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  1. Climate battle: Shreveport, Louisiana vs. Canberra, Austrailia: snowfall, hot, warmest - Weather
  2. Rate the climate: le Amsterdam: warm, storms, city, season - Weather
  3. Wind direction suddenly changing: days, storms, degree, thunderstorms - Weather
  4. heat index or dew point?: climate, hot, warm, temperature - Weather
  5. Rate the climate: This is Real: hot, days, city, Canada - Weather
  6. Static Electricity in dry places: january, daily, Tokyo - Weather
  7. When do you think the next time Chicago will hit -20 F (-29 C) will be?: climate, recorded - Weather
  8. To which city's climate Kharkiv's climate is more similar?: hottest, warm, record - Weather
  9. Rate The Fictional Climate: Snowy Summer: hot, place, season, months - Weather
  10. Which City is Indianapolis more like climate wise?: Alaska, Colorado, Minneapolis - Weather
  11. Which is most likely in my climate in May?: record, rainfall, storms - Weather
  12. News, Calendar says spring, but winter refuses to go away: snow, warm - Weather
  13. Cloudiest place in the Pacific Northwest: climate, averages, town, sunshine - Weather
  14. Does San Diego feel more chilly or warm?: climate, average, temperatures - Weather
  15. Climates of South Pole vs. North Pole: snow, ice, average - Weather
  16. Rate THIS Climate; Currawong Valley: snow, hot, warm, record - Weather
  17. Kodaikanal Vs. Eureka: climate, snow, warm, record - Weather
  18. Rainy Days in Mid-South - Now Extinct?: climate, warm, records - Weather
  19. Which winter scenario is more likely to happen?: climate, snow, ice - Weather
  20. Do Japanese climates generally feel wet? (Compared to say, US climates that are similar): days, storms - Weather
  21. Would you guys laugh at this being a news story?: 2014, storms - Weather
  22. Climate Talk: Rocky Mountains region: snow, precipitation, storms, cities - Weather
  23. Climate Battle,Omaha vs.Indianapolis Summer Weather: averages, city, humidity
  24. Which event is more likely in MAY in New York City?: climate, snow storm - Weather
  25. Rainfall pattern in the northwestern Mediterranean basin: climate, warmest, averages - Weather
  26. Climate Battle: Oranjestad, Aruba vs. Mecca, Saudi Arabia: hot, warm, temperature - Weather
  27. Where can I find the record low maximum temperature records for my city?: climate, warm - Weather
  28. Why places like Bjrnya (Svalbard, Norway) & Cold Bay (Alaska) are so cloudy?: fog, North - Weather
  29. why is denver so warm?: climate, hottest, warmest, averages - Weather
  30. What makes Australia get higher UV index than the similar-latitude places in the US?: climate, hottest - Weather
  31. Rate the climate - Jinghong, China: average, temperature, rainfall, nights - Weather
  32. Poll: Which Scenario is more Likely to Occur: climate, records, temperature - Weather
  33. Rate the Climate: Lathrop Wells, Nevada.: snow, hot, averages, temperature - Weather
  34. Mildest winters above 60 N: climate, average, places, world - Weather
  35. Climate Battle: Beijing vs. Shanghai: warm, city, humidity, sunshine - Weather
  36. Weather in Chicago,Illinois Versus Minneapolis, Minnesota: hot, average, storms
  37. Tropical Cyclones in Deep Tropics: warm, storms, cities, degree - Weather
  38. Why is the diurnal range so large in northern Florida (especially in winter)?: climate, warm - Weather
  39. Climate Battle: Fairbanks, Alaska vs Labrador City: snow, warm, precipitation - Weather
  40. My Favorite Storm Chase Adventure back in 1991: tornadoes, warm, temperature - Weather
  41. Rate The Climate: Chibougamau, Quebec: snow, warm, recorded, temperatures - Weather
  42. Hot or Cold: The Ultimate Showdown: months, West, heat, Phoenix - Weather
  43. Does this Chinese calendar's terms for seasonal weather events match your climate?: snow, frost
  44. Milwaukee weather from May through October can't be beat: hot, recorded, temperature
  45. Will El Nino form this summer or fall and how strong will it be if it forms?: record, 2014 - Weather
  46. The Climate of Victoria, BC is more similar to which of two climates:: temperature, rainfall - Weather
  47. Which continental climates (with freezing winters) have the most consistent time of last frost/onset of spring .: averages, days - Weather
  48. Weather Funnies: ice, rainbow, day, forecast
  49. Rate the climate: Dalian: hot, temperatures, days, precipitation - Weather
  50. Poll:Which of climate classifications would you rate Indianapolis,Indiana as?: warm, most - Weather
  51. Climate battle: Mbandjokk vs. San Carlos de Barlioche: snow, warm, recorded - Weather
  52. Climate Battle: Shanghai, China vs. Hangzhou, China: hottest, cities, highs - Weather
  53. Climate Battle: Boulder, CO vs. Montpelier, VT: snow, hot, warm - Weather
  54. Climate Battle: Death Valley (furnace Creek Station) vs. Singapore: snow, hot, warm - Weather
  55. 2493mm / 98in of Rain in 48hrs, New World Record: recorded, rainfall, inches - Weather
  56. Climate Battle: Macau Vs. Orlando: snow, warm, average, days - Weather
  57. What is the warmest, wettest, coldest, driest and snowiest year ever recorded in your country?: temperature, places - Weather
  58. rate the climate: ptolemaida: snowy, warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  59. In July, does Florida or Arizona require more AC power to cool a room?: average, temperature - Weather
  60. Is all of this climate change/global warming nonsense really a fantasy of Satan?: ice, world - Weather
  61. Would you live in Tornado Alley?: climate, tornadoes, snowfall, 2015 - Weather
  62. Battle of the climates: Paradise vs. Beachfront City: snow, warm, temperatures - Weather
  63. Rate the fictional climate : New Rogaland: hot, average, days, winters - Weather
  64. Pictures of Cloud Formations: most, clouds, South, rain - Weather
  65. Rate the fictional climate Isla de Gaviota: hot, warm, temperatures - Weather
  66. Are there spring leaves in your city?: snow, warm, temperatures - Weather
  67. What annual mean temperature do you like best?: climate, average, temperatures - Weather
  68. Perception of the weather in your state (or) province: snowing, hot, warm
  69. Fictional climate battle: Wisbetsa vs Yukuha: snowfall, hot, warm, averages - Weather
  70. Rate the climate: Leicester, UK: hottest, warmest, records, temperatures - Weather
  71. Climate Battle: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia vs. Vostok Station, Antartica.: warm, record, temperature - Weather
  72. Penrith vs Penrith: climate, hot, warm, storm - Weather
  73. Climate Battle: Kuwait City, Kuwait vs. Ahvaz, Iran: hottest, average, temperatures - Weather
  74. Rate the climate: deneb's hidden refuge in Finland: warmest, recorded, temp - Weather
  75. What is dry heat really?: hot, warm, average, warming - Weather
  76. The Greatest Difference in Mean Temperature within a State: hottest, warmest, records - Weather
  77. Australia's Northernmost town vs Southernmost town: climate, warm, records, storms - Weather
  78. Why is Mt Washington, New Hampshire so cold?: climate, snow, warmest - Weather
  79. Freezing temperatures in the tropics at sea level: climate, snow, recorded - Weather
  80. Greatest Precipitation Gradient on Earth?: averages, rainfall, places, Canada - Weather
  81. Summer 2014 - Northern Hemisphere: climate, snowing, hot, warm - Weather
  82. 27c nights: warm, humidity, lows, summer - Weather
  83. 26 F (-3.5 C), damp, and overcast afternoons: average, days, freezing - Weather
  84. Maine sunrise/sunset times? Or Spain sunrise/sunset times?: North, northwest, western - Weather
  85. Which thing do you prefer?: warm, ice, temperatures, night - Weather
  86. Which nordic country do you think has the greatest to break the 38.1C barrier?: hottest, warmest - Weather
  87. Dry heat vs humid heat with same heat index: hottest, temperatures, days - Weather
  88. Which is more likely; Snow in Singapore or warm rain and thundestorm at Vostok Station?: climate, temperature - Weather
  89. Rate the climate: Agadir, Morocco: hot, warm, temperature, days - Weather
  90. What is the UV index right now in your place?: days, forecast - Weather
  91. The US South is subtropical paradise: climate, tornadoes, snow, hot - Weather
  92. Tropical Highland Climate Battle (Baguio, Bandung, Quito): warmest, average, temperatures - Weather
  93. 34C / 93F with 80% humidity: hot, warm, average, temperature - Weather
  94. Climate Battle: San Francisco vs. New York: snowy, warm, record - Weather
  95. Rate Climate: Austin, Texas: hottest, average, temperatures, rainfall - Weather
  96. Temperature Criteria: climate, hot, warm, average - Weather
  97. Average 9am and 3pm temperatures: climate, hot, warm, seasons - Weather
  98. Regions in the world with the WORST climate: snowy, hot, average - Weather
  99. [POLL SOLAR TIMES] If you live in/near the equator with constant 12hrs of daylight, what sunrise/set times do you like?: hot, day - Weather
  100. Winter 2014-2015: snowfalls, warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  101. Rate the climate: Xichang, China: hot, warm, records, temperatures - Weather
  102. Mean Dewpoint (Summer): average, temperature, days, city - Weather
  103. Manila. Worst climate for a major city?: hot, warm, records - Weather
  104. Howzzat Climate Mate: Derpstralia: hot, average, storms, seasons - Weather
  105. Lowest tree line altitudes within 45 latitude degrees of the equator?: warmest, temperatures - Weather
  106. Climate satisfaction: snow, average, temperatures, days - Weather
  107. What is the highest latitude that has never recorded a frost?: snow, ice - Weather
  108. NEW IDEA: Rate the fictional weather forecast!: climate, snow, hot
  109. So Now China Causes Climate Change: snow, warm, global warming - Weather
  110. when would you stop to believe in the catastrophic AGW?: climate, warm - Weather
  111. What do you think will be more likely in Hamburg in May 2014?: climate, snowfalls - Weather
  112. In where you live, what weather extremes are most likely to occur?: climate, snow
  113. Northern Hem Snow - Great Lakes Ice: climate, snowfall, record - Weather
  114. What climatological words would you have banned?: climate, tornado, averages - Weather
  115. Rate the climate: Eugene, OR: snow, warm, records, temperatures - Weather
  116. When will the first 30C/86F day of the summer occur in London, UK?: warmest, temp - Weather
  117. Is your sun now rising earlier or later than the day before you changed the clock?: city, Canada - Weather
  118. How many days of over 20c can you expect in April on average?: climate, warmest - Weather
  119. Which summer is more comfortable without AC? Miami vs. Bakersfield, CA: climate, hottest - Weather
  120. Rate the Climate: Yerevan, Armenia: hot, warm, average, city - Weather
  121. Climate talk: Texas: tornadoes, snow, hot, averages - Weather
  122. Climate Battle: Salta, Argentina vs San Diego, USA: snow, warm, average - Weather
  123. Rate the climate: Izaa (Teide Observatory): snow, warm, records - Weather
  124. Are snow closures/delays just an American/UK obession?: snowfalls, temperatures, 2014 - Weather
  125. What is your average date for last frost on Spring?: 2013, night - Weather
  126. tundra, subtropical, temperate... or?: climate, temps, subpolar - Weather
  127. Choose the weather scenario that's most more or most likely above you: climate, tornado
  128. In the least sunny month, what is the sunniest place in the world (in the least sunny month): climate, averages - Weather
  129. Which countries use meterological seasons, and which astronomical?: climate, snowy, hottest - Weather
  130. Rate the climate: Pullman, Washington: temperatures, night, places, season - Weather
  131. Wettest/Driest Month Divided by Total Precipitation: climate, warm, averages - Weather
  132. Which is more likely in a single day in July?: An inch of rain in Los Angeles or an inch of snow in Melbourne?: climate, snowing - Weather
  133. If you could change your sunshine pattern, how would you do it?: climate, average - Weather
  134. Rate The Temperatures :D: snow, hot, warm, average - Weather
  135. Northern Italy's climate: Summers: hottest, warmest, averages, temperatures - Weather
  136. Climate Battle: Aberdeen, Scotland vs Sitka, Alaska: snowy, warm, precipitation - Weather
  137. Rate the climate: Port Stanley, Falklands: snow, hot, warm, average - Weather
  138. High Diurnal Temperature Variation at the Ocean?: climate, record, rainfall - Weather
  139. Rate this climate: Walvis Bay, Namibia: warm, averages, temperatures, rainfall - Weather
  140. Proposal for a Less Messy Temp Classification System: climate, hottest, warmest - Weather
  141. Whcih is more likely?: above freezing at Amundsen-Scott Base, Antarctica or below freezing in Darwin, Australia?: climate, warmest - Weather
  142. Poll, Climate Battle Denver Versus Indianapolis which city has a more tolerable climate?: tornadoes, snow - Weather
  143. Rate the Climate: Khorramabad, Iran: snow, hottest, temperatures, rainfall - Weather
  144. My new climate classification system: hottest, warmest, ice, average - Weather
  145. People underestimate the effect of UV rays on the feel of temperature: hot, warm - Weather
  146. Snowfall Totals from 2013-14 Season: warm, recorded, 2014, Chicago - Weather
  147. Climate Battle : Oklahoma City (United-States) vs Brest (France): tornadoes, hot, warm - Weather
  148. Northernmost place with an average annual temperature above freezing?: climate, hot, averages - Weather
  149. Rate the Climate : Bangkok (New Climate Data with 1980-2010 range): hot, averages - Weather
  150. Deneb78's climate classification system: hottest, warm, record, temperature - Weather
  151. Choose the climate battle(s) above you: hot, warm, rainfall - Weather
  152. dhdh's Climate Classification System: snowfall, hottest, warmest, averages - Weather
  153. Climate Battle: Fort Worth, TX Vs. Birmingham, AL Vs.Washington DC Vs. Nashville, TN, Vs. Louisville, KY: tornado, snowfalls - Weather
  154. Rate the Fictional Climate(s) Above You: hottest, warmest, record - Weather
  155. What city has your ideal weather?: climate, tornadoes, snow, warm
  156. Places that go against their country's climate stereotype: snowy, hot, warm - Weather
  157. Opinion about Tangerang's climate: hottest, warm, record, temperature - Weather
  158. Continental or Tropical: climate, hot, warm, average - Weather
  159. Climate of Strait of Dover and Pas de Calais coastal areas: snowfall, hot - Weather
  160. If its 78 F and breezy with sunshine by sunset, what would you be doing outside: warm, ice - Weather
  161. Climate battle: Coastal southern Europe: hot, temperature, days, storms - Weather
  162. Which APRIL would you rather have? London vs Calgary vs Atlanta: climate, snow - Weather
  163. What do you think your April high will be?: average, temperature, days - Weather
  164. When will the first 30C high of summer 2014 happen in Hong Kong?: hot, record - Weather
  165. Mediterranean Rainfall Tendencies: climate, recorded, days, precipitation - Weather
  166. Which months are the most comfortable in your city?: climate, hot, warm - Weather
  167. Which months are the most comfortable in your city?: climate, hot, warm - Weather
  168. Do you prefer western of eastern sides?: climate, snow, hot - Weather
  169. Climate Talk: Florida: snow, hot, warmest, record - Weather
  170. Climate talk: Europe: snowing, hot, average, temperatures - Weather
  171. Climate Battle: Godthaab, Greenland VS Bergen, Norway: snowy, hot, warm - Weather
  172. Comfortable Dew Points: temperature, days, storm, city - Weather
  173. How often does 90 degree day happen?: climate, hottest, averages, 2013 - Weather
  174. Rate the Climate: Acapulco, Mexico: hot, record, temperature, precipitation - Weather
  175. Which of the following climates is best for non swimming outdoor activities in summer??: hot, warm - Weather
  176. Could you artifically sustain a glacier in your climate (eg. pile of ice/snow packed big enough to last to next snow): snowfalls, hot - Weather
  177. Rate The Climate: Alexandra, New Zealand: snowfalls, temperatures, precipitation, seasons - Weather
  178. Does your average April's climate more similar to January or to July where you live?: warm, freezing - Weather
  179. Rate this climate: Ioannina, Greece: snowfalls, hot, warm, temperatures - Weather
  180. Most back-to-back gray sky rainy days you ever experienced?: record, rainfall, places - Weather
  181. March 2014 Summary: snow, warmest, recorded, temperatures - Weather
  182. Which Climate is more likely to grow trees?: warmest, recorded, temperatures - Weather
  183. Name your hometown analogue: climate, snow, warm, averages - Weather
  184. Typology and pattern of thunderstorms where you live: snow, hot, average - Weather
  185. Climate Battle: Arica vs Nashville: snow, hot, average, rainfall - Weather
  186. How does Beijing's location and geography shape its climate?: hot, days, precipitation - Weather
  187. Extreme Fictional Climates: days, city, most, months - Weather
  188. Climate Battle: Arica vs Hell: average, storms, place, seasons - Weather
  189. Why Is It Always Cloudy in the 70s/80s but Sunny in the 90s?: climate, hot - Weather
  190. Is East Asia the most humid relative humidity, or with high dewpoints) temperate or non-tropical region?: climate, hot - Weather
  191. What place is cloudier, the Pacific Northwest or Great Britain?: climate, record - Weather
  192. April and This is What The Great Lakes Look Like: ice, 2014 - Weather
  193. Middelburg, NL: climate, days, city, North - Weather
  194. wind and more wind.. are records kept?: 2014, highs, lows - Weather
  195. Climate Talk: Indiana: South, winter, live - Weather
  196. News, Detroit Snow Record Broken.: 2014, season, most, winter - Weather
  197. My Sharona: climate, warmest, temperature, precipitation - Weather
  198. temperature maps from Berkeley Earth: climate, warm, global warming, 2014 - Weather
  199. Climate battle: Monthland vs Macquarie Island - Weather
  200. The Appalachians: climate, records, cities, world - Weather