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  11. Is there configuration of the worlds continents that would allow no continental or polar climates on land?: warm, ice - Weather
  12. effect of climate change on my city?: warm, record, global warming - Weather
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  24. ok, weather gurus, a mystery - 60F: hot, warm, temperature
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  27. Weather comparison page?: climate, snowfall, average, temperatures
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  32. Thermometer: warm, warming, temperature, day - Weather
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  35. Could the climate of San Diego grow coconut palms with irrigation?: South, winter - Weather
  36. just one in regards to the growing season: temperatures, frost, freeze - Weather
  37. Your average wind direction: climate, averages, city, annual - Weather
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  50. Today's weather warnings in Canada: world, normal
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  59. Unusual Weather Observation: recorded, temperature, rainfall, day
  60. 1991-2014 averages in your city: climate, warm, records, warming - Weather
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  68. August 2014 summary: warm, record, temperature, rainfall - Weather
  69. Which climate is best to plan a pool party (outdoors) for Christmas Day?: hot, warm - Weather
  70. Ideal Halloween weather: climate, warm, record, moon
  71. Rate the climate - Mount Gambier, South Australia: hot, temperature, days - Weather
  72. Cities With the Worst Weather: climate, hot, Chicago, storms
  73. Places with highest year-round outdoor comfort levels in the US: climate, snow - Weather
  74. Rate the climate: Santa Rosa de Copn, Honduras: hot, warm, temperatures - Weather
  75. Madrid vs Panama City: climate, hot, averages, temperatures - Weather
  76. Rate this climate: Indio, California: hot, warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  77. Rate the climate: Tagaytay City: hot, average, temperatures, days - Weather
  78. Polar maritime air mass moving over the UK!!!: climate, warm, average - Weather
  79. Winter Wx Upper Plains/Midwest/Manitoba/Ontario October 2-5, 2014: snow storm, warm, record - Weather
  80. Cities with the most fluctuating temps?: snow, recorded, temperature, 2014 - Weather
  81. What's the closest your location got to the all-time record high this summer?: temp, 2014 - Weather
  82. What's more important in terms of feels , RH or Dewpoint?: hot, temperatures - Weather
  83. Do you think this climate could support citrus cultivation with irrigation?: snow, hot - Weather
  84. Climattle battle: Murcia vs L.A.: climate, warm, averages, dew point - Weather
  85. Why is the west so much hotter and drier than the Eastern US?: climate, hot - Weather
  86. Climates that you don't find comfortable but at the same time find interesting: snow, record - Weather
  87. Blizzard Warning for Alaska 9/3/14: climate, snowfall, record, 2014 - Weather
  88. Rate the climate: Kalamunda, AUS: hot, temperatures, rainfall, nights - Weather
  89. Climate battle: Sydney, AUS vs. Toulouse, France: warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  90. Do you think the UK this September will have a heatwave?: hot, warm - Weather
  91. Your Ideal Climate: snowfall, warm, record, days - Weather
  92. Rate the climate: Wandering, Western Australia: hot, warm, record, days - Weather
  93. Rate the fictional climate: Amber: snow, temperatures, rainfall, day - Weather
  94. Which climate is closer to a true Mediterranean climate?: warm, temperature, rainfall - Weather
  95. The Global Warming War Documentary(video): climate, 2014, world, most - Weather
  96. Los Angeles vs Melbourne: climate, hot, warm, day - Weather
  97. Rate the Climate Sioux Falls,SD: snowy, hot, warm, averages - Weather
  98. Number of sunshine days where you live?: climate, recorded, city - Weather
  99. Rate the climate: Fukuoka, Japan: temperatures, rainfall, days, precipitation - Weather
  100. What's an ideal week in mid-summer and an ideal week in mid-winter for you?: snowy, hottest - Weather
  101. Rate the climate: Trancoso, Portugal: snowy, warm, temperatures, days - Weather
  102. Rate The Fictional Climate: Average: hot, warm, temperatures, rainfall - Weather
  103. Rate my location's climate: Mission Viejo, CA: average, city, clouds - Weather
  104. Rate the climate: Djibouti, Djibouti: hot, warm, precipitation, city - Weather
  105. Rate the climate: Marawi City: hot, temperatures, nights, seasons - Weather
  106. Rate the climate: Balakovo, Russia: hottest, warm, temperatures, 2013 - Weather
  107. Does the strength of the sun actually decline in winter?: hot, warm - Weather
  108. Number of months with freezes: climate, hot, recorded, days - Weather
  109. Ponta Delgada Vs. Rapid City, SD: climate, snowy, warm, recorded - Weather
  110. Sunrise and sunset times. How much they affect the weather for you?: snow, hottest
  111. Places where 1981-2010 averages are not warmer than 1971-2000: climate, warming, temperature - Weather
  112. Spring 2014 - (Sept-Nov) - Southern Hemisphere: snow, warm, record - Weather
  113. Which climate is better suited for heat lovers/cold haters?: hot, warmest - Weather
  114. Rate the climate: Renmark, Australia: hottest, warm, temperatures, days - Weather
  115. True heat lovers who want year round extreme heat over mild and comfortable weather all year.: climate, hot
  116. Rate this climate: Alexandroupoli, Greece: snow, hot, warm, average - Weather
  117. Climate Battle: Nikolskoye vs. Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky: snow, warm, record, 2014 - Weather
  118. Rate the climate: Nikolskoye: places, sunshine, cloudy, fog - Weather
  119. Polish ultimate climate battle: Suwałki vs Gdańsk vs Łdź vs Wrocław: warmest, average - Weather
  120. Which weather is better for bike riding?: climate, snow, hot
  121. Rate the Climate: Stuttgart, Germany: hottest, warm, temperature, cities - Weather
  122. Rate the fictional climate: Ohlui: snow, hot, warm, temperatures - Weather
  123. Rate this climate: Volcano, Hawaii: snowy, temperatures, rainfall, USA - Weather
  124. Rate the climate: Platres, Cyprus: snow, warm, averages, days - Weather
  125. What do you think generally lasts longer, a Heatwave or a Coldwave?: climate, hot - Weather
  126. Rate the climate: Ar-Raqqah (ISIS capital): hot, warm, nights, cities - Weather
  127. Climattle battle: Northwestern Mediterranean basin vs southeastern Mediterranean basin: climate, hot, storms - Weather
  128. First 32F/0C or less of 2014: snow, ice, recorded, temp - Weather
  129. UK's driest start to September since 1960.: warm, record, days, storms - Weather
  130. Pacific Island Climate Battle: warm, temperatures, precipitation, storms - Weather
  131. Can the wettest or driest month of the year happen on month where you live?: averages, rainfall - Weather
  132. How many summer days (T> 25C or 77F) did your city get this summer?: climate, hottest - Weather
  133. Rate the climate: Socotra: hot, humidity, sunshine, months - Weather
  134. Rate this Climate: Bundaberg, Australia: hottest, warm, rainfall, nights - Weather
  135. Rate the climate: Nazca, Peru: hot, warm, temperatures, city - Weather
  136. Conversations about past coldwaves or heatwaves in your countries: climate, snowfalls, hot - Weather
  137. rate the climate: mount cook village: warm, temperatures, humidity, most - Weather
  138. Just for fun: How do you rate my dream climate?: snow, hot - Weather
  139. Rate the Climate: Rio Grande, Argentina: warm, record, temp, towns - Weather
  140. Why is Santa Maria so cool for it's latitude?: climate, hot, warm - Weather
  141. Rate the climate: Wichita Falls, Texas: tornadoes, snowy, hot, averages - Weather
  142. Predict what the winter of 2014-15 will be like in Europe: snow, warm - Weather
  143. Rate the climate: Fowlers Bay: hot, recorded, temperatures, rainfall - Weather
  144. Daily Mail over the top weather articles!: climate, hottest, warm
  145. The halfway: climate, rainfall, 2015, rainbow - Weather
  146. Cold to hot weather climate battle: snow, warm, average, temperatures
  147. Rate the climate: Ulladulla, Australia: warm, record, temperatures, days - Weather
  148. Middle of July/August weather in mid September for the UK! :D: climate, hot
  149. Predict October 2014 in Winnipeg: record, temperatures, month, maximum - Weather
  150. Can equatorial places get fog?: city, season, world, annual - Weather
  151. How often is July the coldest summer month where you live (January for you southerners)?: warmest, records - Weather
  152. Why are people so paranoid of cold, but never feel that way about heat?: climate, tornado - Weather
  153. Rate this climate: Tripoli, Greece: snowfall, hot, warm, recorded - Weather
  154. Rate this climate: Palaiochora, Greece: hot, warmest, recorded, temperature - Weather
  155. Why is California baking right now?: hottest, warmest, average, 2014 - Weather
  156. Is this Sept. cooldown in Midwest/Northeast normal?: snow, warm, records - Weather
  157. Rate the Climate: Akureyri: snow, warm, temperatures, day - Weather
  158. Rate the Climate: Dauphin Island, Alabama: hot, warm, record, 2014 - Weather
  159. Rate the fictional climate: Meur: warm, temperatures, 2014, nights - Weather
  160. Autumn...How Is Your Local Color?: 2014, nights, city, cloudy - Weather
  161. Most interesting climates: place, seasons, USA, South - Weather
  162. mild climate but low sun/UV index?: warmest, averages, temperature - Weather
  163. Is there a climate that has long winters/summers and short Springs/Autumns?: hottest, warm - Weather
  164. First major snow of the season in Alberta: snowfall, warm, 2014 - Weather
  165. When does the strength of the sun fade where you are?: climate, warm - Weather
  166. Where would be the perfect weather: climate, snowy, hot, warm
  167. Most anomalous month in your location's history: hot, warmest, recorded - Weather
  168. September 2014 Weather Summary: climate, warm, recorded, temperatures
  169. Fall and Winter Survival: snow, warm, days, seasons - Weather
  170. NYC vs Dallas weather?: climate, recorded, day, city
  171. I made this quiz a while back.: climate, warm, record - Weather
  172. Rate the Climate: Stockholm, Sweden 2010 :): snow, hot, warm, average - Weather
  173. Predict Your Locations First Sub 0C/32F High of Winter 2014/2015: ice, temperature - Weather
  174. Climate Battle: A low elevation tundra climate vs. a low elevation humid subtropical climate at the same latitude: rainfall, months - Weather
  175. What if Greenland was shifted 20 degrees south: climate, warm, ice - Weather
  176. Coldest place in your country: climate, records, temperatures, Chicago - Weather
  177. Rate the climate: Wabag: warm, town, ground, East - Weather
  178. Where in Europe are leaves starting to change color?: sun, North - Weather
  179. Life in Desert: Phoenix beats 75 yr record with 3.29 rain: climate, snow - Weather
  180. How do you classify this climate?: warm, average, temperatures, places - Weather
  181. What is your favorite precipitation pattern?: climate, snow, temp, rainfall - Weather
  182. Rate the Climate: Uppsala, Sweden: record, nights, precipitation, sunshine - Weather
  183. First Winter Storm Warning in U.S Sept 2014: climate, snowfall, warmest - Weather
  184. Rate my dream climate: Foskania: tornadoes, snowy, hot, warm - Weather
  185. Do you think this climate could support coconuts?: warm, record, place - Weather
  186. Rate the Climate: Biratnagar, Nepal: hot, warm, temperatures, nights - Weather
  187. Rate this climate: Heathrow London: snow, warm, ice, record - Weather
  188. Battle of 2 Indonesian equatorial tropical rainforest cities. Pekanbaru vs Pontianak.: climate, temperature - Weather
  189. Rate the climate: Virginia Beach: warm, averages, temperatures, day - Weather
  190. Europe is extremely warm the Latitude: climate, warmest, averages - Weather
  191. Rate this climate: Orestiada, Greece: snowfall, hot, icy, average - Weather
  192. Rate the climate: Amadiya, Iraq: warm, average, storms, places - Weather
  193. Which climate is more livable to you?: warm, record, freezing - Weather
  194. How many snow days have you had in the UK/Europe area?: East, best - Weather
  195. Is today the best weather day for North America as a Continent?: places, Canada
  196. Big Solar Storm Hitting Earth: 2014, prediction, raining, september - Weather
  197. Rate the climate: Tnsberg: warmest, city, South, summers - Weather
  198. How would the global climate change in the following scenario?: cities, degree - Weather
  199. Information on variation: climate, records, temperatures, cities - Weather
  200. is it getting more humid every year? northeast area: day, humidity, most - Weather