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  1. Can someone help...: climate, warm, city, winter - Weather
  2. Why the SE eastern coasts aren't colder?: climate, warm, temperatures - Weather
  3. Interesting Read About -30 C in Scottish Highlands: snow, hot, recorded - Weather
  4. Which of the following scenarios are most likely in Sacramento, CA in July??: climate, hottest - Weather
  5. Wikipedia US cities climate data?: average, temperatures, USA, winters - Weather
  6. Maximum snow depth: climate, 2014, Canada, month - Weather
  7. Is this accurate? It not, to me.: temperatures, days, precipitation - Weather
  8. Rate the fictional climate: Port Blair: hot, days, seasons, sunshine - Weather
  9. Very warm winter in Beijing: averages, temperatures, 2013, America - Weather
  10. Which rare event is more likely to happen as a result of the upcoming super El Nino of 2014?: snowfall, warmest - Weather
  11. Why South America is colder than Australia in winter?: climate, warm, record - Weather
  12. When will Bridgeport, CT hit 71F?: warmest, record, 2014, days - Weather
  13. Bodie, California: climate, records, 2014, days - Weather
  14. Western mountain towns that have high snowfall and high winter temps: climate, snowfalls - Weather
  15. Rate My Fictional Climate: Novoispirazkayask: summers - Weather
  16. Which climate has the shortest stretch of rainless days measured?: recorded, rainfall - Weather
  17. Rate the climate of the cities (Western Washington, Central North Carolina): warm, average - Weather
  18. Do you miss the climate you grew up with, if it wasn't ideal?: snow, hot - Weather
  19. Snowfall in the Western US mountains vs Eastern US mountains?: records, storms - Weather
  20. Fictional climate battle + Rate the fictional climates : Laxmb vs Junnarj: warm, average - Weather
  21. contrail effect on climate: day, clouds, sky, classification - Weather
  22. con trail forecast: ice, average, 2014, days - Weather
  23. Thundery pattern to determine subtropical climates on the west side of continents: hot, warm - Weather
  24. Climate Battle: Austin, Texas vs Islamabad, Pakistan: hot, rainfall, storms - Weather
  25. Climate Battle: Valencia vs Barcelona: hot, warm, temperatures, rainfall - Weather
  26. Rate the climate: Celorico da Beira, Portugal: warm, days, most - Weather
  27. Video, Fisherman captures spooky footage of fog bank on Lake Michigan - Weather
  28. Warmer Southern Humid Climate VS. Cooler Northern Dry Climate: snow, days, storms - Weather
  29. Which climate is more likely to hear thunder and see lightning?: snow, warm - Weather
  30. WATCH: Lightning strikes new World Trade Center tower.: 2014, storms, city - Weather
  31. Which (very cold) climate would you prefer?: warm, average, temperatures - Weather
  32. Tropical climates with extreme temps during hottest months: records, temperatures, cities - Weather
  33. How do climates work?: snow, warm, temperatures, days - Weather
  34. Towns/Villages in the NH that have recorded temperatures below -65C/-85F: climate, Canada - Weather
  35. A real climate and place to base a story location on. Help: snowy, hot - Weather
  36. Towns in the Southern hemisphere that can experience a subfreezing high? (Maximum below 0C/32F all day): climate, warm - Weather
  37. Cities with the most consistent temperatures: climate, snow, record, degree - Weather
  38. Why is SoCal a dry heat?: climate, hot, warmest, averages - Weather
  39. Climate Battle: The US South vs South Florida: tornadoes, warm, cities - Weather
  40. Tropical Three Way Climate Battle (Singapore vs. Jakarta vs. Mumbai): hottest, warm - Weather
  41. How is this climate?: hot, city, seasons, humidity - Weather
  42. Climate battle + Rate the climate: Inclo vs. Yukuha vs. Arkra vs. Miami: warm, sunshine - Weather
  43. Will this Sunday be a sunny day for entire USA and European cities?: snow, temperatures - Weather
  44. Which year had the fewest sunny summer weekends for Northeastern US?: days, most - Weather
  45. The average large city dweller on the Earth lives in a subtropical climate: warm, temperatures - Weather
  46. Ice cover archive - Weather
  47. UV Index VS time needed to get sunburnt: snow, average, days - Weather
  48. using the new EDD from NWS?: temp, days, city - Weather
  49. What is the UV Index on the Geographic North Pole on June 21st?: ice, degree - Weather
  50. Paradox that the fastest way to travel southwest is to go Northwest: degree, sun - Weather
  51. Why do tropical wet/monsoon/equatorial places differ so much in sun for ones with similar rain days and amounts)?: climate, rainfall - Weather
  52. Rate The Climate: Harbin, China: snow, hot, temperatures, precipitation - Weather
  53. Best and worst city with 4 seasons climate: snowfall, hot, warm - Weather
  54. Rate the climate: Yantai: snowfall, warmest, averages, temperature - Weather
  55. Arid and Semi-Arid Kppen Climates: warm, precipitation, places, United States - Weather
  56. Medieval Temps in UK?: climate, warm, ice, records - Weather
  57. Which will kill you faster: Chennai Vs. Bangkok: climate, 2013, day - Weather
  58. Continental Tropics: climate, record, places, season - Weather
  59. Why is Australia's East Coast drier than the other East Coasts?: climate, rainfall - Weather
  60. Precipitation duration in your city: climate, average, USA, West - Weather
  61. thoughts on weather modification: climate, averages, Chicago, days
  62. Southeast severe / tornadoes tonight: day, storms, USA, date - Weather
  63. Which is more likely?: 122 F (50 C) in downtown Los Angeles or 90 F (32 C) in Barrow, Alaska: climate, hot - Weather
  64. Climate Battle: Wakkanai vs Ottowa: snowfall, cities, season, sunshine - Weather
  65. Asia in Western, Europe in Eastern: climate, snowy, hot, warm - Weather
  66. Rate this 10 day forecast and then try to guess the location: hot, days - Weather
  67. Rate the fictional climate : Supernal Beach: ice, record, days, humidity - Weather
  68. Climate Battle: Bhopal Vs. Guadalajara: compared, summers, colder, live - Weather
  69. Is drizzly rain common in Florida at all?: climate, snow, average - Weather
  70. Alaska Climate Battle - Anchorage vs Fairbanks vs Juneau: snow, temperatures, freezing - Weather
  71. What's your city's record high for today?: recorded, temperatures, 2013 - Weather
  72. Which is more likely: Blizzard in Miami or Cat 5 hurricane in Newfoundland: climate, snow - Weather
  73. Tropical Anomalies: climate, warm, recorded, temperature - Weather
  74. The most comfortable latitude for human in general?: climate, warm, average - Weather
  75. Cold snaps are getting stronger in Hong Kong: snow, ice, 2013 - Weather
  76. Climate battle: Singapore vs Aruba: record, rainfall, nights, storms - Weather
  77. When will you see your first 20C/68F minimum?: climate, hot, warmest - Weather
  78. What are you willing to sacrifice to live in your ideal climate?: snowy, warm - Weather
  79. Battle of the LOW Climates: record, city, compared, lows - Weather
  80. What city would you consider more mild - Phoenix or Minneapolis?: climate, hottest - Weather
  81. rate the climate: gaylord: snowy, warm, record, nights - Weather
  82. Which are warmest and coldest places in your country now?: recorded, temperature - Weather
  83. Seattle Sets Rainfall Records California 100% Drought: climate, snow, warm, recorded - Weather
  84. Battle of the Microclimates: Sydney: warm, record, temperatures, nights - Weather
  85. Climate Battle: Dallol vs Death Valley vs Oymyakon: hottest, day, city - Weather
  86. Last forumer to see 25C in 2014: recorded, temperatures, days, highs - Weather
  87. What is the temperature in your city? (part 8): hot, warm, record - Weather
  88. A Game - BBC - You're on Earth. Figure out where you are.: climate, 2013 - Weather
  89. Hottest places on earth: climate, warm, recorded, temperatures - Weather
  90. Unhappy II: warm, most, sunny, hours - Weather
  91. Rate the climate: Batemans Bay, NSW: hot, warm, records, temperatures - Weather
  92. Coldest low on a day with rain (no snow, sleet, or freezing rain)?: warm, record - Weather
  93. When will NYC see its first 90F day in 2014: climate, warm, records - Weather
  94. Hottest and Coldest temps your countries recorded?: climate, temperature, 2013 - Weather
  95. 50C around the world: hottest, recorded, temperatures, cities - Weather
  96. Battle of climates: Pyrenees mountain range: hot, warm, averages, temperatures - Weather
  97. Which winter diurnal range do you prefer?: snow, warmest, temp - Weather
  98. Trees leaf out earlier in Anchorage, AK than the northern midwest: climate, snowfall - Weather
  99. Hottest Time Of The Day: average, temperatures, days, dew point - Weather
  100. Rennes, France: climate, snowfall, warm, record - Weather
  101. Tell me your room temperature range: hottest, warm, days, season - Weather
  102. Climate Battle: Marseille, France VS Akureyri, Iceland: snow, hot, warm - Weather
  103. Overrated climates: snow, hot, warm, warming - Weather
  104. Battle of the climates: Oymyakon, Russia vs. Barrow, Alaska: snowfall, warm, average - Weather
  105. Unhappy: snowy, warm, season, most - Weather
  106. Hottest Temperature in Your Metro Area Today: warmest, Chicago, city - Weather
  107. Downtown LA vs. Downtown San Diego: Better Weather?: climate, warm, average
  108. Hours per year with visibility less than 1 km?: recorded, days, cities - Weather
  109. Battle of the Cfa climates: Richmond NSW vs Myrtle Beach SA: warm, record - Weather
  110. Highest Places you have been to And the weather there?: snowy, hot
  111. Yuma, Arizona the sunniest places on Earth?: climate, records, Chicago - Weather
  112. Climate battle: Ipiales vs Riohacha: hottest, warm, nights, precipitation - Weather
  113. Does Australia have subtropical oceanic climate?: warm, temperatures, rainfall - Weather
  114. Can CNJ go an entire summer with lows staying below 70 F: climate, hottest - Weather
  115. How often does your city see 50cm(20inches) of snow.: snowfalls, storm - Weather
  116. Whats Happening In Russia with Warm Anomalies?: climate, warmest, record - Weather
  117. What is the southernmost place in the Southern hemisphere that has a climate that supports palm trees?: warmest, average - Weather
  118. At what temperature do you turn on the car A/C: climate, hot - Weather
  119. Miami in August vs. Chicago in January: climate, snow, hot - Weather
  120. Climate battle: Miami, FL vs Miami, TX: snow, hot, warm - Weather
  121. Warmest monthly-high averages with SNOW: climate, snowfall, hot, recorded - Weather
  122. Most frequent severe storms?: climate, tornadoes, warmest, days - Weather
  123. What do you consider dry, moderate and humid?: temperatures, humidity, dew point - Weather
  124. Places that feel like an eternal summer, but not tropical: climate, hot - Weather
  125. States with the most deaths from lightning strikes: average, Chicago, storms - Weather
  126. Lowest sea level latitude that has seen a natural snowflake?: climate, snowfall - Weather
  127. How often does the mercury drop below 10C/50F in midsummer where you live?: climate, warm - Weather
  128. Which climates have cloudy rainless days? What processes cause this?: snow, averages - Weather
  129. Constant Weather: climate, hot, temperature, rainfall
  130. Wunderground or AccuWeather?: cities, degree, America, forecast
  131. Which scenario is most likely to happen this coming summer?: tornado, snow - Weather
  132. Solar Noon: place, sun, Melbourne - Weather
  133. Poll: Snowiest winter in your location: climate, snowy, record, storm - Weather
  134. Which climates won't be likely to have 1,000,000 inhabitants cities?: warm, frost, world - Weather
  135. Rate the climate: Coeur d'Alene, Idaho: snow, hot, warm, sunshine - Weather
  136. Your May 2014 Averages Projection!: temperature, days, precipitation, city - Weather
  137. Is it just me, or is the Weather Channel becoming more sensationalist?: climate, days
  138. Large Metropolitan Areas and Climate: hot, warm, temperature, rainfall - Weather
  139. When is usually your coldest time of the day?: normal, cloudy, month - Weather
  140. When will Nashville, TN experience its first 90 F in 2014?: warm, records, warming - Weather
  141. How would you describe the weather in your city?: climate, tornado, snowy
  142. Climate Battle : Cairo , Egypt VS Dallas , USA: tornado, hot, warm - Weather
  143. Climate battle: Secretary Island, NZ vs. Zavian, Croatia: snowy, warm, recorded - Weather
  144. Twin Climates: snowfall, warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  145. Last forumer to see 20C in 2014: climate, warm, average, temperature - Weather
  146. Rate the climate: Amman, Jordan: snow, hot, warm, record - Weather
  147. Climate battle: Perth, WA vs Penrith, NSW: warmest, average, temperatures - Weather
  148. Australian cities with warmer summers and more annual sunshine?: climate, hot, record - Weather
  149. Battle of the Transitional Cities: Yamagata, Japan vs. Kansas City, USA: climate, tornado - Weather
  150. What's the northernmost place with humid subtropical climate (Cfa)?: snowfall, warmest, average - Weather
  151. Climate Battle : Fargo vs Braemar: snowy, warm, recorded, temperatures - Weather
  152. What is your summer weather preference: hot, warm, averages, temperature
  153. Which city is most likely to get a freak snow flurry in June?: climate, snowfall - Weather
  154. Climate battle: Lisbon, Portugal vs Athens, Greece: snowfall, hot, warm - Weather
  155. Is this sunshine data accurate?: climate, average, days, precipitation - Weather
  156. Why isn't Sydney considered subtropical by BOM?: climate, hot, warmest - Weather
  157. Rate the climate: Atlantic City, NJ: snowfall, hot, warm, recorded - Weather
  158. NWS Certified Trained Spotter Classes: 2014, days, storm, locations - Weather
  159. Climate Battle: Beijing vs. Toronto: hot, warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  160. Which U.S. major city will be the first to see 100 F this spring?: climate, degree - Weather
  161. Rate the climate: Snowiest place of earth: snowfall, hot, average - Weather
  162. Can Texas experience highs greater than 120 F.: hottest, recorded, temperatures - Weather
  163. The Solar: climate, snow, hot, ice - Weather
  164. Based on climate, where would you choose to spend your July?: hot, average - Weather
  165. Rate The Forecast Above You: hot, warm, nights, city - Weather
  166. Rate the climate: Yuksekova, Turkey: warm, temperatures, season, freezing - Weather
  167. How often does your city experience 15C+ temperatures in winter?: warm, recorded - Weather
  168. Why is coastal Western Europe warmer than coastal PNW at the same latitude?: climate, average - Weather
  169. Rate the climate: Mountain Breeze: snowfall, record, temperature, nights - Weather
  170. Climate battle: Portland, Maine vs La Coruna, Spain: snowy, warm, records - Weather
  171. Why is southern Florida so sunny despite being rainy?: climate, recorded - Weather
  172. Climate Battle: Dubai Vs Mumbai: hot, warm, seasons, winters - Weather
  173. Snow, Snow, Snow (Maximum snow depth): climate, recorded, 2013, cities - Weather
  174. Cold weather in May: climate, snowfall, warm, records
  175. Weather in popular music: snow, days, seasons, weatherman
  176. Could a healthy teenager survive 5 hours of -85 F and very little oxygen?: warm, temperatures - Weather
  177. Best and worst in your opinion climates ever been to?: snowfall, hot - Weather
  178. Why is the eastern US so much colder than the western US?: climate, hot - Weather
  179. Which of cities in your opinion stands the greatest chance of becoming desert under climate warming?: snow, ice - Weather
  180. Rate the climate : Manchester, New Hampshire: snowfalls, warm, record, precipitation - Weather
  181. Classify Angra do Herosmo, Portugal: climate, snowy, warm, days - Weather
  182. Rate the climate: Morro Bay, California: warmest, average, temperatures, rainfall - Weather
  183. Difference between average high and record high temperatures: climate, hot, warmest - Weather
  184. Heat Waves Peaked in the 1930s: climate, hot, warm, recorded - Weather
  185. When Yellowstone Volcano Erupts: climate, tornado, warm, ice - Weather
  186. April 2014 Climate Discussion: warmest, records, temperatures, days - Weather
  187. your country's highest recorded dewpoint: climate, temperatures, 2014, day - Weather
  188. Where The Snow is Still on Ground: 2014, places, forecast - Weather
  189. Places in Europe with winters similar to NY & NJ area: climate, snow - Weather
  190. Watching a Supercell Form: storm - Weather
  191. Calendar days with highest % of good weather per square mile of US mainland: temperature, storm
  192. Affordable Lightning Detector - Weather
  193. Best city: snow, month, maximum - Weather
  194. My summer 2014 weather prediction for the United States: snow, hot, temperature
  195. Which is more likely in May? Hurricane strike in Miami or inch of rain in Los Angeles in one day?: climate, city - Weather
  196. Amazing timelapse shows a Supercell Storm forming: 2014, thunderstorm, North - Weather
  197. Why does the California coast suddenly become dry around SF?: average, most - Weather
  198. Sharknadoes in D.C. Today: 2014, Washington - Weather
  199. A new way for Radar to Scan the Sky: heat, accurate - Weather
  200. Floods,Wildfires...: place, coast - Weather