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  33. Cognitive Theoretic Model of the Universe, by Chris Langan?: ideas, suggestions, style - Photography
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  73. fun with gel filters.: Nikon, d30, photo, macro - Photography
  74. In praise of bokeh: the dilemmas of TV filming.: video camera, Canon, DSLR - Photography
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  80. Digital Photography Classroom Schools: DSLR, workshops, processing, photoshop
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  83. The Tutu Project: pictures - Photography
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  85. Photography Emergency!: Canon, Nikon, photoshop, cameras
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  87. Composite image of Messier 42, in Orion: filter, Canon, processing, camera - Photography
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  89. inside an old fort: batteries, shot, photos, dates - Photography
  90. Going Small with what you have: hobby, 35mm, process, photoshop - Photography
  91. Going Small with Digital: Fuji, DSLR, Nikon, Sony - Photography
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  95. Island Photography: copyright, picture, photos, photographer
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  97. Photo turn slide into sharp print- recommendation needed sw ct shore area: printing, professional - Photography
  98. Charging batteries while abroad? (Olympus BLM-1 battery): DSLR, Sony, adapter - Photography
  99. Photography Is Where You Find It: camera, shots, settings, photos
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  102. Comparameter: Canon, DSLR, Nikon, Sony - Photography
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  106. new oil paint feature in cs6: photoshop, photos, photograph, JPG - Photography
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  108. Good photography magazines for a budding photographer?: lens, shots, photos
  109. What is wrong with my stupid camera?: Nikon, Kodak, d40 - Photography
  110. A Conversation on Lens: Options & Recommendations: filter, Canon, SLR - Photography
  111. PhotoShop Classes: workshops, processing, print, photograph - Photography
  112. Ikea, chairs and emotional states: picture, photo - Photography
  113. External Hard Drive for Pictures: camera, memory, photos, dates - Photography
  114. That krotochrome look: Kodak, Olympus, processing, photoshop - Photography
  115. Candid street photography in the 40's: 35mm, lens, cameras, photos
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  117. LL Bean Summer catalog cover very clever!: photo, photographer, image - Photography
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  121. Old Slides: photoshop, ISO, print, picture - Photography
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  124. Men And/Or Women At Work: Sony, shot, settings, photos - Photography
  125. Optimum ISO: Canon, Fuji, Nikon, Sony - Photography
  126. Scottish photography: pictures, JPG, famous, photobucket
  127. Camera News: Canon EOS, Fujifilm, DSLR, Nikon - Photography
  128. Professional Photogs - I Need Advice: hobby, workshops, camera - Photography
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  130. Sunrise Or Sunset How Can You Tell The Difference?: sunrises, picture, plane - Photography
  131. Fisheye & Ultrawide Photographs: Sony, fisheye lens, camera, shots - Photography
  132. Olympus sz-30mr: Canon, Nikon, cameras, batteries - Photography
  133. Is it difficult to sell the kit lens?: Canon, DSLR, Sony - Photography
  134. The New Canon EOS Rebel T4i DSLR: Nikon, Sony, lenses - Photography
  135. nikon d800 and d800e released: filter, Canon, Sony, d70 - Photography
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  137. Would you buy a used or refubrished camera?: Canon, Nikon, Sony - Photography
  138. Nikon or Canon: DSLR, d70, lenses, digital cameras - Photography
  139. What Camera & Tripod Are You Using: Canon, Fuji, Nikon - Photography
  140. Opinions needed on photographer's rights: photography business, DSLR, cameras, copyrighted
  141. Questions and Hello: Canon, DSLR, Nikon, Sony - Photography
  142. Abstraction: Sony, photos, photograph, lights - Photography
  143. Discussion: Old Equipment - Do You Sell or Tend to Hoard It?: filters, Canon - Photography
  144. Portrait Professional: lens, photoshop, copyright, printed - Photography
  145. Sony DSC-RX100: filter, Fuji, DSLR, Nikon - Photography
  146. I Dropped My 50mm Lens!: Canon, Nikon, camera, zoom - Photography
  147. Railroad Graffiti: process, pictures, photo, JPG - Photography
  148. Beverages: sunset, shots, photos, photograph - Photography
  149. How Lucky Can You Get?: 400mm, camera, shots, ISO - Photography
  150. Pentax DSLR Medium Format: Canon, Nikon, Sony, lenses - Photography
  151. Power and Telphone lines/cables and Poles: sunset, pictures, photos - Photography
  152. Favorite Photographs Matched to a Song: process, camera, shot, copyright - Photography
  153. The cost of photo technology: filter, DSLR, Kodak, Olympus - Photography
  154. Canon EOS 5D Mklll vs. Nikon D800: DSLR, Sony, hobby - Photography
  155. Photographs that look like paintings: Sony, 35mm, lens, camera - Photography
  156. lets start tutorials and learn from each other: lenses, camera, zoom - Photography
  157. Recommend an entry level digital camera: video camera, Canon EOS, DSLR, Nikon - Photography
  158. How Good Is The Nikon d800: Canon, SLR, d40, lenses - Photography
  159. about exposure adjustments: filters, DSLR, Nikon, Sony - Photography
  160. the is am i as good as i want to be?: filters, processing - Photography
  161. Photos for Play... w/permission to retouch or manipulate and repost: Sony, 50mm - Photography
  162. your histogram: DSLR, processing, adjustment, cameras - Photography
  163. First RAW test with Photoshop CS5 64 bit: Canon, Fuji, process - Photography
  164. Photos from your eyes point of view. No techs. No fix. Just loved...: Sony, 50mm - Photography
  165. Fisheye or Ultra Wide Angle?: Canon, Sony, 50mm, fisheye lens - Photography
  166. photoshop cs6 officially released: Nikon, lens, upgrade, camera - Photography
  167. Super Moon: cameras, shot, photo, date - Photography
  168. When did you get your first digital camera?: filters, Fujifilm, DSLR - Photography
  169. dumb about night photo using ordinary digicam: Canon, DSLR - Photography
  170. Portraits: Sony, d40, 35mm, photos - Photography
  171. Chihuly Art Only!: d50, camera, pictures, photos - Photography
  172. Going Big with Film: filter, Canon, DSLR, Nikon - Photography
  173. lightroom 4 released: Nikon, processing, upgrade, settings - Photography
  174. How to promote: photography business, processing, best shots, print
  175. Suggestions For Slide Scanning Service: photoshop, conversion, shots, prices - Photography
  176. In pictures: The Aurora Borealis over Northern Ireland. - Photography
  177. Leica camera fetches 2.16m euros at auction.: 35mm, setting, models - Photography
  178. Vote Now On Photo Contest!: best shot, photograph, contests, best - Photography
  179. Jason Lee Photos to Cheer up Sick Mom: photograph, creative - Photography
  180. Nikon Camera Battery Recall - EN-EL15: d70, cameras, batteries, D80 - Photography
  181. Rare Transit of Venus - tomorrow!!: Nikon, lenses, camera, photo - Photography
  182. Chalk Art: 50mm, shots, photos, JPG - Photography
  183. Best Wedding Photo - Photography
  184. 100th anniversary of the Titanic tragedy.: JPG, flickr - Photography
  185. News, GraFighters: A game that brings your drawings to life.: creative - Photography
  186. Jason Lee's photos of his daughters- such creativity: photoshop, creative - Photography
  187. San Joaquin Valley Trip: bird, photo, JPG, photobucket - Photography
  188. Panasonic DMC-TZ3 - problems: camera, fixed, pictures, images - Photography
  189. Largest digital photo in the world (272 gigapixels) - Photography
  190. A Winter Walk: photo, JPG, photobucket - Photography
  191. With A SmugMug Account: upgrade, photos, my photos - Photography
  192. French Court Rules Against Images of Designer Furniture: copyright, photo, photographs - Photography
  193. The Battle of F-Stop Ridge: cameras, photo, photograph - Photography
  194. Nikon To Stop Selling Parts To Independent Repair Shops: Canon, cameras - Photography
  195. Solar Eclipse May 2012 (post your photos: light, images, JPG - Photography
  196. lightroom 4 has new update rc2: photoshop, photos, release - Photography
  197. Collapsible Lenses for Interchangeable Lens Cameras: Sony, focus, Leica, JPG - Photography
  198. Ikea goes green with a cardboard digital camera.: photos, images - Photography
  199. Who's Loving Pinterest?: copyright, photos, image, permission - Photography
  200. photo from Arabia 3: JPG - Photography