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  24. Microclimate in Barcelona - Can Bruixa: warmest, recorded, temperatures, rainfall - Weather
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  26. Which climate do you think has better fall foliage?: temperatures, days, locations - Weather
  27. Pretty Cool Website: map, North, may, conditions - Weather
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  32. Weather humor video clips: rain
  33. northernmost subtropical and southernmost subarctic climate in the world at sea level?: temperature, normal - Weather
  34. What typical weather condition describes European climate the most?: Canada, United States, sunny
  35. If you could choose location/climate to be in right now, where would it be?: snowfall, place - Weather
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  38. katrina 10 year: night - Weather
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  49. Direct normal radiation of the world: cloud, Europe - Weather
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  59. How many months of temps that are above room temp?: climate, temperature - Weather
  60. Which major city in the U.S do you think will see the FIRST 80 F high of 2016: climate, Chicago - Weather
  61. Continental climates... in Scotland? And Mediterranean... in Norway?: snow, hot, warm - Weather
  62. Borderline Mediterranean: climate, warm, record, temperature - Weather
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  66. General Chat 2: 2015, july - Weather
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  68. When will London see the first 20c day of 2016?: climate, recorded, Chicago - Weather
  69. Nintendo Climate Battle: snowy, hot, warm, temperatures - Weather
  70. The Fall Foliage: 2014, USA, map, North - Weather
  71. Which climate is more boring ? California (low elevation only) or the British Isles?: snow, warm - Weather
  72. Rate dhdh's 2009 - 2 continents, 4 cities, 5 places and 5 climates zones!: snow, hot, warm - Weather
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  74. Rate the climate: Cooma, Australia: warm, average, rainfall, days - Weather
  75. Is Stockholm's climate Oceanic or Humid Continental?: warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  76. Temperature departurest (climate change): hottest, warmest, recorded, warming - Weather
  77. Would you rather live in a Cloudy country like the UK or a sunny country like the USA or Australia?: day, South - Weather
  78. Rate the climate: Saqqez, Iran: snowy, hot, temperatures, days - Weather
  79. The Official S-N-O-W - Nature's greatest gift: climate, snowfalls, hot - Weather
  80. Is Odessa's climate subtropical or humid continental?: warm, averages, cities - Weather
  81. Is Victoria, BC's climate Oceanic or Mediterranean?: warm, temperature, days - Weather
  82. Climate Battle: Sacramento vs Denver: hot, warm, frost, humidity - Weather
  83. Rate the Climate: Mars, 4.5ºS, 137.4ºE: warm, record, temperatures, Chicago - Weather
  84. Rate the climate: Gundagai, NSW: hot, record, temperatures, nights - Weather
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  87. The Strongest Hurricane Ever?: tornado, day, storm, season - Weather
  88. Rate the climate: Banja Luka, Bosnia: warm, temperatures, rainfall, days - Weather
  89. Discuss this climate: Erlek Depression: snow, warmest, temperatures - Weather
  90. Is the weather on Halloween more often summerlike or winterlike where you live?: snow, warm
  91. Ooops ... Antarctica Gaining, not Losing Ice says NASA: climate, snowfall, warm - Weather
  92. Why do people exaggerate how cold the Southern US gets during winter?: climate, snowfall - Weather
  93. Do you prefer large or small diurnal ranges in winter?: climate, snow - Weather
  94. Climates that go against their Koppen Classification stereotype...: warmest, averages, temp - Weather
  95. Too hot for humans: climate, snow, recorded, temperature - Weather
  96. Rate irlinit's dream island and its climates: hot, warmest, temperatures - Weather
  97. Rate my fictional climate- Port Compromise: snowfall, hot, warm, ice - Weather
  98. Climate Battle: Iranian Cities: snowfalls, hot, averages, day - Weather
  99. Rate Australia's infamous climate: Melbourne, VIC: warm, averages, temperatures, days - Weather
  100. Choose the battle of the multi-day weather forecast above you....: snow, temperatures
  101. What would happen if the earth went into a really long term strong El Niño event?: climate, warm - Weather
  102. Where in the American sunbelt would you spend a winter?: climate, hot - Weather
  103. Rate the Climate Mount Wario: snowy, warm, temperatures, day - Weather
  104. Which is more of a four seasons climate? Seattle or Austin?: snowfalls, hottest - Weather
  105. October 2015 Summary: snow, warmest, ice, recorded - Weather
  106. The Sea Level Rise: climate, average, 2014, city - Weather
  107. Coldest cities by country?: warm, average, temperature, Canada - Weather
  108. Do you think Vancouver will eventually have the climate to grow CIDPs in the future?: warm, records - Weather
  109. Densest Fog Ever Recorded, Know?: days, historically, inches, historical - Weather
  110. Which climate do you think is more boring in your opinion?: tornado, snow - Weather
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  112. How Long Are Your Seasons?: climate, hot, warmest, average - Weather
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  114. Rate: Jerome, Arizona: climate, snowy, hot, average - Weather
  115. Rate the climate: Nablus, Palestine: snowfall, hot, warm, averages - Weather
  116. Weather-related myths?: hot, warm, earthquake, days
  117. Snowfall Totals from 2015-16 Season: cities, frost, USA, map - Weather
  118. Climate Battle: Seattle vs. Atlanta: snowfall, hot, warm, averages - Weather
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  121. Same Season Different climate: snow, warm, record, rainfall - Weather
  122. Heat vs. cold, pros and cons: why do MORE people like heat?: climate, snowy - Weather
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  125. Climate scientists fear ‘Day After Tomorrow’ scenario: snow, warm, ice - Weather
  126. How to survive hot weather without AC?: warm, average, temperature
  127. Which climate is better for someone who wants to avoid winter?: snow, warm - Weather
  128. rate the climate: neusidel am see (warmest summer in austria): averages, temperatures - Weather
  129. Rate this sunnier, warmer version of Portland: climate, hot, records - Weather
  130. Do heat lovers have more conservative/conventional personalities?: climate, snow, hot - Weather
  131. Rate the climate: Nukus, Uzbekistan: snow, hot, warm, ice - Weather
  132. Which is more likely? London VS Miami (Sorry guys, LOL): snow, warmest - Weather
  133. Favorite Caucasus Climate: snowy, warmest, record, rainfall - Weather
  134. August and Summer 2015 Weather Summary: climate, hottest, warmest, record
  135. Cities in the U.S. that have a beautiful fall and a mild winter (or no winter)?: snowfall, warm - Weather
  136. Which climate is more typically oceanic?: warm, temperature, rainfall, places - Weather
  137. Do you prefer a drizzle during a 10 °C day or a thunderstorm during a 40°C+ day ?: temperature, storms - Weather
  138. Rate the fictional climate: Eventland: snowfall, warm, records, temperatures - Weather
  139. BBC Pulls Plug on the Met Office: climate, snowfall, averages - Weather
  140. Cities you were hotter/colder/wetter than what they are (climate misconceptions): snow, hot - Weather
  141. Rate the Climate: Casper Wyoming: snowfall, hot, record, temperatures - Weather
  142. Favorite Climate in Washington State: temperatures, rainfall, precipitation, cities - Weather
  143. Cities with the safest weather....: climate, tornadoes, snow
  144. How do you create a weather box?: climate, temperatures, cities
  145. Rate the climate: Prospect Creek, Alaska (not a city): snowfall, warm, recorded - Weather
  146. Rate the Climate: Wilmington, NC: snowy, warm, temperature, rainfall - Weather
  147. Urban heat islands.: climate, warm, average, global warming - Weather
  148. 2015 Autumn Photo: hottest, warm, day, cloudy - Weather
  149. Climate battle: Lima, Peru Vs. Dublin, Ireland: warm, averages, temperatures - Weather
  150. Do Portland, Oregon and Rome, Italy have similar climates?: warm, average, temperatures - Weather
  151. Spring 2015 (Southern Hemisphere): snowing, warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  152. Do you think major city in Australia has a real winter?: climate, snowfall - Weather
  153. Sacramento vs San Diego vs Portland vs Salt Lake City vs Denver vs Seattle. Which West Coast City Has The Best Weather?: climate, snow
  154. Preferred timezone and sunset?: days, months, North, hours - Weather
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  158. Which climate would feel more wintry do you think - Denver or Vancouver?: snow, average - Weather
  159. Is Denver's winter downplayed too much?: climate, snowfall, warm, averages - Weather
  160. Rate My New Dream Climate Clearstown: snowy, warm, averages - Weather
  161. Which climate do you think feels more subtropical in the winter?: warm, average - Weather
  162. September 2015 Summary: warm, records, temperature, rainfall - Weather
  163. Rate the climate: Strasbourg, France: snowfall, warm, average, temp - Weather
  164. Is Nevada (North and South) just as hot as Arizona and more of a desert overall or is it hotter and more desert-like?: climate, hottest - Weather
  165. Climate Battle: Brisbane vs Jacksonville: hot, warm, frost, Canada - Weather
  166. Verkhoyansk vs. Quibdo: climate, record, cities, season - Weather
  167. Our idea (Indonesia-deep tropics) of heat ...: climate, hot, warm - Weather
  168. Poll: Battle of the (atypical) Middle Eastern climates: hot, average, temperatures - Weather
  169. Does Britain's climate get an unfair rap?: snow, hottest, warm - Weather
  170. Am I the only one who thinks this way?....: climate, snow, hot - Weather
  171. Wisconsin Climate battle: snowy, warm, averages, precipitation - Weather
  172. places where you can see Fall foliage AND 100+ temps simultaneously?: climate, hot - Weather
  173. Battle of the longitudes: Magadan, Russia vs Chuuk State, Micronesia: climate, snow - Weather
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  175. Eastern U.S. Soaker Storms/Front/Hurricane Sept 29-Oct 5, 2015: climate, snow, warm - Weather
  176. Climate Battle for snow lovers: snowfall, warm, average, temp - Weather
  177. Hurricane or Tornado which would rather face and which is the worst?: tornadoes, average - Weather
  178. Rate the climate: Piura, Peru: hottest, warm, record, precipitation - Weather
  179. Places in the US where July is NOT the hottest month: climate, warmest - Weather
  180. Best Black Sea Coastal Climate: snow, warmest, nights, cities - Weather
  181. Climate Battle: Yuma, Arizona vs. Eureka, California: hot, warm, temperatures - Weather
  182. Places that experience thundersnow on Earth: 2013, days, cities, world - Weather
  183. Is Sydney's climate oceanic or humid subtropical?: hot, warmest, record - Weather
  184. Understanding of meteorological terminology and concepts within NWS forecast texts: snow, warm - Weather
  185. Rate the climate: Bitola, FYROM: snowfalls, hot, warm, icy - Weather
  186. What's the hottest average max temperature that can approximately experience NYC/Central Park in the future ?: climate, recorded - Weather
  187. Battle of the climates: Orlando vs. East L.A: warm, averages, temperatures - Weather
  188. Are there places where it looks like fall in December?: climate, snow - Weather
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  190. storm prediction and zipcodes?: East - Weather
  191. Sacramento vs Seattle vs Portland vs Salt Lake City vs Denver vs Phoenix. Which West Coast City Has The Best Weather?
  192. Battle of the Winter Climates, Which Cities have comparable winter weather to each other?: most, Colorado
  193. In The Absence Of Hurricanes, Sept. Is The Best Weather Month: highs, lows
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  195. Alaska Getting An Early Winter: snow, 2015, storm, snowstorm - Weather
  196. What About The Atlantic Disturbance Following Joaquin? - Weather
  197. Seeking an instrument to measure outside and inside lighting spectrum. help!: days, most - Weather
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  199. Winter Criteria's: snow, 2015, storm, season - Weather
  200. Mount Everest's Snow and Ice: warm, global warming - Weather