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  1. News, Spanish region starts campaign to help children discover 'self-pleasure': teenagers, parents - Parenting
  2. News, Quick thinker: Girl, 6, hailed for saving mother after car accident. - Parenting
  3. News, Sorry darling, I can't do the vacuuming. It might damage my sperm count.........: SAHM, fertility - Parenting
  4. when to feed my son baby jar food and what kind?: breastfeeding, daycare - Parenting
  5. Why is housework seen as less masculine when soldiers do it everyday?: pregnant, parents - Parenting
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  13. for Parents Who Homeschool. Just Out of Curiosity..: method, teaching, activities - Parenting
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  15. A nice thing: baby, boys, son, husband - Parenting
  16. News, Man arrested for leaving 8-month-old baby in vehicle while drinking in suburban West Palm Beach strip club.: daughter, kid - Parenting
  17. I love my son! brag....: girl, friends, father, kid - Parenting
  18. News, NC woman accused of selling moonshine at day care.: homemade, college - Parenting
  19. Peer Evaluation in Elementary School: method, teaching, support, parent - Parenting
  20. teens, friends, mother, family - Parenting
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  31. Did uh...misplace Santa's presents?: party, toddlers, son - Parenting
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  35. sex education for 8 year old: teenagers, babies, parents, girls - Parenting
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  51. Major problems with 20-year-old son: attorney, baby, pills, accident - Parenting
  52. No Football!!!: weight, games, parents, girls - Parenting
  53. Caught my young brother (12) looking at gay porn: support, parent, wife - Parenting
  54. My Daughter won't move out: legal, parent, friends, mother - Parenting
  55. Cancel Christmas?: party, meal, toys, parents - Parenting
  56. Dad not dead!!!!: babies, pregnant, single parent, parent - Parenting
  57. Nite time Diapers for 4 year old: weight, parent, appropriate, accident - Parenting
  58. Why do so many parents drive their kids to school?: wife, daughter - Parenting
  59. head!: ideas, babies, parents, clothes - Parenting
  60. Is this unhealthy?: parents, wife, girl, playing - Parenting
  61. Sibiling jelously?: breastfeed, sitter, divorce, infant - Parenting
  62. Ok so my kids found dirty pictures I sent my husband to his phone...: playing, married - Parenting
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  66. Preschool playdates: teaching, single mom, games, parent - Parenting
  67. Caught Son Playing Doctor with Cousin: legal, baby, games, parents - Parenting
  68. I kept my son from going on the field trip now I feel horrible: teens, parents - Parenting
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  70. Besides santa and gift giving...: teenagers, games, parents, clothes - Parenting
  71. How much homework do your kids get?: average, parents, girls - Parenting
  72. 15 and socially clueless: teenage, have to tell her, autism, parent - Parenting
  73. Had the talk about Santa this morning-what I said: Santa Claus, parents, girls - Parenting
  74. what age do you tell your kids about Santa, tooth fairy,: Santa Claus, parents - Parenting
  75. News, U.S. dad says he hopes to bring son home.: custody, parents - Parenting
  76. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: playing, daughter, husband, music - Parenting
  77. 28 year old physics instructor still mad about being lied to about Santa. Is my son Just WEIRD?: Santa Claus, teaching - Parenting
  78. Son turning 21 what to do for birthday?: ideas, legal, boys - Parenting
  79. What are kids asking for this Christmas?: party, baby, games - Parenting
  80. Eating meals together as a family...: parents, daughter, grandpa, husband - Parenting
  81. Potty training and day care: method, infants, parents, appropriate - Parenting
  82. What are parent's thoughts about freak dancing?: teens, parents, appropriate - Parenting
  83. Advice Needed...: method, meal, single mom, parents - Parenting
  84. Parents Job: step-dad, lawyers, wife, smart - Parenting
  85. Moving closer to the ex for the kids: stepfather, babies, support - Parenting
  86. At what age should you let your daughter play with Barbies?: toys, parent - Parenting
  87. teen driving thru a big city: teens, parents, wife, son - Parenting
  88. Anything help in alleviating hiccups in a newborn ?: method, infants, parents - Parenting
  89. Savings Accounts When Your Child Reaches 18: teenagers, parents, son, college - Parenting
  90. Stay at home mom in need of advice: babysitting, maternity, babies - Parenting
  91. Why are mundane accomplishments lauded?: babies, pregnant, parent, children - Parenting
  92. Why are American children such picky eaters?: meal, games, parents - Parenting
  93. Stay at home mom in need of advice: babysitter, baby, support - Parenting
  94. Why do schools enlarge things?: wakes up, support, parents, student - Parenting
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  96. Young boy gets suspended from school over hair: teaching, parents, girls - Parenting
  97. Girl Friend Sleep Over: step-dad, BF, custody, teens - Parenting
  98. Child Time: son, twins, kids, birthday - Parenting
  99. 20-year-old son / brother: additional problems: bi-polar, legal, pills, friend - Parenting
  100. Does the music out there bother other parents?: divorce, pregnant, girl - Parenting
  101. 3 year old falls from Grandpas shoulders onto head onto Cement: babysitter, baby - Parenting
  102. I'd like to hear from single parents: daycare, custody, legal - Parenting
  103. Help my daughter is gifted. . .: party, teenager, divorce, support - Parenting
  104. like just last Summer---: newborn, son, 6 year old, travel - Parenting
  105. Embarrassed By Your Young Behavior?: teenager, child, travel, high school - Parenting
  106. Abercrombie clerk staring at my daughter.: girls, smart, 18 years old, behavior - Parenting
  107. News, Teen runs up dad's cell bill to nearly $22,000.: parents, son, learn - Parenting
  108. What can I buy a 16 year old boy: teens, games, clothes - Parenting
  109. my child received detention yesterday: punish, teaching, wife, son - Parenting
  110. Is Santa real?: Santa Claus, support, play, son - Parenting
  111. Is it that bad bringing a b/f to your bed?: BF, parents - Parenting
  112. I was pretty mortified today (race related): babysitter, ideas, baby - Parenting
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  114. Sending your teen packing: teens, parents, clothes, child - Parenting
  115. Interesting Story about H1N1: pregnant, parents, activity, son - Parenting
  116. Babysitting for a Neighbor: daycare, pregnant, girl, daughter - Parenting
  117. I'm I the only one who thinks I didn't deserved it...... I'm against it now: spanking, parents - Parenting
  118. The right age to have children: child care, teenagers, baby, support - Parenting
  119. for dads (or working moms) about playing w/ kids: daycare, baby - Parenting
  120. Do you teach your kid to hit back?: bullying, support, parents - Parenting
  121. fun story Book for preschooler: toy, parents, son, 5 years old - Parenting
  122. Choosing a baby name - Whose choice is it: legally, parents, boys - Parenting
  123. A man's motivation to get married is...what?: sitter, divorced, baby - Parenting
  124. Turn TV OFF?: cartoon, games, parents, chores - Parenting
  125. Stay at home Parents: activities, play, children, classes - Parenting
  126. Are SAHMs generally more accepted than SAHDs?: wife, activities, play - Parenting
  127. I don't understand HOW or WHY a mother could do this to her own baby.: custody, support - Parenting
  128. Minor laws and 17 year olds: minors, party, legal, teenager - Parenting
  129. Is Cafemom a good parenting site to try out?: SAHM, teenagers, baby
  130. This is Why Babies Need Mothers: breast milk, wife, boy, children - Parenting
  131. Bullying at school: weight, parents, girls, daughter - Parenting
  132. What type of Car...: party, parents, wife, child - Parenting
  133. Teen girl sending nude photos: attorney, game, parents, girls - Parenting
  134. The best thing you can do for your teen: babysitting, teens, baby - Parenting
  135. When did you decide that you wanted to have children?: pregnancy, parents - Parenting
  136. Running away from your kids -: punishment, teens, parents - Parenting
  137. News, Set afire, teen now struggles for survival.: parents, boys, son - Parenting
  138. about others' kids' bad behavior: out of control, single mom, parents, boys - Parenting
  139. Come sit in a rocker on the porch with me, and we'll discuss how children days are wimps!: legal, toys - Parenting
  140. out of control 17 year old girl: legal, teenagers, support, parents - Parenting
  141. Working parent...rethinking it: day care, attorney, legal, SAHM - Parenting
  142. Good/fun games to play with a 9-month-old (boy)?: parents, playing, son - Parenting
  143. Teenager with own computer?: parent, son, 17 year old, husband - Parenting
  144. What is a veteran (for kids)?: support, father-in-law, son, grandfather - Parenting
  145. Is this healthy for my daughter?: girls, appropriate, smart, son - Parenting
  146. Handling parent/teacher conflict: bi-polar, weigh, parents, boys - Parenting
  147. Opinions on buying cars for 16 year olds: teens, game, parents - Parenting
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  149. Teaching children about money: teens, baby, parent, son - Parenting
  150. Boy's sweet 16 party: ideas, teens, girls, play - Parenting
  151. My Almost 4 Year Old Was Nasty to Another Kid: parents, son, learning - Parenting
  152. U.K. News, Government Takes Boy From Parents Who Refuse to Give Him Sweets.: breast milk, weight - Parenting
  153. SAHM or Work dillema: daycare, teens, divorce, support - Parenting
  154. where to take the kids on spring break: girls, 7 year old, natural - Parenting
  155. Is there winter coat my teenage son will wear?: teens, weight - Parenting
  156. would you confront who leaves a child unattended in a care? baby kidnapping in S.C.: legal, parents - Parenting
  157. Strollers at crowded events: babysitter, babies, toddlers, parents - Parenting
  158. teen daughter and hormones....: BF, teens, support, pregnancy - Parenting
  159. If your child says, I watch for Christmas ----: Santa Claus, parent - Parenting
  160. Birthday party ideas for a 4 yr old girl?: teenage, parents, girls - Parenting
  161. packing kids school lunches...: ideas, picky eater, milk, baby - Parenting
  162. help with toy selection: toddler, game, parents, boy - Parenting
  163. Kids not immunized and school...: teaching, autism, toddlers, daughter - Parenting
  164. need advice: child support, ADHD, legal, teens - Parenting
  165. Stroller, Sling, Leash?: method, infant, support, toddler - Parenting
  166. Opinions Is 50 too old for a baby?: support, parents, wife - Parenting
  167. News, Pink toys 'damaging' for girls: booster seat, parents, clothes, daughters - Parenting
  168. girls name: friend - Parenting
  169. Help me w/ Age of consent laws??: method, party, lawyers - Parenting
  170. Keeping your child home's borderline but...: deadbeat, parents, activities - Parenting
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  172. Downsizing Children's Christmas Expectations: allowance, games, parents, girls - Parenting
  173. How long does a scar heal?: toddler, boys, son, 4 years old - Parenting
  174. have a child with a chronic cough?: activity, son, insurance - Parenting
  175. Skipping A Grade: teaching, average, parents, girl - Parenting
  176. I need to hear a Thank You: teaching, have to tell her, game - Parenting
  177. Curious, What Are Your Views On Spanking?: bullying, method, punishment - Parenting
  178. Best Gift for a New Mom - a meal that she doesn't have to cook?: sitter, teens - Parenting
  179. 7 yr old having trouble adjusting after long distance move: wakes up, parents, girls - Parenting
  180. an interesting invitation: party, parents, friends, kids - Parenting
  181. My average kid: Sensory Integration Disorder, teaching, support, parents - Parenting
  182. Kid Insults Me to My Daughter: teaching, babies, games, parents - Parenting
  183. Everyone says our baby is one of the cutest ever. How to get into baby modeling ?: pageants, babies - Parenting
  184. lunch with the kiddo: meal, picky eater, teaching, baby - Parenting
  185. Teen cousins -not very close-: BF, single mom, games, parents - Parenting
  186. How much do you spend monthly on groceries: baby, game, diapers - Parenting
  187. Does Teaching Children Multiple Languages Lead to Confusion?: parents, son, grandmother - Parenting
  188. Parents unsupportive of my hobby-making the most of it.: games, boy, playing - Parenting
  189. News, Baby born in car named after vehicle.: girls, play, friend - Parenting
  190. Talk about monster.......: teens, baby, toddlers, parents - Parenting
  191. how young do they put braces on kids days: baby, appropriate - Parenting
  192. Soon-to-be parents observation on toys: maternity, lawsuit, infant, clothes - Parenting
  193. News, Baby, mom called Christmas miracle.: parent, Colorado Springs, Colorado - Parenting
  194. News, 11-year-old girl hailed as hero for waking family during fire.: Louisville - Parenting
  195. Video, One real smart kid.: 9 year old - Parenting
  196. News, NJ District Proposes Charging For Kids' Detention.: parents, children, schools - Parenting
  197. Recessions affect on your family: parent, mother - Parenting
  198. News, issues record 2.1M recall for dropside cribs.: infant, safety, Washington - Parenting
  199. Words Their Way: teaching, children, learning, students - Parenting
  200. News, Local 10-year-old collects over 1,000 coats for the needy.: girl, Indiana, Kentucky - Parenting