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  1. Rate the High Latitude Tropical Climate: warm, precipitation, season, sunshine - Weather
  2. Climate Battle: Sochi vs. Edinburgh: snow, warmest, ice, averages - Weather
  3. When will the eastern us see a warm winter?: average, warming, days - Weather
  4. What's the highest and lowest monthly sunshine totals for your area?: recorded, 2015 - Weather
  5. Which major city in Italy will see the FIRST 30F temp in 2015: recorded, temperatures - Weather
  6. For heat-lovers. What would you choose?: climate, warm, average, annual - Weather
  7. Rate the fictional climate: Caspar Bay: snowfall, warmest, recorded, temperatures - Weather
  8. Which will be the first city of 4 to accumulate over an inch of snow this fall?: snowfall, Chicago - Weather
  9. Is it safe to be inside a car when hit by lightning?: storm, ground - Weather
  10. Rate the Climate: Tabuk, Saudi Arabia: snow, rainfall, day, precipitation - Weather
  11. Rate the climate: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: hot, warm, East, winters - Weather
  12. Summer 2015: Los Angeles Vs. Atlanta: days, South, july, humid - Weather
  13. If you could choose location/climate to be in right now, where would it be?: snowfall, place - Weather
  14. What are the sunrise/sunset times for the summer/winter solstice in your area?: days, june - Weather
  15. Rate the Climate: Highland Country: warm, record, days, storms - Weather
  16. Climate Battle: Lima vs. San Diego: snow, average, temperatures, nights - Weather
  17. Rate the climate: Carnarvon: hot, warm, record, rainfall - Weather
  18. Climate Battle: Oranjestad Aruba vs Singapore: storm, city, sun, rainy - Weather
  19. Rainfall predictors: climate, averages, day, city - Weather
  20. Why was it so cold in the 70's and 80's?: climate, warm - Weather
  21. What typical weather condition describes European climate the most?: Canada, United States, sunny
  22. northernmost subtropical and southernmost subarctic climate in the world at sea level?: temperature, normal - Weather
  23. Climate Talk : Missouri: warm, recorded, temperatures, storm - Weather
  24. Weather humor video clips: rain
  25. Rate the climate: Valle De Los Patos Superior: snow, record, temperatures - Weather
  26. Rate this climate - La Rinconada, Peru: hot, warm, city - Weather
  27. Cities on the Eastern part of the US with lowest humidity in summer?: climate, most - Weather
  28. Personal Weather Station: record, temperatures, days, place
  29. Day and Night Temperature Differences: climate, record, 2015, days - Weather
  30. Which oceanic climate is snowier?: snowfall, warm, averages, rainfall - Weather
  31. Predict the following stats for your location for November of 2015: snowfall, average - Weather
  32. Spring Photo 2015 (Southern Hemisphere): snowfall, warm, days, storm - Weather
  33. Pretty Cool Website: map, North, may, conditions - Weather
  34. Rate: Rionegro, Colombia: climate, record, temperatures, days - Weather
  35. Record driest summer in NYC region: climate, hottest, warmest, temperature - Weather
  36. katrina 10 year: night - Weather
  37. Direct normal radiation of the world: cloud, Europe - Weather
  38. Mega Climate Battle: Round 1: cities, Canada, world, United States - Weather
  39. Microclimate in Barcelona - Can Bruixa: warmest, recorded, temperatures, rainfall - Weather
  40. Which city will be the first to see a daytime high lower than 70 F this fall?: climate, warm - Weather
  41. Rate the Fictional Climate: Storm Island: average, temperatures, precipitation, storms - Weather
  42. Seasonal precipitation averages map from southern Europe and northern Africa: climate, summer - Weather
  43. Nostalgia!! Does remember this weather channel promo from 1991?: tornadoes, snow, days
  44. Clouds directions: cyclone, highs, lows, South - Weather
  45. Rate my Dream Climate Cubitsville: snowy, warm, temperatures, day - Weather
  46. Hyperhidrosis and Living on The Eastern US: warm, temperatures, Chicago - Weather
  47. El Nino ... The Basics,: climate, hot, warm, average - Weather
  48. Climate Battle: African Edition IV: record, temperatures, highs, temps - Weather
  49. Battle of the Micro Climates: hottest, warmest, record, days - Weather
  50. Which climate do you think has better fall foliage?: temperatures, days, locations - Weather
  51. Netherlands Climate Battle: snowy, warmest, record, days - Weather
  52. Daily average high and low temperatures in your city or town: highs, lows - Weather
  53. Winter is coming! If you want to take a weeklong break from the c-c-c-c-cold, where do you go?: temperature, city - Weather
  54. On a scale of 1-10, how important are the following factors to you when rating or choosing a climate?: tornadoes, snowfall - Weather
  55. Rate the climate: Mt. Mitchell: snow, most, inches, sunny - Weather
  56. Pick the one day weather scenario battle above you...: climate, snow, hot
  57. Yankeelandia: climate, warm, temperatures, storms - Weather
  58. Beijing got a snow day: warm, october - Weather
  59. Dream Climate Battle Cubitsville vs Clearstown vs Northlake: snow, hottest, warm - Weather
  60. Where in the American sunbelt would you spend a winter?: climate, hot - Weather
  61. What would happen if the earth went into a really long term strong El Niño event?: climate, warm - Weather
  62. Continental climates... in Scotland? And Mediterranean... in Norway?: snow, hot, warm - Weather
  63. very old climate normals: warmest, ice, records, temperatures - Weather
  64. Climate Battle: Leuchars, Scotland vs Fort McMurray, Canada: world, sunshine, cloudy - Weather
  65. Rate dhdh's 2009 - 2 continents, 4 cities, 5 places and 5 climates zones!: snow, hot, warm - Weather
  66. General Chat 2: 2015, july - Weather
  67. Which major city in the U.S do you think will see the FIRST 80 F high of 2016: climate, Chicago - Weather
  68. Is Odessa's climate subtropical or humid continental?: warm, averages, cities - Weather
  69. Is Victoria, BC's climate Oceanic or Mediterranean?: warm, temperature, days - Weather
  70. The Official S-N-O-W - Nature's greatest gift: climate, snowfalls, hot - Weather
  71. The Fall Foliage: 2014, USA, map, North - Weather
  72. Temperature departurest (climate change): hottest, warmest, recorded, warming - Weather
  73. Is Stockholm's climate Oceanic or Humid Continental?: warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  74. Climate Battle: Glasgow vs. Denver: snowy, warm, ice, average - Weather
  75. Rate the climate: Cooma, Australia: warm, average, rainfall, days - Weather
  76. Borderline Mediterranean: climate, warm, record, temperature - Weather
  77. When will London see the first 20c day of 2016?: climate, recorded, Chicago - Weather
  78. Which major city in Sweden will see the FIRST 70F temp in 2016: climate, average - Weather
  79. Would you rather live in a Cloudy country like the UK or a sunny country like the USA or Australia?: day, South - Weather
  80. Climate Battle: Russian Far East: hottest, warm, city, most - Weather
  81. Coldest cities by country?: warm, average, temperature, Canada - Weather
  82. Which climate do you think is more boring in your opinion?: tornado, snow - Weather
  83. Choose the battle of the multi-day weather forecast above you....: snow, temperatures
  84. Rate my fictional climate- Port Compromise: snowfall, hot, warm, ice - Weather
  85. Discuss this climate: Erlek Depression: snow, warmest, temperatures - Weather
  86. Ooops ... Antarctica Gaining, not Losing Ice says NASA: climate, snowfall, warm - Weather
  87. Do you prefer large or small diurnal ranges in winter?: climate, snow - Weather
  88. Which is more of a four seasons climate? Seattle or Austin?: snowfalls, hottest - Weather
  89. Rate the Climate Mount Wario: snowy, warm, temperatures, day - Weather
  90. Nintendo Climate Battle: snowy, hot, warm, temperatures - Weather
  91. Climate Battle: Trobin vs. your current location's climate: warm, averages, temperatures - Weather
  92. Rate the climate: Saqqez, Iran: snowy, hot, temperatures, days - Weather
  93. Which climate is more boring ? California (low elevation only) or the British Isles?: snow, warm - Weather
  94. How Long Are Your Seasons?: climate, hot, warmest, average - Weather
  95. How many months of temps that are above room temp?: climate, temperature - Weather
  96. Why do people exaggerate how cold the Southern US gets during winter?: climate, snowfall - Weather
  97. October 2015 Summary: snow, warmest, ice, recorded - Weather
  98. Do you think Vancouver will eventually have the climate to grow CIDPs in the future?: warm, records - Weather
  99. Climate Battle: Iranian Cities: snowfalls, hot, averages, day - Weather
  100. Densest Fog Ever Recorded, Know?: days, historically, inches, historical - Weather
  101. Climate talk : Tropics: hot, average, moon, rainfall - Weather
  102. Climate Battle: Sacramento vs Denver: hot, warm, frost, humidity - Weather
  103. The Sea Level Rise: climate, average, 2014, city - Weather
  104. The Strongest Hurricane Ever?: tornado, day, storm, season - Weather
  105. Rate the climate: Banja Luka, Bosnia: warm, temperatures, rainfall, days - Weather
  106. Rate irlinit's dream island and its climates: hot, warmest, temperatures - Weather
  107. Climates that go against their Koppen Classification stereotype...: warmest, averages, temp - Weather
  108. Too hot for humans: climate, snow, recorded, temperature - Weather
  109. Is the weather on Halloween more often summerlike or winterlike where you live?: snow, warm
  110. Rate the Climate: Mars, 4.5ºS, 137.4ºE: warm, record, temperatures, Chicago - Weather
  111. Rate the climate: Gundagai, NSW: hot, record, temperatures, nights - Weather
  112. Rate Australia's infamous climate: Melbourne, VIC: warm, averages, temperatures, days - Weather
  113. Climate Battle: Brisbane vs Jacksonville: hot, warm, frost, Canada - Weather
  114. Rate this sunnier, warmer version of Portland: climate, hot, records - Weather
  115. rate the climate: neusidel am see (warmest summer in austria): averages, temperatures - Weather
  116. Climate scientists fear ‘Day After Tomorrow’ scenario: snow, warm, ice - Weather
  117. Which is more likely? London VS Miami (Sorry guys, LOL): snow, warmest - Weather
  118. Rate the climate: Nukus, Uzbekistan: snow, hot, warm, ice - Weather
  119. Comparison between 45 C and -40 C.: hot, temperature, day, cities - Weather
  120. Would you consider this climate continental?: hot, warm, precipitation, season - Weather
  121. Do heat lovers have more conservative/conventional personalities?: climate, snow, hot - Weather
  122. How to survive hot weather without AC?: warm, average, temperature
  123. Which climate is better for someone who wants to avoid winter?: snow, warm - Weather
  124. Why can I still see the sun after sunset?: snow, city, clouds - Weather
  125. Climate Battle: Yuma, Arizona vs. Eureka, California: hot, warm, temperatures - Weather
  126. Places that experience thundersnow on Earth: 2013, days, cities, world - Weather
  127. Sacramento vs San Diego vs Portland vs Salt Lake City vs Denver vs Seattle. Which West Coast City Has The Best Weather?: climate, snow
  128. Rate the Climate : Marseille, France: snowy, hot, warm, nights - Weather
  129. Cities with the safest weather....: climate, tornadoes, snow
  130. Preferred timezone and sunset?: days, months, North, hours - Weather
  131. How do you create a weather box?: climate, temperatures, cities
  132. Snowfall Totals from 2015-16 Season: cities, frost, USA, map - Weather
  133. August and Summer 2015 Weather Summary: climate, hottest, warmest, record
  134. Favorite Caucasus Climate: snowy, warmest, record, rainfall - Weather
  135. Spring 2015 (Southern Hemisphere): snowing, warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  136. Urban heat islands.: climate, warm, average, global warming - Weather
  137. Rate the Climate: Wilmington, NC: snowy, warm, temperature, rainfall - Weather
  138. Climate battle: Lima, Peru Vs. Dublin, Ireland: warm, averages, temperatures - Weather
  139. 2015 Autumn Photo: hottest, warm, day, cloudy - Weather
  140. Rate the climate: Prospect Creek, Alaska (not a city): snowfall, warm, recorded - Weather
  141. Define the Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall months for your location.: snow, warmest - Weather
  142. Same Season Different climate: snow, warm, record, rainfall - Weather
  143. Rate: Jerome, Arizona: climate, snowy, hot, average - Weather
  144. Rate the climate: Nablus, Palestine: snowfall, hot, warm, averages - Weather
  145. Weather-related myths?: hot, warm, earthquake, days
  146. Climate Battle: Seattle vs. Atlanta: snowfall, hot, warm, averages - Weather
  147. 2012 Climate Battle: Vancouver vs Saskatoon: snow, warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  148. Do Portland, Oregon and Rome, Italy have similar climates?: warm, average, temperatures - Weather
  149. Heat vs. cold, pros and cons: why do MORE people like heat?: climate, snowy - Weather
  150. Is Sydney's climate oceanic or humid subtropical?: hot, warmest, record - Weather
  151. Best Black Sea Coastal Climate: snow, warmest, nights, cities - Weather
  152. Climate Battle: Sydney vs. Bangkok vs. Lima: hot, warmest, temperatures - Weather
  153. Wisconsin Climate battle: snowy, warm, averages, precipitation - Weather
  154. places where you can see Fall foliage AND 100+ temps simultaneously?: climate, hot - Weather
  155. Which climate would feel more wintry do you think - Denver or Vancouver?: snow, average - Weather
  156. Predict October in your location!: snowfall, average, rainfall, Chicago - Weather
  157. Is Denver's winter downplayed too much?: climate, snowfall, warm, averages - Weather
  158. World Cup Climate Battle - Capitals Edition: cities, South, opinion - Weather
  159. Climate Battle - Berlin, Germany vs. Hope, BC, Canada: warm, average, temp - Weather
  160. Battle of the longitudes: Magadan, Russia vs Chuuk State, Micronesia: climate, snow - Weather
  161. Am I the only one who thinks this way?....: climate, snow, hot - Weather
  162. Poll: Battle of the (atypical) Middle Eastern climates: hot, average, temperatures - Weather
  163. Rate the Climate: Casper Wyoming: snowfall, hot, record, temperatures - Weather
  164. How would you classify San Diego's climate based on the data for 2015 so far?: tornadoes, warmest - Weather
  165. Our idea (Indonesia-deep tropics) of heat ...: climate, hot, warm - Weather
  166. Verkhoyansk vs. Quibdo: climate, record, cities, season - Weather
  167. Does Britain's climate get an unfair rap?: snow, hottest, warm - Weather
  168. Favorite Climate in Washington State: temperatures, rainfall, precipitation, cities - Weather
  169. BBC Pulls Plug on the Met Office: climate, snowfall, averages - Weather
  170. Rate My New Dream Climate Clearstown: snowy, warm, averages - Weather
  171. Rate the climate: Piura, Peru: hottest, warm, record, precipitation - Weather
  172. Understanding of meteorological terminology and concepts within NWS forecast texts: snow, warm - Weather
  173. Are there places where it looks like fall in December?: climate, snow - Weather
  174. Rate the climate: Bitola, FYROM: snowfalls, hot, warm, icy - Weather
  175. Do you prefer a drizzle during a 10 °C day or a thunderstorm during a 40°C+ day ?: temperature, storms - Weather
  176. Places in the US where July is NOT the hottest month: climate, warmest - Weather
  177. Climate Battle for snow lovers: snowfall, warm, average, temp - Weather
  178. Hurricane or Tornado which would rather face and which is the worst?: tornadoes, average - Weather
  179. What's the hottest average max temperature that can approximately experience NYC/Central Park in the future ?: climate, recorded - Weather
  180. Which climate is more typically oceanic?: warm, temperature, rainfall, places - Weather
  181. Which climate do you think feels more subtropical in the winter?: warm, average - Weather
  182. September 2015 Summary: warm, records, temperature, rainfall - Weather
  183. Rate the climate: Strasbourg, France: snowfall, warm, average, temp - Weather
  184. Eastern U.S. Soaker Storms/Front/Hurricane Sept 29-Oct 5, 2015: climate, snow, warm - Weather
  185. Rate the fictional climate: Eventland: snowfall, warm, records, temperatures - Weather
  186. Cities in the U.S. that have a beautiful fall and a mild winter (or no winter)?: snowfall, warm - Weather
  187. Battle of the climates: Orlando vs. East L.A: warm, averages, temperatures - Weather
  188. Do you think major city in Australia has a real winter?: climate, snowfall - Weather
  189. Sacramento vs Seattle vs Portland vs Salt Lake City vs Denver vs Phoenix. Which West Coast City Has The Best Weather?
  190. Alaska Getting An Early Winter: snow, 2015, storm, snowstorm - Weather
  191. What About The Atlantic Disturbance Following Joaquin? - Weather
  192. Accuracy of Farmer Almanac's Long Range Forecast: snowfall, hottest, warm - Weather
  193. Battle of the Winter Climates, Which Cities have comparable winter weather to each other?: most, Colorado
  194. Winter Criteria's: snow, 2015, storm, season - Weather
  195. In The Absence Of Hurricanes, Sept. Is The Best Weather Month: highs, lows
  196. Timelapse Video of Winter 2014-15 in Caribou, Maine: snow, days, storms - Weather
  197. What is causing that crack in Wyoming?: 2015, USA, mountains - Weather
  198. storm prediction and zipcodes?: East - Weather
  199. Seeking an instrument to measure outside and inside lighting spectrum. help!: days, most - Weather
  200. Mount Everest's Snow and Ice: warm, global warming - Weather