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  1. Southeast USA: Periodic Semi-Arid Nature?: climate, most, droughts, Florida - Weather
  2. How to look what is the temperature right now from your country's meteorological service?: climate, snow - Weather
  3. Climate Battle: Pinnacles National Park (California) vs Haleakalā National Park (Hawaii)): day, season - Weather
  4. Where can I find historical rain-per-storm data?: averages, days, precipitation - Weather
  5. Why does Weather Underground Change Its Forecast So Often?: snow, days, precipitation
  6. Seattle so far 2nd wettest Oct. thru April in over 120 years of records.: days, best - Weather
  7. Closest real world climate to this: hottest, average, temperature, precipitation - Weather
  8. Rate The Climate: Cherrypick Miami: snow, warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  9. Rate the climate: Perpetual April: tornadoes, snow, warm, record - Weather
  10. What is the water temp right now?: temperature, city, march - Weather
  11. Urban Heat Islands: climate, snowfall, warm, recorded - Weather
  12. Rank first week of May forecasts from your most to least favorite!: Chicago, days - Weather
  13. Weather Box Templates: place, months, Spain
  14. Can you make climate data using one year's highs and lows for places that don't have climate datas to public?: warm, record - Weather
  15. Where would you rather be morning of March 27th: temperature, night, storms - Weather
  16. How does amount/type of outdoor activity relate to weather preferences: climate, tornado
  17. Climate Analogues of India: warm, global warming, most, comparison - Weather
  18. Eugene information: climate, warm, records, temperatures - Weather
  19. Looks like Seattle has had its wettest year on record: season, inches - Weather
  20. Climate Match-up: Morrow Bay vs. Lanai City: warm, temperatures, days - Weather
  21. Is there a mechanism that would prevent the southern hemisphere to be covered in ice?: climate, snow - Weather
  22. Fictional Country Game: climate, snow, warm, records - Weather
  23. Another unique climate: summer, rain, cold - Weather
  24. Sea of Okhotsk vs Hudson Bay: climate, city, season, annual - Weather
  25. Dual Climate Battle: Seoul vs. Indianapolis (City) / South Korea vs. Indiana (Regional): snowy, average - Weather
  26. Highly moderated Cfa climate the best climate in the world for fruit and vegetable growth.: hot, warm - Weather
  27. I colored a fictional continent using koppen climate zones. Is it plausible?: ice, rainfall - Weather
  28. Climate of Argentina: snowy, hottest, warm, records - Weather
  29. Why is the hottest time of the year so late in the northern Rockies / northwestern Great Plains?: warmest, average - Weather
  30. Why is it that Northern New Jersey (Sussex County), is Humid Continental (Dfb) but NYC is Humid Subtropical (Cfa)?: climate, snowfalls - Weather
  31. Wind storm in Michigan this week: snowy, warm, storms, Canada - Weather
  32. Where would you rather be this morning April 8th?: temperature, days, USA - Weather
  33. Skiers stranded on Ski Lift in Italy during High Winds: days, storm - Weather
  34. What is your favorite weather TV channel?: hot, records, night
  35. Southern most cities in the east with snow plows?: 2014, Florida - Weather
  36. Graphs: hottest, record, temperatures, precipitation - Weather
  37. Weather descriptions in literature: hot, warm, days, storm
  38. Your Easter Forecast: snow, average, temperature, Chicago - Weather
  39. Why does Calgary represent Alberta's weather?: climate, warm, average, day
  40. Rate the climate: Simushir Island: snowy, warm, record, seasons - Weather
  41. When is your sunniest and cloudiest time of year where you live?: climate, average - Weather
  42. Rate the climate: Mendi, Papa New Guinea: warm, average, temperatures - Weather
  43. What are examples of two or three-season climates?: snowy, hot, warmest - Weather
  44. What are cities around the world that aren't sticky in summer?: climate, hot - Weather
  45. Rate the Climate: Vancouver 2016: snowfall, hottest, warmest, average - Weather
  46. Tarifa vs Eugene - which would feel hotter in summer?: climate, warm - Weather
  47. What are the snowiest cities in Europe?: climate, snowfall, averages - Weather
  48. Are there climates where spring and autumn receive the most precipitation?: seasons, normal - Weather
  49. Rate The Climate: Voville: snowy, hot, temp, precipitation - Weather
  50. Rate the climate of Diyarbakır, Turkey: hot, warm, average - Weather
  51. Rate the climate: Harare: hot, warmest, city, season - Weather
  52. Unhappy III: days, live - Weather
  53. Dry subtropical climate like this?: hot, warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  54. Your dream climate based solely on interesting weather: tornadoes, snowy, hot
  55. New York vs. Las Vegas (Summers): climate, hottest, warm, averages - Weather
  56. Rate the climate: Goulburn, Australia: snowfall, warm, recorded, rainfall - Weather
  57. What is the most scenic time of year where you live: snow, days - Weather
  58. Dry high heat or lower temps with humidity?: average, temp, day - Weather
  59. Rate the fictional climate: New Melbroune: warm, average, temperature, rainfall - Weather
  60. Climate battle: Nakhodka vs Whistler: snowfall, warm, averages, temperature - Weather
  61. Seattle's long wait for 65° getting its longest waits on record: climate, hot - Weather
  62. Compare coldest places in Siberia/Mongolia/Manchuria to Northern North America: climate, hot - Weather
  63. Rate the climate of Kars, Turkey: warm, days, city, sunshine - Weather
  64. Rate the climate: Cape Lopatka: snowfall, warm, temperatures, place - Weather
  65. Where would you rather be on a Saturday on an early April afternoon: warm, temperatures - Weather
  66. Strange phenomenon in sky over Edmonton: average, 2015, Canada, sunshine - Weather
  67. Coldest Mediterranean climate: snowy, rainfall, places, most - Weather
  68. Rate the Climate: Stanley, Argentina: warm, days, season, humidity - Weather
  69. Climates that are stereotypical representations of certain races: snow, day, world - Weather
  70. Rate the climate of Mersin, Turkey: hot, warm, nights, city - Weather
  71. Is this cold for Mexico May 8th?: climate, snow, warm - Weather
  72. Rate the climate: Luqa (Malta): hot, warm, averages, temperatures - Weather
  73. Rate The Climate: Owen's Hill: snow, hottest, averages, city - Weather
  74. Just out of curiosity... What is your relationship to weather?: climate, tornadoes
  75. Climate Battle: Eastern Europe vs. Eastern U.S.: hot, averages, storms - Weather
  76. What's your warmest month average high?: climate, averages, temperatures, days - Weather
  77. Which Koppen climate has the largest variance?: hottest, warmest, averages - Weather
  78. Climate battle: Oxnard vs Reggio Calabria: hot, warm, rainfall, 2015 - Weather
  79. Choose the better climate: Tórshavn, Faroe Islands vs Kyzyl, Russia: hot, warm - Weather
  80. I found trees in Nuuk! (Street View): climate, warmest, averages - Weather
  81. Climate Battle: Tórshavn vs Lerwick: warm, rainfall, sunshine, cloud - Weather
  82. Rate the climate: Humphreys Peak, AZ (12,633ft in elevation): snowfall, 2013, days - Weather
  83. Rate the climate: Tropical alpine climate: snowy, warm, temperatures, rainfall - Weather
  84. Climate Battle: Rotterdam vs. Vancouver: snowfall, warm, average, temperatures - Weather
  85. What's your coldest month average high in your ideal climate?: january, heat - Weather
  86. Rate the climate: Rotterdam, Netherlands: snow, warm, average, 2014 - Weather
  87. Do You Buy Sunshine Stats All The Time?: climate, record, rainfall - Weather
  88. When will London see it's first 80f of the year?: warm, recorded - Weather
  89. Rate the climate: Pristina, Kosovo (Not Serbia): city, winters, Toronto - Weather
  90. Rate this Oceanic climate: Santander, Spain: warm, temperature, days, city - Weather
  91. Rate Yuanjiang, China: climate, hot, warm, city - Weather
  92. Is it Csb or Cfb?: climate, warmest, record, temperatures - Weather
  93. Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands: climate, hot, warmest, record - Weather
  94. PNW vs France (Mainland): climate, temperatures, storms, cities - Weather
  95. Why do you praise thunderstorms?: days, city, most, predict - Weather
  96. Climate Battle: Spain vs California: warm, 2015, city, sunshine - Weather
  97. Climate battle: Comitan, Mexico vs Xichang, China: warm, days, places - Weather
  98. Rate the climate: Bartlesville, OK: snowfall, hot, warm, record - Weather
  99. CHART: All-time record high and low temperatures by U.S. state capital: climate, warm - Weather
  100. Special Climates: snow, hottest, warmest, recorded - Weather
  101. Climate Battle: Madeira vs Rosario: hot, warm, days, precipitation - Weather
  102. Climate battle : New York City vs Chicago: snowy, hot, warm - Weather
  103. Climate battle: Peoria vs. Pyatigorsk vs. Samokov: hot, warmest, precipitation - Weather
  104. Junior members on the weather forum: climate, snow, averages, days
  105. Which city do you feel that Minneapolis, Minnesota might resemble climatically as a result of greenhouse warming?: climate, hot - Weather
  106. Rate the Climate: Tadjoura, Djbouti: hot, warm, city, humidity - Weather
  107. Advantages of high latitude climates: snow, warm, average, warming - Weather
  108. Which temperature would draw more people to an art and wine festival? 50F (10C) or 90F (32C)?: climate, warmest - Weather
  109. Climate battle: Ogulin, Croatia vs. Nikšić, Montenegro: snow, warm, average - Weather
  110. April 2017 Summary: snowfall, warmest, record, temperature - Weather
  111. Rate the climate: kleine brogel: hottest, warmest, average, temperatures - Weather
  112. The Humid Dry Spot Climate Duel: Progreso vs Oranjestad vs Brownsville/Matamoros: warmest, temperatures - Weather
  113. Do you like to Scroll Through Maps or Watch a GIF?: temperature, city - Weather
  114. Weather battle: New Orleans vs Fort Myers vs Phoenix: climate, hot, warm
  115. How many days per year would you like to see torrential rain ?: rainfall, storms - Weather
  116. Places where the warmest month isn't July or August? (or January or February for the SH): climate, hottest - Weather
  117. Rate the climate of Tunceli, Turkey: snow, warm, recorded, city - Weather
  118. Climate Battle: Winner vs Boring: hot, warm, rainfall, season - Weather
  119. Rate The Climate: San Sebastián Spain: warm, temperatures, rainfall - Weather
  120. What is wet, what is dry to you?: recorded, temperature, 2015 - Weather
  121. rate the climate: tian shan: warm, record, precipitation, seasons - Weather
  122. Battle of the U.S mainland frostproof islands....St. Nicholas vs. Key West: climate, hot - Weather
  123. Weather within video games?: climate, hot, 2013, storms
  124. Rate the climate: Pelotas, Brazil: snowfall, hot, warmest, recorded - Weather
  125. Mountain Climates: snowfalls, average, temperatures, place - Weather
  126. Climate Battle: Cognac vs Pisco: warm, city, sunshine, hours - Weather
  127. Best climate type for civilization: hot, warm, ice, average - Weather
  128. What State Would You Rather be from this 4pm March 24 map?: warm, Chicago - Weather
  129. Climate Battle: Ardahan ( Turkey), Nuuk ( Greendland): warm, places, season, freezing - Weather
  130. Cfb Antipodes Battle 1: Bilbao, Spain vs Auckland, NZ: climate, warm, averages - Weather
  131. How is it the Black Sea is mild while Great Lakes is cold?: climate, snowy - Weather
  132. Competition: Largest maximum temperature ranges.: climate, hottest, record, town - Weather
  133. Summer 2017: Northern Hemisphere: snow, hot, record, temp - Weather
  134. What historical weather event would you most want to happen again?: snow, hot
  135. March 2017 Snowstorms Eastern U.S: warm, ice, records, Chicago - Weather
  136. Mountain sunshine: climate, warm, records, temperature - Weather
  137. Why do European weather services not measure snowfall?: climate, record, days
  138. Wettest place in Europe?: climate, recorded, temperatures, rainfall - Weather
  139. Which oceanic climate would you prefer?: warm, average, global warming, temp - Weather
  140. Rate the climate: Khancoban, NSW, Australia: snowfall, hot, warm, record - Weather
  141. Weather/Seasons and Drinks - Bottoms Up: hot, warm, Chicago
  142. Texas vs Australia: Summer Rainfall: climate, hot, warm, record - Weather
  143. Your least favorite vegetation type: climate, snow, hot, season - Weather
  144. Is this March going very hot everywhere?: snow, warmest, ice - Weather
  145. Rate the climate: Funchal, Madeira: warm, averages, temperatures, days - Weather
  146. Rate the climate: Innisfail: warm, rainfall, 2013, sprinkle - Weather
  147. Rate the fictional climate: Perpetual February: snow, warmest, record, temperatures - Weather
  148. Global Cooling is Back!: climate, hot, warm, ice - Weather
  149. Seasonal lag hall of shame - Worst delayed seasons where you live: snow, hot - Weather
  150. Battle of the Northerners: climate, warm, record, cities - Weather
  151. Rate each season of YOUR climate: snowy, hot, warm, average - Weather
  152. Climate Battle: Dublin vs. Sochi: warm, temperatures, place, most - Weather
  153. where is the permanent snowline in winte?: average, temperatures, days - Weather
  154. Can summarise New Zealand's climate?: snowfalls, hottest, warmest, record - Weather
  155. Where would you rather be at 3pm end of March?: snowy, warm - Weather
  156. Where would you rather be this afternoon?: snow, temperatures, USA - Weather
  157. If you moved the Americas 5 degrees latitude south: climate, snow, hot - Weather
  158. Climate battle: Ganyu vs Fort Smith: snow, hot, warm, places - Weather
  159. Favorite climate with an average temperature between 8°C and 10°C?: snowy, warm - Weather
  160. Where would you rather be? Northeast or Southeast today?: tornadoes, warm, storms - Weather
  161. 2017 Thunderstorm/Lightning: warm, average, rainfall, days - Weather
  162. Rate the climate: Heraklion: snow, hot, warm, averages - Weather
  163. Rate the climate: Berkeley, CA: warmest, averages, temperatures, rainfall - Weather
  164. Climate battle: New York City vs. Sarajevo: snowy, hot, warm - Weather
  165. Where would you Rather be Lunchtime April 4th?: climate, snowing, freezing - Weather
  166. Battle of the Gulf Coast: Corpus Christi vs. Tampa: climate, record, days - Weather
  167. Where in Europe would you rather be on Friday, April 7 weatherwise?: climate, snow
  168. Climate battle: Kansas City vs. Istanbul: snow, hottest, warm, averages - Weather
  169. Poll: True or False, Fort Worth, Texas is a subtropical paradise climate: snow, hot - Weather
  170. Cities or districts you wish they had a climate data in your country and why?: warm, records - Weather
  171. Poll: true or false? Hawaii is a tropical paradise!: climate, hottest, warm - Weather
  172. Inland Gulf Battle: Austin vs. Orlando: climate, hot, warm, recorded - Weather
  173. Rate the climate: Bissau: hot, rainfall, precipitation, season - Weather
  174. Arctic Dawn This Morning March 5, 2017: snow, warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  175. Do I have a to be affected by seasonal affective disorder?: climate, warm - Weather
  176. How many meters of predicipitation did you get during your wettest month?: recorded, city - Weather
  177. What are the highest levels of severe warnings/watches/risk been under?: tornadoes, snow - Weather
  178. Lunchtime April 3rd, Where would you rather be?: climate, warm, dewpoint - Weather
  179. Rate the climate: Moron, Mongolia: warm, temperature, precipitation, inches - Weather
  180. Favorite climate with an average temperature between 5°C and 6°C?: snow, warm - Weather
  181. Largest Mean Temperature Ranges (same month): climate, warmest, records, temperatures - Weather
  182. Cities in California that are continental like?: climate, snow, average - Weather
  183. Rate the climate: Atherton, Queensland: hot, warm, days, North - Weather
  184. World Climate Comparisons: cities, seasons, America, most - Weather
  185. Cfa (Humid Subtropical) vs Csa (Meditteranean) . Which one iis best for civilization?: climate, hot - Weather
  186. Climate battle: Plymouth vs Stockholm: snow, warmest, averages, temperatures - Weather
  187. Rate the climate: Huesca, Spain. 4 season climate: snowfall, hot, warm - Weather
  188. New Record Lows in this Millenium: climate, recorded, temperatures, 2015 - Weather
  189. Why do people make a big deal about going out in the rain?: snow, warm - Weather
  190. survey-it is ok to accelerate climate data to influence behavior?: warm, global warming - Weather
  191. What would the ideal location of your country/state on Earth be for it to have your ideal climate(s)?: snowy, warm - Weather
  192. Serbian climate battle: Sombor vs Novi Sad vs Dimitrovgrad vs Pozega vs Leskovac: snowy, warmest - Weather
  193. Hurricane Museum: storms, town, world, history - Weather
  194. March 2017 Weather Summary: snowfall, warmest, average, 2015
  195. How many days with day-long rain do you want pet year: storms, sunshine - Weather
  196. Inukjuak and Stockholm: the most ridiculous latitudal anomaly there is?: climate, warm - Weather
  197. Area w/longest run of pleasant temps on East Coast: climate, hot - Weather
  198. What is the highest snowthickness recorded in your city and when?: climate, snowfalls - Weather
  199. Define Sunbelt Climate: hot, warm, cities, sunny - Weather
  200. How are the snowed in and stormy places doing now?: snowfall, warm - Weather