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  1. Need someone to change a license plate near Rosewood area: Columbia: station, gas - South Carolina (SC)
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  5. Where is a good place to go for new years eve?: Columbia: rooftop, beach - South Carolina (SC)
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  8. Downtown Columbia: your favorite parts: rooftop, live, restaurants - South Carolina (SC)
  9. Store that sells dented cans?: Columbia, Lexington: school, warehouse, food - South Carolina (SC)
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  11. Good Real Estate Agent in Lexington, SC Area: Columbia: rentals, new home - South Carolina
  12. Divorce Lawyer: Columbia, Lane: real estate, live in, litigation - South Carolina (SC)
  13. Chapin, Lexington or Blythewood for special needs child?: Columbia, Charleston: teaching jobs, neighborhoods - South Carolina (SC)
  14. Lower Richland and Columbia HS: Andrews: apartment complexes, rental, schools - South Carolina (SC)
  15. Columbia: worst city for Winter jobs?: Jackson: real estate, house prices, to buy - South Carolina (SC)
  16. Columbia, SC vs Columbia, MD: live, suburban, office - South Carolina
  17. Food Manufacturing: Columbia, Prosperity: rich, relocating to, area - South Carolina (SC)
  18. I used to think there were a lot of crazy threads in the Columbia forum: good - South Carolina (SC)
  19. Wow, Decker to Percival Has Sure Gone Down! What Has Happened To It?!: Clemson: low income - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  20. Best Dog Park: Columbia, Saluda: apartment, shop, dog parks - South Carolina (SC)
  21. Before/After School Care Programs: Columbia, Jackson: YMCA, construction, school districts - South Carolina (SC)
  22. Columbia, SC Progressive Churches: live, gay, population - South Carolina
  23. Riverside Apts.: Columbia, West Columbia, Cayce: apartments, lease, refrigerators - South Carolina (SC)
  24. Gluten-free dining out in Columbia?: Clemson: restaurants, to eat, top - South Carolina (SC)
  25. about Columbia YMCA Men's Health Club Membership: high school, live - South Carolina (SC)
  26. HOA Dues in Wildewood: Columbia: house, neighborhoods, buying - South Carolina (SC)
  27. Sc Cars located in Columbia: buying, place, work - South Carolina (SC)
  28. What are nice and cheap rural towns that are close to Columbia?: Greenville: new home - South Carolina (SC)
  29. What is public transportation like in columbia?: live, bus - South Carolina (SC)
  30. Columbia's inaugural 2012 marathon to be challenging: estate, courses, rain - South Carolina (SC)
  31. Welcome to Columbia: $100 million in tax dollars for failed Innovista project but none to support bus service.: Charleston: sales - South Carolina (SC)
  32. Rivergate Apts.: Columbia, Lexington, Riverview: apartment complex, house, neighborhood - South Carolina (SC)
  33. Relocating to Columbia: Summerville, Irmo, Lexington: best schools, living in, centers - South Carolina (SC)
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  37. NYE in Sumter?: Columbia: house, dangerous, friendly - South Carolina (SC)
  38. So HO HO HO close: Columbia, Dalzell: Valentine's day, house, living in - South Carolina (SC)
  39. Seasons: Columbia, Charleston, Greenville: live, area, locations - South Carolina (SC)
  40. Advantage Realty Group: Sumter: movers, house, purchase - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  41. Is there rotary club in columbia area: moving to, clubs - South Carolina (SC)
  42. SENIOR LOW INCOME LIVING IN COLUMBIA!!! HELP!: Marion: apartments, bus - South Carolina (SC)
  43. Mayor Steve Benjamin delivers 2011 State of the City address.: Columbia: job, road - South Carolina (SC)
  44. church recommendations: Columbia, West Columbia, Lexington: live, health, children - South Carolina (SC)
  45. Thinking of Moving to South Carolina: Columbia, Charleston: apartments, to rent, homes - (SC)
  46. why is the $250 citation for dog barking nuisance law enforcement.....: York: county, misdemeanor - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  47. Hookah Bar and Lounge coming to Sumter Street: zoning, parking - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  48. Investor from Mass. looking at Columbia: for sale, foreclosures, rental market - South Carolina (SC)
  49. Dog friendly area?: Irmo, Lexington, Saluda: house, neighborhood, live - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  50. Downtown construction: Columbia, West Columbia: home, utilities, shopping center - South Carolina (SC)
  51. Need: Columbia, Lexington: home, move, license - South Carolina (SC)
  52. Lexington Realtor for New Contstruction/Vacant Land: new construction, subdivision - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  53. Lake Murray: camping, parks, area - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  54. Private Schools: Columbia, Sumter, West Columbia: renting, elementary schools, safety - South Carolina (SC)
  55. Sumter area apts.: Dillon, Dalzell: real estate, apartment complex, rentals - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  56. does S.C. have a statute so the legally successful can recover their legal fees from the other party?: real estate - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  57. Area used book prices: Columbia: for sale, how much, home - South Carolina (SC)
  58. Budget Grocery Shopping in Columbia: Sumter: coupons, live, groceries - South Carolina (SC)
  59. Pipeline Porter from Kona Brewing Company: Columbia: Publix, local, seasonal - South Carolina (SC)
  60. what can you say to this legally with Columbia being the state capital?: York: lawyer - South Carolina (SC)
  61. Cake & Candy Supply Shops: Columbia: shopping center, metro area, Dutch - South Carolina (SC)
  62. Information on Braewick/near Lake Murray: HOA, homes, neighborhoods - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  63. Possibly Relocating to Lexington/Columbia: Charleston, Chapin: homes, neighborhood, best schools - South Carolina (SC)
  64. Making information private: for sale, how much, home - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  65. Relocation to Columbia: Buffalo: apartment, college, live - South Carolina (SC)
  66. Richland 2 vs Lex 5 School District: Columbia, St. Andrews: middle-class, for rent, houses - South Carolina (SC)
  67. Columbia Women's Rugby Team Seeking New Players!: Charleston: home, rating - South Carolina (SC)
  68. Divorce lawyer.....yippyyyy (insert sarcasm): Sumter: moving, area, year - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  69. Looking for a GOOD Personal Trainer: Parker, Donalds: university, maintenance, living - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  70. Need on Richland Northeast High School: Columbia: neighborhood, income - South Carolina (SC)
  71. Lien on rental property: renter, HOA fees, attorney - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  72. Mast General Store plans late May opening in Columbia: apartments, floors - South Carolina (SC)
  73. NE Columbia,Elgin: Spartanburg, Clemson, Irmo: homes, neighborhoods, living - South Carolina (SC)
  74. Thinking of moving from u.k. To aiken sc: house, to buy - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  75. Sheheen will be our next SC governor: Florence: metro area, place - Columbia area, South Carolina
  76. Polish mass @ St. Joseph's Church in Shandon: Columbia, Charleston: pierogies, store - South Carolina (SC)
  77. Columbia featured in where to buy a home for less than $800 per month: sales - South Carolina (SC)
  78. USC to establish pharmacy innovation center with $30 million gift: Greenville: school, university - Columbia area, South Carolina
  79. News, South Carolina City Offers to Give Away Office Building.: Columbia: to move, parking - (SC)
  80. Aflac to double Columbia workforce from 200 to 400 with room to grow: real estate, leasing - South Carolina (SC)
  81. New to area -where to meet female FRIENDS only: Columbia: gym, to eat - South Carolina (SC)
  82. Govenor and Columbia mayor to be present when Aflac announces Columbia expansion: insurance - South Carolina (SC)
  83. Sports Bars in Sumter, SC: Columbia: club, best, venues - South Carolina
  84. Moving to columbia and have uestions!! help!!: Clemson: to rent, neighborhoods - South Carolina (SC)
  85. Moving to Florence Area: Columbia, Dillon: apartment complex, neighborhood, safe - South Carolina (SC)
  86. Nail salons: how much, good, about - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  87. Columbia Fro-Yo Explosion Yumilicious best by my Estimation: Greenville, West Columbia: mover, shop - South Carolina (SC)
  88. Concessions at Williams-Brice?: stadium, parking, permit - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  89. Condos / Apt Coming into downtown: Columbia, West Columbia: apartments, lofts, condominiums - South Carolina (SC)
  90. Ghosts?: Columbia: house, yard, areas - South Carolina (SC)
  91. USC-Columbia Incubator quietly turning out high-tech jobs: appointed, tenants - South Carolina
  92. Swim lessons for adults?: prices, places, adult - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  93. Coming in April: Sumter, Dalzell: loan, house, neighborhood - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  94. IT Jobs for the State of SC/Universities: Columbia: job openings, contractors - South Carolina
  95. Ultimate spot for New Hotel in Columbia- Site of former New Orleans Restaurant: condos - South Carolina (SC)
  96. new subdivisions in Aiken: townhouses, construction, live in - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  97. my new apt is damp: apartment, rental, houses - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  98. Will Benjamin profit from this HUD development?: lawyer, estate - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  99. The Nick: theater, price, friendly - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  100. City of Columbia to power garbage truck with Southern Fried Fuel: Charleston: bus - South Carolina (SC)
  101. Columbia designated a Preserve America community: estate, office, reservation - South Carolina (SC)
  102. Goat cheese: Columbia, Aiken, Lamar: shop, farm, deal - South Carolina (SC)
  103. Lexington/Columbia Area: great, German, female - South Carolina (SC)
  104. Moving to Columbia in Sept: Oak Grove, Jackson: apartments, to rent, crime rates - South Carolina (SC)
  105. Average Real Estate Sales Price Since 2007: Columbia, Greenville: foreclosures, rentals, loans - South Carolina (SC)
  106. Mowing cost per acre: how much, fencing, costs - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  107. Over 10,000 attended Gay Pride in Columbia yesterday: Greenville, Jackson: living in, estate - South Carolina (SC)
  108. Groupon Enters Columbia Market: fit in, sales, coupons - South Carolina (SC)
  109. Where do you go picking or flea markets?: Columbia, Lexington: sales, how much - South Carolina (SC)
  110. Groupon is coming to Columbia, will team up with local businesses: Charleston: shop, estate - South Carolina (SC)
  111. Working for the SC Dept Of Correction: Columbia: to relocate, area - South Carolina
  112. Boarding for our Wonder pup: Irmo, Lexington: Dutch, lodge, moved - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  113. Where is the location of the new Farmers Market?: Cayce: schedule, drive - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  114. tourist in December Xmas: Charleston: activities, average, winter - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  115. Suggestions for Leisurely Drives Around Columbia?: Greenville, Aiken: neighborhoods, shop, cabin - South Carolina (SC)
  116. Midlands well represented on list of SC's best places to work: Columbia: ranking, area - South Carolina
  117. Thanksgiving - help: Columbia: hotels, cost, stores - South Carolina (SC)
  118. Columbia has greater GMP then Lebannon does GDP: Charleston, Greenville: how much, metro area - South Carolina (SC)
  119. Good auto mechanic in Lexington?: St. Andrews, Andrews: luxury, maintenance, car - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  120. Cell phone: Columbia, Sumter, Dalzell: house, store, radio - South Carolina (SC)
  121. Richland County ranks best in state for wages.: Columbia, Charleston: real estate, insurance - South Carolina (SC)
  122. Hair salon recommendation in/around Lexington?: Columbia: price, dry, job - South Carolina (SC)
  123. It is a ballgame, win or lose, and should never turn deadly.: Columbia: weather - South Carolina (SC)
  124. Apartments near Univ. of SC: Columbia, North: apartment complexes, rentals, home - South Carolina
  125. best sushi or vegan restaurant?: Columbia, Aiken: live, restaurants, food - South Carolina (SC)
  126. Ice Hockey?: Columbia, Irmo: school, place to live, moving to - South Carolina (SC)
  127. Outgoing Police Chief, not authorized to have gun, badge or uniform since 2007: Columbia: appointed - South Carolina (SC)
  128. Buying land in the area: real estate, loans, price - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  129. Historic Library to Hold Wedding: college, building, venue - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  130. Irmo - needed on RidgeCreek Sub, River Springs Elem, Crossroads Middle...: HOA - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  131. Nightlife on a Wednesday?: Columbia, St. Andrews: house, theater, school - South Carolina (SC)
  132. How is employment in Columbia?: Charleston, Greenville: loan, attorneys, find a job - South Carolina (SC)
  133. Moving to Columbia Area HELP!!!: Lexington: apartment, rental, condos - South Carolina (SC)
  134. must try food/ restaurants in Columbia: Lynchburg: apartment, house, live - South Carolina (SC)
  135. Lexington, SC vs. Columbia, SC: Lugoff, North: middle-class, home, transfer - South Carolina
  136. Hootie & the Blowfish monument/tribute: Columbia, Charleston: houses, university, live - South Carolina (SC)
  137. Township Auditorium renovation wins national award: Columbia, Greenville: new home, construction, association - South Carolina (SC)
  138. Where to live in Columbia, SC?: apartment, safe area, college - South Carolina
  139. Ringling Brothers circus protest in Columbia Feb 3,5: Lynchburg: exemptions, to live - South Carolina (SC)
  140. What's the art scene , job outlook , and people like in Columbia?: Charleston: real estate, houses - South Carolina (SC)
  141. Columbia Metropolitan Airport passenger numbers: Charleston, Greenville: how much, professionals, low cost - South Carolina (SC)
  142. Another blow to Richland Mall.: Columbia, Lexington: sales, rent, tenants - South Carolina (SC)
  143. can someone tell me about Camden,Elgin: Columbia, Sumter: house prices, neighborhoods - South Carolina (SC)
  144. City water services convenience fee: Columbia: credit card, homes - South Carolina (SC)
  145. Columbia Police Department Overly Agressive To It's Citizens: North: crime rate, neighborhoods - South Carolina (SC)
  146. what we think of columbia so far...: Lexington, Jackson: house, living - South Carolina (SC)
  147. Lexington and Irmo: Columbia: homes, buy, shop - South Carolina (SC)
  148. Summer heat: Columbia, Charleston: live, dangerous, estate - South Carolina (SC)
  149. What Do People think will go in were Damon's was next to the Hilton?: Buffalo: real estate, rent - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  150. Best Restaurants:: Columbia, Greenville, Lexington: house, organic, taxes - South Carolina (SC)
  151. Haley Needs To Be Real: Columbia: how to, time, black - South Carolina (SC)
  152. USC's Innovista Master Plan awarded by SC chapter of APA: Columbia: sales, 2013 - South Carolina
  153. Sorry, I Just Have To Vent - It was a longgggg day!: Columbia: how much, home - South Carolina (SC)
  154. Columbia's Transit Bus System in serious trouble: Charleston, Lexington: low income, sales - South Carolina (SC)
  155. Regional cooperation in the Midlands begins in earnest.: Columbia, Taylors: chapel, subdivision - South Carolina (SC)
  156. Artist Rendering's of Garnet Way are Out if You Haven't seen them/: Columbia: neighborhood, buying - South Carolina (SC)
  157. Richland County unemployment rate: Columbia, Charleston: job openings, construction, school - South Carolina (SC)
  158. What's up with the Inferno?: Columbia, West Columbia: construction, school, university - South Carolina (SC)
  159. Greenville developer says Bull Street site to be world-class: Columbia: sale, homes - South Carolina (SC)
  160. Do you find there is plenty to do year round?: Columbia: activities, parks - South Carolina (SC)
  161. SC car insurance!: Columbia, North: apartment, rent, home - South Carolina
  162. ESPN College Gameday this Saturday @ The Horseshoe: Columbia: university, camp - South Carolina (SC)
  163. Art center proposed for Tapp's building on Main Street: Columbia: hardwood floors, lease - South Carolina (SC)
  164. Thousands of jobs coming to Richland and Lexington Counties: Columbia: live in, airport - South Carolina (SC)
  165. Good Shopping Area for the Day in Columbia around Koger?: Greenville: how much, hotel - South Carolina (SC)
  166. Marcus Lattimore...: Clemson: high school, college, vs. - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  167. 30 Days in Jail For an Open Container?: Columbia, Gantt: crime, income - South Carolina (SC)
  168. least religious places in south carolina: Columbia, Lexington: transplants, crime, house - (SC)
  169. Hey, chain shoppers, Whole Foods, Costco & Trader Joes are rumored to be knocking around Columbia, again.: Charleston: middle-class, appointed - South Carolina (SC)
  170. Taxes in Columbia/Richland County and economic development: Forest Acres, Lexington: sales, houses - South Carolina (SC)
  171. What is the summer time like in Columbia ?: North: camping, live - South Carolina (SC)
  172. SCANA, The Vista and the riverfront: Columbia, Cayce: construction, zoning, fence - South Carolina
  173. relocating to columbia: Forest Acres: apartment, to rent, find a job - South Carolina (SC)
  174. Very Few Eateries Left in Dutch Square: Columbia, Greenville: closing, square footage - South Carolina (SC)
  175. California solar company chooses Columbia for $300 million plant, plans 1,000 high-paying jobs: Greenville: 2014, universities - South Carolina (SC)
  176. good or bad?: Columbia: neighborhoods, universities, living - South Carolina (SC)
  177. obgyn reputations: Columbia: area, looking for, suggestions - South Carolina (SC)
  178. Picture: pictures, monthly, good - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  179. 4 wheelers: place, good, around - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  180. Lexington Day Care centers?: job, good, fun - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  181. Where do you go to watch a cover band or DJ?: Irmo: entertainment, patios - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  182. Farewell sweet Lugoff: Columbia: house, neighborhood, relocating to - South Carolina (SC)
  183. Columbia counter culture: land, corporate, rules - South Carolina (SC)
  184. Horseshoe pits in or around columbia?: parks, area - South Carolina (SC)
  185. Traffic Attorney in Columbia?: office, ticket, date - South Carolina (SC)
  186. The Pines/ Three Rivers????: Columbia, West Columbia: about, daughter - South Carolina (SC)
  187. Rosewood between S.kilbourne/S. Ott: neighborhood, area, close to - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  188. Did attend gov't auto auction in Columbia today?: prices, vehicles - South Carolina (SC)
  189. ISP's in Columbia?: to work, good, hours - South Carolina (SC)
  190. Sos: buy, restaurants, seafood - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  191. Looking to relocate...just dont know where: Columbia: to live, health - South Carolina (SC)
  192. Reaching out to All Degraphenreeds ( Degraphenreids, Degraffenreids): move to, rating - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  193. has had their neighbor get a citation for nuisance dog barking and judge thru it out dismissed the fine?: law - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  194. Moving later this year need advice.: Columbia, Lexington: apartments, lease - South Carolina (SC)
  195. weekly rental: Jackson: camp, graduating, available - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  196. Vintage watch repair!!!: shop, relocating to, to work - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  197. Apartment Shopping: Columbia: rental, home, live - South Carolina (SC)
  198. Accurate Auto Repair and diagnostic at YOUR doorstep: Columbia: live, garage - South Carolina (SC)
  199. Property taxes for a home in the Irmo area: Lexington: counties, value - Columbia area, South Carolina (SC)
  200. moving to columbia,sc: park, good - South Carolina (SC)