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  124. This girl LOVES I rare?: football, draft, hockey
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  138. Marion Jones: coach, ticket, olympic, silver medal - Sports
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  145. Rugby: football, soccer, coach, ticket - Sports
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  147. Greatest Sport: football, soccer, basketball, coach - Sports
  148. USA San Diego Rugby Sevens 2008: league, fan, sport, teams - Sports
  149. Are Sports Announcers Necessary For T.v.?: football, soccer, baseball
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  151. Favorite Sports Teams?: football, soccer, basketball, baseball
  152. Most overrated sports play(s) of all time: football, playoffs, uniform
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  165. Best Looking Sports Stadiums ?: hockey, league, Colts, Packers
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  168. the PGA tour: Tiger Woods, watch - Sports
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  179. Nira: teams, athlete, college - Sports
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  196. Senior sports: leagues, teams
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