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  14. We really can make a difference in other peoples lives, IF we try. - Relationships
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  27. how do you share money and expenses?: how to, married, women - Relationships
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  31. Mods don't know where to put this or who to PM: women, family - Relationships
  32. i'm gay but have a hard time with the gay 'scene': dating, boyfriend - Relationships
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  34. This was a good sign right?: friend, conversation, interested, relations - Relationships
  35. Am I undateable?: dating, married, girl, love - Relationships
  36. How do i attract beautiful women when i am ugly?: date, married - Relationships
  37. Opinions on persistence?: women, friends, feelings, interested - Relationships
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  45. significant other's facebook friends: dating, wife, married, love - Relationships
  46. Social Networking while married: Facebook: husband, separate, kids, friend - Relationships
  47. If the ex boy or girl friends of a new lover were unimpressive would that impact your relationship?: dating, wife - Relationships
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  52. What's appropriate?: wife, married, girl, husband - Relationships
  53. how do we get rid of this paranoid woman? will you stay home and have a maid if you could?: wives, girlfriend - Relationships
  54. Cheating and Baby Out-of-Wedlock Nightmare?: wife, how to, married, women - Relationships
  55. found out a jock bully in high school, was mean to me because he was gay.: how to, girls - Relationships
  56. Why are women offended at being referred to as 'females'?: older, calling - Relationships
  57. Ethical/moral dilemma: women, call, advice, friends - Relationships
  58. What Do Men Think About Women Who Get Plastic Surgery?: dating, married - Relationships
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  68. What are the benefits to you of participating in social media: dating, girlfriend - Relationships
  69. smug pest relationship: love, advice, accept, relative - Relationships
  70. What is the difference between city guys and country guys? which do you like more?: movies, how to - Relationships
  71. Have you ever dated a face-slapper? Is this the new kink of the month?: dating, men - Relationships
  72. Girls marriage proposal essentially ed: boyfriend, women, love - Relationships
  73. what do you do if you're gf/bf gets sick?: dating, boyfriend - Relationships
  74. What would you do if you spotted your boss at a singles event?: dating, movies - Relationships
  75. Women/Men from which era SEEM most attractive to you?: movies, older - Relationships
  76. You're a fat, ugly but rich guy...: girlfriend, woman, love - Relationships
  77. Breast,arse,legs,feet, oh my!: women, ugly, pictures, best - Relationships
  78. French kissing - or nay?: girlfriend, women, love, sex - Relationships
  79. Meeting a woman tomorrow - hasn't texted back: call, like, contact - Relationships
  80. Ladies if you were to have a one night stand this weekend.....: women, love - Relationships
  81. Why I'm cynical about love and think it's mostly BS: dating, marriage - Relationships
  82. Very hesitant to trust..: dating, girlfriend, women, love - Relationships
  83. Do you worry how your at-home SO keeps house?: women, husband, kids - Relationships
  84. a guy my sister met just told her....: dating, wife, girlfriend - Relationships
  85. How do you get over a woman you are madly in love with but she has a long time boyfriend?: boyfriends, women - Relationships
  86. Do you mind if a guy is not buff at all?: women, love - Relationships
  87. Men that don't like women wearing makeup?: kissing, beautiful, looking - Relationships
  88. OKCupid Site?: older, people, free, Texas - Relationships
  89. What would you make of this girl?: dating, married, young - Relationships
  90. Opinions...single girl going out solo.: movies, women, friend, clubs - Relationships
  91. Buying sexy gifts for your lover. Have you done it? How did it go?: boyfriend, married - Relationships
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  93. Cruel ex: girl, love, children, jealous - Relationships
  94. She said: “My relationship has to have: dating, women, love - Relationships
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  98. Does true love still exist?? People are just not taking time to GET TO KNOW ONE another anymore! WHY ?: dating, Christian - Relationships
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  102. Back from Thailand. My quest for a 'mail order bride': marrying, women - Relationships
  103. If You Made Mistakes In The Past, I'm Not Interested?: dating, girlfriend - Relationships
  104. to women: How would you react to lingerie?: hubby, sex, sexy - Relationships
  105. Friends versus Spouse: wife, married, guy, loyalty - Relationships
  106. A for the guys... Are you getting enough SEX!: wives, girlfriends - Relationships
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  110. Relationships and Money: dating, long-term, married, love
  111. truth that raised w/out siblings are stubborn and difficult to be in relationships with?: how to, guy
  112. Should I be afraid?: guys, children, call, stalked - Relationships
  113. Why does think a man is alone if he stays unmarried?: wife, women - Relationships
  114. Why are women SO mean to each other on internet forums?: love, gay - Relationships
  115. Baby Momma/Daddy or Single Mom/Dad_e-Harmony Update: dating, wife, women - Relationships
  116. Need help with this thing I got goin on with my boss: kiss, sex - Relationships
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  118. Horrible smell coming from sleeping girlfriend: women, love, advice, living together - Relationships
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  120. wouldbyou react if your bf told you he was interested in abf / anr: husband, sexy - Relationships
  121. Hot pans and mothers.: how to, love, family, call - Relationships
  122. You know you are in a bad relationship when...: date, girlfriend, women - Relationships
  123. 1 year anniversary: date, difference, pictures, perfect - Relationships
  124. are guys really intimidated to approach girls?: how to, married, women - Relationships
  125. How many people on this forum are active in BDSM?: dating, boyfriend - Relationships
  126. Ashamed and Feeling Lousy: girl, kids, sex, call - Relationships
  127. relationships / apartment sharing in NYC: dating, boyfriend, married, woman
  128. Can two people fall in love & create a lasiting relationship in 80 Hours?: date, wife - Relationships
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  130. Have you discovered a lot of your friends from the past are actually gay now?: lesbian, married - Relationships
  131. Who has suffered from close quarters syndrome?: man, love, attracted - Relationships
  132. In a situation! Help.: long distance, how to, women, young - Relationships
  133. How private are you with your spouse?: wife, girlfriend, marriage - Relationships
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  135. Why are so many people desperate to be with somebody?: wife, married - Relationships
  136. They dont have everything, but..: love, friends, feeling, looking - Relationships
  137. Ladies, What are your favorite physical features on a guy?: meaning, different - Relationships
  138. Valentine’s Day’s being pushed down our throats!: date, wife - Relationships
  139. Whom do you buy for?: love, husband, older, family - Relationships
  140. How much importance do you place on compliments?: dating, women, love - Relationships
  141. I'd recommend Central/Latin America for guys that desire a foreign wife.: dating, married - Relationships
  142. 2012 wish list for the opposite sex: wife, how to, women, love - Relationships
  143. I'm a virgin and I'm thinking about losing it to a stranger.: dating, boyfriend - Relationships
  144. Is on the board using a telephone dating service in 2012?: long distance, women - Relationships
  145. HIV-Positive Guy Allegedly Infects Women On Purpose: hubby, kids, sex - Relationships
  146. Complicated Scenario: wife, marriage, women, love - Relationships
  147. Dating isnt as fun as I it would be: long distance, women - Relationships
  148. .. Heres A Little Story About How Dumb I Am: women, dance - Relationships
  149. This is a date, right?: women, attractive, call, personalities - Relationships
  150. What is cheating?: dating, wife, girlfriend, marriage - Relationships
  151. What Do You Have In Common With Your Partner?: wife, movies, women - Relationships
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  153. Compatible with a married friend who wants me, and I won't be a homewrecker! Clueless: wife, how to - Relationships
  154. to love someone but be tired of them?: wife, marriage, women - Relationships
  155. How many are actually in love with their spouse?: wife, married - Relationships
  156. Got a Date.. just don't feel like it now: dating, girls, single - Relationships
  157. Do You Share Soap With Your Significant Other? House Guests?: wife, married - Relationships
  158. Setting Boundaries: how to, women, love, family - Relationships
  159. ever seriously considered living as a hermit?: single, older, children - Relationships
  160. She postpones date, cites cold and allergy: boyfriend, girlfriend, women - Relationships
  161. A girl I know only wants to hang out w alcohol: pregnant, problems - Relationships
  162. Why do women like dark hair (brown or black) on guys?: love, American - Relationships
  163. So, Ladies, what exactly is a metrosexual and do you find them attractive?: Christian, girls - Relationships
  164. My faith has been restored that there are women in the DC area for me: dates, best - Relationships
  165. Can powerful personalities intimidate you?: dating, younger, kissing, advice - Relationships
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  167. for women - are you getting enough sex?: dating, married, living together - Relationships
  168. Shy Girl At Loss: dating, movies, boyfriend, how to - Relationships
  169. How much sex is enough for you?: love, American, partner - Relationships
  170. Hope reigns supreme as Americans ring in 2012 :): wife, love, husbands - Relationships
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  176. can long distsant relationships work or is it just fun while it lasts?: long distance, how to
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  178. caught in a bind: dating, long-term, how to, married - Relationships
  179. How do you love yourself and be more secure?: woman, older, family - Relationships
  180. I have a thing with names: dating, married, male, single - Relationships
  181. How come women through a hissy fit if a guy is close to his mother ..: wife, girlfriend - Relationships
  182. Face The Jury Site?: different, people, free, Texas - Relationships
  183. I wasn't raped, but it sure felt like it.: men, feeling, different - Relationships
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  188. Is there a chance for this to work?: dating, marriage, women - Relationships
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  190. What Do People Mean When They Say They Love Someone But They Don't Like Them?: young, family - Relationships
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  192. alittle advice ....: dating, married, women, loving - Relationships
  193. What's a good age to have children?: married, women, husband - Relationships
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  195. Why is my ex gf acting so indifferent towards my feelings?: boyfriend, woman - Relationships
  196. When Is it time...: dating, girlfriends, how to, women - Relationships
  197. guys have a stronger wife?: women, attracted, younger, relations - Relationships
  198. Failed relationship because of you: wife, guys, lover, husband - Relationships
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  200. the GREY area. (dating): guy, family, friends, relations - Relationships