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  82. Buffalo Bills > all Ohio teams: football, fan, Bengals, Browns - Sports
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  86. News, Court Clears Golfer Who Didn't Yell 'Fore!': injure - Sports
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  88. Has worked directly with a professional sports team?: tickets, Pacers, Wizards
  89. favorite sports: football, basketball, baseball, MMA
  90. De-stinking snowboard boots: best - Sports
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  93. This Year's Sports Champions (2010): football, soccer, basketball, baseball
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  98. If Tiger Woods reaches 18 major wins, should he retire and leave he and Jack tied?: golf, won - Sports
  99. US open tennis 2011: won, fan, America, arrogant - Sports
  100. San Antonio Superbowl: football, champions, leagues, fan - Sports
  101. Syracuse and Pittsburgh join the Atlantic Coast Conference: football, basketball, coach - Sports
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  108. Your Top Ten Favorite Athletes of All Time: football, Tiger Woods, tennis - Sports
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  110. Team fan for no good reason.: football, coach, pro, champions - Sports
  111. ESPN Show you like the most right now in 2012?: baseball, sport, MLB - Sports
  112. Crappy team owners throughout history: baseball, manager, sport, NBA - Sports
  113. Is technology killing American Tennis?: soccer, basketball, baseball, coach - Sports
  114. Stephen A Smith: football, ESPN, sport, teams - Sports
  115. What is the single MOST IMPORTANT position in American Sports?: football, soccer
  116. How good are you at bowling?: professional, won, league, sport - Sports
  117. Why are you a fan of your team which disappoints all the time?: football, basketball - Sports
  118. Will Roger Federer Win Another Grand Slam?????: tennis, better, reputation - Sports
  119. Which of would you like to see induced in all professional sports?: football, soccer
  120. Which sports are you very good at?: football, soccer, basketball
  121. Kids who ride are the coolest!: football, basketball, baseball, golf - Sports
  122. Why do so many sports teams insist on wearing red and blue?: football, baseball
  123. Why does Tiger Woods always withdraw when playing poorly?: golf, won, Stars - Sports
  124. Why are American Football and Baseball not popular outside the US*?: soccer, basketball - Sports
  125. Older I Get, Less I Care...: football, superbowl, fan, sport - Sports
  126. Is there who watches ALL of the following sports : American Football, Basketball, Baseball and Ice Hockey?: soccer, playoffs
  127. 2011 Six Nations Championship: athletic, won, cup, record - Sports
  128. World Cup Cricket - Party?: Heat, game, win, people - Sports
  129. Lacrosse (MLL and NLL): soccer, hockey, champions, finals - Sports
  130. Jordan vs. Gretzky: who was more DOMINANT in his league?: basketball, playoffs - Sports
  131. Cities with poorest fan base: baseball, jersey, professional, sport - Sports
  132. Australian Open 2011 - Who will be the champion?: tennis, Wild, fans - Sports
  133. Creating a NEW sport...: football, soccer, basketball, baseball - Sports
  134. Whats the biggest rivalry in sports right now?: soccer, playoff, hockey
  135. Why does everybody blame Tiger for his indiscretions?: golf, sport, women - Sports
  136. What's worse? $20M+/year athletes OR academically inferior college athletes?: football, basketball - Sports
  137. Tennis ATP/WTA World Tour: coach, champion, finals, won - Sports
  138. Why Tiger Woods Will Never Dominate Again: golf, professional, athletic - Sports
  139. World Cup Cricket - Team Pakistan's Official: balls, win, player - Sports
  140. Why do men love sports so????: football, basketball, baseball, coach
  141. bowlers out there??: shoes, professional, won, league - Sports
  142. us open tennis 2010 complete disaster! !!!: tickets, women, schedule, players - Sports
  143. Your worst golf etiquette story....: balls, Warriors, Rangers, game - Sports
  144. What city has the most abusive fans?: football, coach, professional - Sports
  145. ESPN Personality arrested in Los Angeles: tennis, league, Cincinnati Bengals, athletes - Sports
  146. Why didn't bullfighting catch on in the US?: tickets, sport, record - Sports
  147. Is Nadal's Career Slam Proof that the Surfaces Should Be Changed?: football, soccer - Sports
  148. 2010 AFL Grand Final: football, tickets, finals, won - Sports
  149. Sports talk radio: coach, Tiger Woods, managers, ESPN
  150. Rugby League fans in the house?: football, won, fan - Sports
  151. Is ESPN a shill for star dollars ?: football, athletic, fan - Sports
  152. The Best Sport?: football, basketball, baseball, golf - Sports
  153. Who was more dominant in their sport.....: football, soccer, basketball - Sports
  154. Classless Notre Dame attacks a small El Paso High School: basketball, leagues - Sports
  155. Your most disappointing sports losses: football, basketball, coach, president
  156. Major American cities without major sports franchises: football, basketball, baseball
  157. Viva Le Tour!: jerseys, Oilers, team, race - Sports
  158. Ric Flair: wrestling, star, champions, games - Sports
  159. Colin Cowherd - Biggest bandwagon/homer EVER!: playoffs, ESPN, sport - Sports
  160. Tour de France, why no Tour of America?: soccer, baseball, jersey - Sports
  161. CD Cricket: golf, finals, sport, people - Sports
  162. Do new stadiums really generate more revenue?: baseball, tickets, professional - Sports
  163. City most serious about winning multiple sports championships this season: football, baseball
  164. CD Wrasslin': wrestling, professional, athletic, sport - Sports
  165. Is Tiger Finished?: football, coach, golf, Tiger Woods - Sports
  166. Has ever considered biking across America?: athletic, Mets, people - Sports
  167. *****Official Rugby World Cup 2011 ****: won, African, teams, games - Sports
  168. Horse Racing: baseball, golf, won, sport - Sports
  169. do you hate like you used to?: football, basketball, baseball - Sports
  170. NHL, NBA, MLB or NFL? Who has the better playoff?: football, soccer - Sports
  171. Who makes the best entry level bicycles?: sport, Bucks, race - Sports
  172. Why are NHL players allowed to fight but NBA players are not?: football, soccer - Sports
  173. 25% of Wrestlemania VII wrestlers are dead including Randy Savage: wrestling, professional, superbowl - Sports
  174. Places that DON'T CARE ABOUT SPORTS: football, professional, athletics, olympics
  175. Lacrosse. Is it the next great competitive sport?: football, soccer, basketball - Sports
  176. Football vs. futbol: David Beckham, watch - Sports
  177. Which of the Top Three Tennis Players.....: win - Sports
  178. Giants Fan beaten speaks first words - Bills more than 50 million: baseball, league - Sports
  179. what do coaches say to motivate? - Sports
  180. Female Reporters in Male Sports World
  181. explain this!: golf, balls, watch, time - Sports
  182. Secretariat's Belmont Stakes: sport, records, America, Reds - Sports
  183. A new era for The World Golf Rankings....: won, win - Sports
  184. Live interaction with sports games via online: America, people, American
  185. speed - Sports
  186. In Professional Sports, would you say there are 2 types of Sports Owners, that want to win, and that want to
  187. PA, are there Lacrosse Leagues? - Sports
  188. Separated at Birth: Andy Murray and Beavis: sport - Sports
  189. Six Nations Rugby on BBC America Sat. Feb 4th: athletic, people - Sports
  190. High school student section help: football, athletic, teams - Sports
  191. ACC Booster Button - Sports
  192. Agressor Fleet Scuba Diving - Caribbean: location - Sports
  193. Joe Posnanski: The Agony of Defeat: playoff, sport, ball, Browns - Sports
  194. News, Counts filed against Ohio football player who pricked kids with sharp object in postgame handshake.: sport, record - Sports
  195. Fishing Fun - Sports
  196. Sports careers in New York/CT: basketball, school, women
  197. US swimmer Fran Crippen dies during event in UAE: olympic, sport, cup - Sports
  198. Marathon in Concord: race, history - Sports
  199. Which city will have a better chance of hosting the olympics Dallas area Houston or Atlanta again: stadium - Sports
  200. Foursquare for sports fans: events, best