taken police exam but have a few questions: calculating, office - Hawaii (HI)
  60. Leases monthly -on apts: for sale, real estate, leasing - Hawaii (HI)
  61. Remember Pearl Harbor.: Honolulu: military, title, vehicles - Hawaii (HI)
  62. Used car recommendations for Honolulu?: live, costs, bus - Hawaii (HI)
  63. Moving Companies: Hilo: movers, new home, buying - Hawaii (HI)
  64. Medical care in Kauai: move to, relocate to, health - Hawaii (HI)
  65. BYU-Hawaii: Laie: university, church, young (HI)
  66. How accurate are descriptions of Hawaii?: Honolulu, Hilo: hotels, wedding (HI)
  67. Kukui Gardens: Honolulu: crime, neighborhood, income - Hawaii (HI)
  68. Primary care physcians available easily?: Honolulu: health insurance, living, costs - Hawaii (HI)
  69. shipping horses from Hawaii to mainland: boat, looking for, information (HI)
  70. Food Vans and Ramen!: Pearl City, Aiea: school, best, area - Hawaii (HI)
  71. Paramedic/EMT jobs in Hawaii?: Honolulu: job openings, transfer, salary (HI)
  72. NFL coverage in Hawaii: high school, bars, market (HI)
  73. Seeking Teachers in Hawaii (or in the process of getting there): Honolulu: rent, how much (HI)
  74. Motorcycle Safety Inspection: to rent, car insurance, home - Hawaii (HI)
  75. Can recommend a good tropical wet weather tent?: campers, cabins - Hawaii (HI)
  76. Salaries of Medical Providers in Hawaii Community Health Centers?: salary, living (HI)
  77. how many failed the police test first time?: employment, high school - Hawaii (HI)
  78. Most Popular Names for Hawaii Babies Born in 2010: Honolulu: school, legal (HI)
  79. Jobs list for Hawaii areas: designer, employers, island (HI)
  80. Hawaii by the numbers - unemployment: Honolulu: sale, real estate, apartment (HI)
  81. idea what a automotive dealer technician gets paid in: how much, school - Hawaii (HI)
  82. Hours at minimum wage per week to afford a 2 bedroom apt - per state: apartment - Hawaii (HI)
  83. Best Bank in Hawaii: mortgage, credit, new house (HI)
  84. Condotel?!?!: Honolulu: real estate market, rentals, HOA fees - Hawaii (HI)
  85. Moving to Hawaii, What do you wish you Brought with you from the Mainland? What are You Glad You Took with You? :): Hilo: for sale, condos (HI)
  86. Mortgages?: real estate, lease, HOA - Hawaii (HI)
  87. Interesting explanation to why stuff in Hawaii is expensive: Honolulu: real estate, transporting (HI)
  88. Something you wish you had known before moving to Hawaii: fit in, lease (HI)
  89. Family thinking of going to Hawaii next year....: Hilo, Kaneohe: leases, credit card (HI)
  90. Are Hawaii residents that crazy for milk?: to rent, co-ops (HI)
  91. Flights booked for July!: Honolulu, Waipio: rental car, rental, live in - Hawaii (HI)
  92. Hawaii has best unemployment bennies in the nation: insurance, condo (HI)
  93. Sub-forums added: Honolulu: living in, best, required - Hawaii (HI)
  94. What? No sub-forum for Kaho'olawe?: military, best, island - Hawaii (HI)
  95. About jobs in Hawaii: Honolulu: hotels, house, job market (HI)
  96. Looking for places to rent --- on my own or find a realtor?: Honolulu: fit in, apartment - Hawaii (HI)
  97. Are bugs a problem?: apartments, houses, construction - Hawaii (HI)
  98. Help Wink stay in Hawaii ideas: Wailuku: real estate, leases, credit (HI)
  99. First Hawaiian Bank vs Bank of Hawaii: Honolulu: credit card, loans (HI)
  100. Hawaii Volcano National Park: Kilauea: to rent, hotel, buy (HI)
  101. Is Hawaiian conch edible?: home, live, moving (HI)
  102. HELP!Trying to move...what resources available?: apartments, health insurance - Hawaii (HI)
  103. Alternatives to Hawaii: living, costs, move to (HI)
  104. Hawaii is not another country!!: to buy, schools, live (HI)
  105. Week vacation in Hawaii--Recommendations?: hotel, price, beach (HI)
  106. Seeking Advice: Teacher Moving from Minnesota to Hawaii: Honolulu, Hilo: 2013, city hall (HI)
  107. National Study: Hawaii Tops the List of State with Most Services Taxed: sales, renting (HI)
  108. RN jobs in Hawaii?: transplants, insurance, attorneys (HI)
  109. Circumcision in Hawaii: price, statistics, safe (HI)
  110. Meeting new friends: apartment, high school, live - Hawaii (HI)
  111. Moving to Hawaii to downsize? Really?: Honolulu, Waimea: ski resort, transplants, to rent (HI)
  112. Moving from PA to Hawaii: Schofield Barracks: sales, leasing, broker (HI)
  113. glass is half full?: Honolulu: transplants, skateboarding, how much - Hawaii (HI)
  114. Are beach umbrellas not allowed?: rent, dangerous, to move - Hawaii (HI)
  115. state taxes are soaring-How about Hawaii?: sales, car registration (HI)
  116. It's pronounced PoKAY not PoKEY: Waianae: shop, work, drive - Hawaii (HI)
  117. Apartments with all utilities included (or at least electric): Honolulu: rentals, HOA - Hawaii (HI)
  118. Cat as Cargo: Honolulu: how much, transfer, live - Hawaii (HI)
  119. Illegal transient vacation rentals hurt kama'aina: mortgage, home, buying - Hawaii (HI)
  120. Cost of child care in Hawaii: condo, day cares, how much (HI)
  121. Tourism, Tourist Spending & Hawaii Economy: Hilo: 2013, rent, hotel (HI)
  122. Pet Transport Service to Hawaii: Hilo: transporting, to rent, credit card (HI)
  123. Best Way to travel inter island: Honolulu, Hilo: how much, buy, go bankrupt - Hawaii (HI)
  124. Better over there - determined to go: apartment, condo - Hawaii (HI)
  125. 'Kekoa' or 'Koa' - which is the more popular boy's name?: island, places - Hawaii (HI)
  126. Spell check - stop changing Hawai'i to Hawai'I - Word 2010: office, rated - Hawaii (HI)
  127. 'Snotty-nosed kids' and 'Hawaii': 2 things that don't go together?: Hana: day care, loan (HI)
  128. Proposed pit bull ban in Hawaii: Waialua: pitbulls, price, homeless (HI)
  129. Amusing leased apartment ads: sublet, rental, houses - Hawaii (HI)
  130. Best response when being called a Haole.: rental, college - Hawaii (HI)
  131. Can my wife build on this property?: Honolulu: sale, real estate - Hawaii (HI)
  132. Can a 25 year old, male, single, no kids, no debt, straight dude live well in hawaii making...: Honolulu: for sale, real estate - Hawaii (HI)
  133. Food in Hawaii: Hilo: sales, to rent, insurance (HI)
  134. One of the Prices of Living in Paradise: Honolulu, Honokaa: home, food - Hawaii (HI)
  135. The Descendants: Waipahu, Pearl City, Aiea: houses, unemployment, movies - Hawaii (HI)
  136. 50k and a plane ticket: Hawaiian Beaches, Hawaiian Ocean View: fit in, insurance, houses (HI)
  137. A little mini update about living in hawai'i: Waipahu: apartment, how much - Hawaii (HI)
  138. With own business, which island would you live on?: Hilo: rental car, real estate - Hawaii (HI)
  139. Rent-to Retire and/or Investment Property experiences: Hawi: real estate, 2014 - Hawaii (HI)
  140. Coqui population explosion: Hilo: house, landscaping, marketplace - Hawaii (HI)
  141. Taste of Food vs Mainland?: home, neighborhood, buy - Hawaii (HI)
  142. how long for parcel post (usps) from ca to hawaii?: Hilo: live, zip code - Hawaii (HI)
  143. I want to move to Hawai'i. What shall I do?: Hilo: real estate, lease - Hawaii (HI)
  144. Are we crazy? Looking to recocate: Honolulu: apartment, rental, health insurance - Hawaii (HI)
  145. End most island in hawaii: how much, house, buying - Hawaii (HI)
  146. Inter Island be creative and do not accept no: Pahoa: insurance, home - Hawaii (HI)
  147. The history of the United States Unilateral Seizure of the Hawaiian Islands in 1898.: Honolulu: mortgage, university (HI)
  148. Tambora 1815 Krakatoa 1883 volcanic concerns ?: Volcano: power lines, houses, earthquake - Hawaii (HI)
  149. The lesser-known islands of Lānaʻi & Molokaʻi: Waialua: rentals, condos - Hawaii (HI)
  150. Cultural Differences in Hawaii compared to the Mainland: house, live in (HI)
  151. advice from of the locals: Honolulu: rentals, houses - Hawaii (HI)
  152. Is affordable acreage in Hawaii?: Hilo: for sale, real estate (HI)
  153. How many read this forum and decide No Way do I move!: Hilo: transplants, lease - Hawaii (HI)
  154. Driver's License: Honolulu: 2014, apartment, lease - Hawaii (HI)
  155. What is your favorite Hawaiian island?: Honolulu, Hilo: real estate, living, military (HI)
  156. White Mainlanders (haole's) moving to Hawaii: transplants, crime rate (HI)
  157. My moving experience: Honolulu: renting, how much, hotel - Hawaii (HI)
  158. Jawaiian' Music - or Nay?: Makaha, Hana: school, live, stations - Hawaii (HI)
  159. Why are the state and county exempt from the health insurance mandate?: Honolulu: real estate, home - Hawaii (HI)
  160. Bank: apartments, lease, insurance - Hawaii (HI)
  161. Average home loan in Hawaii is highest in the nation - $677k: Honolulu: rentals, house (HI)
  162. A very positive update!: coupons, how much, unemployment - Hawaii (HI)
  163. So, How does a teacher make 55k in hawaii, a partial explanation... Not a lie as think...: school, income - Hawaii (HI)
  164. Questions about University of Hawaii-Manoa: Honolulu: apartments, rent, insurance (HI)
  165. Pdf on living factors 2011: Honolulu: renting, home, private school - Hawaii (HI)
  166. Moving To Hawaii, Why Would Big Company Not Skype After Offering You Job: real estate, how much (HI)
  167. Got a good paying job!!! Things are looking great!: Honolulu: how much, living - Hawaii (HI)
  168. My Hawaii Story: apartments, leases, student loans (HI)
  169. ever compared Roadrunner to Hawaiian Telcom internet?: neighborhood, movies (HI)
  170. Internet Privacy bill in Hawaii: taxation, parties, limit (HI)
  171. KHNL lead story on dogs attacking pig: Hana: legal, to eat - Hawaii (HI)
  172. Whether the weather will wither me, or breezes brace?: Honolulu: house, dangerous - Hawaii (HI)
  173. Special Education Teacher with 2 kids !: Honolulu: to rent, how much, schools - Hawaii (HI)
  174. Banks that are on Hawaii are on mainland: Honolulu: insurance, credit (HI)
  175. Is military an option? experience?: section 8, insurance, transfer - Hawaii (HI)
  176. Nullgeo's poll - If you had a time machine....: Honolulu: to live in, medical - Hawaii (HI)
  177. Long term care needs will affect everyone: Honolulu: homeowners insurance, credit card - Hawaii (HI)
  178. Advice on Hawaii: apartment, rentals, condo (HI)
  179. UK to Hawaii: Honolulu: rental, hotel, attorney (HI)
  180. Has Hawaii ever had or considered a pro NFL team ?: Honolulu: bankrupt, universities (HI)
  181. How are koreans viewed/treated in hawaii?: Hilo: buying, taxi cab - Hawaii (HI)
  182. Moving a Handyman Business to Hawaii: Hilo: real estate, condo, house (HI)
  183. New AlaskaAirlines Pet Policy: Cats & Dogs in Cabin to for $100: how much, live - Hawaii (HI)
  184. Thinking about moving from AK to Hawaii to teach: health insurance, credit card (HI)
  185. The real truth behind food in hawaii vs the mainland, believe it or not, we ship to them.....: Honolulu: buy, live in - Hawaii (HI)
  186. neighbors fireplace is killing us: attorney, houses, neighborhoods - Hawaii (HI)
  187. teaching in a geographic isolated area: Honolulu, Hilo: middle-class, house, teaching jobs - Hawaii (HI)
  188. Best place to place unpermitted cabin: houses, to buy, to live - Hawaii (HI)
  189. Improvements to solar power in the Hawaiian Islands?: Waimea: eyeglasses, houses (HI)
  190. Two Brothers: rental, condo, good credit - Hawaii (HI)
  191. Kauai -Maui - beautiful nature Dolphins & whales: outdoor, showing - Hawaii (HI)
  192. Area agriculture from the state: farmers, market, farmer - Hawaii (HI)
  193. Produce markets: town, farmer, local - Hawaii (HI)
  194. Whale song: Puako: live, foundation, increase - Hawaii (HI)
  195. Ukefarm Radio: Tuned Locally - Played Globally: live, stations - Hawaii (HI)
  196. Looking for job ( j1-student): beach, vacation, resorts - Hawaii (HI)
  197. All the cool kids live in Hawaii: living, island (HI)
  198. Cheap comedy night coming: live, concert - Hawaii (HI)
  199. Radiologic Technologist/CT Techs: 2013, job market, to move - Hawaii (HI)
  200. Cheap comdey night coming - Hawaii (HI)