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  124. Fan who fell asleep during Yankees-Red Sox game suing for $10 million: baseball, tennis - Sports
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  127. What other sports does the US dominate other than American Football?: soccer, basketball
  128. Who will have the better career - Raonic or Dimitrov?: coach, triathlon - Sports
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  130. 2014 Ryder Cup: coach, Tiger Woods, champions, won - Sports
  131. Does know how to value autographs? i might try to get this week at fan day for college teams...: football, baseball - Sports
  132. Who is worse Tony Kornheiser or Jon Gruden?: football, ESPN, sport - Sports
  133. Which Sporting Arenas have you been to?: football, basketball, hockey - Sports
  134. Skateboarding in 40s & older?: basketball, snowboard, men, people - Sports
  135. How did you pick your favorite sports teams?: football, soccer, basketball
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  137. California Chrome Will Win Triple Crown: shoes, won, sport, record - Sports
  138. are sports drafts fair?: football, baseball, amateur, pitcher
  139. Best and Worst Venues for Pro Wrestling?: football, basketball, hockey - Sports
  140. Favorite Sport Outbursts: coach, umpire, fan, Philadelphia Eagles - Sports
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  142. The US media makes way too much of a big deal about gay athletes: football, tennis - Sports
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  144. World Cup Floppers???: football, soccer, hockey, professional - Sports
  145. Wimbledon 2014: dark horse, won, tennis, fan - Sports
  146. Will you watch the World Cup?: soccer, hockey, popularity, fan - Sports
  147. Klinsmann slams American sports: basketball, baseball, coach, tickets
  148. Who Is Your Favorite Male Tennis Player.....: won, game, favourite - Sports
  149. Why are all the best golfers in history overwhelmingly American?: professional, sport - Sports
  150. How far do you live from the nearest sports arena?: football, jersey
  151. Fans who wear team apparel the day after their team got skunked: jerseys, champions - Sports
  152. Geno Auriemma - why has he never coached men?: basketball, shoes, champions - Sports
  153. Fall Season Tennis (Asian Swing & Indoor Season): finals, won, league - Sports
  154. 2015 Australian Open Tennis.............: dark horse, finals, wild card, sport - Sports
  155. National Fantasy Guessing League Season 1 (Oct 14-Sep 15): champion, sport, NASCAR - Sports
  156. What are your thoughts on publicly-funded stadiums/arenas?: football, league, sport - Sports
  157. MLB Games should have 8 innings not 9: football, basketball, baseball, drag racing - Sports
  158. What is your earliest memory of wrestling?: champions, olympics, won - Sports
  159. My swimming class has only woman in it. Should I still take it?: women, man - Sports
  160. Are you really a sports fan?: football, soccer, basketball, baseball
  161. Funniest team names: football, baseball, hockey, league - Sports
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  163. John McEnroe: Novak Djokovic is now in the Top 10 best players ever: finals, won - Sports
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  168. who had a Masters record three eagles in his 67, and: watch - Sports
  169. all updated payment plans, including a rent-to-own - Sports
  170. The term franchise for a sports team: baseball, leagues, ESPN
  171. Weirdest / Funniest Sports Commercial??: watch
  172. 778 ami keno dibo ai post kenoiba kala: watch - Sports
  173. Phil Fulmer and Cuonzo Martin..........!: champions, championship - Sports
  174. Big 4 in tennis are done: Toni Nadal: coach, sport - Sports
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  176. Terrific show to Good Sportsmanship: homerun, college, woman, players
  177. about sports agents.: leagues, NBA, players
  178. Elena Baltacha Dies: fans - Sports
  179. Why is Team USA doing terribly at 2014 FINA World Swimming Championships (25 m)?: records, better - Sports
  180. what are the most lucrative standalone poker tournamwnts: America, world - Sports
  181. News, ​Where have all the golfers gone?: sport, game, people - Sports
  182. Bowling on Father's Day: game - Sports
  183. do athletes benetif from energy bars - Sports
  184. The rise of E-Sports: popularity, college, watch
  185. What video clip from your sport would you use to show everybody how cool it is?: soccer, basketball - Sports
  186. Flower of Scotland - Best Game Anthem: watch - Sports
  187. Longboarders/Skateboarders in the house?: lose, time - Sports
  188. What is the NCAA Policy on Alcohol at Games?: basketball - Sports
  189. How would you describe the difference between Rugby Sevens and SuperRugby?: games, people - Sports
  190. Video, This Amazing 6-Year-Old Can Roller Skate Under 39 SUVs: record, world - Sports
  191. surfers... - Sports
  192. Chris TheBirdMan Andersen; where will he go next?: fan, sport, Mavericks - Sports
  193. Stand Up Paddleboards - Sports
  194. Girls Fastpitch Softball - College recruiting: coach, athletics, ball, Athletics - Sports
  195. Swimming and water sports - excessively geared toward children?: expensive
  196. Cricket Match: cup, record, world, best - Sports
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