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  15. Ocean Overtops Wall - Japan Tsunami - Weather
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  24. Site to Find World Daily Weather Extreme Temps?
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  27. Rate two Hawaiian Climates: Kula/Mauna Loa: snow, warm, temperatures - Weather
  28. Wettest days of each month, and the wettest/driest of each month in your climate.: snow, records - Weather
  29. Hudson Bay Ice still around: warm, global warming, 2015, season - Weather
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  32. Weather Stations for home: temperature, days, season, dew point
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  36. Kid's Swing Set Crushed by Fallen Tree!: storms, live - Weather
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  38. average US climate: record, temp, Chicago, days - Weather
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  43. Weather: climate, snow, hot, warm
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  48. When do you think Wichita Falls will hit 120 F (49.4 C) ?: climate, hottest - Weather
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  50. Month by Month Extreme Diurnal Range where you live: recorded, temperatures, day - Weather
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  52. another botched weather forecast for NJ: days, most, sun
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  58. Non-ice cap places that reach above freezing average highs at the latest date?: climate, warm - Weather
  59. % of Days Above Normal - U.S Aug14-Aug15: 2015, most, map - Weather
  60. Sandstorms around the world and in the US: climate, America, most - Weather
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  62. Is Climate Change Dangerous?: warm, ice, average, warming - Weather
  63. What do you like the weather to be like on your birthday?: snow, warm
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  65. Is Nevada (North and South) just as hot as Arizona and more of a desert overall or is it hotter and more desert-like?: climate, hottest - Weather
  66. What weather event is MORE likely to occur this winter? A White Christmas in Miami,FL or a Brown Christmas in Barrow AK: snowfall, warm
  67. Climate Battle: warmest vs. coldest beachfront in California: temperatures, night, sunny - Weather
  68. Cities you were hotter/colder/wetter than what they are (climate misconceptions): snow, hot - Weather
  69. Montenegro Climate Battle: hot, warm, averages, temperatures - Weather
  70. Snow Piles still around in Summer: 2015, days, storm, USA - Weather
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  72. Outside sleeping temperature: warm, temperatures, nights, degree - Weather
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  75. Snow and Cold Western-Central U.S & Canada: snowfalls, record, 2015 - Weather
  76. Tropical night threshold?: climate, warm, average, temperature - Weather
  77. How many tropical nights have you had this year?: average, temperature, 2015 - Weather
  78. Extreme Min - Max Temp Difference in 2015: Chicago, city, january - Weather
  79. 5-year summer thunderstorm climatology of Florida and the coastal South: record, temperature - Weather
  80. What's the coldest and warmest place ever visited (based upon averages): temperatures, city - Weather
  81. Micro Climates due to Soil types: warm, ice, average, temperatures - Weather
  82. What would Africa be like if it moved from its current location: climate, snowfall - Weather
  83. Rate the climate of stereotypical London: snowy, warm, record - Weather
  84. Rate the climate: Moderat: hot, records, temperatures, rainfall - Weather
  85. Rate the climate: Nome, Alaska: snow, averages, city, inches - Weather
  86. Rate the climate: Medelln, Colombia: record, temperatures, days, sunshine - Weather
  87. Rate the climate: Famagusta, Cyprus: warm, place, sun, wear - Weather
  88. Average climate in your city: snow, warm, lows, month - Weather
  89. 3 way climate battle: San Diego vs. Honoululu vs. my fictional hybrid of the two climates: snow, warmest - Weather
  90. Cool summer in USA???: climate, days, cities, North - Weather
  91. It's time for The Weather Channel to expand: tornado, moon, days
  92. Climate and landscape in northern Spain and southwestern France: hot, warm, averages - Weather
  93. Rate the climate: Bethel, Alaska: snow, city, winters, cold - Weather
  94. Rate the climate: Cuneo, Italy: snowy, warm, averages, temperatures - Weather
  95. Why America Doesn't Use Celsius: 2015, world, history, USA - Weather
  96. Common weather vs averages: hottest, warmest, record, temperatures
  97. Month/season that doesn't need weather forecasting: hot, warm, temperatures
  98. 4 way battle of the stereotypical desert climates:: hot, warmest, day - Weather
  99. My own climate poll: snowfall, hot, ice, rainfall - Weather
  100. Road Trip of where 70F(21C) is in U.S: climate, average - Weather
  101. 5-year Summer Thunderstorm Climatology of the Inland South: averages, 2015, days - Weather
  102. Favorite Central Asian Climate: hottest, record, temperatures, storms - Weather
  103. At what dewpoint does humidity become noticeable?: warm, average, temperature - Weather
  104. Rate the 7 day forecast above you relative to your perferences for the time of year/season: hot, warm - Weather
  105. Rate the Climate: Gobernador Gregores(Argentina): snowy, warm, average, temperatures - Weather
  106. Describe your perfect weather: snow, warm, temperatures, days
  107. Climate battle, La Corua vs Bordeaux: warm, record, temperature - Weather
  108. UK Summer 2015 - A massive write off!!: climate, hot, warm - Weather
  109. Predict the following stats for your location for September 2015: snowfall, hottest, record - Weather
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  112. Excessive Heat Warning - Should I Cancel This Trip?: hottest, temperature, towns - Weather
  113. Rate the climate : Keetmanshoop, Namibia: hot, warm, recorded, temperatures - Weather
  114. Cfb climate zone borders in Europe: averages, temperatures, precipitation, places - Weather
  115. What is your idea of a perfect summer day?: climate, days, storms - Weather
  116. Favorite Siberian Climate: snow, warm, cities, most - Weather
  117. Climate Battle - Australian Capitals: snow, hot, warm, record - Weather
  118. June 2015 Summary (warm, recorded, temperatures, rainfall): snow, warmest, days, precipitation - Weather
  119. 90F(32C) or Warmer Days in 2015: hottest, city, forecast, parallel - Weather
  120. Weather === Your Energy Levels and Moods !: climate, snow, hot, warm
  121. Rate my favorite swedish climate: warm, average, temperature, precipitation - Weather
  122. Does it annoy you when local meteorologist use relative humidity instead of dew point?: warm, temperature - Weather
  123. Extreme heat and cold map: record, 2015, city, Canada - Weather
  124. Rate the climate: Kuusamo (coldest winters in FIN): snowy, hot, warm - Weather
  125. Weather forum poster map: city, America, most, cold
  126. Statistics/Anomalies of your climate that annoy you: hottest, warm, recorded - Weather
  127. Rate the following cherrypick Raleigh climates: snow, hot, warmest - Weather
  128. Average climate for humans: hottest, warmest, averages, temp - Weather
  129. your location's coldest maximas/warmest minimas in every month.: records, temperatures, 2014 - Weather
  130. Serious weather: climate, hot, recorded, Chicago
  131. Rate the climate: Phoeniami: snow, hottest, records, temperatures - Weather
  132. Rate: Campbell Island, New Zealand: climate, warm, recorded, temperatures - Weather
  133. Does New York feel wetter than Seattle?: snowy, average, days - Weather
  134. 2015 Edition! Your dream climatic averages: climate, snowy, hottest, warm - Weather
  135. United-States futur summer ?: climate, warm, average, temperatures - Weather
  136. Google Earth: city, world, forecast, South - Weather
  137. Rate: Berkeley, California: climate, warm, average, temperatures - Weather
  138. What's the shortest distance between two very different climates?: hottest, averages, temperatures - Weather
  139. Highest Dew point you have experienced?: hot, record, temperatures, 2014 - Weather
  140. Sunny places with moderate or 4 season climates?: snow, hot, warm - Weather
  141. What city's climates would look like after 500 years of Global Warming.: Chicago, frost - Weather
  142. Seasonal variation map: climate, warmest, temperature, Chicago - Weather
  143. Your least favorite weather...: snow, temperatures, days, storms
  144. Which climate are you the most jealous of?: warm, storm, city - Weather
  145. Battle of the climates: San Francisco vs. New Orleans: tornadoes, snow, hot - Weather
  146. Fahrenheit vs Celsius: hot, day, meteorology, world - Weather
  147. July 2015 predictions: snowfall, warm, average, temperature - Weather
  148. American people, what do you think of France heat wave ?: days, humidity - Weather
  149. Rate the climate: Las Vegas, New Mexico: snowy, warm, ice - Weather
  150. western europe heatwave: hottest, warm, global warming, days - Weather
  151. Can you appreciate Bad weather under circumstances?: hot, record
  152. Climate battle: Port Hope vs Ulan Bator vs Reykjavik: snowy, warm, temperatures - Weather
  153. Ice Water vs. Yakutsk: temperature, frost, freezing, months - Weather
  154. Climate Battle! Monsoonville VS Fairbanks AK!: hot, warm, place, predict - Weather
  155. Climate battle: Crozet Islands vs. Yakutsk vs Phoenami: hot, warm - Weather
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  157. General Chat: hottest, ice, averages, temp - Weather
  158. Historical tropical weather hits Southern California: hot, warmest, records, rainfall
  159. July 2015 Weather Summary: climate, record, rainfall, days
  160. Sweden vs. USA interior?: snow, warm, record, temp - Weather
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  162. Summer Climate Battle Part 2 North America Edition: hot, warmest, records - Weather
  163. Rate the Climate: Pelee Island, Ontario: snow, warm, average, days - Weather
  164. It was only 75 yesterday in the afternoon and people were miserable!: days, degree - Weather
  165. Record Heat in S. Fla ? ? ?: temperature, day, town, degree - Weather
  166. Predict When You will get your Frost and Freeze: historically, historical, normal - Weather
  167. Predict the following stats for your location for August, 2015: snowfall, warm, record - Weather
  168. Rate my dream climate: Winter Haven: snowy, ice, average, days - Weather
  169. What if the entire earth was tropical?: climate, temperature, Chicago - Weather
  170. How many summer nights below 10C do you have in your dream climate?: warm, average - Weather
  171. Wettest & driest July's on record for your location: hot, recorded, 2013 - Weather
  172. 27C at 10am chilly, watch your health - opinion?: climate, hot - Weather
  173. Coldest/highest min this summer!: hottest, warmest, night, city - Weather
  174. Your ideal coolest and warmest low for summer and record low/record highest min of your dream climate during summer: recorded, temperature - Weather
  175. Oops Weather Forecast FAIL.: climate, temperature, days, city
  176. How cold will Castlederg get in winter 15/16?: warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  177. Highest average dew points in the world: climate, hottest, averages - Weather
  178. Would you rather live in a place with snow or no snow?: day, season - Weather
  179. Weather Forum Chat: season, may, drought, picture
  180. Dream climate battle: Caleb Yeung vs kronan123 vs dunno what to put: snowy, warmest - Weather
  181. Climate Battle: Socorro,NM Vs. Goldsboro,NC: snow, warm, record - Weather
  182. Which summer cloud pattern do you prefer? Marine layer or afternoon thunderstorms?: climate, warm - Weather
  183. Rate the climate: Atbara, Sudan (hot, warm, temperatures, rainfall, sunshine): average, season - Weather
  184. Places within the Arctic Circle that have significant vegetation: climate, warmest, average - Weather
  185. How is minimum temperature measured: warm, recorded, temperatures, 2015 - Weather
  186. Winter 2015-16 (Northern Hemisphere): snowy, records, Chicago, precipitation - Weather
  187. best climate in Alaska: snowfall, warmest, recorded, precipitation - Weather
  188. How much seasonal variation do you like when subtropical climates? 4 way poll option: snowfall, hottest - Weather
  189. What is the difference in mean annual temp between your ideal and real climates?: dewpoint, highs - Weather
  190. Demographics and Weather: Cool Summers vs Hot Winters: climate, warm, average
  191. Is this an accurate qualitative analysis of seasonal rainfall?: tornado, snowy, hot - Weather
  192. The Keeley Consulting Group: Climate changes projected effect on NC coast: storm, locations - Weather
  193. Hot enough for you? Try this trick: West, winter, heat - Weather
  194. Rate my favorite norwegian climate, Nesbyen: recorded, temperature, town, statistics - Weather
  195. Rate the climate: Tianjin, China: snow, temperatures, cyclone, freezing - Weather
  196. You have ONE job...! (Lousy forecasting): temperatures, day, storms, locations - Weather
  197. Wet Microburst Timelapse in Tuscan, Arizona: 2015, storm, rain, areas - Weather
  198. Cloud Picture - Weather
  199. The Azores Bermuda High, and its effects on the South Atlantic region (SC, GA, FL) of the United States: warm, average - Weather
  200. What places have the greatest outdoor population difference between good and bad weather?: snow, warm